“Fix me a drink first, Mark darling,” Dianne Coleman ordered her nude Senator husband in a dry, almost mordant tone of voice.

She lay naked, sprawled lewdly on the large bed of her palatial, private suite in the Coleman Mansion, her long, silken honey-blonde hair fanned out on the pillow beneath her, the majestic loveliness of her enticingly contoured, smooth, white body whipping his breath away as he stood beside the bed staring with lust-filled eyes down at her, his swollen prick standing out from his hairy, muscular loins with an upward, arched rigidness.

She watched him swallow tightly, his throat muscles performing an obvious dry constriction, as reluctantly he took a step, backward, then turned and went to her little corner bar. She smiled contemptuously after him, his obliged act of subservience causing a thrill of perverse delight to ripple through her.

“What would you like?” he asked her, trying very hard to keep his voice at a pleasant level. He must be careful not to anger her, or like that, it would be all over for him. She would simply tell him to get out… fly into one of her rages… and God, he had to have her this time… he had to! How long had it been? Two-weeks, three…? He couldn’t remember… only that she’d sent for him a half-dozen times over that period, then, either changed her mind or forced him to leave because he’d offended her one way of another. And he couldn’t stand it any longer; today he had to have her!

“Why don’t you use your own imagination for a change,” she said sharply. “Surprise me.”

“How about a Rob-Roy?” he said, smiling over at her, his cock lurching painfully as he drank in her enchanting naked beauty, her lewdly stretched out body reminding him of a sculptured work of erotic genius in the soft daylight brightening the room.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she snapped edgily. “I might have guessed that would be your version of a surprise.”

“How about a gibson…?”

“God, no. It’s too damned early for that.” She sighed and shifted irritably on the bed. “Oh… you’re such a dolt, Senator. Just bring me a scotch-rocks… if you think you can handle, it.”

He wanted to retort, but thought better of it. Instead, he proceeded to pour and simultaneously forced a smile.

Dianne watched him. She reveled in taunting him. He was her slave, now and for the rest of his life, a completely obsequious individual useful to her in three respects: his money, his position, and his cock… when she chose to use it. One day, through her manipulation, he would make her the State’s first lady, and that time was not too far off. After that…? Who knows what wonders could be accomplished in the sometimes evil and fantastic realm of politics? One step at a time… Right now, it pleased her to employ his stud value; she had lain there, her mind filled with Phillip Gates… damn his soul… until she’d worked herself up into one devil of a need.

She smiled to herself. Anymore, it didn’t take much to stimulate her sexual appetite; a sensual thought, a strange hand brushing her breasts, buttock or thigh, and sometimes, just a simple, handsome, licentious smile from the right man. With Phillip Gates, she only had to think of him to kindle desire inside her. Mark was a poor substitute for her Phillip, but right at the moment, he, or anyone, would do. Her belly and loins were alive with vibrant little sensations of lust. Besides, there was her plan to assure her stupid husband the gubernatorial nomination of the Party that she had to discuss with him, and she could think of no better time then when he was fucking her to make him agree to anything. They had to have Judge Reed’s backing, and rumor was that he was about to endorse Byron Acker…

“Here you are,” Mark said, smiling down and offering her the drink.

Dianne outdid herself and returned his smile. She raised her hand to take it and in doing so purposely brushed the satiny head of his still throbbingly erect prick. He gave a start, then chuckled excitedly.

“Oops,” she said with cuteness, her smile alive and inviting as she accepted the glass. “Thank you, Darling. Here, come lie down beside me.”

She moved over in the bed, took a long swallow of scotch, then rolled over to set it on the stand beside her, intentionally thrusting her buttocks upward at him in the process.

Mark couldn’t keep his hand off her. He placed it on the smooth skin of her waspish waist, trailing it downward over the full rounded curve of her hip to the soft resilient flesh of the protruding lush spheres of her bottom, stroking and spanning the soft, white crevice that separated them. Once more, a feeling of elation filled him as he felt a shudder electrify her at his touch.

She rolled back toward him and willingly into his extended arms, her firm supple breasts flattening against his hard chest, her hand immediately descending to grasp with hungry meaning around his long, thick, sex-starved cock.

