Lolly Thomas felt a pang of apprehension as she saw Zeke Thomas driving his old car into her yard. Zeke was the last person she wanted to see. The way he ogled her as if she was something dirty or the way he would see right through her cheap cotton dress.

It wasn’t that other men didn’t look at her. She was a pretty girl with her thick golden hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She expected to be looked at, but not in the way that Zeke looked at her.

He hardly ever looked at her face, but his eyes usually went to the swell of her large rounded breasts under her too tight dress.

He had a way of looking at her that made her feel nervous.

There was another reason why she didn’t want to see Zeke that morning. He was after his rent money and there was no rent money. Her father had drank up the money again.

She tried to smile as she opened the screendoor. “Good morning, Uncle Zeke,” she said.

“There ain’t a damned thing good about it,” he complained. “Now where’s your daddy?”

“He isn’t here,” Lolly answered.

“Now that’s a damned shame,” Zeke said. “I’m here to get the rent money. Is it around?”

“He didn’t leave it,” Lolly said, “but I’m sure he’ll have it before the week is out.”

“Always late,” he said. “I swear if you weren’t blood kin. I guess I’ll have a cup anyway.”

She really didn’t want her uncle in the kitchen. She was by herself and she never liked to be alone with him. Yet, it was his house and she couldn’t refuse.

He pushed past her and took a seat at the kitchen table. She felt his eyes on her as she went to the cupboard and took out a cup. She poured him some coffee and took it to him.

His fingers brushed against hers as he took the cup from her. Even the bare touch of his fingers gave her a feeling of revulsion. She moved away quickly.

“Good coffee,” he said. “Your daddy drinking again, Lolly?”

The question was so sudden that it took her completely by surprise.

“Yes,” she admitted, “but you know how he’s been since Momma left.”

“Hell,” Zeke said. “A man can’t go on missing that kind of bitch forever. He should have known that it would be only a matter of time before she ran away. She’d already opened her legs to half the men in town before he married her.”

“That’s not true,” Lolly said bitterly.

“Course it is,” he said, “and you damn well know it.”

Lolly bit back another angry reply because knew that what he said was true. She’d heard a lot of stories about her mother.

“I’ll tell you the truth,” Zeke said. “I’m tempted to run the lot of you off the farm. Let the county take care of you for a while. I really shouldn’t have to support you just because I’m kin.”

She knew that her uncle meant what he said. Zeke had run people off his dirt farms before. He owned most of the little farms in the county and he had never been known for being fair.

“The only reason I haven’t run you off already is because of you, Lolly,” Zeke said.

“Because of me?”

“Sure,” Zeke said. “I like having you around to look at. You’re a pretty girl. You should be nicer to me.”

“I’m nice to you,” Lolly said.

“Not nearly nice enough,” Zeke said. “Just think what might happen if I have you put off the farm.”

Lolly had thought about it. A lot. It wouldn’t be that hard on her. But she knew what it would do to her family. Kenny was nineteen, but he was big and dumb and he’d end up slave labor for some cheap farmer if he didn’t get a little more education.

Her sister Grace was small and frail and she’d probably go to a foster home. And her father. He’d end up starving or freezing because he had no place to go. The farm wasn’t much, but at least it would give him a roof to sleep under.

“Don’t run us off the farm,” she said.

“You be nicer to me and I won’t,” Zeke promised.

“I’ll be nicer,” she promised.

Zeke sipped at his coffee as a smirk crossed his lips. “Well,” he said, “you seem to be sincere. I wonder just how honest you are. Maybe you really do want to stay at the farm. Maybe you do.”

“I do,” she said.

He put his cup down. “Then maybe we can work something out.”

Lolly was beginning to feel scared. He was looking at her in that dirty way, and this time he wasn’t trying to conceal where he was looking.

“You’re a pretty girl, Lolly,” he said. “Just as pretty as your mother. That pretty blonde hair and those big blue eyes and that pure look. I wonder if you’re really that pure?”

Lolly tried to say something, but only a dry sob came from her throat.

“And your tits,” he said suddenly. “So big and round. I believe they’re bigger than your mother’s, much bigger. You’ve got the nicest ones in the county.”

“Please don’t talk that way, Uncle Zeke,” Lolly pleaded.

“Why not, Lolly?” he asked. “Don’t you like being complimented on your tits?”

“I think you’d better leave,” she said.

