The four of them paraded off to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Terry turned on the soft blue lights.

“I’ve got it all set up for sex,” she said. “What do you think of the blue lights?”

“Oh that will make it nice,” Tina said.

It was perfectly obvious to George that it was difficult for Tina to feel uninhibited enough to remove her clothes. But, slowly Tina took them off George was watched every move. He could hardly wait to catch sight of her gorgeous body completely naked.

Lending encouragement, he went over and smiled.

“You’ve sure got a good shape, honey,” be told her.

“Yes,” David said. “My Tina is a real beauty.”

David’s rigid cock was ready as he looked at Terry standing before him with only her panties and bra on. It was David’s delight to have a woman take off his shorts, so going over to Terry he invited her huskily, “Want to pull my shorts off honey?”

“Certainly David,” Terry said reaching out and letting her hand slip behind the elastic waistband of his shorts.

She reached down and felt of his asscheeks, then she moved her hands around the front of him and reached down to feel his huge cock. She squeezed it and enjoyed it.

“I can hardly wait to get that in my mouth,” she exclaimed.

It was going to be a great pleasure, and she was eager for some action.

“Baby,” he said, “Let me feel of your snatch.”

David reached over and slid his hands down so he could feel of her pussy.

“You’re wet,” he observed.

“Oh, you turn me on, David,” she admitted.

David was delighted that he could get Terry this excited. He recognized that Terry was a real beauty. Reaching out, he felt of her bosoms, and with her bra still on it excited him to feel of them and imagine what the nipples would look like.

“Go ahead take it off,” Terry told him.

Reaching behind her, he unfastened the bra. Then the enormous bosoms appeared before his eyes. He feasted his eyes on them and could hardly wait for that moment when he could lick and bite them.

“What a gorgeous pair of knockers you’ve got,” he said.

Reaching down, he slid off her panties and then saw her shaved box.

“Beautiful,” he commented, licking his lips.

Looking at David with his shorts off and his cock rigid and ready, made Terry realize that it was all she could do to keep from grabbing and pulling it into her pussy.

She realized though, that it should be a four-way sexual effort.

“Why don’t we form a wheel?” Terry suggested.

“What kind of a wheel?” George chuckled.

“You know darling,” she smiled as she pulled him by his pecker and pulled him over to the bed. “A human sex wheel.”

Terry stretched out so they could get in position.

“This king sized bed is wonderful for that,” Terry smiled.

David immediately went for her ass. He massaged it vigorously and the idea of stabbing her asshole appealed to him.

“Honey,” he said, “Could you give me something to get my cock oily with? I want to slip it in there and give you a good ass fuck.”

“Certainly, darling,” she said as she got off the bed and went to the dresser.

As she walked away, David watched her beautiful asscheeks. He could hardly wait for the moment when he would run his rigid dick up her asshole and give her the screwing she wanted so desperately.

Meantime, Tina and George had eyes only for each other.

“What do you want to do George?” Tina asked.

“I’m going to fuck you,” George said. “Why don’t you lie there on your back and throw those gorgeous legs of yours over my shoulders. Then I’ll show you how to give a good fuck, baby.”

The whole idea really appealed to David. He enjoyed getting his rocks off in a variety of ways, and he felt it was a lesson that Tina could use. She had been difficult for him, so he was happy that there was someone who could help her to understand him better.

Terry was just that woman. She was on all fours with her ass up in the air and her hands grasping her asscheeks.

“I’ll help you honey,” she said. “Now just slip that big cock of yours into me.”

With his penis slippery from the baby oil that Terry had handed him, he was well prepared to slip his prick into her asshole and give her a good fucking.

Tina felt a surge of competition. She wanted to show her husband what a fantastic fuck she could be too. She was delighted when George began thrusting his cock into her cunt.

“Oh George!” Tina panted. “That feels fantastic. I want it. Every inch of it.”

George thrust forward, giving her the lusty sexual action she craved.

“Fuck it,” be told her. “Fuck, baby, fuck.”

Tina’s pussy clamped on his cock and he gave her the fuck she wanted.

“Oh baby,” he panted as he thrust forward. “That’s what I want. Fuck, baby, fuck.”

He was ramming it into her with hard driving thrusts as she ground her hips around.

“You sure know how to snap that pussy of yours,” he told her.

“David taught me how to do that,” she smiled.

David overheard her telling George this and of he had to take credit.

“I taught her everything that she knows about fucking,” David said proudly. “Tina was a virgin before I balled her. She would just lie there dead assed, but I taught her to put some life into her pussy.”

“He did,” Tina admitted. “I guess I’m pretty good at it.”

“Pretty good!” George exclaimed. “Honey, you’re fantastic. You wiggle that ass like a pro. I really enjoy fucking a chick like you.”

