The sun was high, streaming in the open draped hotel window at ten o’clock in the morning. Laurie awakened with a start, saw that the other half of the bed had been slept in and was deserted. She sat up quickly, her head immediately beginning to spin. Slowly, she dropped it back to the pillow and lay deathly still to keep it from falling off.

My God, what was wrong with her; she was so dizzy? Again, she looked over at the empty space beside her. Phillip had come in while she slept and left without awakening her. She had no idea what time he’d come home, where he’d been, or where he’d gotten to now… Of course… he had to be someplace in the hotel… politics… with Uncle Julian, she would guess… Good Lord! How had she herself gotten home? She remembered none of it. She looked down at herself; she was naked, but for the life of her she couldn’t recall undressing or anything after… after…

Oh, my dear God! It came back to her in bits and pieces… scraps of indelible, lewd scenes racing through her whirling brain… names and faces… Stones, Morgan, bearded and chinless… Mark Coleman… with she, her own self, in the middle, a human receptacle for their lust… My God, it couldn’t be! It was a dream… a nightmare! But her body ached so… She touched her breasts with her hands, moving them carefully over the round full mounds of flesh… Oohhhh… so tender. She smoothed her hands down across her stomach, spreading her thighs slightly as she explored the sensitive lips of her vagina. Again, she moaned at the slight bruises her tenderly probing fingers discovered; the slippery sperm of strangers still oozing from the tight, inflamed mouth of her passage wetly covered her fingertips. It was no dream… it had actually happened!

A feeling of deep, cheapening shame immediately overwhelmed her. She rolled her face into the pillow and began to sob as more and more, the lewd, adulterous revelry she had participated in only hours before began to vividly present itself to mind in graphic, licentious detail.

Oh dear God, dear God! What happened to me? I was no better than an animal… wanting those vile, filthy men to perform their depraved acts on me… and I loved it… wanted it! Ooohhhh… what will happen if Phillip finds out? My God, I’m nothing but a slut… a wanton bitch! I don’t deserve him… I don’t! He’ll leave me if he ever learns the truth; I’m sure of that… and then nothing will matter anymore… He mustn’t find out… he mustn’t! I’ll go to Mark Coleman and beg him… I’ll do anything he asks… only Phillip must never find out! Got to get out of this bed… go to Mark… beg him… anything…!

She sat up slowly, swinging her feet out to the floor, holding her head between her hands, desperately trying to focus her eyes on particular objects. Nausea gripped her, but then passed. With an effort, she got to her feet and plodded stumblingly in her voluptuous nakedness toward the bathroom. A cold shower was what she needed. She had to get hold of herself… had to. Coffee… Shower first, then, have coffee sent up… Get to Mark Coleman as soon as possible… Yes, yes…


Phillip Gates moved in a semi-coma. He had slipped into bed beside his innocent young wife’s sleeping figure after leaving another women with whom he had made passionate, animal-like love for hours, then away from her in the early light of day before she could question him. He couldn’t face her. Really, outside of getting the preliminaries straightened around, there was no reason for long dialogue anyway. It was over between them; Laurie was too good for him. If he’d ever had any principles, he’d long since lost them. When this was over, the nomination settled, he would sit down with her, try to explain… then, disappear. Someplace, there had to be a life even for a heel like him…

“Phil, boy. I’ll buy your breakfast,” Byron Acker said, leaning over his table not seconds after he’d seated himself and picked up the menu.

Phillip forced a smile. “Sit down, Byron. Let me buy the next Governor his breakfast.”

Acker grinned and sat down. He was not an unattractive man with his graying temples, his wide, honest dark eyes and white toothsome smile. He was in his forties and had held a Rio Lado City Councilman position for a number of years. He’d had no aspirations toward the gubernatorial office until Judge Julian Reed tapped his shoulder. He was Country Club, a heavy land holder, but basically a man of the people. He said: “One day, you’ll make a shrewd politician, Phil.”

“I doubt it… but today’s the big day for you isn’t it?”

