Back and forth Tony led her, the stone floor torturous to her bare hands and knees. In the beginning, her face and her tits had burned red with embarrassment, but soon they washed out and became pale in the degradation. Even her dark, Southern California tan couldn’t keep any color in her cheeks.

“Heel!” Tony demanded.

When he had first said that, Debby had revolted, pulling at the chain that connected to a collar they had clamped around her neck. The riding crop he carried had dealt out the punishment, slashing across her ass and the sides of her tits, so now it seemed easy to comply. There was no sense in taking a violent beating just to have to heel to his left leg when the thrashing was through.

“That’s right!” Joachim laughed from his stool at the side of the room. “Train her to be a good, little bitch. Break her to the leash and make her heel!”

Perhaps, in a way, it was justified punishment, Debby thought weakly as she followed Tony around the stone floor like a dog. When they had both been fucking her – Joachim’s heavy prick-monster plowing her cunt while Tony corn-holed her ass – Debby had actually begun to enjoy it. In fact, her cunt had exploded into a roaring cum, so violent that she couldn’t remember ever having one like it before. She knew that she should have been screaming in agony, but instead, she had been shrieking out in a gigantic orgasm. Two pricks thudding inside her had set her on fire, and now she was being made to pay the price. Somehow it seemed right, although she was humiliated to the core.

“You learn fast,” Tony grinned down at her, then jerked strongly on the chain.

The collar bit into her throat and cut off her air. In his other hand, the wicked, black riding crop still hovered in the air, as if it were hungry for a taste of her skin.

Tony led her up beside an old rack – a long, wooden table with a crank at one end.

Debby had seen them in old movies and she knew what they could do. Up above, on the platform, would be connections for her hands and her feet. The crank would slowly pull them apart. Her body would stretch tight, then lift and rise as her joints were slowly pulled apart. In the movies, the victims had always screamed in sheer agony until their chests were so compressed that they couldn’t draw enough air. Debby’s joints ached just looking at the rack.

“Would you like to take a rest?” Tony teased her.

The chain was now slack, and she glanced up at the grin that was dominating his face. He didn’t even look like the same man who had led her playfully to the dungeon.

“There’s a place up here for you to lie down,” he continued. “And you don’t even have to ask. Just stand there on all fours like a dumb dog, and that’s enough to tell me that you want up on this thing. If you don’t, you’re going to have to bark like a good, little bitch to tell me that you want to keep on being led around.”

He had given her a way to keep off the threatening rack, but the thought of how she would have to do it brought color back to her skin. The collar and the chain were degrading enough, but she had no control over wearing them. Walking on her hands and knees beside Tony, and even heeling to his leg, was her way to avoid a beating.

Debby didn’t want to do it. Warily, she again cast her glance up at the wooden device that hovered over her like a dark storm cloud. Images of tortured bodies, with broken and detached limbs ricocheted through her mind. Whatever happened, she couldn’t allow herself to be placed in the grips of the evil rack.

“Arf,” she tried weakly, barely getting the unnatural sound out of her throat. Still, it revolted her so much that she tasted bile at the back of her mouth.

“I couldn’t hear you,” Tony chided, and snapped the chain. The collar bit into Debby’s throat, then relaxed again.

“Arf,” she called again, this time a bit louder. The word was so harsh that it hurt the inside of her constricted throat.

Whack! The riding crop landed sharply across her ass-cheeks.

“You sound like a pissy-assed puppy rather than a big, healthy bitch!” Tony screamed at her and slashed down with the whip again.

Mother red line seared across her ass. Debby lifted her hands from the floor to sit her exposed ass-cheeks down onto the backs of her calves so they couldn’t be struck again. It was a mistake; as soon as her chest rose, unprotected by her arms, Tony lashed the whip across the front of her tits. Both nipples were caught by the slender shaft of the crop, and felt as if they had been ripped from her chest.

“Arf!” she cried, as the whip tortured her tits again.

“More!” Tony shouted at her, moving the lash of the riding crop around her exposed skin. Everywhere the whip touched, it left a seared streak of red.

“Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!” Debby screamed as the tears down both sides of her face.

Behind her, Joachim’s laughter was booming out so loud that it almost drowned out her frantic calls.

