Meanwhile, Betty was having a delightful time with George.

He was a bit nervous being aware of the fact that he couldn’t completely satisfy his wife.

“I’ll bet you’re a real lover, George,” Betty said as she slid over to him and unzipped his fly.

Reaching in, she fumbled around, and met with disappointment.

“Don’t I turn you on?” she asked him.

“Oh yes, Betty,” he said, “You do.”

“Well, you’d never know it,” she said, as she withdrew her hand.

“Can I speak frankly, Betty?” George asked, as he relaxed on the edge of the bed.

“I certainly wish you would,” she said, as she began undressing.

Watching her helped a little. George felt his balls tingling with excitement as he watched her remove the dress she wore and stand before him in her panties and bra.

“I’ve been having a little problem lately with my wife,” he said.

“I can’t understand that,” Betty exclaimed. “Terry is a gorgeous woman, and I know she loves to have sex with you.”

“Has she said anything about us?” George asked suspiciously.

“No,” Betty said frankly, as she peeled off her bra.

George, catching sight of her beautiful bosoms, was stimulated.

“Oh, what a delicious set of knockers,” he panted.

“Well I’m glad you like them,” Betty said as she moved closer to him.

Reaching out with both hands, he massaged her protruding tits as he talked to her.

“I haven’t been able to get a hard-on for some time,” he said.

“That’s horrible,” Betty said. “Have you seen a doctor?”

“I didn’t think it was anything serious,” he explained, “Because I’ve been overworked, and I figured it was probably natural for me not to get a hard-on.”

“I’ll take care of you,” she assured him. “I’ll do so many things to you, baby, that you’ll get a stiff so hard you’ll ache.”

As Betty continued talking, she slid out of her panties. She stood before him, stark naked, and revealed the shaved box.

“Oh what a beautiful pussy,” he smiled. “I like it shaved.”

“Does Terry shave her cunt?” Betty asked bluntly.

“No,” he said, simply.

“Sweetheart,” Betty said, “You take off all of your clothes and I’ll do my best to give you a good time.”

Betty said it with complete confidence, and it helped George.

He got to his feet, and began undressing. Betty was lying there on the bed, sprawled out and ready. He felt himself getting more and more excited, yet not to the point where an erection was possible.

It was a strange feeling to be mentally stimulated, and yet be unable to respond physically. He couldn’t understand it.

“I hope Terry hasn’t deballed you,” Betty said.

“What do you mean?” George asked her.

“Well there are some women who can do it,” she explained. “They come on too strong and it upsets the man’s ego.”

“Well I don’t know whether she’s done that or not,” George admitted frankly.

Betty glanced down at the penis. Reaching down, she gripped it and massaged it gently. Yet still, it didn’t spring to life.

“Let me help you down there,” she said. “I think I can give you a real good time.”

There was no doubt about it, he was enjoying the hand play around his crotch.

She enjoyed massaging his balls, and was bringing life to the penis shaft.

“Does your wife know how to blow you?” Betty asked seriously.

“Well she isn’t too good at it,” he said. “Will you use your mouth on me?”

“I think it would help,” she explained. “I’ll go down on you and do some sucking, and if I can’t suck you to life, you’d better see a doctor.”

“Well I don’t want to go to a headshrinker,” he chuckled.

Betty laughed, and told him, “I think that’s great. You have a sense of humor about it. A lot of men are so touchy about their pecker when it won’t go up, that it’s dreadful.”

“Have you had sex with a lot of men who had peckers that wouldn’t go up?” he asked her.

“Well no,” she exclaimed, “But I read about it.”

Betty went down between George’s legs. She was holding the cock with a disappointed expression on her face.

“Isn’t it awful?” George said, feeling a flush of embarrassment come over him as he realized he couldn’t give her the entertainment she sought.

“Don’t worry about it, baby,” she said, “You’re going to get that cock up there and you’re going to really enjoy it.”

As she continued talking to him, she realized that she would have to give him action that would really make him turn on.

“Does your wife ever suck your balls?” she asked.

“Well no,” he said, wondering if she would.

“Well that would help a lot,” Betty explained, “And I’m real good at ball sucking.”

She let her tongue lick along his testicles, and seized his penis and jerked on it. It still didn’t spring to life.

Registering quite a bit of disappointment, she figured that the most effective thing now would be a simple ass suck.

“Anyone ever eat your asshole, honey?” she asked him.

“No,” George said. “You want to eat my ass?”

“I think it would help,” Betty insisted.

George accommodatingly parted his legs so she could have easy access to his buttocks.

With his legs spread, she got down there and gently massaged his asscheeks with her hands as she prepared her tongue for the invasion of his tight asshole.

“Your hands on me feel, real good,” George said.

These words of encouragement helped Betty along.

She let her tongue slide along his tight asshole, and then stiffening she stabbed up it.

“Oh wow!” he panted. “I really dig that.”

Betty’s pumping tongue savagely invaded George’s virgin asshole.

