As ever, I am tremendously grateful, not only for the support and many kindnesses I have received, but also for the chance to acknowledge them. Great appreciation and tremendous thanks:

To my family-my daughter for laughter and hugs and cups of tea, my mother for tidying up everything in my life, including my manuscripts, and my father for unfailing support.

To my agent, Pam Hopkins. I ought to have the words to adequately express my appreciation for all that she does, but they do not exist. I can only say that not a day passes that I do not marvel at the gift of her friendship.

To my editor, Valerie Gray, whose attention to detail and quest for excellence are equally inspiring.

To my dear friend Kimberly McArthur Taylor, whose enthusiasm for her work in epidemiology is surpassed only by her generosity of spirit, and without whose contributions this book would be less than it is.

To all of the unsung heroes and heroines of publishing, the many hardworking people through whose hands my books passed to be made better and who work so tirelessly to get my books into the hands of readers: editorial, marketing, sales, public relations and production. Particular thanks to the gifted and attentive Michael Rehder for his beautiful cover.

To the many booksellers who have shared their enthusiasm with their customers and converted them to readers.

To the readers of blog and books who have been so gracious and enthusiastic, who have written and e-mailed and traveled to book signings and who humble me every day with their praise. Thank you.


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