Terry Gregory was looking forward to sex with Tom Slade. She had heard a lot about his being such a great lover, but it worried her a bit that Helen, a honey-haired blonde, was a little too friendly with her husband. Miss Dean, the spy in George’s office, had said that she was suspicious. Terry thought she had very good reason to be.

She was glad that Miss Dean could tell her the score. All she had to do was sip the old lady a bottle of booze now and then and Terry would receive the information she sought. Miss Dean, a silent drinker, was a convenient person to have working for her husband.

George had often suspicioned that Miss Dean was the one who was relaying information to his wife but he couldn’t prove it.

When George confirmed the fact that Tom and Helen Slade would have sex with them that weekend, Terry got a bold idea.

“Honey,” she exclaimed, “I think we ought to get a projector and one of those great fuck films.”

“What do we need fuck films for?” George demanded. “You have to make everything so expensive. Even fucking.”

“Well I’ve got news for you, honey,” she said, “Fucking just happens to be the most expensive thing that anybody can do. Didn’t you know that?”

“Well I guess it’s true,” he admitted. “You don’t come cheap, do you baby?”

“No I don’t,” Terry said.

She finally talked him into getting the films. She went to a sex boutique and discussed which films might be best with the dealer who operated the shop.

“What films do you think would be appropriate for a little Saturday night orgy swap meet?” she asked casually.

“Well that depends,” the sex shop dealer explained, “On how broadminded you people are.”

“I’m very broadminded,” Terry said frankly.

“Fine,” he smiled. “Then I’d recommend the dog fuck show.”

Terry gulped. She looked at him with a stony stare and blurted, “Well I’m not that broadminded. I love my dog, but I certainly don’t intend to fuck him.”

“Well that’s why I was asking,” the dealer exclaimed. “I didn’t want to be offensive. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We had a lady who used to come in all the time and get the dog fuck films. She was very impressed with one film in particular. She said it gave her a new idea on how to make out with her big dog Rover.”

“Well that’s very interesting,” Terry said. “There are lots of grim people in this world.”

“You can say that again,” the dealer laughed, “and I get them all in here.”

“I’ll bet you do,” Terry said, “I wonder if I could look at some of these pictures first to get a rough idea what they are all about.”

“Of course, you can if you want to,” he told her.

Terry was delighted when he showed her to a small area where she could view the films.

“They’re kind of sexy lady,” he said, “So don’t get disturbed. It’s life, the way it is.”

Terry’s eyes nearly popped out when she saw the first film flash on the screen. There in glowing color was a man sprawled out. His huge cock was flipping up one woman’s pussy while he was letting the other woman brush her bosoms over his mouth. He was sucking on one nipple.

Terry thought it would be a lot of fun to have sex with Tom Slade this way.

She pictured herself flipping his cock into her cunt while his wife brushed her bosoms over his face.

Terry was determined that she was going to have sex with Tom like this. The film was obviously just the type of thing she wanted and she realized she didn’t have to see all of it.

Nevertheless, when the next scene flashed on the screen, she got hot and didn’t tell the owner to stop showing it.

It depicted a man letting his ass rest on a beautiful girl’s gigantic bosoms. At the same time he was flipping his enormous member over her face. The girl was opening her mouth and letting her tongue streak out and lick it.

Terry figured this would be a lot of fun too. She thought it would be great sport to have Tom rest his asscheeks on her beautiful bosoms.

As the film progressed, she got more and more excited, for there was something there that she had never thought of. Having two men make love to her at the same time. In the pictures that followed, she really began getting hot.

A girl was lying between two men. Her legs were dangling over them while both men played with her. One man was sucking on her nipples while the other was flipping his finger in her snatch.

Terry realized this would be a lot of fun. She always liked to be the center of attention, and she figured this would really be something.

However, the next film that flashed on the screen gave her more ideas.

