Laurie lay in a semi-stupor, dully endeavoring to comprehend the source of the tiny sensations tingling through her body… prurient, erotic little titillating prickles that were filling her belly and loins with indistinct excitement. Vaguely, she associated the pleasureful experience with Phillip and whimpered kittenishly as she snuggled closer to his nakedness in the bed beside her. The strong warmth of his muscular body gave her a feeling of security, and she lay on her back, cradled in his arm while his other hand gently stroked her full, firm breasts arousingly, massaging and tweaking at her erect pink nipples and adding to the galvanic tempest mounting inside her.

Her mind wandered, a labyrinth of cobwebs confusing her thoughts. For some reason she couldn’t seem to fully associate the immediate with Phillip, or her being wherever she was, or his lying beside her and making soft, tender love to her. She couldn’t even remember undressing, or getting into bed with him… but she didn’t care… and thinking was difficult when the man she loved was moving his hand provocatively over the smooth flatness of her belly… downward… downward to taunt the silken patch of sparse pubic hair covering her mound, then his finger lightly tracing, teasing the tight pink slit of her snug pussy lips down between her legs.

She moaned lightly, receptively spreading her warm, soft thighs wider to his pleasure inciting hand. She felt his finger trail down the length of her vaginal split, separating the soft curled strands of pubic hair as it went, moving all the way to the cleft dividing the round full orbs of her buttocks, even to dawdle momentarily and excitingly at the tiny puckered hole of her sensitive anus. She squirmed and purled to his touch, feeling the tantalizing return of the exploring finger to the moistening lips of her vagina… it slipped into her, massaging gently at the small elasticized channel mouth, then with new wetness moved upward through the velvety, sensorial flesh to the already erect bud of her clitoris.

He rolled her toward him and kissed her, his tongue slipping between her lips and beyond the barrier of her small white teeth, while his long finger moved down to her vaginal mouth once more and she pressed her pelvis forward and raised her leg to make his insertion easier for him. She sucked at his tongue in swooning, mounting enchantment as his long finger slid up into the warm, moist passage of her tight cunt like a thin, hard penis, sending new shocks of vibrating bliss to spiral along her spine.

She mewled and whimpered into his mouth as he began to swirl it around inside her, gradually expanding the tender, satiny vaginal walls with an enrapturing gentleness she had never realized he possessed. She clung to him tightly, her eyes closed, and began to undulate her loins in tiny, thrusting circles, screwing her cunt further and further onto his thrill-giving finger.

At last, she was aware of the hardness of his thick cock pressing into the softness of her belly and she reached down between them to take it in her hand. She made a little gasping sound against his mouth as she tried to encircle it with her fingers. They would hardly go around its hot, fleshy rigidness; she had never remembered it being so enormous and hard… but even though its surprising massiveness had given her a twinge of momentary fright, it was a piquant anxiety that caused little ripples of near masochistic anticipation to surge through her.

Mark Coleman grunted from deep in his chest as the soft fingers of her small hand encircled his throbbing prick. Christ, he hadn’t imagined in his wildest dreams that Dianne’s concoction would be so effective. The luscious little bitch was hotter than a pretending hundred-dollar whore. Of course, under the influence of the sleeping drug, he was certain she thought he was her husband… but he intended to change that shortly, too, once he felt sure she was so far gone that she couldn’t help herself.

He had to gasp again as she began to massage and stroke his prick, sliding the thick outer layer of skin up and down the rigid column of flesh, and in kind he thrust his finger deeper up into her cunt, swirling and manipulating it against the hot, clutching, viscid coated walls of her now steaming pussy. Damn, she was ready, if she was ever going to be. He felt her lush, hardnippled breasts heaving against his chest as she panted into his mouth, while her rounded hips and buttocks writhed against the working of his impaling finger deep inside the raw, hot wetness of her tight palpating little vagina.

Suddenly, he eased her over onto her back and moved his face down her helpless naked body, gently pulling his prick from her reluctant grasp. In passing, he kissed and sucked at her nipples and with drugged, tightly closed eyes she moaned passionately. He slithered on down her body, feeling her smooth soft flesh twitch and tremble beneath him, marveling within his lust-incited brain at the unbelievable texture of her satin-like skin and the delightful curvaceousness of her voluptuous young body. He’d never had anything like it before. He thought of the stupid Phillip who had possessed her and found himself wondering if, and how many, others had ever fucked her… he ran his lips over the flat little belly and down between her thighs, which she opened further to him with a soft, audible sigh.

He gazed at the soft delicious hairlined split in her loins, glistening now with tiny pearl-like droplets that he had incited; he lowered his mouth to the warm throbbing lips and licked them with trembling tongue, entering her, his moisture mingling with her own as she moaned and reached down to pull his head tighter between her open legs.

He licked and sucked, finally moving up to her erect clitoris. She began to moan a little louder and never quite stopped again. He fastened onto the excited, palpitating bud and she began to slowly grind her hips down into the mattress in little concentric contracting movements, as if she were losing all control. Her cunt flowered open to him, the delicate tang of her perfumed moisture like a nectar to his tongue. Then, her hands on his head were urging him up… she wanted him now, her body writhing and unstill, her full young breasts heaving and swaying to the sides.

