“Come here, bitch,” he said.

Lolly didn’t feel like she could move. She was so tired and she felt violated in a way that she’d never felt before. He had used her and he had made her enjoy it. That was what hurt the most.

He had made her enjoy it. His big cock had made her hot and she had responded to his hot passion.

“I said come over here, cunt,” he said.

“I can’t move,” she said.

He grinned at her. His grin was cruel. She didn’t like anything about the big policeman. She wished he would go, but she knew he wasn’t done with her yet.

“Why don’t you leave?” she said.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said. “I’ve just barely gotten started.”

“Please just leave me alone!” she begged.

Max knew he had taken a lot out of her with his first fuck, but he also knew that she had a lot left.

“You cunts can always take more than you think you can,” he said. “I once had a housewife in a jail cell in town. She was a pretty little red-haired thing with two of the biggest knockers you’ve ever seen.”

Max smiled as he remembered those creamy tits.

“God, could she fuck. She was a tough little bitch, but about the middle of the night she started begging to stop. She said she couldn’t go any more. She couldn’t, though. I gave her a couple of swats and she started going like crazy. Fucked like a wildcat.”

“Please, I can’t,” Lolly said.

“That’s exactly what the little redhead said, until I beat her ass. She found she had strength she didn’t know she had. You going to make me beat your ass, sugar?”

She looked into his hard face and she knew he was capable of doing just as he said. She looked into the drunken face of her father.

“Couldn’t we just leave this room?” Lolly asked. “Couldn’t we go to my bedroom?”

“What’s the matter?” he asked. “Does fucking with your father in the room make you nervous?”

“Yes,” Lolly admitted.

“Well, I don’t give a damn,” he said. “I like it. In fact, I kind of like having you nervous. Makes you work better. Now move your ass over here. I don’t want to get nasty!”

She climbed wearily to her feet and walked over to the bed. She couldn’t argue with him. She felt bruised and beaten and all her spirit was gone.

Her father snored loudly as she sat down next to the big police officer.

“That’s better,” he said. “Now play with my cock. Make it hard again!”

She didn’t want to make that monster cock hard again, but she had no choice. She wrapped her fingers around the meaty stem and moved her hand up and down.

“Play with my balls, too,” he demanded. “You don’t want to forget about them. That’s where I’ve got some more cum stored up for you. Play with them too.”

She put her other hand underneath his balls and squeezed them gently.

“That’s nice,” he said. “You have nice hands. Soft and cool. Just right!”

She felt his thick prick harden in her fingers and again she was amazed at just how big it could get. She wondered how she had ever gotten that huge piece of meat inside her pussy. A man shouldn’t have a cock like that. It was more like a bull’s cock. She could hardly get her fingers around the thick stern.

“Beat it,” he said. “I’m sure you know how. I bet you’ve beaten off plenty of your boy friends.”

She didn’t tell him that she had no boy friends and that her uncle’s cock was the first one she’d ever touched. He wouldn’t believe her anyway. She tightened her grasp and moved her fingers up and down. Her hand grew sticky from his leaking cum.

“Now that feels real good, baby,” he said. “Real nice. But I’m kind of wet down there. Why don’t you lick it clean? Show me how much you appreciate my cock.”

She wasn’t surprised. She had expected him to want his dick sucked. She bent her head into his lap. She smelled her own juices on his cock.

“Lick it,” he said.

She began to lick the cum from his crown. His cum had a strong flavor and she had also expected this. Somehow she had known that a man like him would have thick, strong-tasting cum.

“That’s the way,” he said. “Now lick down the underside of my cock. Do that.”

She licked down the soft underside of his cock to his balls. She knew he wanted her to take his balls into her mouth. She slowly sucked one up and tasted the salty flavor. She released it and moved her lips to his other.

“God, baby,” he said. “Now that’s what I call nice. Keep doing that, cunt. Keep sucking me like that.”

She nipped gently at his balls and then slipped his ball into her mouth again. She rolled it beneath her tongue before she released it. She would have never admitted it, but she liked the taste of his balls. She also liked the feeling she got when she sucked his balls. A feeling of power. He was making her suck him, but she was the one in control.

“Nice,” he groaned again.

His hand went between her legs and she felt two of his fingers jab into her cunt. She winced in pain because she was still a little sore from the hard fucking he had given her.

But in a moment her juices began to flow and she found herself humping to meet his fingers.

“Fucking nice,” he groaned.

His fingers moved faster as he finger-fucked her cunt.

“You cunts are all alike,” he said. “You start off hating it, but you learn to love it. You end up begging for it. You end up with your mouth hanging open and a cock in your cunt. You cunts are just alike.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her mouth back to the tip of his cock.

“All right, cunt,” he said. “Suck it. Show me you know how to suck a man’s cock.”

It was almost impossible to get the huge rod into her mouth but she somehow managed it. It was impossible to get more than half of his flesh between her lips. Even then she could feel his cock-head throbbing against the deep part of her throat.

“You can do better than that,” he said.

Somehow she managed to keep from choking as he crammed more of his prick into her mouth.