There was a man lying on his back, and the woman was spreading her muff over his mouth. Leaning back, she was accepting a man’s cock. The man was standing and feeding her his prick inch by inch. Terry loved the sight of the man who was eating the snatch. He was playing with the bosoms and sucking her pussy at the same time.

She decided that if she looked at the film any longer she would be after the clerk in the store. She figured she’d better have him wrap it up for her so she could take it home.

The clerk realized she was hung up on the film and suggested she purchase two.

“You can always get new ideas from these,” he told her. “Actually, it’s a very good investment.”

“Yes it is,” she agreed. “I’ll take two.”

When she had the two wrapped up, she felt quite happy. She thought she could suggest some things that would make her husband stimulated.

When she got home she showed the pictures to her husband. He flipped.

“Say, that does look exciting,” he told her. “There’s a problem, of course. Most of the acts that you’ve told me about are for three people.”

“Oh no, George,” she explained, “The fourth person watches, that’s an awful lot of fun. You could jack off or I could jack you off while you’re watching us have sex.”

“All right,” he said, “I’ll go along with that. I hope Tom and Helen don’t think we are twisted or something.”

“Of course not,” she said. “People nowadays do everything. Darling this is just the beginning. We are going to find out what it’s like to fuck a lot of our friends.”

“You sound like you want to take on the world,” George told her.

“Maybe I should,” Terry smiled.

George had to admit that his wife was indeed a beautiful sex package. There was a certain pride he got from the fact that her body was his on a permanent basis. As far as sharing her – this was a new wrinkle he had to get used to.

Saturday night, Tom and Helen had invited them over to their place, but George and Terry had not mentioned bringing the movie over. When they appeared at the door with the projector, the screen and the movie, Tom looked at them and laughed, “What are you doing with all that, paraphernalia?”

“We’re going to show some good movies,” Terry assured him.

Once inside the house, Helen greeted them.

“Well hi lover,” she said.

“Helen,” Terry laughed, “You’re already naked.”

Helen darted about the house and laughed.

“I’m a streaker,” she said. “What do you think of me?”

“Not bad,” George smiled.

“Now, why don’t you take your clothes off and start streaking?” Tom asked Terry.

“Certainly lover,” she said, “But you’ve got to streak too.”

In a moment or two they were all starting to undress. Tom was carefully watching Terry as she removed her clothes. His balls were swelling and his dock was getting hard as he watched her remove every garment.

When she was down to her panties and bra, he was licking his lips.

“You sure have a gorgeous body,” he told her. “You really have, honey.”

She was delighted by the fact that he was getting so turned on.

“Oh, your wife has all of the same equipment,” she said. “I think Helen is put together real nice.”

“Look Terry,” Tom chuckled, “You’re here to compliment and flatter me, not my wife.”

“That’s all right Tom,” Helen said. “I’ve got to get compliments from someone around here.”

“Shame on you Tom,” she laughed as she slid out of her panties and bra. “You should flatter your wife. She really is a beautiful baby.”

Tom’s jaw dropped as he saw her shaved pussy.

“Oh you’ve gone modern, honey,” he told her. “You shaved that pretty box of yours.”

“Yes I have lover,” she said, going over to him and pulling his shorts off.

Seizing his cock, she stroked it.

“Worship it baby,” he panted. “Get on your knees and suck it for me.”

Immediately George was responding. He found his pecker getting hard as he watched his wife dropping to her knees, grasping Tom’s asscheeks and eating his dick inch by inch.

“You want me to love your cock too?” Helen asked George.

“Oh I’d love it,” George said, grateful that he hadn’t been offered a lot of drinks before they got the sexual activity going.

Helen dropped to her knees in front of George, and with one hand pulled his penis to her mouth. She didn’t immediately sllp it inside of her mouth, but teased and tantalized the tip of the enormous penis with her tongue.

“Oh lash it baby,” he panted. “That’s what I want, lash it honey.”

The two women were sucking on their men’s cocks and enjoying it. Their cheeks sucked in as they gobbled the pricks.