“Not just yet, Lolly,” he said. “We’re here alone. I know that Kenny and Grace are in town today. We’re here all alone. Now you can make good on your promise and be nice to me.”

Lolly jumped for the door, but her Uncle was there ahead of her. She tried to get around him, but he grabbed her arm and held it in a fierce grip.

“Now don’t you run away, Lolly,” he said. “You be nice like you promised.”

He grabbed a thick handful of her hair. He bent her head back so that he could press his thick lips against hers. She fought against her feelings of revulsion as his wet lips pressed against hers.

“There,” he said, releasing her. “That wasn’t so bad. Now we’re going to get to be real good friends.”

He reached for her again and this time she slapped his face. Site slapped him as hard as she could and she left five red marks across his cheek. He seemed stunned. Then an angry cloud crossed his face.

“Alright,” he said. “You don’t want to be nice. I can see that now. Well, let me tell you something, little lady. You have your sister and brother and drunk daddy off this place by five this evening. I’m going to be back with the law then!”

Zeke was halfway to his car before Lolly made up her mind. She called to him in a weak voice. “Come back, Uncle Zeke,” she said. “I’m sorry I slapped you. I’ll be nice. Honest, I will.”

Lolly was a virgin, but she was also a farm girl. She knew enough to realize what she was promising her uncle. She didn’t think he would be satisfied with a few kisses.

“That’s better,” Zeke said.

He came back in and sat down once more at the kitchen table. He spread his knees apart.

“Come over here, Lolly,” he said. “Sit in your uncle’s lap.”

Lolly shuddered as she walked toward him. It was the hardest walk she’d ever had to make, but she had no choice. She just couldn’t let her family get kicked off the farm.

“That’s nice,” Zeke said as she sank down into his lap. “You’re a good girl, Lolly. Now you be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you.”

Zeke put one hot hand on her knee and then slowly ran it up to the silky feeling skin of her inner thighs.

He had never been able to get into her mother’s panties, but he had somehow known that he was going to fuck Lolly.

“Please don’t,” Lolly pleaded.

He kissed the soft flesh of her throat and he felt her shiver. He continued to brush his fingers gently against her inner thighs while he cupped one of her tits.

She was just as hot and soft as he’d always imagined she would be. He knew that she hated what he was doing to her, but he didn’t give a damn if she got enjoyment out of it or not. He only wanted to appease the lust that had burned his balls for years.

“You got nice tits, Lolly,” he said.

He kept nuzzling at her neck. Then he moved down to the top of her cheap dress. He kissed the hollow of her throat and then went back up to kiss her lips. Her lips tasted soft and wet and hot.

He had never been kissed that way before. It drove him crazy. He nudged at her teeth with his tongue. She didn’t know what he wanted and she was slow opening her mouth. Finally he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

After a few minutes of tongue-kissing her, he released her.

“You taste so sweet, Lolly,” he said. “I bet you taste sweet all over.”

He squeezed her tit a little harder, and she felt her nipple harden in his palm.

“Ummm,” he said. “I think we are going to be able to make a deal. Where’s your bedroom?”

Lolly knew she had reached the point of no return. She had to make a decision that would affect her entire life. “Please don’t make me,” Lolly pleaded.

“Where’s your Goddamn bedroom?” Zeke asked angrily.

“Over there,” Lolly said, pointing.

She already felt violated as her Uncle Zeke bulled his way into her bedroom. He glanced around at the huge mirror that had been her mother’s, at the dolls that decorated one corner of the room. Then his gaze rested on the bed with the pink ruffled bedspread.

“I like your room,” he said. He went over and sat down on the bed. “Comfortable. We’re going to have a good time, Lolly.”

Lolly knew she wasn’t going to have a good time. She felt sick to her stomach, but she had made her decision and now she was going to go through with it.

“Take your clothes off,” he demanded.

Lolly reached behind her back and started to pull her zipper down. She felt a cold chill as the zipper moved past the small of her back. She slipped her cheap skirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was dressed in a pair of pale-white panties and a white bra. The bra was old and worn and it barely contained her womanly breasts. “Take the bra off first,” he said.

She unhooked it and dropped it on the floor. His eyes ogled her plump pink breasts and her big hard nipples. She had a better-looking pair than he had expected. They were large and firm, like two half melons.

“Gawd, what tits,” he groaned. “Come over here, Lolly.”

