Hand in hand Betty and George walked into the living room.

Sure enough, Terry and Harold were embracing.

“Oh honey,” Terry exclaimed, “Harold is such a wonderful lover. He should tell you some of the things he does to make sex exciting.”

“Now baby,” Harold chuckled. “Take it easy. You’re making out that I’m the most fantastic lover in the world.”

“You are baby,” Terry smiled. “George won’t get jealous. Will you, honey?”

“I’m always eager to learn from a pro,” George said.

Harold, apparently, was reluctant to talk, and it was necessary for Betty to continue insisting.

“Well if you’re not going to tell him about that French tickler you used, I will.”

“You use French ticklers?” George asked him.

“Well now and then,” he admitted. “Just for variety. Your wife really seems to dig that, so I guess if you want to turn her on you could use one.”

“Oh George, you’re got to,” Terry said. “He has three different kinds. And they are fantastic. You don’t know what that does for a woman to be loved like that.”

“I’ll be happy to,” George smiled, “and I sure have to compliment your wife on being a fantastic lover.”

Harold didn’t know how to take it at first. However, he swallowed his pride and did his best to conceal his jealousy.

“Well I’m glad you two had a good time,” he said.

“We certainly did baby,” she told him.

“Why don’t we have a four-way fuck?” Terry suggested eagerly.

“Oh, we’d better do that another time,” Betty said.

She was well aware that George had a problem with his penis. She thought he had done marvelously well to get it up there as many times as he had, and she didn’t want to see him in any difficulties.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Harold agreed.

“Where will we do it?”

“Well the master bedroom is the only one that has a king sized bed,” Betty replied. “I guess you’d better do it there. Maybe we should have something to drink before we continue.”

George recognized that alcohol might make his cock limp and he didn’t want that to happen.

“Just orange juice for me,” he told her.

“Sure lover,” Betty said, understanding what he was talking about.

Betty brought back the liquor. She let each person take their pick. There was whiskey, bourbon, vodka and orange juice.

“If you have some seven-up,” Terry told her, “I’ll have a bourbon and seven.”

“Sure doll baby,” Betty told her.

She went back to the kitchen and got a seven-up. Then the four of them started to drink.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Terry suggested eagerly.

“You’re sure hot to fuck, aren’t you honey?” George said to his wife, getting a little bit disgusted by how anxious she was to get screwed.

“Well I don’t get too much of it at home,” she said crisply.

“Now, now,” Betty warned, “Let’s not bring petty squabbles into our play pen. This is fun time for all of us.”

Once in the bedroom, it was easy to see what a good time they could have.

“I’ve got an idea,” George suggested. “Why don’t I eat Betty, while Harold gives your ass a good fucking.”

“Why Harold,” Terry said. “Do you have designs on my asshole?”

“Well now that he mentioned it, it’s not a bad idea.”

They began arranging themselves on the bed. As Betty threw her legs around George’s shoulders, Terry couldn’t help become a little bit jealous.

“Don’t smother him with your pussy,” Terry giggled.

“Don’t worry darling,” Betty told her. “I want him to eat me.”

It was evident why the master bedroom was a better place to fuck. They could all watch themselves in the full length mirrors that covered the sliding closet doors.

“Look in the mirrors, baby,” Betty told him. “Watch what you’re eating.”

Terry was determined to get into the act as quickly as possible. She didn’t want to waste any time.

“What’s the proper position, sweetheart,” she asked.

“Well, I’ll tell you,” he said. “Get on the bed so you can swing your legs over my shoulders and I’ll slide it into you. I like the position where I can play with your tits while I fuck your asshole.”

“Oh that’s a monster size prick you’ve got,” Terry said, hoping her husband would hear and become a little jealous.

“Are you worried?” Harold asked bluntly.

“Well a little,” she admitted. “That is a huge cock. How long is it, Harold?”

“Don’t worry about it honey,” Harold said, wanting to downplay his super sized prick.

He went to the bathroom and brought back a small tube of surgical jelly that he used on his penis shaft.

“What are you doing?” Terry asked.

“I’m going to get this thing nice and slick, because when I stab it up your asshole, I don’t want any problems,” he said.

“Oh that’s good,” she told him.

