Anita was determined that she was going to be first to get the rocks off, and she jiggled her fingers along George’s balls as she sucked.

It was working, as George was getting a charge out of it. Sparing nothing, Anita tucked a finger between his asscheeks and slowly eased the finger up his asshole.

George responded, by unloading.

“Oh I’m there,” he panted. “I’m shooting. Gobble it, baby. That’s the way. Gobble the juice.”

She did indeed gobble him, and the sensation of the hot sperm shooting into her mouth pleased her. She sucked, and she swallowed.

Jeff was watching her, and was paying almost more attention to what she was doing to George than he was to what Terry was doing to him. This didn’t exactly please Terry. She figured she might as well copy what Anita had done. Maybe slipping the finger up his asshole would add pleasure, and maybe the prostate massage would bring him there.

Easing a finger up his asshole, she massaged his prostate. Jeff responded by jabbing forward, letting his pecker slip down her throat. Then, pulling back, he unloaded his juice in her mouth.

As he creamed, he groaned in passionate delight and frenzy, “Suck the juice. Get every drop baby. Come on, mouth girl, suck me.”

This inspired Terry to give her best sexual performance. She fastened her lips on the head of the penis shaft and eagerly sucked the juice out of it.

When she had completed the task, she swallowed, and every second Jeff watched her.

“Eat me,” he panted as his head moved back and forth and his hand reached out to grip her head and guide it.

“Oh yes, Terry baby, suck, get the juice out. You’ll get another load, honey, if you suck.”

Terry continued sucking until she did indeed get another load. Anita observed this and realized she had never had a doubleheader from Jeff’s big pecker. And this got her jealous. She worked her mouth as best she could over George’s cock but she couldn’t bring him there twice.

Finally George felt her tickling so much he had to tell her to stop.

“Enough is enough, baby,” he said, as the displeasure of the tickling sensation of the over sucked cock reached him.

She eased off his pecker and he pulled back. Then, George watched his wife finish the blow job on Jeff.

“Terry gives a great blow job,” he complimented her.

Anita was disgusted, but she didn’t want to show it as she thought any jealousy would register the wrong way with her husband.

“How did I do, baby?” she asked.

“You did real good,” he complimented her. “Yes baby, I really enjoyed it.”

When Terry finally slipped her mouth off Jeff’s pecker, she lay there exhausted.

“That was a real workout,” she said, “And what a pistol you are!”

“Did I feed you enough cock cream?” Jeff laughed as he got to his feet and went over to the bar to pour himself a drink.

“Oh honey,” she laughed, “it must have been a gallon.”

Anita was saying nothing now as she was too burned up. Her husband had never shot her that much juice, and it ignited her to think another woman could get him that hard and that far along.

When they got back to the bed, Anita smiled at George.

“What a lover you are George,” she said. “I bet you turn women on all the time. I’m sure you’re not loyal to your wife all the time, are you?”

Anita figured that would get Terry’s goat, and it did.

“You can say that again,” Terry exploded. “That’s why I suggested these swap meets. I get sick and tired thinking of him playing around all the time. You know, Anita, I’m doing you a big favor. Jeff here, has probably played around even since you were married, and this is giving you an opportunity to have a little fun too.”

Anita was so confident that her husband had never played around, she ventured to ask him if what Terry said was true.

Unfortunately, Jeff was so stoned with the booze he had been drinking continuously, that he told her, “Well sure, honey, what do you expect me to do, jack off?”

That burned Anita up. She could control her disgust no longer. Getting off the bed, she paced the floor.

“You cheap, two-timing, double-crossing, son-of-a-bitch,” she exploded.

George didn’t know what to do, and Terry didn’t either. Jeff stood there dumbfounded, as he headed back to the bar.

When he was turned around, Anita began pounding him on the back.

“What have you got to say, you bastard!” she demanded.

That got Jeff.

“You don’t talk to your husband like that,” he exploded.

“My husband my ass,” she said. “My double-crossing, two-timing, good-for-nothing cheat.”

“Look,” Jeff said, “If you’re not happy with me, I can find plenty of women who will be. You understand?”

“Yes,” Anita exploded. “I understand plenty. And I found it out tonight, as this little swap meet. You told me you were loyal. All of those nights when you were out watching the fights. Yeah, fights. You were fucking.”

Jeff had to laugh. He got a charge out of seeing Anita this worked up. It was obvious to him that she was nuts about him. That was the important thing.