“Maybe. You never can be sure boy… not till the last ballot is cast. Have you seen the Judge?”

“No. I called. He won’t see anyone before this afternoon,” Phillip said. “I’ll talked to that secretary of his. She says he’s in some kind of rare mood. He told her to get out, too.”

“Yeah?” Acker’s eyes opened wider. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve no idea,” said Phillip, matter of factly.

“Something’s wrong though, eh?” Acker said nervously. “I mean, he doesn’t go off like this unless something’s eating at him, right?”

Phillip shrugged. “I’m as much in the dark as you are, Byron. Relax. You know you’re his boy. Why stew? What could it be that…”

“There’s only one thing that’s important right now, Phillip,” the Councilman interrupted. “The nominee for the next Governor… What else could upset him? Maybe, he’s having second thoughts about… about me?”

“Oh, come on, Byron. You’re making mountains. Look… relax. Here comes the waitress. What’d you want for breakfast?”

“Huh…? Oh… coffee, Phil. Just coffee…”


With the aid of the shower and coffee, Laurie shook off the cobwebs. Her reflexes were still subnormal and her thinking capacity anything but keen, but she’d managed to catch hold of herself enough to reason that self-reproof and lamentation was going to get her exactly nowhere. What was done could not be undone… but why it had been done to her, this was another issue. There was no longer any question in her mind but what she had been drugged, and undoubtedly by Mark Coleman… He had planned his vile assault knowing that in a helpless, drugged state she’d be subject to his most depraved whim… and God knows, she had been… But how had he been so certain that Phillip wouldn’t come back and catch him in the very act? And why hadn’t Phillip come back? Had Mark told the truth about Dianne and Phillip being childhood sweethearts… lovers for years? Was this the inner-burden Phillip had been carrying inside him…? Why had he kept it from her? Why had he married her? Who were the two loathsome creatures, Stones and Morgan who’d raped her… where had they come from?

She dressed slowly, her brain reeling with the myriad of unanswerable questions she had put to it. A dozen times she found her face flushing at different lurid visions of her own animal performance only hours before. My God, was it possible? Little prurient sensations suddenly flitted through her at the mere thought. Well, one thing was certain, she’d found herself sexually, if that was the only good to ever come from such a horror. Now, she could give her whole, free, open self to Phillip in a manner he had never before dreamed. If she’d ever had had any inhibitions, they were gone now… Stones and Morgan had seen to that…

The telephone rang while she was combing out her long, silken, reddish-blonde hair before the mirror, letting it drape loosely down over her shoulders. Phillip, she thought, wanting her to join him for breakfast perhaps…

“Hello… Oh, Uncle Julian… Up to your suite…? Well, I… All right, I’ll come. I haven’t had breakfast… Yes… Uncle Julian… is there something wrong? Y-Yes, I hear… right away…”

Her uncle’s tone of voice had been anything but inviting. There’d been a clipped note of wrath underlying it that had caused a little chill to creep along her spine. From experience, she knew how unpleasant he could be when he was irate. Something was bothering him; but she made up her mind that she wasn’t going to let him browbeat her, regardless… She was a married woman now and no longer subject to his jurisdiction… besides, she had to see Mark Coleman and talk to him as soon as possible…


Laurie opened the door and entered his suite as he’d told her to do on the telephone. He was alone, he’d said, and would be in the bedroom.

“Uncle Julian…?” she called.

“In here,” his voice came to her from the room beyond. “Lock the outer door.”

Laurie did as instructed and entered the bedroom. Her uncle lay on the king-sized bed in his robe, a maroon-colored satiny, tent-like garment held together by yards of braided cord encircling his middle. To Laurie, he resembled a great massive ball with head and limbs jutting straight out, as if they had been stuck into the main torso like matchsticks in a potato. The almost grey, dimpled, puttyish flesh of his naked legs from the knees down were visible to her; the sight was not relishable to her empty stomach, but she forced a smile.

“Don’t you feel well, Uncle Julian?” she questioned, moving to the side of the bed.