It was obvious to Terry that her husband was enjoying himself, and it was equally obvious to David that Terry loved having him ball her.

As he rammed into her asshole he slid past the tight anal ring with a sudden jab. Terry grunted, a low moan of pain emitted from her. Nevertheless, she knew that once he got a steady rhythm going she would enjoy it.

Sure enough, as the slippery prick dipped in and out of her asshole, she was grabbing it and enjoying it.

“Oh wow!” David gasped as he fucked her hard. “Oh twist that ass, oh baby, fuck it, just like that. Now you’re doing it, oh yes, ah, alt, oh, now you’re fucking. That’s the way like it!”

Pumping his pecker into the hilt, he watched his balls jiggling on her bare buttocks.

The two men were enjoying each other’s wives and there was no jealousy, no disgust. Their inhibitions were lost in their lust. The film and champagne had helped a good deal to soften them up.

“Am I doing it all right?” Tina asked quietly.

“You bet your cunt you are,” George told her. “Snap that pussy. That’s it, baby. One more time. Oh it won’t be much longer now. Oh yes, churn your ass around baby, oh, come on, fuck, grab it, grab it!”

Tina pumped her pussy back at him, using her muscles to vigorously grab at his cock. Suddenly, George knew he couldn’t hold on. The hot sperm splashed inside her, bathing her with his juice.

Tina became so excited, she gushed. Sliding into the well-lubricated pussy, added to the pleasure of George. He thought he might have some more juice coming out of it, and sure enough he shot twice.

“Milk me,” he told her, “Milk my pecker. Yes baby, milk my pecker.”

She milked his cock all right. This added fire to David who was vigorously fucking Terry’s tight asshole.

“It’s just like I’m riding a fucking bronco,” he panted. “Oh baby, what an ass. You sure know how to use it too.”

At this point David was bending over playing with her nipples. He was squeezing them tightly as he became more and more intensely excited. His cock stabbed up her asshole.

The hot sperm splashed up her rectum as he shot his wad.

“Oh, David,” she groaned in delight. “Oh, it feels so good. I love when you’re shooting that juice. Keep shooting it to me.”

Waves of sexual ecstasy swept over her.

“Fuck it,” he panted, “fuck baby fuck. Oh yes fuck it, just like that!”

She squeezed her ass, thrusting back as he stabbed forward. He drove that cock in to the hilt and drew back and panted.

“Oh wow baby, what a fucker!”

He didn’t pull his penis out of her asshole until he had finished shooting. Then slowly he pulled the slippery cock out of her cum-slickened ass.

She collapsed in a heap, and looked at Terry who was lying there.

“Let’s watch the two women make out,” David smiled.

“Sure baby,” Terry said.

Terry decided that she was going to have some fun. She went over to the dresser, and pulled out a dildo. Strapping it onto herself she used some of the baby oil that David had used on his cock when he fucked her asshole. The long pink plastic dildo glistened.

All this time, Tina was laughing.

“You’re going to use that on me?” she giggled, pointing at the slippery dildo.

“Sure honey,” Terry assured her, “and you’re going to enjoy it too.”

Tina wasn’t quite so sure that she would enjoy it. Nevertheless, she was willing to experiment and find out.

She lay there with her legs spread out. Terry decided she was going to get her in the same position that her husband had when he fucked her.

“Throw your legs over my shoulders, baby,” she told her.

“No, no,” David said. “I want to watch your breasts brush against each other. That’s part of the pleasure. I want to see you French kissing, and pushing your tits against each other hard.”

“All right,” Terry said, “we’ll do it your way.”

“My husband is a difficult one to please,” Tina admitted. “Ever since he went to Vietnam, he’s had the strangest ideas about sex. He wants to try this, he wants to try that, and all he talks about is Licking Alley where the girls did nothing but suck on him.”

“Well you see,” Terry laughed, “Those girls spoiled him. You can spoil him too, you can take real good care of him.”

Now however, Terry was determined to take care of Tina, and spreading her legs she thrust forward with the dildo. She wasted no time in thrusting forward, letting the dildo slip into Tina’s tight pussy.

It moved in smoothly, for her husband’s juices had gotten it slick.

“Oh that feels good,” Tina smiled in surprise.

“I told you it would, baby,” her husband David smiled.

David was getting another erection, and he looked at his wife.

He moved away for a moment, going into the bathroom for a towel to wipe his pecker off. Then returning, he came back, sat on the edge of the bed, and delightedly watched his wife get fucked by Terry.

“Kiss her, Terry,” he said. “Kiss her.”

Terry complied with the request. Bending over, she kissed Tina full on the mouth. Tina became so excited that she let her mouth fall open so Terry’s tongue could slip in. Then, the two women tongue fucked each other, while the dildo slid in smoothly.

