Laurie clung tightly to the arm of Byron Acker. She had never before witnessed an all out sex orgy, but the City Councilman had; he belonged to the swap-circle of the Rio Lado Country Club. She had never realized that the sight of other couples engaged in lewd sex could set her off so. Their own little escapade in the car, although temporarily fulfilling, had hardly sated her aroused passion, and now as they moved through the house looking for Phillip, stumbling onto pairs and trios and groups involved in every form of carnal pleasure, she sensed a decided rekindling in her loins.

They found Mark Coleman naked, drunk and passed out on the floor of the study, Tonya Faro in similar condition beside him, his limp penis in her hand and just inches from her shining, semen smeared lips. She stirred, made a little groan, while Byron built Laurie and himself a drink at the small bar; then he kissed his young companion, holding her tight to him, running his hands up beneath her dress to cup her bare buttocks, her panties still on the front seat of his automobile.

“Damn!” he hissed against her mouth. “I’m just going to have to fuck you again, little girl.”

“Yes… yes… but not yet,” she whispered, pressing her pelvis and thighs tight against the rigidity of his swollen organ inside his trousers. “I’ve got to find Phillip first. I’ve got to know for sure what’s between Dianne Coleman and him…”

“I’ll wager it’s his prick,” Byron grinned.

“That’s what I have to be certain of,” she said, blushing, biting at her full lower lip. “You understand, don’t you, Byron?”

“Of course, Baby… but do you think you can take it?”

It seemed to Laurie by all that was normal she should be heartbroken, but she wasn’t and knew that regardless of what she learned or saw now, she wouldn’t be. Instead, she found herself smiling eagerly at her escort. “Come on,” she urged, pulling him by the hand, “I want to see it with my own, eyes.”

And she did. Eventually, they found them on the bed of a second-floor room, Phillip on his back naked with Dianne on all fours between his legs, his thick glistening cock disappearing far up into her greedily sucking mouth. Byron had twisted the knob of the door silently, then nodded his head in the affirmative and she’d moved closer to see. Truly, she hadn’t been prepared for the shock it gave her, had only guessed that she would be. Instead, the tears had dribbled uncontrollably down her cheeks but then as she continued to watch the beautiful blonde girl’s sweating labors while she sucked furiously at Phillip’s angry-hard rod, she felt her armpits growing hot and moist and the excitement increasing at the juncture point between her thighs.

“Christ, look at her go!” Byron exclaimed into her ear from behind, his arm around her waist, his hardened phallus insinuated between her buttocks hotly, only the thin material of their clothes separating their incited flesh. “Can you suck a cock like that, Baby?”

Laurie sensed her face growing hot at the lewd question, but she knew he hadn’t meant it as an insult. “I-I’m not sure… but I’ll try,” she whispered back to him, unconsciously undulating her bottom tightly against his throbbing prick.

“Damn!” he rasped. “Come on… I can’t take anymore of this!”

“Wait,” she said unable yet to fully cope with the confused emotions the spectacle taking place on the bed was causing her. Even though the lewd, wicked act of the voluptuous girl sucking feverishly at Phillip’s cock… her head bobbing up and down over him… the length of his wet shaft disappearing right into her throat between her ovaled, clasped lips until only a fraction of it remained visible at its thick, white base… even though this most-inciting sight was causing the blood to race through her veins with sensuous pruriency, there was also rage and hate churning inside her, rage at the thought of the adulterous performance and the way Phillip had duped her; and hate for this blonde bitch who had managed to lure her husband away so easily. And then, above all, there was vengeance! Retribution! Someway, somehow she had to repay him… make him suffer as he had her… and in kind! Oh yes, it had to be in kind… with her body… right before his very eyes. Suddenly, she turned to face Byron Acker as he eased the door closed.

“I want you to do it to me again!” she half whispered, vehemently. “Anything… anyway you want…”

“Christ!” he gasped. “Come on, let’s find a place… quick…”

“Wait. I want to go back there where we saw those four couples downstairs! I want to join them… take on everyone and anyone in the Goddamned house, do you hear? All of them!”