“Heel!” Tony bellowed and yanked harshly at the chain.

Debby was almost tumbled to bet side, but she managed to catch the floor with her right hand. She scrambled over by his left leg and turned along beside it, scraping her knees roughly against the rock floor. Already, the skin there was tender and sore, and the top layer was scraped away by the stone. But so frightened was she, her mind simply accepted that as one more inevitable pain.

Tony stepped out, dragging Debby along at his side. She hurried to keep up with him, to relive the choking, and it set off new agony in her hands and her knees. But each time she slowed, the collar would press into her windpipe and cut off her air. To get it back, she had to scamper along even faster to catch up. All the time, tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped to the floor.

He led her near two large contraptions that she didn’t even recognize, then past the piss machine that had shocked her so bad when her own piss had provided the pathway for electricity into her cunt. Debby gulped when she crawled past that one, hoping that she would never again be locked into that slotted seat with a full bladder pressing her insides.

Then they approached another device that looked to Debby like a gynecologist’s table. It wasn’t that threatening, but she despised it even before knowing for what purpose it might be used. She remembered all too well trips to her doctor’s office when she had to lie on one of those tables with her pussy stretched wide. It didn’t even matter that she had been draped almost completely by sheets, because her cunt had been opened before his eyes.

“Here’s your second and only other chance,” Tony derided her. “It’s either this or the rack. You can either crawl up on this table and enjoy a little rest, or we’re going back to the rack. Keep quiet if you want the rack; bark if you’d rather lie down here.”

Debby didn’t want either. If she climbed up on this table, she knew that Tony and the other man would force her heels up into the stirrups. Then her pussy would be spread wide for them, and there was little telling what they might do. She could imagine them laughing and prodding at her poor, gaping cunt, then one of them fucking his cock into her cunt-hole. If it were Joachim’s massive slab of fuck-meat, it was going to hurt her once more.

But as terrible as that might be, it would be nothing compared to what she knew would happen to her on the rack. Once again, she could actually feel her bones hurting from just the thought of being caught in that evil device. It would tear the joints of her body and leave her completely broken.

So there was really no choice, no matter how much she despised the leather-covered table with the metal stirrups. A hard fuck, even by Joachim, was definitely better than feeling her body pulled apart. And Tony knew what she would have to decide. Once again, he had made silence her pathway onto the rack. To stay off it, she would have to bark like a dog.

“Arf!” Debby shouted the unnatural sound as loud as she could. She wanted no repeat of the riding crop to prompt her on. It was embarrassing, but it was better than both the humiliation and the pain.

“You do learn quickly,” Tony laughed. His lips were curled up in a grin that was almost a grimace, and his teeth glittered wetly.

Tony used the chain to pull his naked wife up onto the gynecologist’s table, and, as she expected, forced her feet high up into the metal stirrups. Joachim helped him. The older man walked around to her head and placed his hands on the top of Debby’s shoulders. He pushed, sliding her body toward the end of the table with the stirrups. As she scooted to them, the metal stirrups lifted her hips until her ass was off the bench. Her legs were parted, and the uncomfortable position lifted her pussy into the air and gaped it open.

Clamps on the stirrups fastened her feet into place, and Joachim began tightening the two wide, leather belts that strapped her down across her chest and stomach. When he was through, Debby couldn’t budge an inch in any direction. Until they let her loose, she was exactly where she would be.

Joachim disappeared from sight. Tony stood at the end of the table, checking once again to make sure the leg clamps wouldn’t slip, then reaching down and tickling a fingertip down her cunt. His fingernail flicked at her small clit hiding in the folds of skin, then his finger poked up her dry cunt-hole as far as his first knuckle.

“Joachim said that you would pick this over the rack,” he said, bemused, and continued to fuck his finger into her pussy. “He said if you did, he had a real nice surprise for you.”

Debby’s throat clenched. Her heart thudded in her chest. One thing she didn’t need was another surprise from the evil, old Joachim. She was certain that any present would come wrapped with a lot of pain. She should have known better than to believe that she could get by with a little fucking after being strapped to the table.

“Here.” The naked old man handed Tony a bottle of lotion. “Grease her cunt up real good. Even stick the head of the bottle into her pussy-hole and pour some of that all the way inside. I want her cunt as sloppy and juicy as can possibly be.”