“It isn’t a very appropriate response to laugh at your wife at a time like this,” George remonstrated him.

Immediately Terry jumped into the scene.

“Now George,” Terry reminded him, “These two can work things out. They’re a young married couple, and we used to fight like this all the time.”

Anita looked at Terry for understanding and comfort. Her eyes were misty now as the tears started to roll down her cheeks.

“Did he pull this stuff on you too?” she demanded.

“Of course, honey,” Terry said. “And it has been going on for centuries, dear. There has been a double standard.”

“Yes,” Anita said, “I feared that was the case.”

Anita went back to the bed and lay there looking into space. Now Jeff did feel a little guilty.

He walked over to his wife and tried to put his arms around her.

“Don’t you ever touch me again as long as you live,” she said.

Terry did feel sorry for Anita. She could see that she was a young, inexperienced woman just beginning to understand what a typical marriage involved.

“Anita,” Terry said quietly, “Maybe I can talk to you alone.”

George looked at Jeff and said quietly. “Let’s go out in the hall. Maybe a little girl talk will help to smooth things over.”

When George and Jeff were gone, Terry spoke frankly to Anita.

“Honey,” she said, “Can’t you see he’s crazy about you?”

“Yeah,” she said. “So crazy about me, he’s been playing around. He’s been cheating.”

It was obvious to Terry that she had to figure out some way of explaining Jeff’s conduct so Anita could more easily understand her husband’s disloyalty.

“Sweetheart,” Terry explained. “He doesn’t mean to be disloyal to you, he is just trying to be loyal to the image he has of himself. Men are supposed to be different than women. They are supposed to fuck every opportunity they have. If they don’t, they aren’t men. And a woman is supposed to be a virgin when she’s married. That’s the way it has worked. When a woman’s had that one man, she is supposed to remain faithful to him till death do them part.”

“Yes,” Anita said, “and that’s what I’ve been. Faithful. A faithful fool.”

“No dear,” Terry said, “You haven’t been a faithful fool. But you haven’t kept up with the times.”

Allowing a moment to pass and letting Anita cry to herself for a moment or two more, Terry continued.

“Nowadays, honey,” she said, “We women don’t have to stand for that crap. We know that we have sexual feelings too. And we have as much right to achieve them as the men do. They haven’t satisfied us the way that they should have. They haven’t cared about what a woman required for sexual fulfillment. How many men have stuck it into their women on Saturday night, and shoved it a few times and shot their gun off, and let her lie there unsatisfied. Well that crap is coming to an end. We’re rising up, and we’re going to let the fuckers know that we get climaxes too, dammit!”

Realizing what a good grasp of the situation Terry had, Anita looked at her in amazement.

“You’re so right,” she said. “Sometimes Jeff is so stoned, honey, that he can barely make it. He shoves it up there and he’s lucky if he can shoot it off. And as far as me getting satisfied, I don’t. I lie there and have a horrible night. It really is awful.”

“That’s why we wanted you to get over here,” Terry said. “We wanted to show you what wonderful things a man and woman can do if they will be uninhibited. And that’s what you’ve got to be. You’ve got to do some things that he wants you to do, and he has to do some things that you want him to do. Then you both can make it. That’s what marriage is all about. Two people making it, and enjoying it.”

Anita looked at Terry and began her quiet confession.

“I didn’t come here tonight to have a good time,” Anita said. “I came here to make trouble. I hated my husband for asking me to come to this swap meet. I thought it was something dirty and rotten. But I guess I was wrong. You know, I think you’re right. If I had done a lot of things that you’ve done tonight with him, maybe he wouldn’t have been stepping out. Maybe we could have enjoyed ourselves together.”

“And when he does get that urge to wander,” Terry said, “wander along with him. Get some sexual adventures of your own. You enjoyed having sex with George, didn’t you?”

Anita nodded quietly. Just then, the door opened and the two men came back.

“How’s everything?” George said to Anita.

“It’s beautiful,” she said. “Now how would you like to go down and eat my pussy?”

“Now you’re talking,” Jeff chuckled. “That’s what I like to hear, a little spirit, and while he’s eating your pussy, I’m going to take care of Terry.”

As Jeff went down on Terry, he felt the warm embrace of her hot thighs. His tongue lashed along her slit and before he plunged his stiff tongue into her pussy, he winked up at her and smiled.

“Thanks,” he said.

Terry understood what he was grateful for, and as she pushed her pussy in his face, she locked her legs around him and thrilled to his stabbing tongue as it explored her womanhood.

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