Mark moved up over her and with still closed eyes, she drew back her thighs and reached down beneath him searchingly, until he felt her cool hand once more on his prick. The throbbing member jerked in her hand, its heavy foreskin slipping back as gently, she guided the smooth, rubbery head to the receptive, wet mouth of her vagina, until he could feel the moist, fleshy warmth seemingly nibbling at him, as if trying to draw him into her.

“Oh… oh Phillip,” she moaned passionately. “Now, Darling, now…! Do it to me! Please, do it…!”

Mark Coleman grinned triumphantly down into her beautiful, desire-twisted face, the closed eyes, the even white teeth biting at her lower lip, the tiny furrows of need wrinkling her forehead, inciting his lust even further. He said nothing… only thrust into her with a long powerful plunge that raised a surprised grunt of shock, pain, and pleasure from deep in her throat, her moist heat clutching around his cock like warm vibrant liver. He gasped loudly, the unexpectant blissful sensation overwhelming him, and almost uncontrollably began to fuck into her with fast, unmeasured strokes that lengthened and shortened in uneven cadence as he filled her warm, moist vaginal passage to greater and greater depths.

He levered most of his weight onto her and beneath him she quivered and trembled, her berrylike nipples digging into his chest with pointed, erect pressure; her warm smooth belly snug against his while her naked thighs clamped and unclamped, holding and releasing him in an erotic rhythm.

“Oh Christ,” he groaned as he felt her tight, almost virginal cunt, squeezing along the length of his prick that was growing and expanding inside her to the point of near-bursting.

“My sweet, sweet Phillip,” she hissed over and over again as she bucked and writhed under him. “My own darling lover… I’ve waited so long for this moment,” she moaned, her face beginning to move from side to side, tiny teeth marks appearing on her lower lip where she had bit it… and then her lips sought his. She sucked his tongue and forced her own into his mouth, panting warm sweet breath into his throat.

“Oh… God, I love you, my Phillip…” she moaned again and Mark could stand it no longer.

“Phillip, my ass!” he snapped down at her as he lunged and stabbed in a bludgeoning thrust, brutally tearing into the depths of her cunt. “There’s no Phillip here, Baby… just me right now. I’m the guy you seduced. Mark Coleman… remember?” Again and again he thundered his massive cudgel into her, a sadistic grimace suddenly contorting his face as he watched her expression of passion change to that of confusion, and finally, sheer horror.

“Oh… oh my God, no… No!” she half screamed, trying then to squirm and kick, to writhe herself from beneath him. “Stop! My God, stop it!” she shrieked, getting one hand up to claw at his face.

“You little bitch!” Mark snarled, grabbing her hand before it could do any damage.

Easily, he pinned her beneath him, holding both of her hands back to the bed with his own, his heavy, sinewy body still resting securely between her widespread, defenseless thighs, his cock buried far up in her cunt to the very hilt.

Laurie stared up at him in utter disbelief. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be! But… but it was! His grinning, lust-filled face swam before her. The velvety cobwebs that clouded her brain were far from gone, and now he lay still, with his huge shaft completely filling her belly, she felt him flex its turgid head and wild little sensations that she seemed to have no control over rippled through her loins and belly.

“Ooohh…” she moaned as the electric-like shocks of unwanted pleasure burst through her. “Please… please don’t. Oh God… how… how did I get here like this?”

“Don’t play coy, Laurie,” he said, giving her a salacious grin. “You begged me to bring you up here and fuck you… and that’s just what I’m doing.”

“No… no, it can’t be true. You’re lying… Oh my God, where is my husband?”

“Where the hell do you think? Fucking the shit out of my wife… the way he’s been doing for the past dozen years or so,” Mark spat, watching her face as his words slowly registered.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re lying…” she groaned beneath him, trying weakly to twist from beneath his all impaling body.

“Am I? Listen to me, Baby, Dianne and Phillip were childhood sweethearts in Concord, New Hampshire,” he said, sparing her no mercy. “It’s a long story, but you can take my word for it… they’ve been in love for years… I thought you knew, and that was why you asked me to fuck you…”

“No! God, no, I never…!”

“Of course, you did, Baby,” he insisted, his attitude softening a little. “Oh, you were a little drunk, but you knew what you were doing when you led me up here and undressed. Don’t you remember? Fuck me, Mark darling, you kept saying. Please, fuck me… and that’s just what I’m doing, Honey… and going to keep on doing until both of us are so beat we can’t walk.”

“Dear God!” Laurie gasped as he flexed the swollen head of his prick deep inside her tingling vagina once more, causing forbidden and unwanted pleasurable fermentations to trickle through her and she rolled her face away from him in abject humiliation. Dear God, how could it be that her body was enjoying his horrible assault when her mind was filled with repugnance and wretched horror? What had he done to her…?

Mark began to throb his deeply imbedded member again and again, watching her beautiful face once more go through a metamorphic change.

“Ooohhh,” she, whimpered through clenched teeth, her, tightly clenched teeth finally falling limply open, but her tear wet eyes once more clenched tightly shut. “Ooohhh… ooohhh… oooohhhh,” she moaned, her nostrils beginning a slow hesitant splaying in tempo with his throbbing cock… until unrestrained little mewling sounds of delight erupted involuntarily from her throat and he knew he had finally, and completely, subjugated her.