Both men reached down and gripped the women’s heads as they held them in, place. Throwing his head from side to side Tom groaned in sexual ecstasy. There was nothing he liked better than have a woman kneeling before him. He enjoyed the sight of her worshipping his pecker this way and he thrilled to the thought of pressing it down her throat in horny, lusty vigor.

Ramming it down her throat, let his balls bounce on her chin. She loved the aroma of his loins and the sight of his curly pubic hair.

“Eat my cock,” Tom gasped. “Eat it baby, eat that pecker.”

She was sucking now, as she slid back so she could eat the head of his shaft in her mouth. She wanted it there at the moment of eruption.

Meantime, Helen was doing a magnificent job of giving head to George. George appreciated it as he watched her cheeks suck in. Then she would vary her pattern. Moving around the full length of the shaft, she would play with his balls.

He parted his legs so she could feel of his ass. Then she slowly eased a finger up his asshole and finger fucked him while she sucked him.

George turned to look at Tom.

“Your wife gives a great blow job,” he complimented.

“Well your wife give a good cocksuck too,” Tom assured him.

George was surprised at the pleasure he could derive from watching another man get his rocks off. As he looked at Tom’s sliding slick penis pumping in and out of his wife’s mouth, he discovered a new dimension of sexual pleasure. It was watching that made his own jabs into Helen’s mouth so magnificent.

“Maybe we can get our rocks off at the same time,” George suggested.

“That sounds great to me,” Tom said, “but you’d better be ready, buddy, because I’m almost ready to shoot my wad.”

“Me too,” George assured him.

Now they were watching each other, trying to time their own orgasm to the other.

“Suck off,” Tom gasped. “Suck off. Suck the juice out. That’s what I want, suck the juice out.”

It was obvious to him that Terry enjoyed having his big prick in her mouth. She was doing wonderful things with her teeth, with her lips, with her tongue, and he wanted it to last, but he knew it couldn’t last much longer as the sperm was about ready to splash.

“Eat me,” he told her. “Eat my juice. Oh baby, I’m going, I’m shooting, I can’t hold it.”

The hot cum surged into her mouth and she gulped.

As the creamy liquid trickled down the corners of her mouth, she sucked.

“Eat me,” he panted. “Eat me baby. That’s what I want. Suck the juice but.”

Finishing him off, he was really turned on.

When the two men pulled, their penises out of each other’s wife’s mouth, they looked at each other and laughed.

“That was a lot of fun,” Tom smiled.

“Now,” Helen smiled, “it’s time for us to have a little fun.”

“Yes,” Terry said, “let’s go to the bedroom. I think it would be fun for all of us to climb on a nice big bed and watch each other suck.”

Going into the bedroom, Terry wasted no time in spreading out. Raising her legs up in the air, she called for Tom to come over and eat her.

“Pussy anyone?” she laughed.

“I’m your tongue,” Tom said as he went over and started licking Terry’s shaved box.

“Helen,” Tom told his wife, “you ought to shave your box like Terry does.”

“Well, it’s different anyway,” Helen said, with a trace of sarcasm.

Helen spread her legs and it didn’t take George long to get in place. Grasping Helen’s hot asscheeks he slid his tongue along her fur trimmed mound.

“Oh I’d like to have some honey in your pussy,” George suggested.

“Will do,” Helen said as she pulled away from him and got off the bed.

“Bring some back for me too,” her husband suggested.

Seconds later Helen returned carrying a jar of honey, and a spoon.

“Now just let me feed you some of this,” Tom smiled at Terry.

Terry parted her pink pussylips and watched him spoon the honey into her.

“It’s nice that you’ve got it shaved,” he said, “the honey won’t stick in your pussy hair.”

He gave a knowing glance toward his wife as if to say she should consider shaving her cunt quickly.

Helen deliberately ignored his comments as she was not eager to shave her box.

“I’ll let you do the honors,” Helen said when her husband had finished pouring the honey into Terry’s hot hole.

