After a marvelous time, Terry and George left Helen and Tom.

On the way home, George couldn’t help making a few caustic comments about Terry.

“You sure couldn’t wait to make out with Tom, could you?”

“Now look here,” she exclaimed, “You were just as anxious to make out with Helen. I don’t think there’s anything you didn’t do with her.”

Immediately George picked up on that.

“No I suppose you’ll be saying I’ve been carrying on with Helen in the office.”

“Have you?” Terry asked bluntly.

“No dammit,” he said. “I haven’t. I’m very sorry that I haven’t had any opportunity to get into her pants till tonight.”

“Oh I feel so sorry for you,” Terry said. “I know bow painful it must be for you to be deprived of one woman that you want.”

“Bitch!” he exclaimed.

That did it. Terry didn’t say another word all the way home.

When he finally went to sleep, she was glad, for the evening had been full but nevertheless it was exhausting. She needed to rest.

During the week that followed, Terry got an idea. She had phoned a repairman to come over and take care of the television. While he was there she really turned on to him.

He was a dark-haired young man with flashing brown eyes and a wonderful sexy grin. As she looked at him she couldn’t help thinking what what it would be like to seduce him.

“Oh I’m so glad you’ve got my television fixed,” she finally told him. “You did a good job.”

“Any time, lady,” he told her.

“You know I can’t help saying this,” Terry smiled. “You look like such a wholesome sort of person.”

“Wholesome?” he chuckled. “Well I guess I’m not really very wholesome. I was in the war, went to Vietnam, and I learned a few things over there that weren’t too wholesome.”

“Like what?” she asked him.

“Well,” he said, “I learned an awful lot about screwing.”

“What’s your name?” Terry finally asked him.

“David,” he told her.

“David,” she smiled, “How would you like to come over here some time with your wife. You are married?”

“Yes I’m married,” he told her. “My wife’s name is Tina.”

“Well David you bring Tina over here,” she smiled, “and maybe you can teach me a few things that you learned in Vietnam.”

“You mean you dig the group sex scene?” David chuckled.

“Yes,” she said, “as a matter of fact I do. It’s strange how much sex really does mean to me. I don’t know why I get so turned on when I look at you, but I want to have sex with you.”

“Well that’s nice,” he smiled, “I think I’m a pretty sexy guy, and if my wife doesn’t care, we call. You see we just got married and I told her that I would be faithful.”

“Faithful?” she laughed. “Who’s being faithful anymore?”

“Well a few newly married people are being faithful,” David said.

Terry waited all that afternoon and in the early evening she got a phone call.

“David?” she asked. “What did Tina say?”

“Well she is a little bit reluctant,” he told her.

“Oh I hope you can convince her,” she said. “We have a projector, and some of those wonderful fuck films. Actually David, it might cement your marriage to have some knowledge about your own body and how to enjoy it. When you get together with other people and everybody is naked and wants to have a good time, the inhibitions disappear.”

David thought about what she was saying and he realized that Tina had said she wanted to go if he wanted to go along. David realized secretly that it wouldn’t be too difficult for Tina to unwind the way that Terry obviously wanted to.

The thought of enjoying Terry in bed urged him along and he finally agreed.

“Well maybe you’ve got a point there,” he agreed.

“Certainly I have,” she told him.

Once that he was convinced that he would have a good time, his problems disappeared. When Terry’s husband came home she had an announcement to make.

“Darling,” she began happily, “I hope you don’t mind if I set up a little party for Saturday night.”

George was amazed. He wondered how his wife had decided on their next sex partners.

“Who is it this time?” he asked.

“David and Tina,” she said.

“What are you talking about?” he said. “We don’t know anybody by the name of David and Tina.”

“David is the handsomest man I’ve seen in ages,” she said. “He came over here to repair our television today.”

“What?” George Gregory grunted. “You mean you’re putting the make on the repairman? I think you’re a fucking nymphomaniac.”