“Ooohhh, Dear God… I can’t help it,” she whined pitifully. “It-it’s so good… so good…”

Her urgent answering nibbles began around the head of his cock. The wet, clasping cunt flesh responded with a soft opening and closing, almost sucking at his pulsating shaft. He said: “You want me to fuck you now, don’t you, Laurie?”

She wanted not to answer him… oh God, she wanted not to so badly! But the wild sensations his huge throbbing cock shot through her set her whole naked body to jerking and writhing beneath him, tiny moans of helpless passion emitting from deep in her chest.

“Don’t you?” he persisted.

“Oh… Oh… yes, yes… do it to me! Please, do it…”

“Do what, Laurie darling? What do you want me to do?”

“Ooohhh… you know, you know!”

“Say it! If you want it, say it, Baby!” “Oooohhh… yes, please… fuck me, Mark… Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I need it… want it so bad!” she hissed, and he freed her hands that immediately encircled his neck, pulling his lips down to hers as she thrust her tongue with wanton acceptance half into his throat. She continued to moan up into his mouth in servile resignation, her beautiful face twisting in her bliss, her mouth laboring, the cords in her swanlike neck taut, her nostrils flared, a sudden thin film of perspiration beginning to form on her forehead and upper-lip, her long reddish-gold hair a mass of interwoven entanglements.

All logical reasoning had deserted her; there was nothing that mattered except the insane craving that filled her belly and loins, and the erotic ecstasy of his huge cock pulsating in the deep warm sanctuary of her cunt. To the world, she closed her eyes and reveled in her own private bliss.

Mark Coleman gaped lustfully down at her as her head began to roll helplessly from side to side and her hips began a slow, almost involuntary rocking motion beneath his impaling cock. He had to clench his own teeth tightly as he felt her excited nibbling cunt screwing itself up tighter against his hair-covered pelvis. He remained immobile and watched fascinated as she rotated her hips from side to side around his rod of lust thickened flesh, her vagina clasping in time to its rhythmic beating. She began to screw upward onto the length of it, the tiny contracting muscles inside her cunt biting hungrily at the blood inflamed head he had slowly withdrawn until no more than an inch of it remained inside her. The dilating lips between her tight, hairlined cunt pulled tantalizingly away, sliding moistly down the glistening shaft, then worked its way slowly back up until her soft, down-covered mound ground tightly against his pelvis and his balls swung snugly into the crevice of her desperately clenched buttocks… his cock imbedded the full length of it deep into her warm, white belly.

He stared, almost mesmerized, as she increased her tempo, working more frantically while he hung immovable above her, watching the luscious carnal sight of her cunt’s withdrawal between them, her quivering body pumping up and down his prick at will. He saw the pink ridges of her velvety flesh being pulled out when she lowered her buttocks to the bed, and the soft folds being pressed back into the salacious hole as it swallowed the wet shiny length back into her. The mere sight nearly set him off. He gulped tightly and continued to observe, wondering how long he could stand it; she strained against him in utter abandon, a half-crazed ecstatic smile playing over her beautiful face. Suddenly, he could bear it no longer. His hands moved down beneath the smooth, round orbs of her working buttocks, and he clutched his fingers into the soft flesh cruelly, one cupped in either hand, his lust-inflamed brain delighting to its fullest in her helpless submission, her incessant humming and writhings driving him to greater frenzy.

He dug his fingers into the soft resilience of her bare ass cheeks and felt them alternately tense and untense, firm smooth and hollowed… then relax and ooze around his fingers. He hauled her hips against him as he drove into her and felt her pull back her thighs a little more, opening the moist pink hole of her cunt wider in reception to his now thrusting cock burrowing ever deeper and deeper into her belly.

“Oh… Oh God, it’s heaven!” she gasped, feeling his hands grasping at the rounded moons of her ass, lifting them simultaneously to his straining cock ramming into her with all the strength of his hips and thighs. Laurie knew too that she was moaning and mouthing incoherent sounds as she wound her long, smooth legs around his hips while he plunged into her. She felt the soft, warm folds of her cunt clinging to him, squeezing tightly around his hard, thick shaft, and she could sense every inch of ridged, blood inflated flesh it boasted. Such exquisite ecstasy she had never even dreamed of. She was totally helpless, completely subservient to the wickedness permeating her whole being, and she screwed her bottom up tight against his pelvis until she could feel the tantalizing tightness of his balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crevice below her vagina. The soft, hair covered skin danced tauntingly against the sensitive outer ring of her tiny, naked anus sending shivers of lewd delight surging through her fluttering nerve-ends.

Oh, God… there was nothing else in the world… no future, no past… not even a Phillip… nothing… nothing but this soaring plane of uncontrolled lust and carnality… lust and flesh in its most animalistic stages… of his naked belly smacking against her own… of naked crotch against naked crotch. Her mind snapped…

“Oh God… fuck it… fuck it hard! Yes, yes, Darling… fuck it harddddd!” she pleaded, breathlessly. Something was happening inside her, a mounting, spiraling, sensational peak! Not far away… no… no… close at hand and building insanely. She must! She must!