For the first time, Byron saw the tears in her eyes. He tried to take her into his arms, but she refused. “Listen, Baby, you don’t know what you’re saying…”

“I Goddamn sure do!” she swore him. “And I want you to be positive that Phillip knows and sees. Do you understand me. Byron?”

“Now listen, Honey,” he tried again. “You’re not being reasonable. You don’t know what you’re saying. Please, let’s just you and I…”

“Byron! I mean what I’m saying?” she, snapped at, him sharply. “Now, if you want to be first, you better come now, because I’m going downstairs and open up shop. If being a common whore is the secret to getting ahead in this world; then, I’m going to get my share. Now!”

And with that, she spun away and stormed off. It only took him a second to catch up with her.


Six men and two women stood around the couple on the blanket in the center of the living room floor. All were naked and the men’s excited shafts jutted out from their loins like an assemblage of raised spears. The women gaped in salacious delight at the beautiful, reddish-blonde haired girl who lay on her back, her round, full, cream-white thighs spread wide in their raised position, ankles kicked over the back of the man fucking into her… Byron Acker. Her lovely head flailed from side to aide, tossing the long shoulder-length hair wildly, her eyes closed in her ecstasy as the thwarted candidate’s huge, thick cock plunged in wet, delicious rhythm between the tight, pouting flanges of the sparse hair covered split in her blonde fleecy loins. Suddenly, one of the female onlookers dropped to her knees and chose a prick to suck into her mouth, while the other lowered herself to the floor to watch more closely the delightful penetration of the massive cudgel into the small, moist hole between the young girl’s wildly squirming legs.

“Who the hell is she?” someone asked.

“Judge Reed’s niece… Phillip Gates’ wife,” replied another, manipulating the heavy outer layer of skin along his own shaft, wild sensations of lust soaring through him.

“Christ… she’s beautiful!” said the first one. “Look at that ass… and those tits. Man, I’m going to have a piece of that.”

“You’ll take your Goddamned turn,” barked the second, still massaging his aching prick. “I’m next… and when I get through with her, she’ll be ready for a long nap.”

“That’s the fucking trouble with you, Seybor, you let your mouth and ego do all your screwing instead of your pecker… at least, that’s what my wife says,” number one commented, grinning. “Why don’t you just save your energy for the job ahead of you, eh?”

“Go to hell!” spat Seybor, while the others laughed.

The woman who lay on the blanket beside Laurie and Byron was a revived Tonya Faro. She’d left the unconscious drunken form of Mark Coleman for more exciting grounds. She lay, beside the two of them, caressing the swollen nipples of Laurie’s heaving breasts. Then, with one hand she reached between Byron’s legs to grasp the hot slipperiness of his plunging prick. The heat and thickness of it as it pounded in and out of the young girl’s cunt aroused a sensation of liquid fire inside her and she began to run her finger in along side the driving rod of flesh, feeling it slip hotly back and forth against the length of the probing digit.

Laurie was in another world… one of sheer bliss, and her body was lifting and jerking, entirely out of control now and her gasps of pleasure were rolling from her lips.

“Oh… Oooohhhh, yes. Darling! Aaahhhh! Yes… yesssss!”

Tonya carefully moved her hand around until she withdrew her finger and put her thumb in its place. It’s been a long time since she’d seen a girl gone animal in this fashion. With her free forefinger she edged her way down between the crevice of Laurie’s buttocks until she felt the tiny, puckered circle of her working anus.

Laurie’s hips squirmed wildly at the touch of Tonya’s finger, as if frightened by the thought of what was to come. But gently, Tonya began to slowly insert the tip of her finger into the tight opening, probing almost imperceptibly deeper and deeper into the snug warmth of the tight, rubbery hole. Then, through the thin tissue of hot flesh separating Laurie’s cunt and rectum, she was able to feel the furious thrusting of Byron Acker’s cock pummeling against the pressing contact of her thumb.

