When Terry was left alone with her husband at last, he spoke to her rather bluntly.

“Terry,” he said suddenly. “Do you realize how many times we’ve been screwing each other? We’ve got to stop doing this, baby.”

She looked at him uncertainly and said bluntly, “Why George, we’re just beginning to live at last. For so long we led a cloistered existence. I think it’s about time we had some fun.”

George didn’t say anything. He rolled over and went to sleep. Apparently this was the life his wife liked to lead, and he figured as long as he was getting some fun out of it too, he wouldn’t make a fuss.

In the days that followed, Terry kept her eyes open for any man that she thought she would enjoy. At the service station, she decided she could make a pitch.

There was a man there who appealed to her. He was a soft spoken young man, and she figured that he probably was a few years younger. That didn’t make any difference to her, and she figured she had enough on the ball to attract a man of any age.

“I sure appreciate your giving me a full tank of gas,” she told the attendant.

“Think nothing of it,” he told her.

“Oh but I must,” she said. “You have been so good to me. I’m having a party at my place this weekend and I thought maybe you and your wife would like to come over.”

“Well sure,” he said. “I guess I could. I don’t go out very much, but if you want me to come over, I guess I can.”

“What’s your name?” she asked him.

“Jeff,” he told her.

“Jeff,” she said, “I’d like you and your wife to have a delightful time. Come over for dinner and then we can have a little fun and games later.”

“By fun and games,” he smiled, “You mean you want to get an orgy going?”

At first she didn’t know how to answer. Then she decided she would put it in the form of a question.

“Well would you like an orgy?” she asked Jeff bluntly.

Jeff was stunned and thought about it a moment.

“Well I wouldn’t mind,” he said. “Of course I’ve got to ask Anita. I haven’t been married too long and I don’t want to do anything to get Anita uptight.”

“Of course not,” she said, as she looked at the brown-haired young station attendant.

She was sure that he had an enormous pecker, and would be able to satisfy her carnal cravings.

“Now here’s my phone number,” she said. “You talk it over with Anita and you let me know as soon as you can. I want to fix a nice dinner for you.”

“Well thank you,” Jeff smiled. “I really appreciate it.”

That evening, when George was just starting to enjoy his meal, Terry surprised him.

“I thought I would invite the gas station attendant and his wife over for dinner on Saturday night,” she said.

“Well,” he said, “Glad you’ve done something practical. Maybe I can get a full tank when I need one without having to go from one station to the other?”

“A very good idea,” she said, “and don’t think I wasn’t thinking of that. But Jeff is a good looking guy and I’m sure that he would have an attractive wife, if you know what I mean.”

“You don’t mean you’re staging another orgy?” he asked.

“Why not dear?” she said. “I think it would be an interesting experience. Jeff looks like such a shy young man, that I think we ought to introduce him to the pleasures of group sex.”

Her words were proven to be accurate when Jeff and Anita showed up the following Saturday night.

“How nice of you to invite us over, Mrs. Gregory,” Anita said quietly.

They enjoyed their dinner together, and when the meal was over, the subject switched to sex.

“What do you think of those streakers?” Terry asked.

It didn’t take long for Anita to answer.

“Well I think it’s perfectly all right,” she said. “If a person feels like running around naked, that’s their business.”

It pleased Terry to see that Anita was so broadminded.

“Well Anita dear,” she said, “What do you think of people who swap?”

“Swap?” Anita gulped, suddenly realizing why she was invited to the party in the first place.

“Yes,” she said, “Swapping in suburbia has become rather popular these days. Couples get together and try all sorts of things, don’t they dear?” Terry asked, directing her question to her husband.

George went on looking at Anita’s well shaped body, and commented, “Yes, it’s true. People want to experiment to find out how it’s done.”

“Well I’ve never done that,” Anita said.

“What do you think about it, Jeff?” Terry asked.

Jeff knew why Terry was asking, as he’d been aware all along how turned on Terry had been with him.

“Well I think it’s up to the individuals,” he said.