She’d lost all sense of proportions, Mark thought as he drove into her furiously. She’d become some kind of animal, hardly human as she writhed and contorted, spreading her legs wide apart on either side of his plunging shaft, then, pulling them up to her shoulders, bending them at the knees, spurring him on like a feral, rutting bitch with the heels of her curled-toed feet digging into his hard-muscled buttocks.

There was commotion then to attract her… someone, or more, moving through the doorway to the room, but her drugged brain was still not keen enough to perceive clearly… anyway, nothing mattered… nothing, except the driving body sinking the cock into her from above. He… she and he… they were all that mattered.

“Jesus Christ!” a guttural voice exclaimed. “Looks like we might be late for the show, Stones.”

“Shit no,” the big one, the dirty bearded one said as he moved closer to the bed. “Take a look at that delightful piece, Morgan. She’s in the throes of rapture… about to cum… filled with X number of inches of the man’s cock. Get with it, man, ecstasy is in the offing.”

The newcomers moved in closer to watch, their eyes widening at the licentious scene. Morgan, the thin one, a chinless, grimy faced, exceedingly tall individual, dropped to his knees so that he could watch Mark Coleman’s battering prick plunge furiously into the luscious girl’s tight, receptive cunt.

“The man’s a trooper,” he said matter of factly. “He’s chafed on one side… look here.”

Stones knelt down to examine the sight. He saw the scraped skin of Mark’s wildly plunging shaft and nodded, but he was more intrigued with the tightly expanded cunt that split the young girl’s crotch. He said: “A delightful cunt, Morgan. You probably won’t see another like this in a lifetime, so enjoy it. Magnificent hole… suddenly, my own prick feels as if it were weighted down with chunks of lead… but it’s only the swollen tip, the hard I get in the beginning.”

“Shit man, she’s pretty,” Morgan said. “I thought she’d be some old cow the way he hired us. Fuck… look at her… I could eat her cunt all day.”

“Shhhhhh,” said Stones. “Just listen and watch, friend. The delectable dish is coming unglued. Marvelous sight. Haven’t seen a kid like this since I was in grade school… shhhhhh!”

The puzzling voices went on… continued in a lewd, almost everyday dialogue… but she refused to acknowledge them. It was all part of this intriguing, lust inflated picture. She saw them, their long shaggy hair and lewd, grimy faces, one bearded… one chinless… and then she didn’t as they faded in and out of focus and her body screamed for release.

Immediately, they were forgotten as her head flailed and she swung her thighs up and clasped Mark’s hips with the backs of her calves, winding her smooth well tapered legs all the way around his body. Her ankles locked tightly together high on his back, screwing her devouring vagina up the full length of his slippery, plunging staff.

“Christ!” Stones grunted. “Never saw a pussy work like that.” He grinned with yellow, broken teeth at his partner who had already dropped his pants and was stroking his long, thin rigid prick. He reached down and unbuckled his own belt, letting his dirty jeans slide down the heavy muscular columns of his hairy legs, and unhampered by underwear his nine solid inches of lust-hardened cock stood out from his matted, hair-covered loins like some unbelievable instrument of torture. He, too, began to massage his huge cudgel while he leered down at the licentious performance taking place on the bed.

“Save some for us, man,” Morgan said with wet, drooling lips and Stones chuckled obscenely as he slipped the heavy foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head of his great prick.

Laurie heard them, their voices and the filth they uttered like a faint echo from afar off, while her body drove on, unheeding. She was nearly there… ready to come… nothing else mattered. Minute imps of passion and lust tormented her deep in her belly, jabbing their pronged forks into the hot, prickling flesh of her oozing, frantic cunt. Her body was bathed in sweat as she labored wildly… striving for the end only a split-second away…

And then, Mark cried out like a wounded animal and clamped his mouth tightly down on hers as his body convulsed on top of her. She felt his prick jerk deep inside her belly and his hot white sperm beginning to spew wildly into the depths of her tingling vagina. She gasped as it shot into her in great jetting streams, a wave of frustration sweeping over her at the feel of his convulsing cock growing more and more limp and useless with every white hot spurt her voraciously sucking cunt milked from him.

“Oh… oh no! Noooo, Darling… please… please, wait for me! A second more… just a second more!” she cried her thwarted need half into his mouth. She clung tightly to him, her frenzied vagina clutching uselessly at his rapidly deflating organ, her heels pounding and digging desperately into his suddenly exhausted body… And then, it slipped out of her and she felt him pulling away, rolling off beside her with an empty, spent groan, leaving her with still raised, trembling thighs, the unsatiated fire burning completely out of control in her heaving belly and unfulfilled loins.

Tears dribbled down her cheeks as she spread her legs high and wide in the air, her own hands clutching and manipulating at her tortured, betrayed cunt, gouging her own fingers deeply into herself, mindless of all around her as she strained and tore abortively at the palpitating split of her crotch.