Dianne heard his grunt of pleasure as her hand encircled the hot, blood-filled rod of flesh, and momentarily a long-since departed feeling of affection stirred within her for him. She pressed her belly and thighs tight against his and offered her lips to be kissed. His mouth, hot and wet, crushed her own and she felt his tongue thrust into the warm cavern to be sucked… and she did, while his big hands smoothed over her back and downward to her buttocks, hauling her tightly to him as she worked the heavy outer layer of skin on his uncircumcised prick up and down with her small, soft hand.

“Oh God,” he gasped. “I need you so bad, Dianne.”

She squeezed his prick harder while she milked it and wrapped her upper leg over his thigh, pulling him even tighter to her. She shouldn’t be so cruel to him, she thought, feeling the slippery wetness of the lubricating fluid that had seeped from the tip of his cock onto her hand. Once, she had loved him with all her heart… but he’d betrayed her, used her, and for that she’d never forgive him… could never, never forgive him… Now he was her tool, the shoes had been reversed, and nothing was going to change that… nothing! She was throwing him a bone and he was satisfied… Mustn’t lose her head… Use him! Use him!

“Now, Mark… I’m ready,” she said hoarsely. She let loose of his cock and rolled onto her back, planting her feet onto the bed, raising her knees and spreading her thighs wide.

“Yes…” he rasped. “Anything you want, Baby. Anything…”

She watched him scurry between her teasingly spread legs, dropping flat on his belly, his head only inches above her warm, palpitating vaginal slit. He looked up between her proudly erect breasts and smiled at her raised face.

“Do it, for God’s sake!” she snapped excitedly. “Don’t look at my face, lick my cunt!”

It occurred to Mark Coleman at that precise moment that he hadn’t seen his dominating, blackmailing, power-hungry wife this hot for his lovemaking in many a moon. He continued to smile as he slowly dropped his eyes to the feast she lay before him on the golden tray of her honey colored, silken haired loins, the pink, dewy flesh of her partially hidden slit sending new shivers of anticipation spiraling along his spine. He noted where the delicious narrow split started at the bottom of her smooth white belly to slice downward erotically through to the rounded cream-white orbs of her buttocks, these slightly raised and rotating sensuously, expectantly, just inches from his lips.

“Damn you! What’re you waiting for… Do it! Please, Mark… do it…!”

Mark particularly heard the word please. He lay the palms of his hands high on the insides of her quivering thighs right at their juncture point, so that with his thumbs he could spread the soft, velvety lips of her hairlined cunt. Slowly then and with tantalizing purpose, he spread open the ragged, pink flanges before him, until its jeweled, flushed delicacy lay exposed completely to the hunger of his lust-mounting desire. Greedily, his eyes gulped in the breathtaking sight, wild spasms of passion jolting through him. He ground his cock feverishly into the satiny material of the coverlet.

“Christ!” he choked.

“Oh, oh, my Darling… don’t make me wait any longer…” he heard her plead passionately.

He was in some kind of dream! He gaped at the wide-spread coral aperture glistening wetly with the viscous dew of carnal greed exciting her. It actually twitched and squirmed in its exposed intricate delicacies. For one brief moment he thought of himself as master again. He raised his head and stared at her.

“Beg me!” he blurted.

“Oh… oh… Mark, please… do it… do something… anything…”

“Beg me!”

“Oh… I-I beg you, my darling. Lick it! Suck it! I love you! Please… don’t make me wait any longer, my lover…”

He didn’t. He could no longer endure the abstinence himself. He dropped his head and plunged the full length of his wet, salacious tongue into the quivering warm depths of her tightly clasping cunt.

She howled. “Oh… Oooohhhh my Goddddd! Yes… yesssss… do it to me, Mark darling. Suck it! Lick it! Bite it! Chew it alive! I can’t stand it, my love! I can’t stand it!”

Mark felt her hands clutched at his head, her fingers entwining tightly in his hair; she moaned and gasped, hauling his face forcefully into the now wide-spread, wet, pink slit of her necteral cunt. He sensed the movements of her head flailing back and forth on the pillow above as he speared his hot tongue up into the warm velvety depths of her dilating vagina. She ground her hips uncontrollably into the softness of the bed, writhing and squirming, little animal-like mewlings escaping from between clenched teeth, then would raise her crotch up to him, pressing his face into the silken down enflamed crevice, its sensitive, hot vaginal walls opening and closing in a moist sucking motion around his thrusting tongue as if independent of the rest of her luscious body.