He felt his penis tingling now, as the overpoweringly pleasurable sensation of her tongue slipping up his asshole pleased him.

“Suck my ass,” he begged her eagerly. “Suck it, honey, oh yes, you’re really turning me on.”

Hearing that she was achieving her goal, triggered Betty’s tongue to savage jabbing action.

“Oh do me,” be begged. “Do me.”

The hot tongue pumped up there, with urgency. Her hand was pumping his penis as it began swelling. She loved the excitement of bringing George’s cock to life.

Opening her eyes, she pulled her tongue out of his tight asshole and slid up the underside of his shaft and decided she would suck the prick to life.

“Oh you know just how to do me,” George told her. “Yes, keep that up, that’s what I want. More, baby, more.”

She was working her mouth now to create a suction in the head of the penis shaft. As she built the suction, his cock got harder and harder.

“Oh wow!” he panted. “I like that. Yes, baby, that’s what I want. Keep it up.”

He continued thrusting it to her as the sensation got him hard.

“Oh, eat my pecker,” he told her. “Eat my juice, baby. Swallow me. Oh, honey, this is great.”

It was a moment of triumph for Betty’s hot mouth. She was proud of the fact that she had been able to bring George there so quickly. The challenge had forced her to use a little ingenuity.

Having given him a good ass suck, and then by letting her tongue lick along his balls, she had started him on the way to a hot climax.

“Oh I have needed this for so long,” he said huskily. “Suck, baby, suck.”

George was gasping in surprise, and making sounds that excited her so deeply she felt herself moistening. He was reaching down, placing his fingers in her hair. She loved the way he caressed the back of her head with loving tenderness, as the passionate excitement hit him.

It spurred her to wildness, and she wanted to envelope the total fullness of him in her mouth. As his love shaft slid farther, she felt it touching the back of her throat.

“Oh sweetheart,” he panted as he thrust forward. “Do me.”

She loved the naked flesh connection. The intimacy of having his penis in her mouth thrilled her. She was feasting on his body, as he reached down with both hands and held her.

“Suck it all,” he told her. “Suck it.”

She was sucking with the intensity of a woman worshipping.

“Oh,” he groaned like an animal growing wild. She devoured his dick.

He was writhing and clawing as he fucked her face furiously.

“Oh yes,” he panted. “Yes, more, baby, more.”

She opened wider as he thrust in farther.

She felt his balls on her chin, and she loved the feel of it. The excitement of it was driving him crazy. He was thrilling, to the fact, that at last he was hard, as he had been when he had married his wife.

Why he couldn’t get it hard anymore, he couldn’t understand. But consenting to have sex with Betty was the greatest thing that he had ever done for himself.

He loved to thrust hard and fast.

“Come on, baby,” he panted. “That’s the way to do it. Come on, baby, fuck it.”

He was stabbing his shaft into her, as his hips shifted from side to side. She gripped his hot asscheeks and held on while he thrust.

“Oh baby,” he said, “You don’t know what you’re doing to me. I’ve waited a long time for this.”

She was going out of her head with passion and lusting as he penetrated her throat. His big, thick, long cock was what she wanted, and she realized she had earned it.

With her hot tongue action in his asshole, and her ability to lick his balls, she had brought him to this point of erect excitement.

Her mouth was open, surrendered to him. It hurt her as he jabbed it down her throat. He was moving ft fast, up and down now, and she could hardly stand it. But she knew he was coming closer and closer to the final climax, the moment she was waiting for. That moment when his hot sperm load would shoot into her mouth, where she could gulp his steaming juice.

Finally, he rolled over. He wanted to be on top. She reached up to grip his asscheeks, as he fucked her face furiously.

“Oh keep that up, baby,” he begged eagerly. “We’re going to make it. Oh I can hardly wait.”

He was groaning now as he thrust forward. She liked being in this position. Looking up, she could see his ass pushing at her.

“Fuck me,” he told her. “Suck me. Oh baby, we’re going to make it.”

He was barely able to control himself as his love tool found satisfaction within her mouth. She had performed fellatio on many men and boys, but never before had she seen anyone this stimulated. It was something she could hardly stand herself. She knew it was going to make her cum too.

“Suck it out,” he told her. “Suck it out!”

This was what George needed. He wanted his meaty shaft to be worked over by a woman’s lips and tongue, to be worshipped orally.

His wife didn’t understand how he needed this.

“Suck the juice out,” he begged. “Suck the juice, baby.”

His throbbing shaft was ready to explode. She was thrilled at the sight and touch and taste of him. But now she, wanted the moment of climax, when that hot delicious fluid would shoot into her mouth. This was what she was sucking for.

As his pecker unloaded in her mouth, she fastened her lips on it tightly. She tasted the delicious cream, as he finished his sex.

“Suck it out,” he said gladly. “Suck, baby, suck. Get that juice. Now you’re doing it. Oh, that’s the way I want it.”

He saw her cheeks suck in as she swallowed his sperm.

When she finally released his penis, she looked at the huge cock slipping out of her mouth.