Whatever was going on in her asshole, Laurie wanted it! The mere idea of her debasement beneath this man and in front of all the others was fulfilling her warped desire to hurt her husband. She would show him now and forever the very depths of her vengeance! He’d cry at her feet… beg her to forgive him! Oh God, what that finger was doing… delving into the tender softness of her rectum… and it was being done so gently, so very, very gently. There was no pain, but instead, an erotic sensation of pleasure increasing with the probing depths of the magnificent cock fucking into her.

She couldn’t stand it much longer. It was too much! Suddenly, she felt as if she were falling into a great open abyss… and the tiny wells in her vagina opened to flood the cock burrowing into her and she screamed and came and screamed and came while Byron hung tight to her and squirted his sperm deep into her belly… yet, the fire wouldn’t go out and she looked up wantonly at the masculine faces and amassment of rock hard cocks surrounding her. And they came, one after the other, until she lost count and her cunt felt like a numbed, unbelievable passageway into nothingness as in one’s and two’s and then three’s they climbed atop of her to shoot their sperm into her receptive sanctuary, and she waited and waited, accepting them, sucking some even as she fucked others, absorbing them, feeling their hot, white liquid sperm saturating her lips and loins… her inner thighs… her very pores drenched in their milky, viscous juices… and finally he came and saw, crying out in deep soul-felt anguish.

It had come to pass.


Phillip stood in the archway, staggering to the right where the jamb itself caught him. He stared in utter disbelief. Byron Acker moved up beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You love her?” he questioned.

“Oh… oh Christ, yes! But what good is that now?” Phillip exclaimed, gaping at the driving muscular buttocks of the man who was furiously fucking into his very own sweet Laurie.

“She’s teaching you a lesson, boy. That’s all. She loves you, Phil. If you want her, go take her… but do it powerfully. You understand? Powerfully! It’s your only hope now.”

Phillip turned to him and saw that his eyes were sincere. Byron Acker… Christ, he was trying to help. He felt his hands suddenly, unconsciously pulling at his own belt, unloosening it. He began kicking of his clothes, and simultaneously, his mind was filled with what he would do to her. He loved her! Loved her! She had to be made to know what that meant! Love! Damn her beautiful voluptuous body… he was about to teach her… to show her what love really was!

Laurie lay in near exhaustion waiting for the next one. Phillip had seen her and gone; it hadn’t developed as she had foreseen it. He didn’t care! Then… neither did she! She’d fuck everyone in the house! It made no difference to her anymore! Let them come… let them spill their vile semen into her belly… into her womb and impregnate her… She just didn’t care any longer…

Someone was turning her over and she let them. She rolled onto her stomach willingly. At least, this would be a diversion.

“Get up on your knees!”

The voice in her ears was familiar. She started to make a move, but evidently was too slow. A hard, stinging slap caught her across the buttocks.

“I said, get up on your knees, wife!”

A tremble ran through her. The voice was undeniable. It was Phillip’s. She started to creep away from him, throw herself over. Even in the pleasure of knowing he had finally come to her, she could not submit. Now, she could hate him, insult him, belittle him in front of everyone…

“Bitch!?” he barked, cracking her bottom unmercifully hard. “I said to climb onto your knees! You either do as you’re told or I’ll slap the wicked hell out of you right here before everyone, you hear? So… you wanted to play the slut; eh? All right, now I’m going to show you what a slut’s husband does to her… when he loves her! Get up on your knees!”

Laurie hesitated only a moment longer. Her heart pounded; she sensed it all the way to her naked loins. She climbed onto her knees, bent before him, and waited… at last feeling him moving in behind her.

She shivered, suddenly feeling the length of his prick pointing downward between her buttocks to rub against the tight, moist slit of her vagina.

“All right, wife… take it in your hand… wet it if you like… then, place it up against this nice, tight, hairless round hole in your ass. Now, girl… now!”

Laurie held her breath and in sudden fear reached in under between her legs to grasp the fleshy, rigid cock pressing into her buttocks and pussy. She recoiled instantly as her fingers wrapped around it and its size along with what he intended to do with it dawned with dreaded certainty.

“Oh, God, Phillip… no, please! I can’t take it there! It’s too big!” she pleaded.