By God, he thought, if ever he had this twenty-four year old gorgeous witch in his power, it was right at that moment. She was completely unbridled, and growing wilder with each passing moment as she strove toward climax. It occurred to him then that he didn’t intend for that to happen to her right away, or else his domination might come to an abrupt end. He withdrew his long probing tongue and licked upward through the snug, yet opened, wet slit, flicking its tip as it went, circling the quivering distended clitoris, then, engulfing all with his lips, sucking, drawing the warm soft folds deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, while his tongue maintained its maddening licking against the straining plexus of her womanhood.

“Oh, my God… Darling…! You’re beautiful… wonderful! I love you!” she gasped. “Ohhhhh… suck it… lick it! Don’t stop… don’t ever stop!”

Mark grinned inwardly to himself, raising his eyes to lock on her ecstatically contorted face, her head still flailing slowly at a set rhythmic pace as her fingers clutched tighter into his hair and she tried to direct his hungrily sucking mouth to the small elastic opening of her hungrily clenching vagina. His hands moved upward over the white flatness of her belly to the full round firmness of her quivering breasts, cupping harshly into their fleshy softness, his fingers rolling the hardened nipples between them furiously, treating them almost cruelly, the way, he knew, she preferred.

Suddenly, Dianne felt him lifting her legs and folding them back until her knees touched her tingling breasts; his hands pressed at the backs of her knees, raising her wide-spread, completely exposed genitals to his wild tongue and sucking mouth, and it was then that she felt the hot, wet contact of his tongue with her tight, puckered anus, laving and probing at the sensitive, rubbery little opening to send maddening sensations of rapture coursing through her trembling, lust-filled body. She couldn’t remember when she’d enjoyed such irresistible erotic pleasure. God, she’d almost forgotten how good he could be. Again, his tongue shot into the vaginal hole of her seething cunt and she cried out with bliss.

“Oooohhhhhhh! Yes… yesss… Damn, oh damn! Turn around! I want your cock, Darling! I want to taste it! Hurry!”

He did, hardly losing contact with his mouth at the wet palpitating split in her crotch while greedily, Dianne curled around his swollen prick jutting down between his legs, raised her head and with her ovaled month wide, encircled it hungrily with warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her anxiously salivating mouth.

In her stimulated desire she sucked it so deeply into the hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside, feeling it throb and pulse to her touch and tasting the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split in its tip. She cupped his balls affectionately in the soft palms of her small hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain, and he moved up and down, in and out of her face in cadence to his lashing, probing tongue in her searing cunt below.

Her husband, the thirty-four year old Senator oh, what a splendid, beautiful cock he had… what a shallow man… she hated him… she loved him… these thoughts raced crazily, wildly through her mind as she sucked with fury at his hard rod of flesh embedded deeply in her throat, while he slaved with wet sucking sounds at her naked loin, his hands beneath and clutching the soft rounded cheeks of her buttocks as he burrowed his tongue deeper and deeper into her wet and salaciously quivering pussy.

It occurred to her then, that she was losing all control, that she was acting like a subjugated woman, becoming completely overpowered by his masculine dominance. And that, she couldn’t let happen… never, never again! God, he had even made her beg! The bastard! The beautiful, stupid bastard! She despised him! She owned the secret that controlled his cursed soul… She owned him! He would grovel in slime and filth if she so ordered! He was her puppet and she pulled the strings! He’d follow her plans to the letter because he dared not do otherwise! They’d compromise the judge through his luscious, precious niece… and in the bargain she’d have her Phillip… all in one fell swoop…! Oh God! Her cunt was afire with the licking flames of lust and passion consuming her! Suddenly, she felt his finger working at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly, he pushed into it with a quick, slippery movement and she felt his long, thick finger sliding right up inside her rectum to the very palm of his big extended hand.

“Agggghhhh,” she grunted around his expanding prick in her mouth, her lips and tongue stopping their gentle caressing, his sudden invasion of her anal passage causing her climax to rage toward its pinnacle. She felt his mouth glued to the round elasticized vaginal opening of her cunt, his deep thrusting tongue swirling and lashing the sensitive walls in rhythm to his pummeling finger in her rectum, and she began to nurse and suck the hot thickness of his cock with all her strength, her cheeks hollowing and swelling obscenely, while her belly rose and fell frantically as she pulled at him.