She was delighted at the marvelous time he had given her.

“You sure got a way of sucking on a prick,” he told her.

“Well, I just enjoy licking a man’s penis,” she admitted.

There was no doubt about it, she was a woman who was crazy about sex. She patted his ass as he lay down beside her.

“That was a real feast,” she said. “You shot a lot of juice into my mouth.”

He told her how thrilling it was for him to get an erection again. She could understand, and now she wanted him to eat her pussy.

“How about licking my box, baby?” she smiled at him.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said as she slid over.

She moved her muff to his mouth, and then smiled down at him.

“I was afraid you were going to choke me with that big cock of yours,” she said.

“Oh I loved that,” he told her. “I’m going to get together with you again, Betty, and you’re going to blow me again.”

“Sure I am,” she said. “Now use that nice tongue of yours to eat my pussy.”

He loved the warm embrace of Betty’s thighs, and be could hardly wait to let his tongue slip inside of her. His tongue slid back and forth on her slit and then he was ready to stab into her.

“Oh eat my pussy,” she panted. “Yes, baby, that’s what I want. Eat my pussy.”

She was panting as he let his tongue slip into her. Then he pulled his tongue in and out, and the sight of his slippery sliding tongue flipping in and out of her started her juicing.

He let his tongue lick the juice from her velvety vagina walls, and she trembled with excitement. Reaching down, she ran her fingers through his hair.

“George baby,” she panted, “You don’t know bow good that feels to me. Keep it up, honey, there’s nothing I’d rather do all day than have a man sucking my pussy.”

He gripped her hips and she loved the feel of his big hands on her.

“Oh suck it,” she panted. “Suck me, baby.”

He flipped his tongue around tenderly, exciting her all the more.

She knew that George was stimulated by the fact that he had gotten his rocks off, and now he was doing his best to please her with his tongue.

Reaching up, he enjoyed fingering and pinching, and fondling her breasts and nipples. She loved his squeezing fingertips, as be explored her bosoms.

“Oh George,” she panted as she felt every nerve of her flesh come to life.

“I’m going to go off in your mouth, honey,” she laughed. “You’re going to love it.”

She was very stimulated now, and knew she couldn’t hold back much longer. Quickly her hot white spray juiced in his mouth. He sucked.

George fastened his mouth to her pussy, eager to please.

“Oh sweetheart,” she panted, “I’m cumming in multiples. You’re driving out of my mind.”

She was moaning as he finished stimulating her.

It delighted Betty to see that George had come alive with her, and that he was equally excited. She looked down at his enormous penis and knew that he wanted her to suck on it some more.

“Oh sweetheart,” George panted as he watched her gulp down on his dick. “You sure like to eat cock, don’t you?”

She nodded, but she wouldn’t slip her mouth off his penis.

When she had gotten it good and slick, she slid off and said, “I’m going to ride your prick.”

Straddling him, she seized his penis and plunged it into her pussy.

George lay back and let her do the work. He thrust forward, and felt an enormous thrill shoot through his body. His spine was tingling and his balls were on fire as he reached up and massaged her breasts. She fucked away.

“Oh baby,” George panted. “You’ve really got me going. I haven’t been this hot in years. Fuck me.”

Betty realized that the swap meet was a marvelous thing for George. He had stepped into her bedroom an impotent man, but would walk out a super stud.

“Fuck me,” she exclaimed. “Fuck me.”

Her face was flushed and her eyes ablaze with sexual excitement as she swung her hips around.

Raising up, he gripped her buttocks and squeezed.

“Come on, baby,” he smiled. “Give me that fuck. I want it.”

George’s penis was driving deep into her body now, and she loved the sensation. She was becoming aggressive as she wanted to feel more of him in her cunt.

Bending over, she began kissing him on the mouth, ears and neck.

“Oh George,” she panted, “I really love this.”

She moved off him, and he sucked her right breast into his mouth. It really stimulated her to have him fucking her cunt and sucking her bosom.

“Now, try the other one,” she panted.

He released her breast, and she moved over. While he massaged one, breast, he sucked on the other. The plunging cock was almost there.

She massaged her vagina muscles vigorously, as she brought him closer to climax.

“Fuck off!” he gasped. “Fuck off!”

His rock-hard cock exploded. She ground her hips around, squeezing his penis.

“Yes, baby,” she panted, “That’s what I want. Fuck me.”

As she felt the creamy white load exploding in her pussy, she juiced too. George loved the sensations now. The slippery cock continued pumping into her, as she milked him.

“You’re a real tiger tonight,” she smiled at him. “You’re really giving me what I want, baby.”

Bending over, she kissed him. Her lip merged with his, and his mouth opened. She slid her tongue inside of his mouth, and he sucked on her tongue. His hands gripped her asscheeks while he continued sucking her tongue.

When Betty pulled away, she looked at George’s delighted face.

“I guess I made you happy,” she told him. “You bet your fucking ass you did,” he smiled.

As she pulled her pussy off his pecker, she felt that his quivering cock remained hard.


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