It didn’t take Tom long now to lick. Stabbing his tongue inside of her, he thrilled to the delicious taste of the honey mixed with the vagina juices. She got excited and stimulated.

His tongue pumped away as his hot hands gripped her tightly.

“Oh suck my pussy,” Terry panted. “Yes, Tom, just like that. That’s what I want. Love me.”

Tom wasted no time in letting his tongue lick all over her insides. He loved the sight of her beautiful body, and when he had finished squeezing her asscheeks, he reached up to play with her nipples.

Terry was amazed how adding the honey seemed to urge his tongue to better action.

Sweeping his tongue around her, he devoured all of the honey, and then nibbled her clit as she juiced. He was eating her juicy pussy and loving every delicious lap of it.

“Lick me,” she panted. “Eat my juicy pussy. Lick it all, oh, that’s it.”

Meanwhile, Helen was pushing George’s head down over her cunt.

George stabbed inside of her and quickly licked the honey from the walls of her smooth snatch.

“Oh Georgie baby,” Helen moaned. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me, baby. Lick me, eat me. That’s the way to do it. Oh honey, lick it.”

She was making such a commotion that she focused the attention back to herself. Try as she would, Terry couldn’t keep her eyes off George lapping away at her girlfriend’s mound.

“He sure is enjoying that,” Terry laughed.

Pulling his tongue out of Terry’s twat, Tom got the attention back to himself.

“Baby,” he said, “This is almost more than I can take. I mean, you really are beautiful.”

Helen became so excited that she locked her legs around George and shoved forward.

“Suck it baby,” she said. “Suck my juicy cent.”

Terry laughed as she heard Helen use the dirty word. Helen was such a sweet looking shy blonde that it didn’t seem natural for her to use such language. Nevertheless, when her cent was on fire she had to vocalize the blazing fire within.

“Suck my pussy,” Helen cried. “Suck my pussy, baby. Oh yes, I’m cumming!”

George went at it with burning vigor. His hot tongue licked her until he nearly choked. Pulling out, he watched his wife, who was locking at him. She seemed to have a jealous expression on her face, and this delighted him.

“How did I do, honey?” he asked her.

“Why just fine, George,” she said. “I just wish you could display the same enthusiasm on my pussy that you do for Helen’s cunt.”

A few moments later, Terry was insistent that they show the fuck films.

“I think it’s just great,” she said, “that people can watch other people screw. It really is an advance in our civilization when people aren’t ashamed of their bodily function.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Tom said. “Really, Terry, you’ve got a point there. A lot of people still live in the Dark Ages when it comes to sex. They think fucking is something that you do on Saturday night in a dark room, without saying a word. The man is on top, and the woman is down below. Whether or not she gets any satisfaction is unimportant. The only thing considered is whether the old man gets his rocks off, so he won’t get horny and get some neighbor girl pregnant.”

The projector was soon set up and the films began flashing on the screen. It was immediately evident that Tom and Helen were turning on.

“Just look at those fuckers go,” Tom observed.

The screen showed two men with a woman in the middle. Both men were sporting big cocks, while one was sucking on her breasts and the other was sticking his finger in her slit.

“Oh would I like to be there,” Helen said. “I’ve got to have you both do me like that.”

“Sure baby,” George said. “When we finish, we’ll do that.”

The next shot showed two women. The women were naked and lying on top of one another. Their great bosoms were crushing down as they merged in a kiss.

“We can move on to another shot,” Helen said. “I don’t dig that.”

The next shot showed a girl with her leg raised, and her hand on a long, haired young boy who was slipping his tongue into her snatch.

The girl was throwing her head back in the middle of sexual ecstasy.

“Now look at that shot,” George smiled, as saw a man lying on his back, with the woman’s legs spread over her face.

She was pressing her muff at his mouth, while he was reaching up to grip her breasts. At the same time, she was leaning back to accommodate another man who was standing and flipping his pecker in front of her face.

“That’s got to be me,” Terry smiled, “I want to fuck just like that.”

“Turn off the machine,” Tom smiled.


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