Janet pushed Kenny over on his back and she started to unbutton his rough work shirt. “Baby took care of Momma,” Janet said. “Now Momma will take care of baby.”

She undid the rough shirt down the front and then slipped her hands inside.

“Ummm,” she said. “You have such a big strong chest. You’re such a man. Not like my husband. He has trouble getting it up, but you sure don’t have that trouble.”

Grace thought that it was not respectful to talk of her Uncle Zeke that way. She almost giggled at that idea. After all, it wasn’t respectful for Janet to have Kenny eating her pussy either.

“Ummm.” Janet said. “No, you certainly don’t have that problem.”

Grace saw that Janet’s dainty hand had gone between Kenny’s legs.

Janet started to grope Kenny’s cock as if she couldn’t get enough of feeling him.

“My sweet,” she said. “You’re so big and hard! You’re so ready for me.”

Grace wondered what a cock would feel like. What would it feel like to have a big, throbbing cock in her fingers?

Then she wondered what her brother’s cock would feel like and she realized that it wasn’t just any man’s cock that she wanted to touch. She wanted to touch her brother’s rod. She wanted to have her brother’s prick in her fingers.

“Let’s just see how hard it really is,” Janet said. “We can’t leave it cramped up in your trousers.”

Janet quickly unbuckled Kenny’s belt and opened his work trousers. Her hand slipped into the opening and she gave a squeal of joy.

“That’s what I want,” Janet said.

Grace was disappointed because Janet didn’t pull Kenny’s cock out. Instead, she took her hand out and bent to the task of undoing Kenny’s heavy work boots. She unlaced them and pulled them off. Then she pulled off his socks.

Then Janet did something that Grace had never thought about doing. She didn’t know why but it seemed damned exciting, like it was something that you weren’t supposed to do.

Janet kissed Kenny’s toes. Grace watched the tip of her pink tongue licking at Kenny’s foot.

“Ummm,” Janet said. “You’re beautiful all over. You’re really beautiful all over!”

Kenny put his hands behind his head and he didn’t try to hurry his aunt. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do and how long it would take.

Grace wondered how long the two of them had been together. She wondered how many times they had fucked. They seemed to know each other better than a married couple.

Grace remembered all of the times when Janet had made excuses to be alone with Kenny.

Those had been the times when fucking had been going on and she had never realized it. Nobody had realized it.

Grace wondered if her Uncle knew about it, or if he even suspected.

Probably it didn’t matter because everyone knew that he had married her for her money.

Now Janet stripped off Kenny’s work trousers and he kicked them off. He was dressed in only his shorts, and Grace could seethe huge bulge there. Janet bent her head and kissed the bulge.

“Ummm,” Grace said as she felt a hot quiver in her belly. She was getting so excited. Watching this was making her hot all over.

“You’re so beautiful,” Janet moaned. “I love your strong, hairy legs. I love them.”

She kissed his thighs and Grace could see her pink tongue licking at his legs.

“Such a beautiful man,” Janet said again. “Someday, somebody should paint you. Maybe I will! I’ll paint you with your big cock hard so that all the women in the world will know what they’re missing. They’ll all be jealous of your aunt!”

Grace wished her aunt would hurry up. Grace was hungry to see that hard rod between her brother’s legs.

Janet didn’t seem to be in any hurry. She was kissing his legs, sucking at the hairs. She moved her lips up until she was kissing his thighs. Then farther up until she kissed the bulge through his shorts.

Grace gave a little gasp. She could hardly stand up. She pushed her panties out of the way and pushed two fingers up inside her burning pussy.

“Ahhh,” Grace moaned.

She had trouble keeping her eyes open as she moved her fingers in and out of her tight, hot pussy. But she didn’t want to miss anything and she forced her eyes open.

Janet pulled at Kenny’s shorts and Grace was finally rewarded. She saw her brother’s big purplish cock. It was a monster cock and Grace nearly fainted at the sight of it. It looked dangerous and exciting at the same time.

“Ohhhh,” Janet squealed. “Such a pretty thing. Such a pretty, pretty thing!”