“Well I like that,” she said. “I don’t call you names, and I see you look at plenty of women as if you wanted to ball them. Well I just happened to see this guy and wanted to have sex with him. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not as long as he’s got a nice wife to share,” he said bluntly.

“Well I think you’ll enjoy her a lot,” Terry told him. “David is a very good looking man, and I’m sure he’d have a most attractive young wife.”

When she said “young” that made his ears prick up to attention.

“A young wife,” he smiled. “Well, maybe it won’t be such a bad deal after all.”

“Of course not dear,” she said. “I think it’s a marvelous experience for us to get together. We can buy another one of those sex movies and practice some of those wonderful scenes ourselves.”

“Well it’s a good idea,” he admitted, “I will agree to that. I hope, darling, that once you have a few weekends like this you’ll calm down.”

“I hope so too,” she said, “I have been a bit wild.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” he told her.

Two days later Terry went to the sex shop and bought another film. She came home with it, threaded the projector and looked at it herself. She got so excited watching the screen, as the gigantic cocks rushed into the pussies, that she could hardly wait for the action on Saturday night.

She really looked forward to David and figured it would be quite a ball having him.

She thought it might be a good idea to invite David and Tina over to dinner and so she phoned David on Friday night, and suggested.

“Why don’t you and Tina come over to dinner first?”

“Well I was just going to call you and tell you that Tina had changed her mind,” David said.

“Oh you can’t let her make your mind up for you, David,” Terry said smoothly. “Let her know that you’re the boss. She will appreciate you more, David. You know you want to come over here and screw with us, don’t you, David?”

Terry said it in her sexiest manner, and it caught on. David agreed with her and told her they would definitely be over for dinner Saturday night around seven.

Saturday morning Terry went shopping. She bought some champagne and decided to get some steaks. She was sure that David would like steaks, although she personally wanted to get some small squabs. She didn’t want to take a chance.

That evening sizzling steaks, a big salad, and champagne made dinner. David was delighted to have been invited.

Tina was a cute little redhead, with fair skin and green eyes. David’s dark good look appealed to Terry more and more as she watched him enjoying his meal.

“I’m so glad my wife suggested you come over,” George Gregory said, reaching out and stroking Tina’s hand.

David looked at him, and it did seem strange that he had to allow this. Nevertheless, he had agreed to come to a swap meet and he knew be was in no position to make a big fuss.

“I think it would be very relaxing,” Terry suggested, “If we went into the living room and showed some films. How does that grab you, David?”

She looked at David, who nodded. Tina was acting as she really liked George Gregory, and it was flattering to George’s ego that such a young, attractive and shapely woman would pay any attention to him.

“I just bought a new film,” Terry said, “I think you’re going to enjoy it a lot. It’s called ‘The Ways of Lust’. Once the film gets going you will see what I mean. There are quite a number of techniques.”

They seated themselves comfortably and then turned off the lights. Terry operated the machine.

The picture began with a scene of a man’s legs dangling over the edge of the bed. A shapely woman was bending over letting her hot pink tongue touch the tip of his cock. Grabbing his penis the girl began sucking.

David whispered to Tina.

“Honey,” he whispered, “That’s what I’ve been wanting you to do. I told you the girls in Vietnam do it all the thus. There’s a place there called Lick Alley where they really know how to give blow jobs.”

“All right,” Tina said, “I’ll do it for you.”

The picture continued with a beautiful woman sitting at the sidelines. You couldn’t see the man’s shoulders or head as he was completely covered by the girl who was going up and down on his enormous prick.

The girl seated behind had large breasts with large dark nipples, and as she watched her girlfriend sucking the man’s cock it became obvious she wanted to get into the act too.

Soon she was in the act. She slid a pillow under the man’s asscheeks and then she knelt in front of the bed. While her girlfriend sucked on his cock she licked his hot ass.

“Oh I can hardly stand it,” David exclaimed. “That’s what she did for me in Vietnam. I haven’t had an ass suck since then.”