“Place it, I said,” he snarled, digging his fingers harshly into the tops of her thighs.

Laurie winced from the pain of his gouging fingers, gritted her teeth and with thumb and forefinger, pressed the large bulbous head against the small tight ring of her naked anus. She felt the cords of his lean thighs tauten against the soft tender backs of her own as he strained forward. Then, his prick was worming its way into her. She chilled with terror.

“No! No!” she cried, trying to squirm free of the blunt, pain racking intrusion into her hopelessly resisting rectum, but he clung to her unmercifully, ever-pressing forward and she clenched her eyes tightly shut as the straining, elastic nether ring of her anus suddenly gave way before the relentless pressure and the huge head of his cock popped salaciously inside her. She felt his hands tighten their hold against her thighs as if she might try again to escape his torturous, depraved assault and she clenched her teeth in the sudden unbelievable agony.

“Ooooogggghhhh! Aaaagggghhhh? Stop! Stop, Phillip! You’re killing me!” she cried, her face contorted not only from the agony, but the very shame and humiliation of his angry prick lewdly sodomizing her virginal and defenseless rectum right before all to see. “Oohhh, damn you… I’ll never forgive you for this!” she wailed back at him as he clutched savagely at her hips and thrust his cock slowly up into the warm rubbery depths of her asshole, the pressure of his straining thighs forcing her forward until her face was flat against the blanket, her bottom high up in the air, buttocks spread nakedly, helping his prick to enter in and fuck her there, its throbbing head pushing the spongy, resistant flesh before it, until finally with one last lunge that flattened her ass-cheeks against his lean frame, he had sunk the length of it into her warm, constricting passage.

“You wanted to play the whore?” Phillip rasped between clenched teeth. “Then, let’s do it properly. Every trollop, worth her salt should be able to take it in the ass… at least, once or twice a night. Isn’t that right, folks?”

“Ooohhhhh… oooohhhh,” Laurie whimpered, faintly hearing the chorus of licentious audience laughter as she felt his pelvis smock loudly into the softness of her upturned buttocks while his balls swung hard down against the open lips of her vagina below.

She gasped for breath. She was impaled in her rectum to the hilt, unable to move from the excruciating pain that was about to split her thighs horribly apart. Oh God; he was punishing her debasing her… completely and utterly destroying her forever! She would never outlive the shame of this degradation… and she’d loved him so… Dear God, she wanted to die! Die!

Phillip couldn’t hold back the grunts of pleasure tumbling from his lips at the sight and thought of what he was doing to this beautiful girl he really and truly loved with all of his heart. Damn! He’d teach her once and for all who the head of the family was. He should’ve done this a long time ago. He felt with lust-filled delight the warm soft flesh of her flattened buttocks pressing tightly into his loins. He thrust forward into her tight velvety passage and put his hand down underneath to her vagina, wet and open from the countless cocks that had fucked and shot their sperm into her, and he could feel the viscid moisture from the smooth, fleshy lips seeping salaciously out to cover the softness of her pubic hair brushing teasingly against his testicles as they swung gently down between her legs. His eyes locked on the hardened rod of flesh disappearing entirely into the tight, wide-stretched oval opening between her raised twin white mounds. He moaned again, drawing it out slightly, watching with bated breath the tender ridges of pink anal flesh pulling out with it, and then being absorbed back inside with his inward thrust. His breath came faster and suddenly with a gasp of arousal he began sawing rhythmically to and out, deep up into the warm clasping channel.

Others, unable to watch the lust-inciting exhibition any longer without satisfying their own lewd desires, had grabbed partners and sprawled to the floor to engage in whatever obscene, sensual delight that struck their fancies. More participants came from other sections of the house as the word quickly passed that the real Saturnalia was taking place on the living-room floor. In minutes, the room was filled with naked bodies, entangled legs, heaving breasts, wild thrusting cocks and greedy, unsatiable cunts. Buttocks raised and pounded while incessant moans, gasps, sighs filled the room.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Laurie chanted, kneeling slave like before her angry husband, almost masochistically, he ought, as if she was losing all control. She had begun to jerk back against his punishing prick as though she were abruptly reveling in its chastising possession of her rectum.