Janet peeled his shorts down his thick, hairy legs and left them at his ankles.

She straddled him and Grace heard him moan softly.

“I’m going to fuck you, you big prick,” Janet said softly. “I’m going to ride you like a cowgirl. Get ready for my pussy, you sweet thing. Get ready for my pussy!”

Grace could see Janet’s hand grasp his rod as she placed the bulbous head against her cunt. Grace heard her soft squeal of delight as she sat down on his cock. Grace could see the big prick going up into her pussy until his balls rested against her.

“Ahhhhhh God!” Kenny groaned.

“You like that?” Janet asked. “You like Momma’s hot pussy?”

“Oh God yes,” Kenny moaned. “I love fucking your hot pussy.”

Janet rotated her ass so that his cock was touching all of the walls of her cunt.

“Then give her a good hot fucking,” Janet groaned. “Show her what you like to do. Give her a good hot fucking! Fuck her until she’s worn out!”

Kenny began to thrust up into her cunt. His big balls slapped loudly against her each time his prick slammed into her. She squirmed like she had when he’d been finger fucking her.

“That’s the way!” she moaned. “Give it to your aunt! Give it to her good!”

Grace’s clothes got in her way as she tried to finger-fuck herself. She stopped long enough to slide her panties down her legs to her ankles. She leaned against the barn so that her bare ass touched the wood. She had to look over her shoulder to see what was happening in the barn.

She thrust two wet fingers back into her tight, hot pussy. They felt so good. Little shivers of excitement went up her spine.

She realized that anyone coming along the road could see her. But the sweet fiery knot in her belly was growing so that only the itch between her legs mattered.

She suddenly didn’t give a damn if she did get caught. Let the whole town come and look. She knew she wouldn’t stop until she had controlled the fire that threatened to burn her alive. That hot fire between her legs.

“Ohhhhhh,” she whispered softly.

Somehow she managed to force another finger up into her tight, virgin cunt. Three fingers thrust in and out of her pussy as she watched Janet.

The beautiful dark-haired woman was now bouncing up and down on Kenny’s cock. Grace could hear the squishy sound Kenny’s cock made as he fucked her.

Oh God, Grace thought. If it were only her feeling Kenny’s hot cock thrusting into her pussy.

If only she were the one who was taking every inch of that magnificent pecker.

She would love it. She would love every inch of his thick prick savagely pumping her, filling her, fucking her. She was a virgin and she knew it would hurt at first.

All the girls at school talked about the hurt. They also talked about how it would get better, how it would feel so good after a long while.

It certainly looked like it was feeling good to her Aunt Janet. The cries coming from her aunt were not cries of pain. They were cries of hot passion. Her aunt was really enjoying the fucking Kenny was giving her.

Grace knew she could give him a fuck like that. She could give him a fuck like he’d never had before. She would burn his Goddamn prick off with her pussy. He would never find a tighter pussy than hers.

She sobbed as her fingers brushed against her hard clit. God, how he would fuck her. A fucking that neither of them would ever be able to forget.

“Oh, Kenny.” She spoke softly to herself. “I’m your sister, but I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me! I need your big cock in my pussy!”

“Grab my titties!” Janet sobbed loudly. “Grab them! Hold onto them while I ride your cock. Come on, baby! Hold onto them tight. Squeeze them!”

Grace saw Janet bend closer to Kenny. She saw his hands grab at Janet’s small titties, she could almost feel his fingers squeezing her flesh.

“That’s the way, baby!” Janet cried. “That’s the way! Keep squeezing my tits like that! You’re beautiful, Kenny! You’re so Goddamn wonderful!”

Janet grunted each time her ass bucked on Kenny’s cock.

“You fucker!” Janet cried. “You big fucker!”

Grace moved her fingers a little faster. She wanted to lean her head back and close her eyes, but she couldn’t. She had to keep watching. She wanted to see what happened next.

“Oh Goddamn!” Janet screamed. “Oh Goddamn! It feels fine. It feels so fine! I love it! Oh fuck, I love it! I fucking love it! Oh Goddamn!”