His eyes had followed her unflinchingly since she’d entered the room. They remained on her now. “Not too well, at this point.”

“What’s wrong? Perhaps I should send for the house doctor…?”

“That won’t be necessary. Sit down… here on the bed beside me,” he ordered, his small tongue slipping out to lick at his lips.

Laurie hesitated, finally obeying. “What is it, Uncle Julian? You sounded… upset over the phone…”

“I’m that… all of that to say the least… my sweet little slut niece,” he said, his voice suddenly decreasing in volume to a near hissing sibilance.

Laurie stiffened as if ice water had been injected through her veins. She stared at him in disbelief. Had she heard correctly? “I-I beg your pardon…?”

“You should, you little bitch… and your husband’s along with mine!” he spat at her. From the side away from her, he produced an envelope, tossing it at her. “Open it, slut… see what a pretty picture you make as a whore!”

Laurie stared at the envelope, frozen, unable to move, tight little knots beginning to lump in her stomach.

“Open it, I said,” the huge man barked.

She did, with fumbling fingers, her mouth dropping loose in abject horror as one by one she viewed the horrible snapshots of herself, Stones and Morgan engaged in their gross, obscene circus the night before. She paled, and momentarily, a giddiness swept over her. The room began to swim and she had to catch herself to keep from toppling. Suddenly, she felt the flab of his strong hand on her arms as if in support and she quickly forced herself erect.

“Well… what do you have to say?” he shot at her. “Don’t just sit there pretending the little Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes bit. The cunt in those pictures is you, bitch! That’s your mouth that filthy cock is stuffed into… now, who are they? And where and when were these taken?”

“Stop it! Stop it!” Laurie sobbed, trying to wrench free of his grasp, but unsuccessfully, the tears beginning to stream down her cheeks. “Oh God, let me go… please, Uncle Julian…”

“I’ll let you go… when I’m through with you, damn your little whore soul!” he snarled, raising his great bulk to one elbow while the other clutched at her wrist savagely. “You know what you’ve done to me with those pictures? You’ve compromised me… tied my hands… stripped me of my power! Now, unless I agree to endorse Mark Coleman for Governor, these pictures will be turned over to the newspaper… and what a hell of a nice scandal that’d make, eh?”

“Oh… Oh my God!” Laurie gasped. “Y-You can’t let that happen, Uncle Julian. You can’t! If Phillip ever finds out… Oh no, no! Please, don’t let Phillip learn of these…”

“You should’ve thought of that before you started peddling your ass around, slut…”

“But you don’t understand,” Laurie said through her tears. “I was drugged. I didn’t know…”

“Drugged? By whom? Where? When?”

“Last night by Mark Coleman at his party,” she blurted. “Those two men… I never saw them before in my life.”

“A likely story.”

“It’s the truth, Uncle Julian, I swear it,” she insisted, imploring him to believe her. “Mark Coleman must have taken the pictures. I’m not sure, I was too groggy…”

“You look more than groggy in these shots,” he spat, picking them up in one hand and thumbing through them. “You look like a cock-happy slut enjoying the fucking of her life…”

“Oh please… please stop talking that way, Uncle Julian,” Laurie begged. “I’m telling you the truth, I swear it…”

“Humph,” he sneered. “You swear it and I’m supposed to believe it eh? Is that it? After all I’ve done, for you, this is the way you repay me. Pig! And when I think of the times you shied away from me… afraid I was going to touch you… put my hand on your plump little ass, or feel a tit… me, your own uncle… I wasn’t good enough to put my hand on you, but those bums can shove their cocks in you anywhere they like…”

“Stop it! You don’t know what you’re saying!” Laurie half screamed at him, refusing to believe what her ears had actually heard and what she’d felt to be true since she’d first come into his house… he’d wanted her sexually! The utter sickening thought nauseated her.

Again, she tried to free her arm but he held tight to her. He was staring at the pictures, one by one, his small beady eyes suddenly reflecting the lecherous lust she had witnessed there so many times in the past. A panicky feeling of odious dread gripped at her entrails.

