“Why, George,” Betty exclaimed, “That cock of yours!”

“What’s wrong with it?” he asked puzzled.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, doll baby,” she smiled. “I want you to fuck my asshole. How would that be?”

“I’d love to,” he said. “You’ve got a nice fucking ass.”

“I’ll get on the floor,” she said, “On all fours like a fucking animal. Then you can grab me and fuck me.”

She got to the floor, and just as she said she crawled around like an animal. George got a charge out of this.

He got on the floor, and crawled after her.

“I’m going to mount you baby,” he said. “I’m going to slam it to you.”

His pecker was still slippery from the last fuck, and when he finally grabbed her asscheeks and slipped his tool between them, it slid in smoothly.

When he got to her tight anal ring, she bent over and he thrust forward, forcing his cock up her asshole.

“Oh baby, twist it for me,” George panted as he reached around to grip, her bosoms.

He squeezed her bosoms as he fucked smoothly.

“Oh it feels so good to me,” she panted. “You really are wonderful. I want you to come back when my husband isn’t here sometime.”

“I’d love that,” he said. “If Terry could fuck like you, we could have a wonderful time. But Terry just doesn’t turn me on like you do.”

He was pumping away vigorously, and she wasn’t letting her ass stand still. She was wiggling for him, massaging his cock just the way he liked it.

“Oh you’re giving it to me, baby,” he panted happily. “That’s what I want. That’s what I need.”

He raised himself up and began slapping her asscheeks as he stabbed her asshole.

“Oh I can play a tune on your ass,” he said. “I can be a drummer boy.”

As he continued slapping her asscheeks, he enjoyed her body. The sound of his slapping hands excited him.

“Fuck off,” he panted. “Fuck off!”

It intrigued, excited and fascinated Betty to have him get such a big charge out of fucking her ass. She ground her hips and squeezed his cock in her hot asshole.

“Oh baby,” he groaned, “This is just what I like.”

Plunging his pecker in as far as it would go, his balls vibrated on her buttocks.

“Fuck,” he said. “Fuck it for me!”

He let her do the work now as his penis remained high up her rectum.

She seized the initiative and ground around.

“Like that?” she smiled back at him. “Yes baby,” he told her. “That’s the way to fuck. Come, on, baby, fuck it!”

Her whole body began to shudder and vibrate as his pulsating penis stabbed into her again. He loved the sight of her ass as he drove deeper into her.

“Fuck it,” he panted as he drove to the hilt. Suddenly his pecker exploded.

“I’m cumming,” he told her, “I’m shooting, baby. I’m there!”

He went over and stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy as he finished.

Betty loved the feel of his fingers slipping around her clit. He squeezed her love button and she juiced. Her hot spray trickled down her inner thigh, as his packer continued shooting up her rectum.

“Oh baby,” she groaned. “You got me there.”

George was proud of himself. He had really enjoyed fucking Betty. The swapping idea was working out magnificently.

He didn’t pull his pecker out of her asshole until he had finished shooting. Then he pulled rather suddenly, and Betty had to tell him to be slower and more careful.

“Easy does it,” she said.

He slid out slowly then and pulled his fingers out of her twat. He rolled over on the floor and lay there looking at her.

“How are we doing, honey?” she smiled.

“We’re doing just fine,” he told her. “I guess this is really what I needed.”

“It’s funny,” Betty exclaimed, “When a person doesn’t realize what they want until they’re married. Then a lot of times it’s too late.”

“Well that’s why a swap meet is great,” George nodded. “I’ve really got to hand it to Terry for suggesting this. I guess she knew I thought you were quite a gal.”

“Don’t credit Terry with being so generous,” Betty exclaimed. “She’s wild about my husband. I knew this the first time you came over here.”

“Oh,” he said, “You mean that’s why we’re here?”

He scratched his head as he thought about it.

“Of course,” Betty laughed, “You don’t think she was thinking of you, do you?”