Janet started to bounce faster and faster, and Grace knew the dark-haired woman was getting close to her climax. Again Grace felt that twinge of jealousy. God, how she would like to have that big cock instead of her aunt.

She could make her brother so much happier than her aunt. She knew she could. His big cock was wasted on her when it could be deep in Grace’s tight little twat.

“Oh fuck!” Janet cried. She was bouncing like a wild woman now. A savage woman. Her dark hair flew about her face with each plunge onto Kenny’s cock.

“I’m coming, Kenny!” she cried. “I’m coming! It feels so good! Your cock fills me up! I love it in my pussy! Oh, you sweet fucker, I’m coming! I’m coming, sweet baby!”

Grace saw Janet raise herself up until she was nearly free of Kenny’s cock. Then Janet slammed down with one final savage plunge, taking in Kenny’s thick cock right to his balls.

“Uhhhhh!” Janet cried. “I’m there, Kenny! I’m there! I’m coming, sweet baby! I love your fucking big cock! I love it so good! I’m coming! Aieeeeeeee!”

For the second time that day Janet seemed to grow limp as the hot shivers passed through her body. Janet didn’t look like the delicate beautiful woman that Grace had always known.

Now Janet was covered with sweat and she looked like a wild animal, a wild woman who had just been given a good fucking.

She fell on top of Kenny, but she was not completely still. Her ass moved from side to side, with Kenny’s cock still deep in her pussy. Grace knew that Janet was rubbing his cock against all the sensitive parts of her cunt.

“Oh sweet baby,” Janet said softly. “You know what Janet likes. You know what I like! You know what Momma wants from her sweet baby. You know what I want!”

Grace kept thrusting her fingers up inside herself and she could feel her cunt-walls responding. She knew she was getting close to orgasm and she knew this would be one like she’d never felt before. She knew that this time was going to be something special.

She felt the sweet heat growing in her belly, and a kind of shiverish feeling went all over her body, still, she couldn’t take her eyes away.

She wondered what else Janet expected from Kenny, what else he would have to do for her.

“My sweet baby,” Janet moaned. “You know what else Momma wants!”

Slowly Janet raised herself off Kenny. Her ass moved and Kenny’s hard throbbing cock slipped from her pussy. For a few moments Grace got a good look at the huge trembling cock. She just couldn’t believe that she’d ever known anything as beautiful as her brother’s cock.

It was so big and thick. She licked her lips and she wondered what it would be like to kiss the tip. Evidently Janet had the same idea.

Grace could see the pink tip of Janet’s tongue licking at the swollen organ.

“Why couldn’t that be me?” Grace asked herself. “Why couldn’t it?”

She was so jealous of her aunt. She watched her aunt licking and kissing at the slimy prick, and she could almost feel her brother’s throbbing organ in her own mouth, she could almost taste the spermy sides with her own tongue.

“I want it so bad,” she moaned.

Grace saw Janet’s teeth shining as the dark-haired woman started to nip at his sensitive flesh.

“Oh God!” Janet moaned. “I love to kiss your big cock! I love to taste your cum!”

“Suck it,” Kenny said. “Suck it now!”

There was an urgent note in Kenny’s voice. Janet’s red lips opened and she slowly took Kenny’s large cock-head between her lips. Then suddenly her mouth seemed to swallow Kenny’s huge rod. Her lips went all the way to his balls.

“Jesus,” Kenny groaned. “Oh Jesus!”

Grace couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It looked impossible for Janet’s mouth to cover Kenny’s huge prick, but somehow she was doing the impossible.

“Oh Christ!” Kenny groaned.

Her red lips slid up and down his thick pole.

“Fuck!” Kenny said. “Fucking Jesus! This feels good! Oh fuck, I love it!”

Janet’s lips moved a little faster, and Grace saw a bubble of white appear at one corner of her mouth. Janet licked it away, but then other bubbles appeared.