“Well now… let’s see,” he gloated. “I wonder what Phillip will think of this one?”

He thrust the pornographic print before her eyes. It was one of the complete debauchery; with Stones mounting her from behind, his enormous penis sunk to its very hilt between the hair-fringed folds of her vagina while Morgan was kneeling before her face, his member shoved into her mouth… her lips locked obscenely around it as if they never intended to let go. A ripple of sensation that she couldn’t help coursed through her as the sight brought back the actual memory. She shook her head, raising her eyes once more to the bloated, licentious face.

“Y-You wouldn’t… My God, you can’t, Uncle Julian,” she whimpered. “It would be the end for us. Phillip would never understand… I know he wouldn’t…”

“I can… and I will,” he said, his small mouth hardly moving, his tiny eyes suddenly raking her body salaciously. “Why shouldn’t I? You’ve destroyed me, now I’ll give you a taste of the same… unless…”

He paused there and she stared at him, abhorrent terror keeping her momentarily from asking the question. Finally, she said: “Un-Un-less…?”

His wormish lips spread into a foul grin. “Unless… you’re nice to me.”

“N-Nice? H-Haven’t I always been nice to you, Uncle…?”

“Enough of this nonsense!” His hand still clutching her wrist tightened, viciously. “Undress… now… this minute… every last Godamned stitch off… off! You hear? Now!”

This time he let her free and she leaped to her feet, backing away from the bed, tears of frustration and mixed emotions bathing her cheeks as she gaped in unbelieving horror at this foul beast who was ordering her to commit the most unpardonable of all sins… incest.

“You’re insane!” she threw at him through contorted, crying lips. “My uncle… my own mother’s brother… What are you, an animal…?”

“What difference does that make to a whore?” he sneered at her. “What do you care who fucks you, pig, as long as you get paid? And I’ve already paid. Now… take off your clothes!”

“I won’t! I won’t!” Laurie wailed, still backing away from him. “I’m going to find Phillip… tell him everything… tell him exactly what you are and what you wanted me to do…!”

“Go ahead!” Julian Reed said grinning. “You do that. Go find him and tell him what a dirty little cock-sucker you are! Tell him to come up here and see the pictures first hand! Well…? What’re you waiting for, bitch? Go tell him!”

Laurie stumbled backwards to a halt in the center of the room, her body convulsing with her sobs. Slowly then she sunk downward, her legs seeming to cave beneath her as she dropped to the floor. There, she buried her face and wept, refusing to think further of this monstrous nightmare endeavoring to engulf her and destroy her reason…

Time passed and she laid there. Once, there came a knock at the outer door, but when they didn’t answer whomever it was went away. In a while her mind began to function again. She could hear his raspy, heavy breathing on the bed. In her racing mind, she had concluded that he would tell Phillip everything, using the pictures for pointed, unreproachable proof. She weighed her own word against all of this, her love for her husband… the fact that he had disappeared last night with Dianne Coleman… she felt helpless. Time… she needed time to show Phillip, to bring him to his senses, to get him away from all this. They would be all right then, she was certain of it, if only she had the time… but that was the one thing she did not have. Maybe, Uncle Julian knew this too… He was clever… and wounded right now by those pictures… stripped of his power… and what was Uncle Julian without his power? God… she even felt sorry for him. She had put him in the position he was in… endorsing Mark Coleman for an office that she, herself knew the man was incapable, of… a crime before the State, itself.

Where were the answers? If there was a way it was as much her duty as anyone’s to find it. Dear God… there were even more important things than Phillip and herself… than her very own life…! Her parents had given their breaths for what they believed. How many soldiers had died and would go on dying for what they had faith in? Faith… courage… integrity… Integrity…? She almost laughed into the nap of the carpeting. Moral wholesomeness… God, Mommy and Daddy would turn over in their graves.

Suddenly, she sat up. “Uncle Julian…?”