“Get her ankles, Morgan,” Stones said, climbing onto the bed and moving between her widespread legs, his massive thick rod of flesh waggling like a loose bowsprit without its rigging as his cohort caught hold of both Laurie’s slender ankles and levered them back above her head until she was bent inhumanly into a painful contorted arc. She cried out at the brutal torture, her eyes gaping wide at the strange, ugly face leering down at her between her legs, the vicious lust twisting his bearded features raising abhorrent fear and loathing immediately within her. A shudder passed over her as she realized the wet, golden level of her broadly stretched vagina, sacred and only for her husband, was being offered up to him like that of a bound slave, and that he was crawling up over her in an all-fours position, as if he intended to ravage her upturned, helpless slit without the slightest mercy or humanity.

“My name’s Stones, Baby,” he grinned down at her, displaying his broken, yellowed teeth. He raised up to his knees so that she could better see his loins. “They call me that because of these,” he bragged proudly, lifting the length of his giant prick to show off the huge hair covered sac and testicles that hung between his legs. He chuckled at the expression of awesome panic that flickered across the beautiful girl’s face, while Morgan giggled from behind her. “When I come Baby, it’s a bellyful of heaven for any broad… and right now, you’re that lucky chick.”

Laurie gasped in near-terror, her shocked gaze locking on the monstrous genitals of the strange man preparing to mount her.

It can’t be true! It would tear me apart! What’s happening to me? Dear God… Phillip… Mark…! I don’t understand…!

“Please… Mark! Don’t let him! My God… I can’t take that! Please… Oh God, let me go, let me go!” she sobbed.

“Go on, Stones… fuck her!” Morgan prodded. “Sock it to her, sock it to her, sock it to her!” he chanted gleefully. “I want to see her face when you sink that bitchin’ tool of yours into her. I’ll bet she’ll scream! I’ll bet she’ll…”

“Shut up!” Stones snapped, and he did. “Now, Baby, you just relax and let old Stones show you what a fuck is like, and I promise you a belly full of cock like you’ve never dreamed of before.”

Laurie shuddered again, caught between the seething passion enflaming her still hungrily throbbing vagina and the confusing waves of shame, humiliation and fear that raced through her drugged brain. She couldn’t understand why Mark was letting them do this to her. He was off the bed now and she tried to locate him but from her subjugated position it was impossible. She could see only the brute kneeling above her from between her wide held and uplifted legs and his giant cock pointing directly at her. She tossed her head from side to side, tears of frustration streaming down the edges of her cheeks.

And then suddenly, he was holding the length of his prick with his hand and taunting the moist, wide-spread, pink flesh of her cunt with its hardening spongy head while she watched, the immediate contact of the satiny warm head against the wet, raw flesh of her smoldering aperture instigating wild sensations to instantly spiral through her.

“Ooohhh,” she moaned uncontrollably.

“You want it bad, Baby, eh?” he taunted the writhing girl they held helpless beneath him in the obscene upturned buttocks positions. “Want it real bad, don’t you?”

“Oh God… oh God…” Laurie moaned. She was going mad… completely out of her mind, as he continued to torment her pussy with the blood inflated head of his tremendous cock. “Ohhhh… Oooohhhh… I can’t stand it any longer… put it in… put it in! I’ll try to take it… I want it… Yes… Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she wailed between clenched teeth and glazed, heavy lidded eyes. And then, she thought she saw Mark standing beside the bed, something in his hand, grinning down at her in her helpless, lewd position, but the raging inferno of lust consuming her palpitating cunt was the only realistic thing in her world… nothing else mattered… nothing!

“Let go of her ankles, Morgan,” Stones ordered. “She and me… we’re going to do this together… civilized like, eh Baby?”

Laurie gasped in relief as she lowered her legs from the painful position, yet still held them bent and high to give him complete access. She caught at his hairy shoulders, digging her nails into the hard flesh as he drew the bulbous head upward between the ragged swollen flanges of her excited cunt, writhing her hips and raising her buttocks in an effort to help.

“Yes…” she hissed. “Yessss… we’ll do it together… Ohhhhh… hurry… hurry!”

Laurie felt him insinuate the tip of his giant cock into her moist, pulsing vagina, and slowly her eyes began to open… wider and wider as he brought expanding pressure to bear at the already dilated mouth of her channel, then, with a flick of his hips, the grinning, bearded ogre forced the huge knob brutally inside the snug, elasticized opening, stretching the resisting rubbery flesh unmercifully.

“Aaaaauuuugggghhhhh!” she cried out, the agonizing, guttural sound coming from the very depths of her soul.

Stones grinned sadistically. He’d sunk into her soft, warm flesh no more than a begrudging inch. He heard Morgan laugh and saw the slick prick who’d hired them taking pictures from all angles. He was also holding the tape recorder with the mike up close to the luscious broad’s mouth. What ever the hell this guy was up to, it was dirtypool; but why the hell should he care? They’d each gotten a C-note for their troubles… if this could be termed as such. Shit, she was a gorgeous morsel. He wished to hell he didn’t have to hurt her, but it was always the same getting his prick into them. In a little while it’d be different… he’d stake his reputation on that, but right now she was twisting and whimpering, trying desperately to kick her beautiful legs free and escape the punishing impalement of his cock.

Laurie had begun to strike at him with her hands and fists until the one behind her grabbed her arms and held her. She had been wrong. In her unbelievable need she’d overestimated her capacity. His brutal cock was beyond reason… way too big for her. He needed a cow or a mare! She could never take it… it was ripping her cuntlips, she knew. The pain was excruciating… but how could she stop him?