Tina’s hands reached back so they cold grip Terry’s asscheeks and squeeze them. Terry appreciated this, as their breasts brushed against each other and their tongues fought each other in an exciting tongue duel.

“Fuck off,” David said as he grasped his packer and began pulling on it.

Immediately George caught on. This was a form of exhibition that the servicemen had enjoyed watching – paying for a couple of gorgeous dames to make out with each other. George felt a surge of excitement zip through his penis.

Grasping his cock, he began pumping. The two of them were pumping and the girls were making out with each other.

George grunted, “Fuck her. Fuck her good, give her a good fucking. Come on baby, fuck her. Now you’re doing it. Oh yes baby, fuck it!”

It didn’t take Tina long to get the hang of it. She threw her lower legs over Terry’s. With her legs clamping on Terry, it was obvious she was trying to deliver all of the pleasure that she knew how.

Pumping her pelvis forward, she clutched at the stabbing dildo as if it were a thick penis.

“Does it feel good?” Terry asked. “I never did this before.”

“I love it,” Tina admitted. “It feels great. Fuck me baby, come on, fuck me.”

Her girlfriend’s fucking her vigorously added fire to her body. She gripped the dildo tightly and was unashamedly letting her emotional pleasure be displayed for her husband to witness.

George, watching, had to control himself. He didn’t mind giving himself a hand job, but he didn’t want to go off. Seeing Tina’s hand wasn’t occupied, he thought it might be a good idea to have Tina work her hand over his penis.

Moving over to Tina, he told her.

“Grab my pecker and pull on it.”

Tina reached out at the conveniently placed penis and pumped vigorously.

Meantime, David decided he should do the same thing, only with Terry. Getting close enough to Terry, he lay on his back and told Terry, “Grab my prick honey, and jerk on it.”

Terry saw his huge cock, and reaching over, teased it, and began pumping methodically.

Now, the four of them were engaged in sex, the two women pumped on the men’s cocks while the women were making out.

“Fuck me,” Tina begged. “Fuck me baby. Oh baby, that feels good, that dildo you’ve got is fantastic it’s almost as good as a cock.”

“I’m glad you said almost,” her husband David smiled. “You’d give me an inferiority complex. I wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to a dildo.”

The two women smiled as they continued making out. Then bending over, their lips merged as they felt themselves juicing.

It so excited David that he slapped Terry’s pumping ass. Terry enjoyed his approval.

The two women finished making out and dropped the cocks. They didn’t want all of that sperm to splash needlessly down their hands.

“Hey why did you stop?” David asked her.

“Because baby,” Terry told him, “I have other ways of doing it, ways I think you’re going to enjoy.”

“Well all right,” he agreed, “But I did want to get my rocks off.”

“Don’t worry,” Terry told him.

When Terry had pulled the dildo out of Tina’s pussy, she went to the bathroom and placed it on a marble ledge. Then she went back to the bathroom and poured herself some champagne.

Meantime, Tina looked at her huskily and smiled.

“Thanks Terry!” she told her, “I really enjoyed that. I never thought two women could make out, but they can.”

“Of course they can,” David said. “And it’s real exciting to watch. I told you baby, lots of times in Vietnam we paid to watch a couple of dames suck each other.”

Now, George was eager for some more action, but he figured perhaps he’d better have some champagne.

“Tina,” George asked, “Would you like some champagne?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” she said. “That would be so good.”

The four of them began drinking and talking.

“So you’re in the television business,” George smiled at David.

“Yes,” David said, “got my own shop. I went to a school to learn about it, and am I ever glad that I finally got my own business going. I don’t like to work for other people it’s fun to make it on your own.”

“You know it,” David assured him.

Terry asked Tina what she did during the day.

“Well I have plenty to do around the house. We have a little girl, and you know how much work that can be.”

“Well I don’t know first hand,” Terry admitted, “because George and I have never had any children. But I’m sure that a mother’s work is never done.”

“This is one of the first times I’ve been away from our little girl in a long time,” Tina said, “But David wanted me so much to come over and meet you both. I think it’s been a healthy wonderful thing for both of us.”

“We’re going to get together again,” George said, “And there’s still some things we can do tonight.”

“You’re not kidding,” David said. “I want to see Terry do me with her tongue. There are a lot of nice things she can do to make me real happy, and if you watch, you can copy.”

“Oh David,” Terry laughed. “You make it seem like I’m the teacher and Tina is the student.”

“Well, in a way that’s how it is,” Tina smiled. “If I can learn from you, how to make David more happy, so he never steps out and lies to me like so many men do, it will be worth it.”

“That’s a wonderful attitude,” Terry told her, “And I’m sure if you want to please your man, you’ll hold him.”

“I’ll always dig Tina,” David said, and smiled proudly at his young beautiful, shapely wife.


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