“I’m waiting.”

“Is-Is there a way of beating them… the Colemans, I mean.”

Silence. “Yes… one way. I’ve given it considerable thought.”

“Even with the pictures?” she questioned.

He laughed. “Pictures… whatever… nothing can change what I have in mind, little girl.”

She tried to absorb his words. They made little or no sense. She said: “Are you… still set in your mind… determined that I should take my clothes off… I mean…?”

“Exactly. Now. I want this Laurie. I’ll try to make it as acceptable as possible…”

Again, the thought repulsed her. “Oh God,” she whimpered. “Is it necessary, Uncle Julian? You know what you’re doing…?”

He interrupted. “I know. Yes it’s vital to me. I’ve carried the desire inside me as long as a man should. Listen to me, Laurie… I can’t change the past… but maybe, I can help the future.”

Her mind immediately became a maze of questions, all of which she realized she was never going to ask. Instead, she slowly gained her feet and began to unfasten her skirt. In her brain she dwelt dazedly upon the plights of Lot. She satisfied herself by giving the deepest thought to his two daughters… and then, when she was completely naked, she went over to lay down beside her uncle…

“All right… here I am, God forgive me,” she said evenly to him. “In biblical terms… do with me what thou wilt!”

Julian Reed lay propped on his elbow, watching, with raw, lust-crazed eyes the sensual sight of his niece undressing resignedly before him. He drank in the beauty of her large breasts, hanging down as she bent over to pick up her things, then taunting as she straightened upright. She came toward the bed saying something that he hardly heard. She started to move onto the bed beside him and he said: “Wait! Stand there… let me look at you…”

She did, her chin high, her eyes not seeing him. Christ she was beautiful, just as he knew she would be. Her figure was perfect… so young and firm… the rib lines above the waist where the skin pilled in under the large bulge of her breasts… the little belly button with the thin line of down running downward to the sparse reddish gilded curls of silken hair against which the white tops of her thighs pressed in an effort of concealment… the rounding of the hips with the slight bulge of the thighbones continuing up in a V… the thighs themselves, white and vulnerable with the well shaped legs tapering below… She was all breasts, hips and thighs, made to be seized and crushed in wild, sensual rape!

He gaped in hungry fascination, his massive torso rising and falling in raspy, quickening breaths. He said: “Turn around.”

Without looking at him, Laurie turned slowly, profiling for a moment the forward jut, backward push of breasts and buttocks, the shallow S-shape of body, and then her back was presented to him with the slimness from the shoulders to the waist, accentuated by the tightness of the smooth, satiny white flesh over her frame and by the full, bulging of her behind into soft, warm-looking creamy white buttocks and the long, milk thighs tapering below. She was shivering all over now.

“My Christ!” His voice trembled. “You’re beautiful, child…! Come here… lay down beside me. I-I’ve got to feel you…!”

She did, moving as if mechanically, desperately trying to block off her mind from all sense of reality, thoughts of Phillip and he alone filling her brain… for you, my darling, Phillip… I’d endure the tortures of the damned for you… Oh, my God!

She sensed his great weight rolling toward her as she lay on her back beside him, eyes tightly shut… smelling his odor of soap and cologne and sweat… Then! His thick, stubby hot hand clutched her breast, stroking, squeezing and kneading, his breath hot and sour in her face. She rolled her head away from him and felt a portion of his massiveness move over and above her breast. He was kissing them hungrily and she steeled herself to keep from cringing beneath him as his wet, wormish lips traced their moist paths to the tips, hardening them in spite of her revulsion.

She couldn’t restrain herself from opening her eyes and glancing at the huge head hovering above her chest. Nervous beads of sweat had begun to roll along his jowls as his fat wet palms glided unimpeded over the firm contours, cupping and twisting them brutally until Laurie whimpered aloud from the pain and humiliation. Then, they were moving down over the flatness of her belly toward the mound of hair-covered flesh at her pelvis… lingering and teasing there before moving further downward in an attempt to trace the thin, tight red slit she was protecting between clenched thighs.