“Well what would you think if I said I’d like to go to bed with you?” Terry asked rather crudely.

“Oh I wouldn’t mind shacking up with you,” he said.

Anita was a bit amazed at how abruptly Terry had gotten into it.

“What if I would bed down with him?” Anita asked her husband, looking at George.

“It would be all right with me,” he said, “As long as I know what’s happening honey, I don’t mind.”

“Well that’s nice,” George said, “Because I’ve been thinking of how much fun it would be to be between the sheets with you, baby.”

“It seems we have ourselves all paired off,” Anita said nervously.

“How right you are,” Terry said, rising to her feet and walking over to grip her husband’s hand and tug him to her bedroom.

“I wonder if we should all go together or go separately,” Terry said quietly.

That was where Anita put her foot down.

“Well I’d like to watch my husband having sex with another woman,” Anita said. “If you don’t mind.”

Her cutting comment didn’t perturb Terry at all. It added entertainment to the evening’s proceedings.

“Well I think it would be lovely if we all fucked in the same bed,” Terry smiled.

Going to their master bedroom suite, Terry began undressing. When she had completed the task, she walked over to Jeff who still hadn’t his shirt off.

“Need any help, honey?” she smiled at him.

“Oh I guess I can do it,” he said.

Anita was eager to peel off her clothes, and make her husband jealous. She figured that this was the only way to teach him a good lesson.

When Anita was down to her panties, she walked over, letting her naked bosoms jiggle to intrigue George.

“Would you help take my panties off?” she asked George.

“It would be an honor,” George said, tipping his head and smiling.

Reaching down, George put his hand inside her sheer panties. He gripped her asscheeks and squeezed.

“We’re going to have a good time, baby,” he said.

“Well I certainly hope so,” Anita said.

When he had pulled Anita’s pants off completely, he let his hand slide down between her buttocks, and as he felt of her asshole, he figured he would have some fun.

“George sweetheart,” she said. “Let me slide your shorts off.”

George got back to attention and let her slide his shorts off. Then he carried her over to the bed.

“Honey,” he said, “Row would you like to give me an ass fuck?”

All the time that George was speaking to Anita, her husband was watching and listening.

“Well Jeff has never done it to me,” she said nervously.

“Well baby, I know just how to do it so it won’t hurt, and you’ll love it,” he promised her.

“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try something different,” she admitted.

He went to the bathroom and got the oil out and poured it on his pecker. As he got his pecker slick and ready for her asshole, she wondered what position he would expect her to get in.

“Now how do I do this?” she asked.

“Just throw your legs over my shoulders,” he smiled, “And I’ll take care of everything else.”

Meantime, Jeff decided that it was about time for him to fuck Terry. He picked Terry up and carried her over to the bed. Terry spread her legs and reached down and massaged her shaved box.

“Why don’t you lick it for me first?” Terry smiled.

Anita was watching her husband go to town on Terry’s pussy, almost ignoring the fact that a slippery penis was sliding between her asscheeks. However, when George gave his final jab into her tight asshole, she couldn’t ignore it. She howled in pain.

“Oh,” she gasped, “What are you doing?”

“Take it easy baby,” George smiled, “You’re going to enjoy it in a minute. Just relax.”

“Relax with a big thing like that in my ass?” she demanded. “How can I?”

Bending over, George began sucking at her breasts to silence her. It did work, because it distracted her from what was happening in her asshole, and soon the pain disappeared and she was enjoying the pleasure of the slippery sliding penis gliding into her tight anal channel.

George was enjoying himself, and he watched Jeff licking his wife’s pussy. Jeff was holding her legs in the air and pumping his tongue into her vagina. It was getting moist and ready for his slippery tool to slide into it.

“Oh Jeff,” Terry panted, “Give me your cock baby. Shove it in there, and fuck me.”

Jeff straddled her and stabbed his big cock into her. She loved the feel of it sliding up her.

“Yes baby,” she panted. “Fuck me. That’s what I want. Fuck my pussy.”