Oh, God, he had to cum… He had to, she thought desperately, her lips clasped tightly around the throbbing, blood-filled head of his prick, and simultaneously, deep inside her, the violent spasms of ecstasy began; she squeezed at his swinging testicles, then raked her nails beneath them as she strained to hurry her own rising orgasm.

Then all of a sudden she felt his loins jerk, the massive head of his cock swelling in her voraciously sucking mouth… and then it came! It shot into the back of her throat in wild spurts of teeming, creamy liquid… gush after gush of the hot, sweet, acid tasting fluid, joined by the convulsive tremors of her own hips as her climax erupted in a blinding explosion of erotic bliss. Again, and again, he spewed his hot jets of cum deep into her throat, and she groaned as she continued sucking hungrily, her Adam’s apple bobbing licentiously while she swallowed and swallowed the flood of boiling semen squirting into the warm moistness of her mouth.

Her lips still clasping tightly around it, she swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner about the throbbing head, wanting to suck him dry, even hurt him now as punishment for her own submission to him, and suddenly she squeezed his balls with an excessive pressure that caused him to leap off of her, his finger popping out of her rectum with a loud, hissing noise.

“Christ!” he blurted, rolling off the bed and holding onto his testicles as he doubled over, his rapidly deflating penis still dripping tiny thin strands of his seminal fluid.

Dianne laughed outright, and she swiped out with her tongue to lick at a string of the white viscous sperm that had dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

“Something wrong, Darling?” she taunted, smiling and rolling toward him, her eyes wide and filled with amusement.

Mark Coleman straightened slowly, anger and pain twisting his handsome face. He stared at her with embittered eyes, the nauseating agony still lingering in his groin.

“You… you are a bitch,” he spat at her.

“Why, Darling… is that any way to talk to your devoted wife?” she teased. “And after the wonderful time we just had together…? You know, Senator, sometimes I get the feeling that you don’t love me anymore. Could that be possible?”

Mark ignored her. Instead, he walked to her small bar and poured himself a straight bourbon. He stared at it for a few moments before downing it. It was about all that was left for him… booze. He poured a second and raised it to his lips as Dianne swung off the bed, finished her own drink and approached him. He watched the jounce to her full naked breasts as she strolled casually toward him, her glass extended in her hand. He took it, replenished the ice and spilled raw scotch over it.

“You know something, Senator,” she said, her thin smile drawn bitingly at the corners of her pretty mouth. “You’re a lush.”

The bar separated them. He pressed her glass across to her and lifted his own once more. “So?” he said, “and why not?”

“What would your constituents think?” she needled.

“I’m hardly concerned,” he answered her matter of factly.

“You’re a weak man,” she shot at him. “Virile… yet weak.”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t believe a combination like that was possible, Pet.”

“You’re a lover, Darling… unfortunately for you, eh?” Dianne’s lovely eyes narrowed. “But you’re made of piss. You’re prick is the best part of you… the only part that has any backbone to it, in fact. But then… you already know that don’t you, Darling.”

Mark said nothing. He was used to these little episodes. She had let herself go in the bed only moments before, subjugated herself to his masculinity in her immediate sexual need; now she must regain her dominant standing over him by crushing any ambitious thoughts he might be entertaining of reviving the old status… or just his station as a man. He gulped away his drink.

“Do you realize where you’d be right now politically if it wasn’t for me, Mark Coleman?” she threw at him.

Mark ran his tongue over his thin lips. Finally, he said: “Yes. Nowhere. I’d be a simple, happy, practicing attorney… or possibly, even a State Senator trying to do a good job…”

“Crap!” Dianne spat. “You were crooked, greedy and warped from the day you were born… just like all the rest of the Colemans that occupied this pile of stone, lorded it over the poor and stole their way into the Capital. Oohhh, don’t try to parade your qualities to me, Senator Coleman. I know you, remember?”

Mark shrugged. He hated these incidents, but knew no way around them once she’d set herself off. And to imagine, he thought inwardly, the memory bringing a tiny smile to his lips, that once she was his secretary… that once, she loved him…

“What the hell are you grinning at?” Dianne snapped. “Is something funny, Senator? You stupid man! Are you aware that right at this moment Judge Reed is considering endorsing Byron Acker at the Convention next week?”