“Open them!” he gasped. She did, slightly. “Wider… wider, damnit!”

Overwhelming shame enveloped her as she felt his pudgy finger teasing the soft curls of pubic hair around the lips of her vagina while his heavy head lay cushioned upon her breasts. She felt the thick digit move inside her, spreading the flanges of her pussy open as it slid upward through the moist, pink, velvety flesh, gliding between its inner petals to the nub of her clitoris, flicking at it maddeningly, until with a sudden uncontrollable groan, she felt it begin a gentle involuntary jerking into hardness.

In spite of her revulsion toward the depraved act, he, her own uncle, was subjecting her to, she realized he was raising unwanted sensations of desire in her. Her whimpers of humiliation and torment tapered off into deeper moans of forced pleasure. Slyly, his thick finger moved down to the small opening of her vagina and into her. She gasped at the sudden, slick entry, her thighs moving a little further apart and she, couldn’t contain the tear of shame that dribbled down the side of her face into her hair. Her heart had begun to pound with a mixture of feelings she was helpless to control. Her armpits and between her legs felt hot and moist.

At first, the finger hurt slightly and she groaned, biting at her lip. Then, it was smoothing around inside her while his thumb played with her clitoris… and then, he was moving his great body down in the bed, slipping his other massive hand beneath her buttocks to hold them and push them toward the probing finger.

“Christ, your ass is like hot butter,” he wheezed, pressing his face into her soft, white belly, kissing and sucking the resilient flesh into his small wet mouth.

His thumb continued teasing salaciously at her clitoris while his thick finger moved around in circles… in and out of her rapidly dilating vagina. Her face was enflamed she knew she would carry this shame to the grave… but still, in spite of herself her vaginal passage was moistening… Suddenly, a second thick finger moved into her and she gasped once more. Wetly, they began to slip and pummel the sensitive walls of her cunt, plunging deeper and deeper through the still tight ring of flesh and into the cavity; she groaned and her legs strained away, but he pushed her buttocks up, keeping a tight hold on them as he persisted in his penetration.

“You’re getting excited,” he said to her. “You’re beginning to like it, eh? Feels good… even though it’s me doing it…”

Laurie bit silently at her lower lip. God, it did… it did feel good! And there was some perverse thrill in the shame of being treated this way by this horrible monstrosity… her own uncle. His thumb tweaked her clitoris unmercifully and she had to fight down the urge to tense and untense her legs in tempo with the maddening massaging. She felt her legs slithering wider and wider apart against the linen of the bed, opening her tormented cuntal split further to his perverted assault.

“That’s it, Baby,” he panted. “Open your sweet cunt all the way to me. Like that… yeah… that’s a good girl. You never believed your old uncle could bring you such pleasure, eh? Did you? Now, tell the truth… did you?”

Oh God… she was fast losing all sense of control. She tried to contain herself, not answering him, endeavoring to hold back the short telltale breaths of her heaving breasts and stomach, but it was useless. Her vagina tingled excitedly and her clitoris was a throbbing delight. Her buttocks began to strain together on the hand that was under them, her thighs to jackknife and squirm. Little moans began to emit unwanted from her lips and her mouth opened in harmony with her vagina. He continued to mouth lewd words at her, adding to her desire, and she was too far gone to fight against it.

“Christ, you’re wet,” he hissed, poking his finger between her relaxed buttocks cupped in his hand. She felt it worming its way up into her anus… first knuckle joint, then the second. She didn’t care, not anymore. The pain seemed to double the debasing perversity of her pleasure. It was as if a penis was moving into her there, a fat short prick… moving upward into her rectum, sending more and wilder sensations to course through her desire racked body. “Shit!” he gasped. “I can’t stand it any more. Get up on top of me… over my face. Now! I’ve got to eat that sweet, tight pussy, Baby. I’ve got to…!”

His fingers slipped out of her cunt with a wet sucking noise and he moved up in the bed, rolling to his back.