Grace knew that her aunt was tasting his cum, that she was taking Kenny’s thick white liquid into her mouth. Grace was hungry for the taste.

She had never tasted cum, but she knew she would love it. She would go after it with the same excitement that Janet was going after Kenny’s cum.

“Oh God, I want it so bad,” Grace moaned.

She wanted to tear Kenny’s cock from her aunt’s mouth and stuff it into her own. At that moment she wanted Kenny’s cock more than she had ever wanted anything.

“Suck me!” Kenny cried. “Suck my cock! Suck it, baby! Suck it up!”

Grace wished that it was her that Kenny was begging to suck his cock.

“Suck my pecker!” Kenny screamed. “Suck my fucking pecker! I’m getting fucking close!”

The dribbles of white were more frequent at the corners of Janet’s mouth.

Suddenly Kenny was grabbing the back of her head and cramming his prick savagely into her mouth.

He stood up with his hands still pressing on the back of Janet’s dark head.

“You fucking cunt!” he moaned. “Suck me, you fucking little cunt! Suck my pecker! Taste my cum! Take every fucking drop in your hot mouth!”

Grace could now see all of his throbbing cock as he slammed it between her aunt’s red lips. Aunt Janet didn’t seem to mind his tough treatment.

And he was getting rougher!

His fingers tightened on the back of her head and he started to mouth-fuck her brutally, driving his thick prick deep into the back of her throat.

Janet didn’t seem to care. She was making soft little sounds as he fucked her mouth, sounds that told Grace that her aunt was enjoying the hell out of what was happening.

Grace put her other hand between her legs. She rubbed her thighs as her fingers still thrust in and out of her cunt. She was so hot and wet down there. God, now she would have loved to have her brother’s prick in her wet pussy.

“Oh Kenny!” she moaned softly. “God, Kenny!”

“Ahhh, fuckkkk!” Kenny yelled. “Ahhh fuck, here I come! I’m going to shoot my wad! I’m going to blow my wad down your throat, you little cunt-bitch! Fuck! Ahhh, fuckkkkkk!”

Grace watched her aunt start to swallow and then Kenny was pulling his prick out of her mouth.

Grace realized they had practiced that movement many times before.

Janet held her mouth open as he stood over her and sprayed his thick white cum-juice onto her face. Some of his jism she managed to take in her mouth, but most of it ran down her soft cheeks in wet, sticky rivers.

“Rub it on me, Kenny,” Janet said.

Kenny began rubbing his cock against her face and more of his hot jism stained her cheeks.

“My tits,” Janet said. “Rub against my tits.”

He held the spermy tip of his cock against her tits, rubbing the head against her nipples.

It was vulgar-looking and yet it was so damned exciting.

“Now my hair,” Janet said.

Grace watched in amazement as her brother took a thick handful of her hair and began wiping himself.

“Oh Kenny,” she groaned softly.

The sight of Kenny wiping his cum-soaked cock in her aunt’s black hair was all that Grace could stand. She fell weakly back against the wall and closed her eyes. She had a mental picture of Kenny’s big cock as her fingers really went to work in her pussy. Her fingers thrust faster and faster until she could feel the first hot spasms rocking her body.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned. “Ohhhhhh!”

She cried out softly again as the joyous heat completely wiped her out. She felt almost sick as the last spasms shook her. She’d been right. It had been the most beautiful orgasm she’d ever experienced. She felt like she couldn’t move.

She heard sounds of movement and she peered back into the barn.

Janet was almost dressed again. She quickly started pulling at her clothes. She didn’t know what her aunt would say if she caught her spying, but Grace was sure she didn’t want to stay around and find out. She raced for the house and she got there only a few moments before her aunt.

“You haven’t mopped the kitchen,” her aunt said. “Don’t I pay you enough?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Grace answered humbly.

“Then get to it,” Janet said.

“I need to know where the mop is,” Grace said. “I couldn’t find you to ask.”

There was a look of suspicion in Janet’s eyes, but Grace kept an innocent expression on her face.

Inside Grace was laughing and already plotting how she was going to get some of her brother’s cock.


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