“You’re getting better,” he said. “You’re going to learn how to be mouth-fucked, baby. This is going to be a lesson you’re never going to forget.”

Max laughed loudly. His finger left her cunt as he stood up. He grabbed the back of her head and held her so that she couldn’t move.

“First you’re going to deep throat me,” he said. “Now you just relax. I’m going to put all my cock in your mouth, but don’t worry. You won’t die from it!”

There was nothing she could do to stop him. He held her in a powerful grip.

She couldn’t have known that he had done this with many other women. He knew it could be done with just a little patience. He went easy because he didn’t want her choking.

First he massaged her throat with his fingers. He could feel her mouth working on his staff and he knew that he was very slowly being sucked deeper.

“The muscles of your throat will slowly relax,” he said. “You’ll see. You can take it all.”

He continued to massage her throat as he pushed a little harder. She gave a choking noise and he stopped.

“Now you’re fighting it,” he said. “Don’t fight it. You can take it all. Every inch. Just relax and quit fighting.”

She felt his massive cock filling her throat and all she could taste or smell was his cock. She struggled to move her head, but that did no good. He only pushed a little harder.

“Now you’re taking more,” he said. “Just relax, baby. You’ll have every bit before you know it.”

She closed her eyes. She knew she was going to die. She couldn’t breathe except in painful little gasps and she was also afraid that she was going to get sick on him.

Yet, strangely enough, the fingers massaging her throat seemed to make her relax more.

She opened her eyes again and suddenly his balls were against her chin and she realized she had all of his cock in her mouth.

“Ahhh,” he groaned softly.

It seemed impossible, but the entire length of his massive cock was in her mouth. His thick cock-head pulsated against her throat.

“See, babe,” he told her. “I told you that you’d do it. You’ve got it all now. Every big inch. God, you’re a sweet little bitch! Your mouth feels so nice and hot! Use your tongue a little if you can! Yeah, like that! God, you are fantastic!”

He left his cock deep in her throat for a long while. He wanted her to get used to it before he began mouth-fucking her. He couldn’t stand completely still. It felt too good. He dropped his fingers to her tits and massaged her nipples.

“You feel so fucking good, you little cunt,” he told her. “You’re so fucking fine. Now I’m going to show you how a woman gets mouth-fucked. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

He started to move his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. God, she felt good. He squeezed her titties each time he thrust and he could feel her getting a little excited. She was beginning to like sucking his cock. Now and then he came across a cunt like that. A cunt who liked the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth.

“Fuck, this is my lucky day,” he groaned. “I never expected a hot cunt like you. Fuck, this is my fucking lucky day! Suck me, you little cunt! Suck me! Suck my cum right out and swallow it! You can do it, bitch!”

His balls brushed against her chin each time he thrust into her mouth. She was beginning to grow hungry. He could feel her lips working on his flesh. She was good. She didn’t have to be told what to do. He could feel her teeth nipping gently at his crown.

“You hot little bitch,” he groaned. “You make a man feel it right down in his balls. You fucking hot little bitch! Keep sucking like that!”

It was true that Lolly was beginning to enjoy sucking him off. She couldn’t help it. It was the same feeling of pleasure that she’d gotten sucking his balls.

There was a hot little knot in her stomach and she knew she was going to have to do something about that. She spread her legs farther apart and she put her hand between her thighs.

She was wet and her fingers slipped easily up into her tight cunt. She moved her fingers in and out of her pussy with the same rhythm that he mouth-fucked her.

“Getting hot, huh?” he asked her. “You are about the best cocksucker I’ve ever had. Keep it up, you fucking bitch. Keep it up!”

He gripped the back of her head a little tighter as he felt the hot burning pressure in his balls. He was getting ready to blow his wad into her mouth.

“You want my cum, baby?” he asked her. She couldn’t answer, but he had the feeling that she was hungry for his thick jism. It was not his imagination. She was sucking too hard far him not to realize that she was enjoying herself.

“I’m getting close,” he whispered.

He began to thrust his cock rapidly into her mouth as he felt his cock-head growing.

“Swallow it, bitch!” he yelled. “I’m coming! Swallow it! Swallow all of it! Swallow my fucking cum! Swallow every drop, you little cum-drinking bitch! Swallow it, Christttttt!”

His thick hot jism poured down the back of her throat and it was too much for her. She couldn’t have possibly swallowed it all, but she tried. He heard her soft swallowing sounds as she took a great deal of his cum into her stomach. A lot of his thick liquid dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran in rivers down her chin.

“Christ,” he groaned softly as his cock started to grow limp. “Christ, that was nice, baby!”

Lolly gasped for breath as his cock slipped from between her lips.

“That was fucking good,” he groaned.

Lolly was still hot. She could feel her fingers getting wet from her pussy juice. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her hot cunt.

“Noooo!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said. “I’m going to make you feel good, but not right this minute. You are a sweet bitch. You get hot sucking my cock!”

The thought pleased him. He knew he was going to have to fuck her again and he wanted her hot and ready. Then he had another thought. She was too damn pretty to let any of her go to waste and she had such a pretty plump ass.

