When the machine was turned off, they went to the bedroom and got into position.

“Now Tom,” she smiled, “I want to press my muff over your mouth.”

Tom rolled on to his back. Then Terry straddled his face.

“Now, you’ve got to bend back,” he told her, “Then you can, suck on your husband’s cock.”

Bending back allowed him plenty of freedom to play with her bosoms. Reaching up, Tom began massaging her breasts and pinching the nipples.

Her husband stood on the bed and draped his dick over her mouth.

“Suck me, honey,” he told her.

“I know what I can do,” Helen smiled. “I could suck your asshole.”

Helen wasted no time in getting into the act. She crouched behind George, grasping his asscheeks. George was enjoying himself. He got a big charge out of having Helen’s hot tongue lashing around his asshole while his wife was bobbing up and down to grab his dick in her mouth so she could suck him off.

At the same time, he was obtaining, a lot of pleasure seeing his wife’s pussy being sucked by Tom.

“Suck her pussy,” he laughed, “Suck her, Tom. That’s it. Stab your tongue in there and suck her cunt.”

Tom smiled as he continued eating Terry’s cunt.

Terry pressed her muff down hard on Tom’s face. She was eager to juice and see the spray trickling down the sides of his mouth.

“Oh, come on, Tom,” George panted. “That’s the way to do it. Get your mouth way in there.”

Tom continued playing with Terry’s breasts while be sucked her snatch.

Meantime, Terry was clamping on her husband’s dick and sucking vigorously. He didn’t have difficulty keeping his cock hard with Helen’s hot tongue stabbing up his asshole. His balls were swelling and his wife got a big charge out of looking up at her husband from this view.

She could see his pubic hair and his big horny balls getting harder. She liked the sight of his ass and thought it was interesting for two women to be giving one man all of this attention.

Helen’s hot tongue licked, and suddenly stabbed up his asshole. He fucked his wife’s mouth at the same pace that Helen’s tongue was stabbing his anus. The four of them were involved in one sex act, and it was a beautiful emotional experience for Terry.

As they continued their sexual activity, she got hotter and hotter. Then she realized that Tom’s cock was getting no action. She could hardly wait, to give Tom some good sex. He certainly deserved it for the marvelous mouth job he was giving her pussy.

Tom’s hot tongue lashed at her vagina, and his teeth nibbled her clit. His nose was almost in her cunt, as he buried his tongue in her. She became so hot that she couldn’t stand it.

Electrical waves of sexual excitement had her trembling. The erotic pleasure overpowered her and she juiced in Tom’s face.

Tom pressed his mouth tighter to her twat and sucked.

“Suck her pussy,” George panted, “suck her pussy, suck her.”

George was now almost there. He was ramming his hard cock down his wife’s throat. At the same time, Helen was driving her tongue farther up his asshole, finding it a bit difficult to keep the tongue in there as he was bending over so much. Nevertheless, she managed to keep her tongue slipping back and forth as he fucked Terry’s face.

“Oh I can’t stand it,” George panted. “Suck, suck Terry, get the juice.”

His peter exploded in her mouth and she sucked hard as she finished her husband off. She loved the taste of his sperm, and he enjoyed shooting off in her mouth.

He could see that this swap meet was certainly good for their marriage, for it was giving them unleashed lust, with no inhibitions.

Finally, George pulled his pecker out of her mouth and Helen slid her tongue out of his asshole. Terry moved off Tom and said, “Oh thank you, Tom, you’ll never know how wonderful that was.”

“You two should get together,” Helen said cagily. “You certainly seem to be enjoying each other tonight.”

“Don’t get bitchy,” Tom said. “You wanted a swap meet, and you had George.”

“Well, I don’t know whether I got the best of the deal,” she said.

George didn’t appreciate that.

“I’d like to fuck you up the asshole, Helen,” he said.

“Well do you think you could do it after all of that sucking?” she asked.

“For you I could,” he told her. “Why don’t we do it right now?”

“That would be a great idea,” Tom said. “I’ve got to get my rocks off. How about that, Terry? Could you take my pecker up your asshole?”

Terry nodded and smiled.

“Oh I’d love that, Tom,” she said, “I think it would be great. We could make it a double ass fuck.”

Terry was eager to get in place. She enjoyed sex with Tom and she was finding a pleasant delight in upsetting Helen.

“You’re certainly a hot number Terry,” Helen observed.

Terry nodded as she got on all fours, bending her ass up to give Tom easy access.

Tom mounted her and spit in his hand, applying his spit to his pecker.

“This is going to be a sweet ride,” he said. “I like the shape of your ass honey. Let’s hope it’s nice and tight.”

“Oh it is all right,” Terry assured him. “Don’t you worry about that.”

Grasping her asscheeks firmly, Tom drove forward with a hard jab.

“Fuck it!” he panted. “Fuck baby, fuck.”

The cock stabbed in there. She was really excited now, as he bent over and grabbed her bosoms and began pinching the nipples.

“You’re a beautiful fuck,” Tom panted. “Oh what a great ass. This is great. There’s nothing better than a tight asshole to fuck.”

He was ramming it to her in hard sensuous thrusts. She was swinging her hips, enjoying every minute of it.

Helen was a little bit fearful now. She could see that Terry was used to getting fucked in the asshole but she wasn’t. George might be too rough for her.

George, in the meantime, was disturbed that Helen wasn’t getting into position.

“Hurry up Helen,” be complained. “I want to get my pecker up your asshole.”

He was stroking his penis to bring it back to life instantly Helen noted this, and thought she might use it as an out.

“Well do you think you’re ready for that?” she said.

“You get your ass over here,” he said, “and I’ll prove to you I’m ready.”