“Please… O-oh, God… I can’t. I was wrong… I can’t take it… it’s too big!”

The bearded one chuckled, raised up higher on his hands and flexed his buttocks once more, inching gently forward, the gigantic organ easing another two inches into her.

“Ooouuugggghhhh! My God… Ohhhuugghh! Please… I beg you, don’t! Stop, please!”



Mark Coleman leaned in close to catch every breath, every nuance and groan she uttered with his microphone, while simultaneously lustful spasms of sadistic delight began to course through him at the young girl’s plight, his prick beginning to rise inside his shorts, the only garment he wore since emptying his loins into her. Plenty of time for good pictures, he reasoned. Wait until this “hippie” has her dangling on the end of his prick, completely broken. The good ones were all he wanted, just the gems.

“Nooooo… nooooooo!” she whined and pleaded, tears flowing in gushes from her drugged, partially opened eyes.

There was something in her beauteous, splenderous, curvaceous body that set Stones off. Sexually, he had craved and had women all his life but this one…! Already, his hairy loins were churning. The expression of need and pain simultaneously on her face… the way she held her thighs back for him even in her pain… the twitching, biting tight lips of her hungry cunt…

Christ, if there’d only been a girl like this for him in his plan… He couldn’t stand it any longer, and in reality if he did it all of a sudden she might even love him more… when the torture was passed…

“Baby,” he said, “forgive me… but it’s the best way.”

He thrust into her, ramming his gigantic cock deep into the tightly resisting channel, sending forth rippling, unfeasible waves of pink soft flesh before it. There was no time for her to scream, in fact, the charge took her breath away.

She jerked convulsively, the erotic, painful shock of his great cock smashing into her belly, filling her like a pregnant cow, she thought, as the inhuman thing throbbed and flexed inside her, smoothing out every crevice and inner secret she might have had. She dared hardly to breathe… but never move. Pain stabbed from her knees to her buttocks and through her loins and belly. He’d torn something, she was certain. Her cunt, she knew, was trying desperately to acclimate, but that would have to be impossible… yet, there was a measure of depraved sensuality twittering through her… and then, a momentary likeness of her Phillip flashed in her mind and angrily she put it from her, all thought of any further resistance to the creeping monster of lust swirling deep in her loins, gone forever…

“Oh God… don’t stop, Stones… my Darling,” she whimpered suddenly, reaching upward with her hands to the luxury of his bearded face. “Don’t stop, my Lover! Do it! Do it! Fuck me like the whore I am! Please, Darling, give your beautiful cock to me… Hurt me… I love you!”

He went into her then, ungovernably, with ravishing jolts of the conqueror, his broad pelvis thudding heavily into her upturned crotch.

Mark Coleman watched with lust-inflated delight as the “hippie’s” massive sperm bloated balls smacked solidly, insinuating themselves into the wide-split crevice of her ass, dangling and kissing at the tiny puckered ring of her defenseless anus.

Morgan gaped more closely, knowing the mighty cock couldn’t plunge in and out of her at this stage. He saw it bury itself and watched as Stones hung above her, immobile, waiting for her to adjust to the presence of his huge prick entombed in her soft white belly. He stared as her agony-twisted face slowly relaxed, the gnashing teeth and screwed-up brow opening and smoothening in welcome adaptation.

“Ahhhh, Darling,” she hissed, emptying her lungs of breath.

Stones sensed a feeling of triumph. He flexed his buttocks making the head of his generous prick throb inside the depths of her, and she groaned simperingly, biting at her lower-lip more in fear than reality. He did it again, raising a lesser moan from her, and he knew that her hot channel was growing accustomed to his size. Slowly, gently, he began an affectionate revolving motion with his pelvis, grinding his prick snugly into her naked crotch, endeavoring to expand the tight walls of her vagina until his cock and her pussy fit like a sword in scabbard.

Morgan moved closer from his side of the bed, as was Mark Coleman beyond, both of them gaping lustfully at her tight, tiny cunt… able to consume all of Stones’ deeply buried member. Margan’s hand moved out and he squeezed at the round, full breast nearest to him. Mark found the moon-shaped cheek of her ass closest to him and caressed it. Envious hate welled up inside him. She’d been his… but he hadn’t been able to satisfy her… he had blown his wad too soon.

Morgan ran his hand down her smooth, satiny side, over her hip to the stretched orb of her buttock. He moved forward and inward beneath Stones’ balls to the tiny puckered ring of her anus, playing… hopefully with teasing taunts, then, suddenly thrust, popping his finger through the tightly surrounding nether ring, digging deeply into the soft, rubbery flesh inside. He moved it around the tiny sucking hole, ever pushing inward, until the palm of his intruding hand lay flat against the full rounded moons of the cheeks of her ass, his whole finger, like a miniature prick, sunk securely inside the flexing channel.

Suddenly, Stones raised up, slipping his massive cock up and out of her then, slowly penetrating to the same depths… back and forth… in and out of Laurie’s widely stretched cunt, sawing patiently, thrusting into her and slowly withdrawing almost to the apex, while Morgan plunged into her ass with his hungry driving finger… in and out… trying to join Stones’ great gentle cock in a dual rhythmic fucking that raised groans of pain-pleasure from Laurie’s open lips… almost in tempo with their depraved ravaging.