Christ, he could hardly believe her spontaneous reaction. The pain was obviously gone and her head was turning from side to side, her long silken hair thrashing wildly on either side of her shoulders. Then, she twisted to look back at him and her face reflected an unmistakable joy that bared her lips back over the white, flashing teeth in animal-like bliss.

Kneeling behind her and connected to her swaying buttocks by the long, stone-hard shaft of his throbbing, excited cock, Phillip became aware that her lovely, ecstatic face was trying to express her subservient acceptance, of his lewd assault on her tight, puckered rectum. He watched her wet, luscious lips form the words! “I love you, Darling,” and he went wild with passion. He gaped at his vicious white prick disappearing and reappearing as he rammed it up her insanely gyrating, ever expanding anal passage. Christ, not a bit of the shaft could be seen left as he buried it lustfully up into the tight, hot passage, its blood-inflated head straining far into her young quivering belly.

She had left her face where he could see the effect he was having on her and he watched her lips open and close in the all consuming torment of rapture spiraling through her vibrant body. He felt her clench her buttocks tight behind her as if to imprison his driving cock securely inside her until she had reached her climax, and he continued to hammer into the wide-split crevice of her salaciously waggling buttocks.

For Laurie, there was nothing only her awareness of an uncontrollable desire where the shame and humiliation had been, her desire to reach that point was building… building… building maddeningly deep inside her… and she, sensed the fervent increase of his delicious assault on her bottom while her belly screamed for release. She buffeted back against his driving, relentless cock like a rutting animal, small pleading mewls of servile passion falling again and again from her gasping lips. She was almost there… almost there!

“Oh, my Darling, Lover! Oh, oh, oooohhhhhhh! I’m… I’m going to cum! Yes, my sweet…! Oh God… fuck it hard, Darling! Fuck it hard. Please… yessss… NOOWWWW!”

Her hips forced themselves back as the furiously plunging cock worked demonically with brutal strokes into her rectum, making her strain and grunt as the pressure mounted to its peak and burst. She had never dreamed that she could know such abandoned, wanton delight as she did at that precious moment with her body contorting and convulsing wildly in her orgasm that seemed to go on and on and on in sheer ecstatic bliss. She was gone, utterly gone, beneath this magnificent cock of her husband causing the continual exoding fire in her belly…

“Oooooohhhh… aggghhhhhhh,” she groaned in enchanting rushing release, her senses blurred to all around her in the enrapture of the moment. Dazedly, she heard him mouth a foal obscenity as he gasped behind her and thrust into her so hard it felt as if he had rammed nearly to her throat and she inadvertently moaned with the slight twinge of pain. She felt his strong loins jerk convulsively against the flatness of her upraised buttocks and with a great surge of hot, swirling semen flooded deep up into her rectum, filling her quaking belly almost to to bursting point.

She heard him gasp one last groan of release and then she felt him falling back away and out of her, a welcoming cool rush of air tickling the unplugged hole of her rectum as she collapsed forward on the blanket, her breasts heaving spasmodically against the hard floor. She lay that way for a long time, Phillip sprawled partially on top of her, her brain completely at ease, her heart overflowing with love for him, knowing vaguely in her mind that everything was going to be all right now… they had truly found each other at last.

But it went on, the wild debauchery, and they found themselves swept up in the lust-filled atmosphere of it as it progressed into the near daylight hours with partners being exchanged, duos, trios, and every weird, lewd combination formed and experimented with, until in complete exhaustion, Laurie’s senses left her and she slipped into merciful oblivion.

Once, she was awakened by what she thought was a scream… and then she heard a woman cry out: “It’s Mark! My God… he’s been murdered! J-Judge Reed just shot him… then killed himself! Come quick, somebody! Please… come quick!” But it was only a dream… a nightmare, she felt certain, and once more she drifted away. Then, she was being lifted and carried, but she barely remembered Phillip whisking her out of there.


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