Mark’s smile broadened. “I’ve heard rumors,” he said, seemingly unmoved.

“Do you realize what that means? You haven’t a chance without Reed’s support!”

Once more, Mark shrugged. “I could care less,” he said calmly.

Dianne’s eyes blazed as she gaped at him. “Damn you! You nothing individual! Well… well I care, do you understand? I haven’t stayed with you and worked like a demon to see the Governor’s mansion go down the drain because you haven’t the guts to fight for it.”

“Maybe, I don’t want it, Dianne,” he snapped back at her for the first time. “Did that ever occur to you?”

“Why… why… you stupid, thankless, drunken imbecile!” Dianne half screamed at him. “Who gives one damn what you want? It’s what I want that counts in this house… and you better understand that… unless you want me to destroy you and all the Colemans all the way back to old Matt himself!”

Mark stared at her, but oddly enough he wasn’t upset. It was a reiteration of the same old line. There was no question; she had the upper hand and both of them knew it. He poured bourbon into his glass and remained silent. Obviously, his loving wife had devised a scheme… something probably worthy of a witch. She wanted to be the Governor’s wife… and undoubtedly, she would. Dear God… and to think that he actually loved her…

“I have a plan,” she said after a fashion, her voice dropping to the familiar conniving level. “Properly handled, it’s foolproof. That obese slob can’t help but fall in line… unless he wants his lovable, charming niece publicized as a wanton whore.”

Mark’s eyes jerked upward to lock on his vicious wife’s magnificent face. “What the hell are you talking about?” he hissed.

Dianne smiled. She climbed onto one of the two stools with her bare bottom and patted the other. “Come around and sit, Darling, then, I’ll tell you. After… I think you and I will go back to bed for awhile and enjoy some plain, everyday fornicating. I still have a damnable itch inside this pussy of mine… Interested?”

Her eyes had softened and her smile widened. She reached across the bar and caught his hand, pulling it to her and placing it on her full, erect soft breast. Mark felt his cock jerk. God almighty, he couldn’t resist her when she slipped into this mood. He withdrew his hand, scooped up his bourbon and drained the glass. She, too, drank.

“Pour us a couple more, Lover,” she said softly, her even white teeth finally nibbling at her forever pouting lower lip.

Then, he saw the tip of her small pink tongue trace the line of that lip, and he thought of it as it swirled around the head of his prick and his member gave a second lurch. My God, he loved her so much! Her magnificent breasts nearly rested upon the bar, the tiny, pink, distending nipples that were hardening before his very eyes, seeming to crave the caresses of his hands. He raised his eyes to her face again. She was utterly beautiful; her long silken blonde hair cascaded in rippling tresses around her shoulders. She made a little, nose-twisting face to tantalize him. His cock jumped once more. He picked up the bottles in unison and filled their glasses, then, walked around the small bar. His brain swam luxuriantly, blottingly, sexually, from the alcohol. He didn’t care. Shit! He didn’t care!

“Okay, Pet… you lovely creature, let’s have it,” he said, climbing onto the other stool, his member reaching into more solid hardness. He lay a hand on her full warm thigh and she smiled at him. Then, she reached over and found his swelling shaft, squeezing it almost affectionately.

“It’ll work, Darling,” she said softly.

“I’m sure it will,” said Mark, somewhat gaspingly at her touch. “I’ve great faith in you, Sweetheart.”

She clamped her hand even tighter. A sensation of lewd excitement stirred within her. Automatically, she began to milk his stone-hard, erect cock. She could almost feel it inside her, pounding and probing, nudging the mouth of her womb. She wanted to go to the bed, but there were still things to talk about, ways and methods, a plan of great advantage to be discussed.

God, she thought suddenly. I’ll sleep with him all night tonight! I’ll drain the very life out of him! I’ll show him what it might be like… what it could be like…!

“Now,” she said. “Right now! Come over and fuck me, Lover. We’ll talk later. Please…?”

“Y-Yeah… right now,” Mark replied, his head spinning, his cock jerking. “I want to fuck you now, Dianne. My God… I love you!”

“I know, Darling. I really love you too!”


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