“I didn’t know she had a crush on Harold,” he said.

“Well you weren’t noticing her like I was,” Betty said. “Every time she came over here, she said suggestive things to Harold that gave him the idea that he should be balling her. I told Harold that I thought it was quite obvious that she was hinting and if he wanted something to do with her, we could arrange a swap meet.”

“Oh that was so nice of you,” George said. “A lot of women wouldn’t be that understanding.”

“Well that’s why our marriage has stuck together,” she said. “I don’t put a fence around my husband. If he sees a woman that he’s strung up on, I let him have sex with her, providing that I have sex with the woman’s husband.”

“I see,” George laughed. “There are strings attached. Well, I guess that means that you sort of wanted to get in bed with me.”

“How did you guess?” Betty said, smiling slightly.

He wanted one more thing to do with her, and he didn’t hesitate to tell her.

“I want to just lick those great big tits of yours,” he said. “That would give me a lot of pleasure.”

“Sure,” Betty smiled. “Anything you want to do, honey.”

He bent over her and began licking her breasts. He had a way of massaging one breast and sucking on the other that really pleased her.

“Oh George,” she said, “you get me so hot. Don’t get me too hot honey, or I’ll want you to fuck me again.”

George determined that he was going to eat her pussy once he got her hot enough. He moved from one breast to the other and then licked all over her body.

“Put your legs up, honey,” he said. “I’m going to give you some good loving.”

She flipped her legs up, and then he licked around her asshole. As he let his tongue slip into her ass, she got so excited that her pussy started to moisten.

He kept his eyes open so he could see the moment that the juices started to surface.

“Oh George,” she groaned, “You’re too much.”

George was glad to stimulate and excite her. He had her where he wanted her. He let his tongue slip over her slit until it was time for him to plunge his tongue in there.

When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she reached down and grabbed his head and forced him over herself.

“Suck my pussy,” she panted. “Do me baby.” It added great pleasure to hear her beg him. This was what he wanted, a woman acting as if he was Casanova.

His tongue slid inside her, and he quickly let it sweep around her velvety vagina. He sucked hard on her clit.

“Oh yes,” she begged, “that’s what I want. Now you’re doing me, lover. Oh, ah, yes, baby, yes, that’s what I want.”

The sensational pleasure she felt, as his tongue slid in and out of her was increased when his hands reached out to grip her breasts and squeezed them.

“Suck,” she said. “Suck my juicy pussy.”

Betty was correct in figuring it would stimulate George to better pussy eating if she talked dirty to him.

“Suck my pussy,” she panted. “That’s the way I like it. Oh, stick it in there. Don’t be bashful, baby, love me.”

The hot tongue jabbed up there and she was more and more excited. Her legs locked around his head, and the warmth of her thighs stimulated him even more.

“Suck my pussy,” she panted. “Suck me, baby, suck me.”

The hot tongue flashed away eagerly, and he was becoming more and more excited.

“Yes baby,” she panted, “That’s the way to do it. Come on sweetheart, suck me.”

He continued lashing away until he nibbled her clit. That did it. She gushed in his face, and the hot spray tasted delicious to him.

“Oh, yes,” she panted. “Suck my cunt. Suck it all.”

When he had finished, he slid his tongue out and lay beside her.

“Oh George,” she said, “I’d like to exchange you for one week with my husband. Harold doesn’t eat my pussy like you do. You appreciate it.”

“Well I guess we do sort of turn each other on,” he said.

A quick flash of excitement surged over him as he looked at her stripped naked before him. Her beautiful body got him so excited he as afraid if he looked at it much longer he would get so hot he would have to fuck her again!

However, he didn’t want to get so stimulated as he realized his wife would be wondering what he was doing.

“Oh baby,” she said. “You don’t know what you’ve done to me.”

He licked her legs, and then moved from her stomach up to her nipples once more.