Jeff drove into her in hard driving jabs. She loved the feel of his cock pumping into her pussy and she grabbed it tightly.

“Fuck me baby,” she demanded. “Fuck me. Yes, give it to me. That’s what I want, fuck me.”

He pumped it to her with vigor and lusty drive.

“Oh wow!” he panted. “That’s what I wanted. Come on baby, fuck.”

The two men were enjoying watching each other. George slapped Jeff’s ass as he watched him fuck his wife’s cunt. George enjoyed driving his cock up Jeff’s wife’s pussy too.

“Come on sweetheart,” he smiled, “Faster baby. Now we’re doing it. That’s what I like. Fuck it.”

It excited her imagination as she watched the big slippery tool sliding in and out of her asshole. She could see the whole scene in the mirror.

“Nice to have those mirrors there,” she said, turning her head toward the sliding glass doors which reflected their action.

“Yes, it is real convenient,” he told her.

They were enjoying themselves more every moment as the wild action continued.

“Oh baby,” he told her, “That’s too much. Yes, fuck it.”

The thrusting continued and soon George was there. He rammed it in to the hilt as his balls slapped her behind.

“Oh I’m juicing!” he grunted as he stabbed in farther up her rectum.

She loved the feel of the cock juice splashing up her asshole, and she twisted her ass around with a hard churn.

“Oh wow!” George panted. “You’re a real fuck baby. You know how to grab that pecker of mine. Pump it. Get all the juice out. Milk it baby.”

Anita kept her backfield in motion, as George’s slippery cock kept on stabbing up her rectum.

George didn’t ease off until he had completed shooting. At that point he felt a sense of real lust surge over him, and as he slid his slippery cock out of her asshole, he was eager to eat her pussy.

Bending over he pulled her mound up to his mouth and quickly licked the hair and then slipped his tongue along the clit and stabbed into her.

Reaching down, Anita pushed forward. She loved the feel of the slippery tongue sliding in.

“Eat my pussy,” she panted softly. “Oh George, love me. Just like that. Oh your tongue. Oh, I’m going to climb the wall, I can’t stand it.”

As Jeff watched his wife in the throes of sexual ecstasy while another man ate her box, he didn’t know whether be was enjoying himself or not.

Instantly Terry turned on as to what was happening. She didn’t appreciate the fact that Jeff was momentarily diverted by the loud sucking sounds her husband was making at Jeff’s wife’s pussy.

“Give me that cock,” Terry gasped eagerly. “Shove it in there. That’s what I want, I want to feel that great big cock ramming in me.”

Realizing that he had never fucked a woman’s asshole, he figured that the smart thing to do was to get her to juice, and when she had lubricated his cock with enough of her pussy juice, he would pull out of her pussy and stab it up her rectum.

In the meantime Terry didn’t understand this, and the waves of sexual ecstasy that were sweeping over her now caused her to climax.

“Oh Jeff baby,” Terry said, “I’m cumming. Oh baby, I love this.”

He could tell that she did from the way her pussy muscles vigorously gripped his huge pecker.

He continued stabbing, but controlling himself all the time so not to lose his hard-on. He wanted to save it for her asshole.

When he had enough juice on his pecker, he slowly slipped out. She knew he hadn’t cum, and she couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Hey pistol,” she said, “Aren’t you going to unload that gun in me?”

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I am. But I want to fuck your ass just like George does. Throw your legs over my shoulders.”

Terry marveled at how swiftly he could pull his pecker out of her pussy and prepare it to stab up her asshole.

He slid smoothly between her asscheeks, and then drove forward with a hard jab.

“Fuck off!” he panted as he rammed it up her rectum.

His wildly throbbing cock was skewering deep into her little asshole, not stopping until it was burled far up into the depths of her heated rectum.

It was tormenting her at this point, yet she enjoyed it. Loud and clear, he panted, “Fuck it. That’s it, fuck me.”

Her loins were on fire as never before, and the pulsating rhythm of his cock stabbing into her became a drumbeat of exquisite pleasure.