Helen recognized there was no way out, and got on the bed. She crouched on all fours just as Terry was doing and raised her ass up.

It didn’t take George long to mount her. Spitting in his hand the way Tom had done, he moistened his pecker. Then grasping her asscheeks, he slowly eased his penis shaft up her asshole.

“Oh baby,” he moaned as he slid in, “What a good fuck you are.”

Having difficulty getting his cock into her tight asshole, he found it necessary to stab forward. As he did so, she let out a howl of pain.

“Oh you’re killing me,” she complained. “Stop it, baby, stop it.”

Her complaints only fired George’s cock to more violent action. He rammed in there with fierce force, enjoying every second of it.

“Fuck it!” he panted. “Fuck baby, fuck. Now you’re doing it. Come on sweetheart, fuck it.”

She churned her hips around and he became more and more stimulated and excited. He didn’t stop stabbing her for a moment.

“Beautiful,” he panted. “That’s just the way I like it. Now you’re fucking. Keep it up baby.”

She ground her hips around and he went on thrusting. The excitement of watching his wife get fucked up the asshole by Tom added to his pleasure. He gave Tom a whack on the butt.

“Give it to her,” he told Tom. “That’s it, ride your dick, way up there.”

He really didn’t have to tell Tom a thing, for Tom knew how to give a good ass fuck. He gripped her cheeks and held on while be drove in to the hilt. His balls bounced on her behind, as be stabbed forward.

The two men watched each other stabbing the assholes and the reflection of the two of them doing it in the mirror added to their pleasure.

“Make her bend way over,” Tom suggested.

“Do it like Terry is,” George told Helen.

Helen didn’t enjoy copying anything that Terry was doing. Nevertheless, she had no alternative. She observed that Terry was indeed bending over farther and her ass was way up in the air.

When she bent over that far she understood why George rammed it all the way up her rectum. She realized he could not get that final thrust all the way there until she was in this position.

“Oh now you’re doing it,” George gasped happily, “fuck it baby, fuck. Give it to me, oh yes, give me some good ass baby, that’s what I like. Oh massage me baby, give it to me.”

Her tight anal muscles were indeed giving him what he wanted. It was a great fit and she was enjoying herself too.

“Swing your hips honey,” George told Helen. “That’s the way to do it. Yes baby.”

“Do you want to see if we can make it on target?” Tom asked him.

“Why not?” George said as he began copying Tom’s pace.

Soon the two men were pumping into the women’s assholes at the same tempo. It added immeasurably to their pleasure to see each other slipping back and forth, their balls bouncing on the buttocks, when they made the final thrusts.

“Fuck it,” Tom panted. “Fuck baby. Oh yes, participate baby. Grind your hips. That’s the way. Don’t just lie there, fuck me.”

When Terry’s ass muscles got in gear, she really turned on. This got Tom all the hotter. His slippery cock slid back and forth. He almost made it. He was holding back, hoping that George would match his cock stabs.

This was a bit difficult as George had cum only moments before and now he was being called upon to match the fuck power of his buddy Tom who was a known studsman. Nevertheless, this triggered him to greater action.

He stabbed in there vigorously, determined to get his rocks off at the same instant Tom did.

“All the way,” be grunted as he thrust forward driving his pecker into the hilt. Suddenly both women shuddered. Their men were juicing.

“I’m cumming,” George said happily, “I made it baby, oh yes, milk my pecker. That’s the way, get all the juice out of it. Oh honey what an ass. You’re tight, you’re just right to fuck.”

The other man unloaded twice as Terry’s tight ass milked him.

“Oh what a fuck!” he panted. “Oh Terry baby, keep fucking. That’s what I want, fuck it. Oh sweetheart, fuck, baby, fuck.” Terry continued twisting her hips and George loved the way Helen didn’t stop.

Finally the women were exhausted. They collapsed. The men collapsed with them.

“Oh what a great fuck you were,” Tom told Terry.

They lay there, looking at each other. It was time for Tom to pull his penis out of her asshole and he did so slowly.

George then pulled his pecker out of Helen’s ass and he lay beside her.

“This has been a lot of fun,” Terry observed.

“Well I’ve got a pretty sore ass,” Helen said.

“Well you’ll get used to it,” George said. “We’ll drop over here often, baby, and I’ll bring some jelly to use on my prick.”

“Well you could use something,” she said. “It had a little moisture from your spit, but that wasn’t quite enough.”

“How did you like my husband?” Terry asked Helen.

“Just fine,” Helen said. “Did you enjoy Tom?”

“Tom is tremendous,” Terry complimented. “We really had a good time doing that. He threw himself into it and made me.”

“Tom has been throwing himself into sex with other women for a long time,” Helen laughed without humor.

“Temper, temper,” Tom chuckled. “Now remember wife, you wanted this swap meet. You said that you’d rather play than have me play alone. So here we are, enjoying our bodies.”

“Well that’s true,” Helen observed, “I’ve got to remember that. I told Tom that I didn’t want him cheating. I told him it was all right if we played together, as a good family should.”

“But it’s still hard for you to be broadminded, is that it?” Terry said narrowing her eyes.

“I’ll admit it,” she said. “It is extremely difficult for me to consider sex like this. Somehow it just seems as though I’m doing the wrong thing. Maybe it’s all in that religion – that probably is it.”

“Were you brought up in a strict church?” Terry asked Helen.

“Very strict,” she admitted. “What we’re doing would be like a Sodom and Gomorrah rerun, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s true,” George said. “Probably we are as promiscuous as they were, only more so.”

“You think so?” Helen asked. “They were supposed to be awful people who were burned for their sins.”

“That is a fable,” George assured her, “And I don’t believe it.”

“Of course not,” Terry observed laughing. “I don’t believe it either.”


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