Laurie hardly knew what she was doing… only responded to his orders. Subconsciously, she climbed atop the mountain of flesh as his hands clasped at her waist to manipulate her body with ease to where he wanted it and on her knees she spread her thighs on either side of his head so that the open fissure of her moist, pink cunt hovered a fraction of an inch above his mouth. She felt his hands move down over her hips to the full, rounded cheeks of her bottom and clutch them; one in each hand… and then his tongue shot into her wide-spread slit in furious exploration.

She moaned aloud as he licked up through the moist, raw flesh, convulsing at the sudden shocking touch of his tongue tip with the tiny throbbing bud of her clitoris… only to descend again and thrust its full length into the warm sensitive depths of her vagina.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned, her buttocks twitching and jerking in his hands as he levered her crotch against his face and she wound her hands in his thinning hair to keep herself from swooning.

She gaped down between her large, firm breasts at the ogre-like head moving up and down, in and out, in depraved ritual between her soft white thighs as the maddening, electrifying jolts of sensation screamed through her. She sensed her own hands ungovernably pulling the bloated head tighter into her loins. The tongue smoothed into her, swirling against the tingling vaginal walls, then out again and up the length of her slit to her clitoris, encircling it… twitting it, until his lips closed over it and he sucked the soft wet flesh into his mouth, his teeth worrying the tiny bud gently, sending all kinds of galvanic, erotic messages through her body.

She strained against him, lewd waves of utterly depraved excitement completely engulfing her. The undeniable pressure had begun to build inside her. She watched, mesmerized as he labored down between her legs, his mouth and tongue licking and sucking hungrily at the open split of her moist, pink cunt, the lewd wet slurping sounds causing the mounting force building inside her to move toward its pinpointed apex with every passing second.

She was going to come… any moment now! Yes… yesss… any…

He stopped!

“Oh God no, don’t stop now!” she begged. “Please… just a little more, Uncle Julian…?”

His strength amazed her as he lifted her off him like a baby, roughly twisting her around in mid air until she was on her stomach, draped over the almost inhuman tower of his bulging middle like a child atop a haystack. He had pulled open his robe and her soft nakedness sunk into the oozing putty-like grayish flab of his flesh with her head pointed at his feet, her face above his crotch, the sudden sight of his almost hairless, fat-hidden genitals sending waves of helpless revulsion through her.

“Oh God… no… no please… not that!” she pleaded, clutching her eyes shut tight and shaking her head, her long hair flailing wildly about her shoulders.

“Suck it!” he barked. “Godamn you, suck it! You’re not too good for it anymore! You hear? Suck it!”

He could no longer reach her cunt with his mouth or tongue for her bottom lay exposed to him half way down the hill of his belly, her legs draped over on either side of him. Instead, he plunged his finger up into the spread hairlined lips, sinking it deep up into her passage to begin its taunting swirling motions once more, moving in and out simultaneously as with the other hand he first reached under to massage her clitoris until the uncontrollable moans and purls of abandon overcame her again, then as he continued to pummel her cunt with the one hand, the other he put to use between the white round moons of her ass, pressing a fat middle finger into the tiny puckered hole of her pink anus until it was completely buried in the warm rubbery depths.

Laurie couldn’t control herself; her body began to squirm and writhe on top of his, her buttocks and loins twisting wildly to the marvelous ravaging of his fingers. And then, she had one more coherent thought of the deplorable, vile and terrible thing she was doing and letting him do to her before she seemed to lose all sense of reason once more. The growing pressure in her naked loins was intense. Her hips were forcing her genitals back onto the fingers working quickly and firmly in her vagina and anus. She was lost… lost! No longer any shame… only an overpowering desire to reach that point…

“Godamn you, suck me or I’ll stop! You hear, I’ll stop!” she heard him snarl at her.