Ali of her desires focused on satisfying his one overwhelming need. With a groan he plunged his pecker high up her rectum, and then he slid his fingers into her moist pussy.

She loved the feeling of his fingers in her cunt while his cock stabbed her asshole. He was driving forward, holding her eyes with a magnetic force as he fucked wildly. She was desperate to give him a good time. The momentary tight resistance of her asshole was a thing of the past as she pushed forward now.

She wanted it, every inch of it, and as the hungry walls of her asshole gripped his long extended penis, he loved the feel of it.

“That’s it,” he begged her, “Fuck baby, fuck. Grab it.”

Gripping him tightly, she was really excited.

“Oh yes,” she told him. “That’s the way I like it. Fuck me. Harder honey. Fuck me way up there!”

“Right on baby,” Jeff panted as she shoved it in further.

The combination of the fingers in her pussy and the huge cock shooting up her asshole really got her turned on.

“Oh baby,” he said, pulling his fingers out of her twat, “I’ve got to fuck you now. I’m almost there.”

He was ramming in, groaning in delight as his balls pounded against her ass. She was panting as he fucked deeply.

“Oh, ah, yes baby yes, we’re going to get there,” she said.

The wild display of sexual gratification was driving her to erotic heights she had never experienced before. Her head turned from side to side as she reached out and clutched the sheets and wadded them up in her hand.

“Fuck me,” she panted, “Fuck me, that’s what I want baby, fuck me!”

The furious pitch of the cock stabbing into her intrigued her more every moment.

“Yes baby,” she told him. “That’s beautiful. Now you’re doing it. All the way, baby, fuck it.”

They were really excited now as the cock was ready to shoot.

“Give it to me,” she panted. “Fuck. Fuck it baby, fuck!”

He rode his pecker as far as be could and shot his load.

“Oh baby I’m juicing,” he panted, as he felt her ass tighten around his penis and milk it.

“Oh yes,” she told him, “Come on baby, fuck it.”

She loved the hot splash of sperm up her asshole and twisted around.

He didn’t pull out until he had given her all of his sperm, and slowly he withdrew.

George felt it was time that they had a little break.

“How about something to drink?” he said standing up and walking over to the bar.

“I would just love something,” Anita said.

She followed him over to the bar and they began drinking.

Next, Jeff and Terry went, over and got drinks. Terry then suggested that they take a shower together.

“I’d like to wash you off,” she said. “I think it would be so much fun to take a shower.”

Immediately Anita decided she wanted to get in the tub and wash George off, and so a few moments later the four of them went into the bathroom.

George and Anita got in the bath tub and began splashing around and feeling each other.

In the meantime, Jeff and Terry got in the shower. Terry enjoyed herself as she took the bar of soap and slid it along his huge pecker. She was washing him, cupping his balls in her hand when he looked at her and smiled.

“You’re going to do everything to me?” he asked.

“By everything, what do you mean?” she laughed.

“Well you know,” he said, “Lick my balls, suck my ass, everything.”

“If you want me to,” she said quietly.

“I’ve been trying to get my wife to do all that,” he admitted, “And maybe if she sees you doing it I can get her to.”

“Certainly darling,” she said as she had him turn around and washed his back.

She slid the soap between his slippery asscheeks, and washed him there.

“Bend over baby,” she said as she washed his ass.

He then washed her breasts and created quite a soap suds foam around each nipple. Then after washing them off, he let his tongue lap away as the water streaked over his face.

Reaching down, be slid the soap between her pussy lips and washed her there. Then he had her turn around and washed the back of her ass.

Stepping out of the shower, they dried each other off. Going back into the bedroom they were joined shortly by Anita and George. At this point it didn’t take Jeff long to decide what he wanted to do. He straddled her and told her he was going to fuck her face.

“Honey,” he smiled, “Let me slip this banana right between your breasts. It will be a lot of fun.”

Slipping the huge cock between her bosoms, she became very excited. She could see the juice starting to drip at the small slit at the head of his shaft and this excited her.

“Do you want to lick it?” be smiled.