Terry happened to overhear the comment and whispered, “I’ll take care of you that way, honey, if you want me to.”

Tina wasn’t overly eager to get into that, and didn’t make any comment. George was looking at Tina.

“It’s pretty nice movie, isn’t it honey?” he smiled.

“Well it’s different,” Tina admitted with a sly smile.

Just about then the girl whose head was bobbing up and down on the man’s cock got in there.

She sucked vigorously but he jabbed savagely. The hot juice exploded in her mouth, and she gulped the cream.

That sequence was completed and another began. It was an interesting one of a naked man sitting in a chair. He wasn’t sitting in the chair alone for long, for a gorgeous sexy blonde strutted in.

She went over to him, and seizing his cock began pumping on it.

“Oh did she grab that pecker,” David observed.

David felt his crotch tightening as his cock got harder and harder.

“Look at that woman go,” he smiled as the camera closed in on the hand pumping the thick meaty penis.

The woman didn’t wait for long before she went into action. Soon she was bending over and licking the juicy head of the cock. Next, she threw her legs around the man’s legs and slid her pussy down over his pecker.

No sooner had she done this when a man stepped into the scene.

“Now watch this,” Terry laughed. “It’s quite a wild scene. I hope it doesn’t shock you.”

“I’m shock proof,” David said.

The naked man who strode into the scene was kneeling now and he was slipping his slippery cock into the girl’s asshole.

“That’s the sex sandwich,” George laughed. “I tried that once in college.”

“You never told me a thing about that,” Terry said.

“Well sorry,” he said. “I didn’t know that I had to tell you everything.”

“Well you said at one point you’d told me about all of your love affairs. Apparently I haven’t been told everything.”

The camera closed in to catch the girl’s pussy as the huge penis slipped in and out. It was a magnificent scene in color, and David was so hot he thought his pecker would juice in his shorts.

Next, the camera closed in to catch the thrust of the man who was driving his pecker up the beautiful woman’s behind.

The camera caught the back and forth movement of the man’s ass as he thrust the cock in.

Terry was so hot. She could imagine what it would be like to take both men on.

“That’s what I’d like,” Terry said, “I’d love to have two men doing it to me. Then I could enjoy making out with Tina. I could eat your pussy, Tina, while they are fucking me.”

“You’re getting pretty wild, aren’t you?” George said.

“I’d like to try everything once,” Terry laughed.

Tina was being quiet but David wasn’t George thought it might loosen things up a bit if there was more liquor.

“Let’s have some more champagne,” George suggested as the film continued unwinding.

“Of course dear,” Terry said.

It didn’t take Terry long to get more champagne and bring it back. Terry brought back a bottle nestled in a silver ice bucket and swiftly poured champagne for them all.

“This is delicious,” Tina said, glancing away from the film gratefully.

The picture’s action continued as both men strived to get their rocks off. The camera focused first on the man stabbing it into her pussy, and then caught the shot of the man’s cock slipping into her asshole. Then, it caught them together, as both men fucked to climax.

“Look at him jabbing up her ass,” David said. “I haven’t had an ass fuck in ages. Tina here won’t let me fuck her asshole. Will you, Tina?”

It was obvious that the more that David drank the more frank he was becoming about his sex life. Tina didn’t appreciate it at all.

“David,” she said, “You want to do so many things.”

“You’ve got to learn about sex,” Terry said. “Once you’ve learned how beautiful it can be you’ll want to try it.”

The next shot depicted, in color, a girl’s naked legs in the air. Another girl was slipping her tongue around her asscheeks moving toward her pussy. There was a man seated, watching. He was jerking his pecker as he watched the two girls going to town.

This was the point at which Terry became excited at the thought of going down on Tina.

“Doesn’t that look like fun Tina?” she smiled.

“Well it may be,” Tina agreed.

It gave Terry a good uninhibited feeling to consider doing everything and anything.

Once the films were off, they decided that the place to go was the bedroom.

“We can feel free in there,” Terry smiled. “Take that champagne bucket with, us.”


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