The excitement Mark Coleman had instigated inside her had never left. But now, a weird sensation of tortured happiness dribbled through her helpless body. The unbelievable debasement and subjugation they were committing her to caused weird masochist delights to flood through her. It seemed as if she hardly knew her name… or her reason for being… unless it was for… absorbing this complete stranger’s immense cock like an animal, while the others performed the lewdest of acts on her helpless body. Sensations of rapture knifed through her even as she thought these things.

“Yesss, oh yesss, fuck me, my Darling!” she whimpered. “Pull any tits… shove your finger in my ass… hurt me! Only… make me live! Please… please… make me live, Lover!” she mumbled on and on, squirming her body lewdly beneath him.

Mark Coleman kicked off his shorts once more to unleash his rigid, aching cock. He grabbed up his camera and began shooting pictures from every conceivable angle, getting many of the abandon and ecstatic expressions continually changing wantonly on her beautiful sweat covered face.

“Turn her over,” he ordered Stones. “Get her up on her knees. Hurry up.”

Laurie groaned, reaching frantically for him as Stones drew his huge cock out of her, her fogged and sensuously striving brain aware only that the pleasure giving pole of flesh was escaping from her wildly excited cunt to leave her empty again.

“Oh no… no!” she sobbed.

“It’s all right, Baby, just turn over,” Stones said, helping her roll onto her belly and raise to her knees. “That’s it,” he mumbled, staring at the beautiful sight of the full moons of her buttocks stretched up in sacrificial offering to him. She rested, panting for a moment on all fours, the soft white moons of her buttocks waving high in the air, then dropped her face to the bed.

Christ, he’d never seen anything like it! His enormous balls tingled and ached, and he longed to ram forward into the narrow teasing slit swinging in the air before him but he held himself… he didn’t want to hurt her… only fuck her.

Laurie moaned, her face buried in the pillow, waiting with near unbearable anticipation for that second when the wonderful cock would slip back up inside her to quench the maddening flames that were licking out of control through her crotch and belly. Suddenly she felt his big hands on her hips and the hair on his legs as he knelt behind and between her open thighs. She waved the stretched orbs of her buttocks back at him, feeling the blunt end of his prick pressing into the wet slit of her crotch. With a groan he raced into her uncontrollably, burying the long thick organ deep up her channel, causing her to lurch forward in surprise and pain. She opened her eyes with a start from the force of his lunge, and it was then that she noticed the other movement around her head. Fingers began fumbling with her lips and she gaped in her numbed stupor at the grinning face of the chinless Morgan, his mouth wet with the saliva drooling from it, his thin long cock in his hand, not a half inch from her mouth.

She tried to twist her head away… it was useless. It was as if her face between his dirty hands was caught in a vice. Again, he pried at her mouth and she felt the spongy, wet sensation of its head being forced between her lips. She clenched her teeth in one last terror filled attempt to avoid the repulsive, degrading act, but the great cock fucking into her from behind aided with an extra hard plunge and she gasped. It was all Morgan needed to send his long, thin prick crushing through her soft, moist lips and deep into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. No longer did it seem thin to her as she felt its hugeness slithering up the length of her tongue and filling her mouth completely with its fleshy hardness.

Morgan knelt on the bed in front of her grasping both sides of her head to hold it firm while he sawed into her face, his prick slowly sliding in and out of her mouth as if it were a second delicious cunt. Mentally, Laurie struggled against the obscene and humiliating ravaging of her mouth, but there was little time to think as he quickened his strokes to the tempo of Stones’ great cock fucking into her from behind, never quite pulling it out all the way, but always leaving a slight part of the tip beyond her lips in the hot, moist residence of her mouth.

Again, Laurie clutched her eyes tightly shut, momentarily, her degradation knowing no limits. Once, she gagged as he rammed it half-way down her throat, its length disappearing between her ovaled lips almost to the hilt. She felt his balls graze her face, the wiry pubic hair tickling the sensitive skin of her chin. She struggled to breathe, gasping gulps of air on every outstroke.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it hard, Baby!” Morgan chanted, as they buffeted her back and forth between them in their dual depraved ravishment of her body.

And to Laurie, once again, there was nothing left in the world but the lewd debauchery they were subjecting her to… even shame had deserted her as she found herself sucking vigorously with her mouth and grinding her buttocks behind, aware only of the ungovernable desire where the shame should have been… her desire to reach that point that was building… ever building deep, deep inside her.

The very helplessness of her position flickered through her mind, the mere thought of her soft white body being fucked by two lust-filled strangers she had never before seen in her young life inciting her wildly. The fire in her belly raged on insanely as she undulated her buttocks in taunting little circles, squeezing with her inner cunt muscles at the heavenly rod of flesh drilling into her. She pulled at the cock stroking sleekly in and out of her mouth with voracious sucking sounds, her cheeks hollowing and filling with his every thrust, the lust-inciting pungency of his prick causing her to explore its every ridge and pore, her tongue-tip licking hungrily at the blood-filled head, probing feverishly into the tiny split at the end. She wanted it to squirt its white, hot cum in her mouth, wanted to gulp it and feel it dribbling down her throat filling her belly, while the massive shaft fucking into her from behind flooded her cunt until she was completely saturated and immersed in the viscid, life-giving liquid.