Gently throwing her leg over his shoulder, she watched him fitting his tool into her.

“Now the other leg,” Harold told her.

Raising her legs over his other shoulder, she was feeling his penis slipping smoothly into her.

“Now this will hurt for a minute,” Harold admitted, “But hang in there. You’ll like it soon.”

With a hard forward thrust Harold drove his cock into her rectum.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed. “Stop it. You’re hurting me. Oh, I don’t like it!”

Harold paid no attention to Terry’s protestations.

Reaching out, he gripped her bosoms and gently caressed them.

“Fuck it baby,” he panted as he thrust forward.

Strangely, the pain disappeared and the pleasure began.

Terry wiggled her ass as she felt the big cock slipping smoothly back and forth within her asshole.

“Oh that feels good,” Terry said calmly.

All the time that Harold was thrusting his cock into her asshole, both men were watching each other performing on their wives.

George was finding a high degree of delight watching Terry get her ass fucked by a vigorous stud. He enjoyed the sight of Harold ramming, with hard, rapid thrusts. More than that, he obtained some personal satisfaction out of the fact that the cock ramming up her rectum had made her wince in pain. He had gotten so disgusted with her way pf acting that he was delighted when she felt a little anguish.

“Fuck it,” he gasped. “Fuck baby. Come on, baby, that’s what I want. Now you’re doing it. Fuck it!”

The hard dick drove in there with ramming thrusts.

“Faster baby,” he told her. “That’s the way I want it. Churn your ass around, put some action in it, baby, fuck it.”

She ground her hips around and soon was enjoying it more every moment.

“Oh yes baby,” he panted. “Now you’re getting the hang of it. Twist your tail around. Oh yes, fuck it.”

George couldn’t help watching what Harold was doing. He enjoyed the sight of his hands playing with her bosoms one minute and then reaching under her to cup her asscheeks and squeeze them.

“Fuck off!” Harold panted. “Come on baby, give me a good screwing.”

Terry turned on her tail. She ground her hips around, squeezing his pecker as it stabbed her asshole.

“How’s that baby?” Terry asked her lover.

“Now you’re fucking,” he said. “That’s what I want. Some participation.”

There was no doubt about it, she was participating and Terry was looking at her husband out of the corner of her eye.

He was quite sure that he never paid that much attention to her pussy when he ate her. Perhaps it was the shaved box that Betty was sporting that got him so inflamed.

Whatever the reason, it was obvious to her that he was enjoying letting his tongue stab quickly in and out of her pussy.

At the same time, Betty figured that she could give Terry something to be jealous about. She squeezed her husband with her inner thigh, and reaching down ran her fingers through his hair.

“Oh George,” she panted, “Eat my pussy, baby. Like that. Oh yes lover, stick it in farther. Now baby, now, just like that!”

George was becoming excited. He could hardly stand what was happening. His cock was getting longer, and Terry noticed this. She wished they could be in a position where she could suck on her husband’s cock while she was getting her ass lucked. It seemed such a shame to let that erection go to waste.

She decided to speak to Harold about it.

“Harold honey,” she said, “I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t we get our bodies around so that everybody is connected. I mean, my husband George could straddle my face and I could blow him while he’s eating Terry’s box.”

“Say that sounds like a good idea,” Harold agreed.

George who had heard, pretended he wasn’t really listening. He wanted to do everything he knew to inflame his wife’s passions. He was succeeding. Pretending he hadn’t heard a word, he went right on eating Betty’s hot pussy.

Reaching over, Terry yanked Betty’s leg.

“Betty baby,” she said quietly, “How about letting George straddle me. He’s got a nice big hard-on and I might as well suck his prick off while he’s eating your pussy.” Betty responded, when she had to.

“What a groovy idea,” she said. “George baby, how would you like to have your dock sucked while you’re eating my cunt?”

George knew that he had to respond now. Pulling his tongue out of Betty’s pussy, he smiled.

“Oh, I’d love to get my cock sucked any time,” he smiled.

Now, Harold was pulling Terry’s body down farther so that George could straddle her face and feed her his dick.

“Is this the way you want me?” he smiled at his wife as he straddled her bosoms and thrust his huge cock in front of her face.