“I’d love to,” she said.

He moved forward and let her tongue it. Then he determined that he was going to get his balls licked and sucked, as well as his ass.

“Now take my balls in your mouth baby,” Jeff told Terry.

Meanwhile, Anita was watching in awe. She could hardly believe what she was looking at.

“Do you want to eat my prick?” George asked her.

“Why sure,” she said, seizing it even though it was about the last thing she wanted to do.

She licked its length, trying to make loud sucking sounds to attract her husband’s attention. It did and Jeff turned to look. He was proud and delighted to think that his wife finally was so stimulated and excited that she would do things that he had been trying to get her to do for a long long time.

“Enjoy your lollipop, wife,” he laughed.

She smiled as she went on sucking on George’s balls.

Now Terry’s mouth was open and she was taking his balls in. Jeff loved the sensation of the warm mouth sucking his balls. Soon she was licking all around his asscheeks.

Next, the wet slippery tongue slipped between his asscheeks and then she stabbed up his asshole. He went wild as she gripped his thighs, squeezing him as her tongue ringed him.

“Oh rim it,” he told her. “Rim my asshole, honey. Rim it good.”

Jeff was really turned on at this point, and Anita could see how much her husband enjoyed it. George wanted her to do the same thing for him, and he told her so.

“Suck my ass for me,” he told Anita.

Anita, not wanting to be a spoiled sport, decided she might as well go through with it. Letting her tongue ride around George’s asshole, she finally let it slip up there.

“Oh yes,” George told her, “That feels good honey. Now you’re doing it, the way I like it.”

The hot plunging tongue pumped up there, and George was stimulated as well as tremendously excited.

Now the two women were sucking ass and both men were happy.

“You’ve really got her doing it good,” George complimented Jeff as he watched his wife stabbing Jeff’s tight ass.

“I guess you trained her well,” Jeff said.

She was pumping on his pecker while she was eating his ass out, and he was eager for her to mouth him. He was confident that Terry could give a good head job, and she seemed so enthusiastic about sex.

Pulling his pecker back, he looked at Terry.

“Open your mouth honey,” he told her.

Terry’s tongue pulled out of his slick asshole, and licked quickly up the underside of his hot cock, tickling the sensitive portion of his glands penis before she capped the crown of his cock with her mouth.

At this point, she planted her lips firmly around his pecker head and sucked vigorously. He loved the sensation of her sucking mouth, and could hardly wait to give her a throat fuck.

“Oh suck me,” he begged her. “Suck me good, baby. Suck hard on it. Oh yes, I want to shoot in your mouth. I’m going to give you a good load, baby. My balls are ready to spill.”

Now Anita knew she had to do the same thing for George. Slipping her tongue out of George’s asshole, she licked along his balls and up the top of his cock. She wasted no time in slipping her mouth over his shaft, with her lips fastening tight around the head of his cock.

“Focus your mouth on the head of it,” George told her. “Build up a good suction honey. It won’t take long to shoot that way.”

Even though Anita wasn’t crazy about blow jobs, she figured she could out match Terry any day of the week.

Her cheeks sucked in as she pulled on the end of the penis.

Both women were competing against each other in a cocksucking competition, and both men knew it. This added to the delight, to their erotic pleasure.

“Eat my prick,” Jeff panted. “Eat it baby. That’s it. Gobble it. Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Eat the cock. Get the juice baby. Come on, honey, eat that cock.”

She could start to taste him, and it tasted good to her. Now she was eager to have a mouthful of his hot cream.

“Suck it off,” Jeff panted. “Suck it off, baby. Oh yes, baby, that’s the way to do it. Oh, I can’t stand it.”

Jeff was pumping his pecker into her mouth, and down her throat as he came closer to climax. He could hardly wait for the moment when he would unload in her mouth as he watched her suck his sperm and swallow. He wanted Anita to see another woman swallowing him. If he ever was lucky enough to get Anita to go down on him, she never would suck the juice out and swallow it.

“Oh baby, you’re going to suck it and swallow,” he told her.


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