“I bet you have a virgin ass,” he said.

Suddenly Lolly wasn’t as hot. She stared at him in horror. Surely he couldn’t mean what she thought he did. One look at his vulgar grin convinced her that he did.

“Oh no!” she said. “You can’t!”

“A sweet virgin ass,” he said. “I bet nobody’s ever fucked you there. I bet it’s still tight like a baby’s.”

“Oh my God,” she said softly.

He took her hand and put it back on his cock. He made her move her hand up and down and she could feel it growing hard for the third time.

“Don’t you think you’d like to have your ass fucked?” he asked.

“Oh God no!” she begged him. “Not that. Anything but that. Please don’t!”

“Now you know you’ve liked everything I’ve done to you,” he said. “You’ll like this too.”

She saw that he meant what he said and she had never felt so scared. This time he would kill her for sure. No woman could survive having that big cock up her ass.

“Oh please no!” she begged him.

“Stop acting like a child,” he told her. “It’s time you became a woman in every way. A good ass-fucking never hurt anyone.”

“No!” she screamed.

“Don’t get hysterical,” he told her. “You’re going to get your ass fucked so you might as well enjoy it.”

“Pleaseeee!” she whispered.

He moved around the room opening dresser drawers and she wondered what he was doing. Then he found it. A little jar of cold cream. She saw him dabbing it on his cock and then rubbing it all over.

“No,” she begged him. “Please don’t do that. Please don’t.”

The look of sheer terror in her face made Max harder than he’d been before. He finished rubbing the cream all over his cock and he walked back toward the bed.

Again there was nothing she could do. She tried to dodge past him, but he grabbed her and pushed her back onto the bed. He was smiling and it was a cruel smile.

“Turn over,” he said. “I’m going to put my cock in your ass.”

“No, you’re not,” she said.

She tried to fight him, but she had no idea of just how mean he could get. She found herself wrapped in his arms and then he was pushing her toward her father.

Suddenly she found his hand on the back of her neck and her face was being pressed down into her drunken father’s lap.

“Now don’t you move, bitch,” he said. “You keep your face in your daddy’s lap and your ass high in the air. You just relax and it’ll be easier on you.”

“No!” she begged. “Please don’t!”

He had her pinned helplessly and she felt his hard cock-head pressed against her tiny little hole. First it was the brutal thrust of his finger. He drove one finger into her asshole all the way to the knuckle and moved it around.

“Quit moving,” he commanded. “If you stop, I’ll make it easy. If you don’t, I’ll slam it right up your asshole just as hard as I can. Now make up your mind.”

She quit struggling and lowered her face to her father’s lap. She could feel the limp bulge of her father’s prick beneath her cheek but she tried not to think about that.

He was on the bed and his prick-head pushed against her tiny hole. He pushed harder and she felt a fiery pain in her asshole. She kept herself from trying to jerk away.

He pushed slowly and she felt his prick-head pop into her tiny asshole.

“Ohhhh!” she groaned. “Oh God, that hurts!”

“Just relax,” he told her. “It’ll feel better in a few minutes.”

She didn’t think her body would ever be the same again. He moved closer and his prick started to slide farther into her asshole. He was gentler than she thought he would be.

She bit her lip as he pushed again and she felt half his prick in her ass.

“That’s it,” he said. “Just relax. Relax and everything will be fine.” He moved again and his prick went farther into her ass. “Just a little more,” he grunted.

Then his prick was inside her completely and his balls rested against her asscheeks.

“Tight,” he groaned. “So fucking tight.”

He reached around and found her cunt with his fingers. He pushed two fingers inside her cunt and rubbed them against her clit. Despite herself, she felt an awakening of the fires in her belly.

“See there,” he told her.

He rubbed her clit as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her tight-fitting asshole. She was a good fuck anywhere he fucked her. Her ass was tighter than any woman he had ever fucked. Her anus fit his prick like a gloved hand.

“Christ!” he groaned. “Oh Christ, this is fine. So fucking fine. I love your pretty ass.”

He fucked her harder and faster while his finger kept brushing against her clit. She couldn’t fight the heat growing in her stomach. She began to moan and her hips began to thrust back to meet his prick. She was still sore, but somehow even the soreness felt good.

“Fuck me!” she groaned. “Fuck me hard!”

He really gave it to her then. He yelled like a wild man as he pumped his prick into her ass. His one hand cupped a tit while his other hand rubbed her pussy.

“You’re making me come!” she groaned. “You’re making me come! God, I can’t help it! It feels good! It feels so fucking good! Oh fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee! Fuck my assholeeeeee!”

Her juices flooded his fingers just as she felt his prick-head growing in her ass and she knew he was getting close to coming also. She kept moving her ass back against him and the slap of his balls against her ass got quicker.

“Jesus,” he moaned. “You’re tight, bitch. You’re so fucking tight. I’m going to blow my wad! I’m going to blow my wad up your ass! Oh fuckkkkkkk!”

His hot jism filled her ass like a soothing balm. He pumped her a couple more times before she felt his limp prick slip out of her sore asshole.

This time she knew he was finished. No man could go again after that.


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