“Oh suck my bosoms again, baby,” she said. “I want that.”

As he sucked her breasts, once again she was writhing and clawing at his head. She was gasping in tortured happy breaths.

“Oh George baby,” she told him, “I love this. We should get together.”

He reached down and let his fingers slip into her pussy while he sucked on the breasts. She loved the sensation of his fingers slipping inside her, caressing her as his mouth played around her nipples.

Moving forward, he let his tongue slip along her lips. Her mouth opened, and suddenly he thrust his tongue into her and sucked her.

“Oh darling,” she said. “We do really turn each other on. I love the way you tongue me. Oh baby, what are we going to do about us?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “But I sure like to French you.”

He went on pumping his fingers into her pussy as he Frenched her. She loved it so much she was trembling. He was afraid that she would want him to fuck her again.

“You’re a real pistol baby,” she panted, “We could go off again and again. We really could.”

“Yes baby,” he told her. “You really do stimulate me.”

He got her so stimulated she juiced again. And as she turned about moaning and groaning the juice trickled down her inner thigh. He licked her lips.

“Honey,” she said. “You’re a helluva great guy. You really are. But we’ve got to watch it. We’re both married.”

“I know,” he said, “And that’s what makes me so sick. I just don’t turn on with my wife the way I do with you.”

“What are we going to do about it?” Betty smiled.

“We’re just going to have to go on fucking,” he said. “Every time that I can convince Terry to come over here and screw with Harold, I can get a chance at your box.”

His arms went around her, and she hugged him.

“You know we’re rolling around on the floor like a couple of teenagers,” she laughed.

“I know it, baby,” he said. “And I feel like a teenager. I haven’t gotten this hot since I was a kid.”

“Neither have I honey,” she told him.

They kissed once more, and then she said nervously, “Harold will be wondering what’s keeping us so long. I’m sure I heard them walk out of the bedroom quite some time ago.”

“All right,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”

She got up from the floor and brushed herself off.

“Let’s shower together,” he told her.

“All right,” she agreed. “But we can’t stay in the shower very long.”

She turned on the water and got it to the right temperature, then she stepped into the shower. George joined her.

“Let me wash your peter off,” she told him.

Reaching for the bar of soap, she seized his penis and began washing it. As her hands played with him, he got harder and harder.

“You don’t have any trouble getting hard for me, honey,” she told him as she looked at his erect cock.

“I sure don’t,” he told her. “You turn me on all the way.”

It was evident that Betty had a way about her that was sexually what he needed. He reached for the soap and took it from her. Then he massaged her breasts with it, enjoying the action.

“Honey,” she said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could exchange mates for a week? We could get well acquainted with each other.”

“I don’t think my wife would go for that,” he said. “She’s jealous as hell.”

“But I told you she was crazy about Harold,” Betty reminded him.

“That may be true,” he said, “But she still wants to hang on to me. Moneybags. That’s all I am to her.”

“It isn’t right for you to go on like that,” Betty insisted. “If a woman doesn’t love you for what you are, and not what you have, it’s no good.”

The serious expression on her face revealed to George just how much Betty cared.

“Thanks baby,” he told her, “I know it’s the truth. Somehow, honey, it’s got to work out. Fucking you tonight was a good beginning.”

She threw her arms around him, pressing her slippery breasts to his chest as she kissed him.

“Oh, it feels so good to me,” she said. “I love holding your slippery body next to mine with the shower water falling on me.”

“Kiss me,” Betty panted. “Kiss me again, baby.”

Their lips merged as the shower water sprayed over them. Both of them were oblivious of everything except their tongue to tongue contact.

When they finished kissing, they laughed.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” he told her. “We have to, baby.”

Turning the shower off, they got out. Then they dried each other off.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her.

“When a woman is really loved,” Betty explained, “She does look beautiful. And George baby, I know you do love me.”

“You bet your fucking ass I do,” he chuckled.


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