Delighted to see what a tremendous erection he had, Terry grasped it greedily.

“Yes lover,” she said softly. “It sure is nice to see this big cock of yours.”

Saying no more, Terry let her pink tongue lick the head of George’s juicy cock. She was stimulated, and thrilled to have it. At the same time she was gaining tremendous pleasure from Harold’s huge shaft which was stabbing into her asshole.

George knew he had to get busy on Betty’s pussy. Betty parted her legs and looked at him eagerly.

“Suck my cunt honey,” she said wantonly.

Bending over, George continued stabbing his wife’s face with his hard dick, while his tongue licked Betty’s slit.

It was a very nice arrangement. George glanced in the mirror and loved the sight of his pecker stabbing his wife’s face while his buddy Harold was fucking her asshole.

The four of them were enjoying their swap meet now, for they were not separated, they were together. And together they were going to climax in a juicy orgasm.

“Oh eat me,” Betty moaned. “Eat me, baby. Oh honey, eat my cunt. Oh I love it when you do that.”

Betty was becoming more excited every moment. It was obvious to Harold that his wife delighted in George’s stabbing tongue jabs. Out of the corner of his eye Harold watched George’s pink tongue slipping in and out of Betty’s shaved box.

The four of them were enjoying themselves now. Harold figured that he really ought to work on Terry’s pussy. Slipping a couple of fingers into her cunt, he jabbed them back and forth.

Terry was stimulated out of her mind. She was getting it three ways now. Her husband’s big shaft was slipping into her mouth as her lips clasped it tightly. At the same time, she was getting it up her asshole with Harold’s big pecker. She was enjoying herself as two fingers jabbed up her cunt.

Meanwhile, Betty was delighting in the entire action. Her warm thighs embraced George’s head as his tongue continued lashing inside her velvety vagina.

Harold pumped in to the hilt. He loved the feel of his balls banging back and forth on Terry’s firm round behind.

The only problem, Harold knew, was that he couldn’t make it last much longer. Such ecstasy had to climax soon, and he could feel it corning.

“Fuck it,” he told Terry. “Fuck your ass. Oh baby, just like that. Keep your backfield in motion. That’s what I want. Twist it. Oh, twist that tail, baby. Now, baby, now!”

His sweaty body was slapping against hers. He exploded high up her rectum as her body felt him exploding, she squeezed. Milking his penis shaft stimulated him so completely that he knew just how to squeeze her slit to get her there.

She climaxed, and the hot juice trickled down her thighs.

In the meantime, she was determined to get a good sperm load from her husband’s pecker. She sucked vigorously as the meaty cock stabbed in to her mouth and slid down her throat.

She was worried, for she didn’t want it to juice down her throat. She wanted to taste her husband’s cum. Pulling back so she could get him at that moment of climax, George finally got his gun off.

As the hot cream shot into her mouth, Terry gulped. She licked her teeth to taste him. Her cheeks sucked in as she ate her husband’s cock.

George, becoming so completely stimulated, wasted no time in nibbling Betty’s clit, and he brought Betty there in seconds.

As the hot white spray shot into his mouth, he pressed down. His lips fastened, his tongue twirled as his teeth continued to lightly nibble her clitoris.

The four of them had made it, and they all were excited.

Finally, George pulled his tongue out of Betty’s pussy and patted her ass gratefully.

“Thanks baby,” he said.

“Oh don’t thank me, lover,” she said. “You were tremendous. I really enjoyed it, Georgie baby.”

George pulled his penis out of his wife’s mouth, and she smiled gratefully.

“I enjoyed that, George,” she said huskily.

When he had gotten off of her, it was Harold’s turn to slide out. Easing his cock out of her asshole slowly, he got to his feet.

“This calls for champagne,” he said. “That’s the way to cap a fucking evening like this.”

George figured that he could celebrate. They couldn’t top that, and they knew it.

Getting the champagne, they went back into the living room, stark naked.

“Well did you enjoy it?” Betty smiled at him.

“I loved it,” he said. “Every minute of it.”

“You two sound serious,” Terry said. “Remember, we’re married. And you aren’t married to her, honey, you’re married to me.”

“Sure baby,” George said. “This is just a swap meet.”


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