Dianne Coleman smiled into the huge pusy face of Judge Julian Reed. She watched the small, near fat-hidden eyes rake her body lecherously, as always, the tiny tongue licking out at the small wormish-lips of his baby like mouth. He rolled his wheelchair into the room with an effort, his great bloated bulk hardly able to wedge into the aluminum tubular frame. He was alone, which was exactly what she had hoped for, and she remained standing by the door where she’d entered at his acknowledgment of her ring, awaiting his invitation to sit.

He made a little pinched grin and said: “And to what do I owe this charming visit, my dear?”

Dianne watched the continuing little smile, her stomach knotting in momentary revulsion, memories of despicable acts she had been forced to endure with him in the past racing through her mind. Those, too, she remembered, had been to insure Mark’s political future, but this time the shoe was on the other foot. She was holding all the winning cards, and the stakes were even higher.

“Business, Judge,” she said, a wry smile of her own stretching her pretty mouth. “May I sit down?”

“Please do.” He nodded toward a chair in front of him and she lowered herself into it. His eyes watched hungrily as with knowing purpose Dianne let her short skirt slip up high to expose the thighs of her crossed legs. He waited for a moment, his small lusty eyes never leaving the nylon encased, soft white flesh he was already familiar with. Finally, he said: “Well, my dear?”

“I want your endorsement for Mark, Judge,” she said simply. “We need the powerful Reed Machine behind us if my husband’s ever to be the next Governor.”

He studied her for a moment, his expression unchanging. In a while, he said: “As simple as that, eh?” He made a short grunting sound that Dianne took to be a cynical laughing intention. “Humph… I might’ve guessed. You know; my dear… you’re a terribly ambitious young woman… lovely and desirable too, but… treacherously ambitious.”

Dianne returned his almost sneering smile in kind. “So…? I should think you of all people would appreciate that trait, Judge.”

“Oh, I do… I do,” he replied evenly. “Which is exactly why I’m not backing Mark Coleman, my pet… I don’t trust you, his lovely, sexy wife. No, Mrs. Coleman, the Reed Machine will endorse Byron Acker, and he’ll be this State’s next Governor.”

Dianne could feel her face flushing with the rage mounting inside her. God, how she despised this foul beast… and nothing would ever give her greater pleasure than what she was about to do. But she must control herself, maintain her dignity, savor every delicious moment of what was to come…

“That’s too bad,” she said caustically. She moved forward to the edge of her chair, uncrossing her legs and pushing her skirt back even more to expose a fraction of an inch of naked, white thigh. “You leave me no choice then, your honor.” She opened her purse and extracted an envelope, holding it out to him.

His beady eyes moved from the provocative sight of her shapely displayed leg to the envelope, then, to her face.

“What’s this?” he snapped.

“You’re the judge… I’ll let you decide,” Dianne remarked, pressing the envelope forward. His fat pusy hand reached out and snatched it from her grasp while his eyes locked with hers. “I warn you, girl, don’t try any of your shenanigans with me…”

Dianne said nothing, only watched with pure delight the changing expressions of shock, then anger, and finally flushed confusion as quickly he shuffled through the lewd prints of his precious niece engaged in wild, salacious sex with two vile looking hippies like some common street trollop.

“Enlightening, aren’t they, Judge? Nice and clear, too… No difficulty in determining the identity of the girl… although I wouldn’t have any idea who the dregs are that she’s fucking and sucking… would you?”

For a moment, Dianne thought he might burst. His face was flushed tomato-red and his breathing was coming in short, heavy gasps. She sat back in her chair once more, watching him calmly reveling in the descriptive filth she had spat at him.

“Wh-Where did you get these?” he snapped, his voice quivering.

Dianne smiled. “That’s not the important issue, Judge… the fact is, that I have them… and intend to use them, if necessary.”

He stared at her, vicious hatred distorting his already grotesque face. “You bitch!” he spat venomously. “You unscrupulous whore, you…!”

Dianne couldn’t help but toss back her pretty head in laughter. She said: “Bitch…? Whore…? Perhaps, you’re right… but unscrupulous…? Isn’t that kind of like the pot calling the kettle black… your honor?”

He gaped at her, then slowly seemed to relax into his massive flab, his head sinking down into his shoulders like a tortoise pulling partially into its shell. He sighed heavily, then began mumbling almost as if to himself.

“I-I can’t believe it… always such a sweet, shy girl…” He fumbled through the pictures again, and momentarily Dianne thought she detected a glint of lust flickering in his unpredictable eyes, only to disappear then return in alternating fashion. “I-I just can’t believe it… such filthy looking animals… fucking and sucking them… Christ… look at her face… the little slut…” Suddenly, he raised his eyes and said: “Blackmail, eh? Either I endorse the Senator or you turn these over to a newspaper or magazine… is that it?”

Dianne’s eyes narrowed. “Precisely, Judge… and I would doubt that such publicity would help your ‘Kingly’ position, or the party’s nominee.”

“What makes you so sure that personal scandal would have any effect politically?” he shot at her.

“I’m not sure… but I’m willing to gamble, Judge… are you?”

Once more, he sighed. Finally, he said: “No… I’m not… and you counted on that, didn’t you, bitch?”

Dianne smiled triumphantly. “Of course I counted on it. I was as sure of it as I am that Mark will be the next Governor.” Slowly, she arose, her chin high, her face a mask of vindictive hatred. “And you will endorse him, Judge Reed… tonight.”

He stared at her. “You… you give me little choice, Mrs. Coleman,” he said, his voice reminding her of a snake hissing. She shuddered inwardly. “But remember… be on your guard, my dear… this is only a skirmish… not the battle.”

Dianne couldn’t help but tremble openly at his warning. She knew that he witnessed her fear and angrily she struck back at him. “Every since you first used my body for your loathsome depravities I’ve despised you… you repulsive gargoylish freak! I swore I’d get back at you, and I have. But this is only the beginning! I’ll break you before I’m finished. I’ll see you squealing for mercy like the mountain of pus that you are! You hear me, Judge Reed? I’m going to destroy you!”

“Get out, pig! Get out of here before I change my mind and rid the world of another broken down, two-bit slut!” he snarled at her. “Just one thing… I want those negatives and prints up here by tomorrow morning, you understand?”

Dianne had reached the door. She turned. “You do your part tonight and you’ll have the negatives in the morning. Otherwise, every expose newspaper and magazine in the country will have them. Do you understand?”

“I understand, you fucking pig! Now, get out!”

“Freak!” she spat.

“Get out! Get out! Get out, you fucking whore!” he screamed.


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