“No… no, don’t stop… please, don’t stop,” she begged once more. “I’ll do it… Oh God…”

Slowly, she opened her eyes and the sight of his short fleshy instrument nearly lost in the rolls of fat, sickened her. It couldn’t be five inches long she found herself speculating dazedly. She took it in her hand and the angry red knob seemed to squirt from the uncircumcised foreskin as he lifted his pelvis up toward her face. Continuous spiraling bliss permeated her own loins, momentarily making any degradation bearable, even perversely desirable. Again, she blinded herself, opened her lips and sucked it into her mouth, ignoring the delicate senses of taste and smell. She heard him groan and felt the thick rod of flesh ramming upward between her soft moist lips into the wet saliva of her mouth. She could feel the spongy bluntness of the head sliding up the length of her tongue, while behind his thick fingers raced excitedly in and out of her cunt and tightly clenching rectum.

The Judge began to undulate his massive pelvis, slipping the short fat prick in and out of her lips, never quite withdrawing, but leaving the hot, swollen head a half-inch inside the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. Laurie held her eyes tightly closed to block out the nauseating sight of the naked flab surrounding the thick rod of flesh sawing mercilessly into her contorted face. Moisture filled her mouth, puffing her cheeks wide as he shoved upward ramming the shaft to her very throat, keeping pace with his fingers fucking ceaselessly into her dual passages from behind.

Julian Reed stared with lewd delight at the sweat glistening body of his hopelessly aroused niece, squirming and writhing salaciously on top of him to the drubbing of his skewering fingers buried in her steaming wet cunt and the soft warm flesh of her tight, nibbling anus, his cock enveloped in the hot, moist cavern of her sucking mouth. He timed the thrusting of his fingers to that of her pelvis, and suddenly he realized that she was taking more and more of his prick between her tender clasping lips as she became accustomed to the fleshy presence.

Again, Laurie felt the rising tide deep in her quivering belly. The very degradation of the incestuous act, her obscene position and the debasing ravishment she had subjected herself to, caused tiny ripples of weird and perverse sensations to tingle at the nerve ends of her flesh. She found herself licking and sucking voraciously at the hardened cock imbedded between her tightly clasped lips, her mouth slimy from the mixture of his lubricating fluid and her own saliva. She sucked furiously to bring him to climax as she felt her own insides erupting in great spasmodic tongues of flame, licking through her veins in a never ending torrent of building pressure. It suddenly burst and she groaned around the thrusting cock in her mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around the thrusting finger in her cunt, seeping in warm rivulets out of the vagina lips clasped around it to bathe his hand and run down the insides of her quivering thighs. It was indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotch felt wet and excited beyond belief. Tears of subconscious joy rolled from her eyes…

Simultaneously, she felt his loins give a lurch upward against her face, and he groaned a soul searing grunt as suddenly he flooded her mouth with his hot, thick cum, spurting wildly down her throat in vast gushes. She gulped automatically, swallowing the sweet, pungent liquid hungrily in her effort to satiate the still abandoned feeling of degradation that continued to overwhelm her. There was nothing else in the world except the steaming throb of her wet passage behind and the spewing, incestuous cock in her mouth. She swallowed obscenely in the perverse masochistic pleasure of subjugation to the horrible man who was her uncle, jerking upward into her face.

When it was over and she still lay atop of him in what she thought must present the vilest of obscene sights to behold, she couldn’t yet contain the escaping mewls and purrs emitting from her own self as she nibbled gently at the sticky, deflated cock in her mouth. And then he was caressing the round smooth mounds of her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately.

“It’s all right, Baby,” he sighed. “It’s all right… No one will ever know… just you and me…”

She let his prick slip from her mouth, a thin string of semen following it away. Then, she rolled off him… like sliding down a great massive hill. She lay a moment, panting in sheer exhaustion. Then, she sat up and swung her feet to the floor, her back to him.

“You hear, Baby?” he repeated. “No one will ever know. It’s our secret…”

He tried to touch her and she stood immediately moving out of his reach. She didn’t look at him as she went to her clothes. Finally, she said: “I’ll know… I’ll always know… and that’s enough shame to last a lifetime…”


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