Lolly went to him slowly. He made her turn around and sit with her back against his chest. This way he could reach around and grasp her firm breasts. He cupped her plump melons and squeezed hard. Her flesh felt good as hell. He ran his thumbs over her nipples.

“Now this feels nice, Lolly,” he said. “Nice big tits. Feels real nice.”

She was facing the mirror and she could see herself sitting in his lap while his pudgy fingers covered her breasts. She watched one of his hands drop to her flat belly and then between her legs.

“Open your legs,” he demanded.

She didn’t want to but she opened her legs so that his hand could get between her thighs. She watched his fingers brushing against her thighs and then touching her panties. No man had ever touched her there. She shuddered as his fingers moved up and down against her soft pubic nest.

“Damn nice,” he groaned. “Damn nice.”

There could be no mistaking the bulge that pressed hotly against her ass. There wasn’t anyplace she could go that would escape that throbbing tool that pressed against her. She knew that in a few moments that same tool would be ripping into her.

Suddenly he released her and pushed her out of his lap. “Take the panties off,” he said.

She reluctantly peeled them down her long legs and stepped out of them. His eyes went to the blonde-haired pussy. Her pussy was covered with thick hairs and there could be no doubt that she was a natural blonde.

“So fucking sweet,” he said. He leaned back on the bed and cupped his hands behind his head. “All right. You undress me now, Lolly.”

Lolly’s fingers trembled as she undid his shirt down the front. She pulled it off and then she grasped his undershirt. She pulled his undershirt over his head and revealed his fat, hairless body. He was not a good-looking man, but Lolly began to feel a slight interest.

She couldn’t help it. He was the first man she had ever seen naked. Completely naked. She had seen a man’s cock before, her brother’s, but she had never seen an erect one.

She fell to her knees between his legs and his hands went back to her breasts. He began squeezing her flesh as her fingers fumbled with his belt buckle. She finally got it loose and then she pulled his zipper down.

She peeled his overalls down to his knees and she saw the huge bulge beneath his jockey shorts. She couldn’t take his shorts down, not yet. She unlaced his boots and pulled them off. She pulled off his socks and then slipped his overalls off his stubby legs.

Now there was nothing left to take off except his shorts. Again her fingers trembled as she took the top of his shorts and peeled them down his legs. She couldn’t avoid looking at his cock any longer. His purplish weapon looked massive. The single eye at the tip of the huge cock-head oozed a drop of cum.

“Yeah, baby,” he said. “It’s a big one. Now I’m going to show you what it feels like to be fucked. Really fucked. I’m going to give you all nine inches, baby.”

He grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed with him. He turned her so that she was beside him and he began kissing her lips. This time she opened her mouth as soon as she felt his probing tongue.

“You’re getting better,” he told her.

She couldn’t help shivering as his tongue caressed one plump tit. Then he sucked the nipple into his mouth and she gave a soft cry.

“You liked that, did you?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, but he already knew what the answer was. He could sense the excitement going through her body each time his tongue pressed her hard bud.

“Just like your Momma,” he said.

She wanted to protest that it wasn’t true, that she wasn’t like her mother. But she could only make a sobbing noise.

“Gawd,” he groaned. “I’d like to get you hot, baby. I’d like to show you what kind of cunt you are, but I’m so fucking horny. I’ve got to put it in.”

He pushed her over on her back and dropped on top of her. She closed her legs automatically, but he grasped her thighs and pulled them, apart.

He gave her no time to get ready. She screamed as she felt his fiery weapon stabbing into her. He broke through her virgin walls violently and then shoved his cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh stop!” she gasped. “Oh stop! That hurts!”

He stopped for a few moments only to give himself time to rest. Then he began to fuck her hard and savagely. His big prick stretched her cunt walls with each hard thrust.

“So fucking sweet!” he moaned. “So fucking hot! I like your sweet fucking pussy!”

His hands groped her breasts as he drove his prick in and out of her tight pussy. She felt the first swelling of his huge prick-head…

It was all so quick.

“Move your ass, babe!” he demanded. “Move your fucking ass!”

She humped up to meet his thrusting prick as she felt the first hot spurt. Then his thick cum was filling her pussy. She felt the wet dripping out onto her thighs, and she’d felt it when he pulled his prick from her pussy and let the rest of his hot cum spew onto her belly.

She looked down to see the end of his bloated cock covered with red. She realized it was blood. Her blood. Blood from her busted hymen. She was no longer a virgin.

“You’re a sweet piece of cunt,” her Uncle Zeke said.


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