Behind her, Stones could feel himself ever climbing toward his apex. Soon, he thought, soon… soon… and he began to fuck faster into her, with quickened, longer, harder, harder strokes, until he was battering the quivering cheeks of her ass with unreasonable ferocity, his hips driving as if machine-powered. His big hands gripped her waist hard, oozing the soft flaccid flesh between and beneath his clutching fingers like white, resilient putty. His mouth was open now, his yellowed teeth bared as he drew back his lips; his breath rasped harshly in short, uneven gasps and he gaped down at her slender bucking body and bobbing head. He watched Morgan’s rapier-like cock disappearing into the beautiful young face and spasms of electrified sensations rifled through him. He tore at her buttocks, stretching the twin moons as wide apart as he could and watched his own giant cock vanish from sight into the moist pink flanges of her tight palpitating cunt.

“Christ!” he barked. “Oh Christ!”

Like a mounting bull, he pumped into her from behind, imagining the sight of her tender lipstick rimmed lips clasping and unclasping around the growing cock of Morgan in front, who no longer had to force her to suck him. She was working like a demon in a daze, licking at the hardened shaft of flesh thrust deep into her warm mouth, while the bastard who’d hired them kept clicking his camera, running around the bed with his own prick jutting out like a hoe-handle.

On and on it went, their expanding rock-hard cocks plunging into both ends of her bent and aching body, the unbelievable ecstasy they were bringing her completely saturating her mentally and physically. She was in another world where cocks and cunt alone existed… and she never wanted to leave it.

The saliva in her mouth thickened. It was becoming more sticky now and she tasted the tang of the minute emissions of lubricating fluid seeping from the tiny split in the head of the cock fucking her mouth. She could feel the spongy head growing deep in her throat and his hips writhing and straining as he moved toward climax. His fingers were curled tightly in her long hair, manipulating her mouth back and forth on the end of his thrusting organ, fucking into her face as if her mouth was another cunt into which he was releasing the full wrath of his animal-like lust. She moaned around it and it thrust forward hard down into her throat as though it were trying to meet the other massive prick screwing deep into her belly from behind…

Oh God! Oh my God…!

The heavens burst open even as her own belated orgasm began to rise toward a pinpoint inside her! This had to be it! Yes! Yes! She felt the great cock fucking into her from behind jerk and begin spewing its white, hot load deep up into her wildly clasping cunt. It splashed insanely around inside her, foaming back from her hairlined cunt-lips onto the already drenched pubic hair of his pelvis. His balls jammed tightly against her exposed clitoris caused her body to jerk forward spasmodically, driving the cock in her madly sucking mouth to the hilt. Then, it too, exploded, gushing forth thick streams of the creamy, pungent liquid into her throat, her cheeks bloating and contracting as she swallowed to keep from choking on the great continual spurts issuing from it. She swallowed in hungry, thick gulps, fearful of losing even a tiny drop of the precious fluid. Small dribbles seeped from the corners of her mouth as he collapsed away from her and his shrinking penis slithered lifelessly from her still sucking mouth, thin sticky strings of the white viscid liquid stretching from her lips to the flaccid member pulling away from her.

Wildly, she screwed her buttocks hungrily back onto the still squirting prick in her cunt, and with a shriek from between her tightly clenched teeth, she felt her whole body burst into what seemed a never ending stream of blissful sensations of release and she continued to sob out her ecstasy until the very life drained from her and she fell forward onto the bed, the useless prick of the bearded Stones slipping limply from her wet, quivering pussy…

God… she had to sleep… had to… Mustn’t think… no… no… just sleep…


While Laurie lay obscenely sprawled on the bed face down, caught up in the exhausted and drug induced throes of sleep, Mark Coleman paid off his hired cohorts, gave them each a needed drink and let them out into the night. He went back to the bed then to stare down at the disheveled but still intoxicating sight of the young Laurie Gates’ naked, well fucked body. His cock was still as hard as a rod of iron. He was going to have one more crack at that luscious tight cunt before he took her back to the Ambassador Hotel. It would be simple enough getting her in through a service entrance and up to her room… and there was still plenty of time before Dianne would finish with Phillip, he felt sure… Slowly, he dropped on the bed beside her, running his hand over the satiny smooth mound of her buttock to her thigh, then between her still splayed legs to the slit of her cunt. She gave a little start and moan at his touch, but then lay still.

With little difficulty, he rolled her onto her back and climbed between her legs, drawing the head of his cock up through her sperm drenched slit to spread open the swollen pink lips of her pussy. Once more, she moaned lightly, her eyes closed, but he saw the little simpering smile of delight tugging at the corners of her lips. Slowly, she raised her legs and he slipped into her moist, warm depths… but never once did she fully awaken and he fucked her to his heart’s content… until his balls ached from the draining strain he put on them. A long time later, he brought her partially to consciousness and helped her dress. Then, he took her back to the hotel.

It was nearly four o’clock in the morning and he had some pictures to develop before daylight. Dianne had been emphatic about that; she planned to use them the moment they were ready.


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