Tony’s finger jerked from her cunt-hole, and he twisted the cap off the container. He tilted the bottle a foot above Debby’s shaved pussy and poured thick, white liquid down into her cunt.

Debby gasped. The stuff was cold on her tender flesh, almost as if it had been refrigerated to increase the shook. It continued to stream, filling her pussy, with some of the liquid leaking into her cunt-hole. It ran thickly down the crack of her ass. Her little asshole was drenched with the slippery stuff.

Then Tony lowered the bottle, pushing the neck of it right into her pussy-hole. The stirrups had tilted her cunt slightly upward so the liquid didn’t run out until her pussy-pit was completely full. When Tony stopped pouring, her cunt-hole was full of the greasy stuff.

“What’s that?” Tony asked as Joachim stepped in and nudged Debby’s husband out from between her legs. In his hands, he held a small, metal instrument that looked like a narrow funnel. One end was narrower than the other, and it was the narrow end that Joachim was aiming straight at her lotioned cunt.

“It’s something I devised during the past couple of years when I’ve had tc lay low without letting the townspeople know that I was alive. I call it my pussy-stretcher, and I’m eager to find out if it works. I tested it on a hole I cut into a side of beef, but this is the first time I’ve had a real, live cunt to make sure that it functions just right.”

Oh no! Debby thought wildly to herself.

Not only did the name pussy-stretcher cause her blood pressure to rise, but the device also might not work right and she might end up tattered and torn. He already had a pussy-stretcher dangling between his legs, and Debby knew her cunt couldn’t get any bigger than that. What his whole purpose was, she was certain she wouldn’t like it and she was sorry she had ever climbed up on the table. Now that it was too late to do anything about it, the idea of being stretched on the rack didn’t sound nearly so bad.

Cold metal slipped into her juiced cunt-hole, sliding in easily on the lotion Tony had poured into her cunt. Slowly, the tip made its way back to the end of her pussy-channel, where Joachim fucked it back and forth in tiny strokes. Joachim allowed it to remain still for a few seconds, and Debby glanced down through the mounds of her tits to see what he was doing.

One hand held the obscene device, while the other twisted its base.

“What are you doing?” Debby yelped. She felt the metal expand down the entire length of her pussy-hole. There was a small click inside her cunt that she felt rather than heard.

He didn’t answer her, but he did tell Tony what was happening. The metal device was a series of thick, metal strips with many of them curled inside. As the base of the instrument was twisted, one by one, those inside strips would be pulled into the outside ring. Each time, it added its width to the circumference of the device, making it grow bigger around. He twisted it again, and Debby felt the metal tube expand in her cunt.

It had started out as thick as Tony’s prick and had quickly worked its way almost to the size of Joachim’s fuck-monster. Debby’s pussy was feeling stuffed completely full and her cuntwalls were starting to stretch. She might be able to stand a couple more flicks of his wrist, but she knew that would be all, she could take. Almost immediately, Joachim gave her one more, then the next just seconds behind.

“That hurts!” Debby cried when the pussy stretcher had bulged to the size of Joachim’s prick. It wasn’t torture yet, but she was certainly in pain. All along the walls of her pussy-pit, flesh was starting to pull tight. If he had wanted to stretch her cunt, he had managed that and Debby hoped that he would stop.

Joachim had only begun. Another click and yet another, and Debby’s cunt felt like it would tear.

“Noooo!” she wailed as her pussy was gaped wide.

The mouth to her hairless cunt was hurting all around its ring, and even the walls inside her cunt were starting to hum as if they had been stretched too far.

“You can’t do this!” she screamed, as another click put more metal into the tearing device.

Joachim simply laughed at her discomfort. Using force, he wedged another strip of metal into the notch. Just that extra bit of size made Debby shrieked as if she had been run through with a spear. Her little cunt really did feel like a railroad tunnel, and the bones inside her felt as if they were being forced apart.

“More!” Tony gasped.

He stood slightly behind Joachim and watched. He could see every strip of the metal click into place. As they moved from the middle into the circumference, the inside of the tube continued to broaden. He could see all the way down into his tortured wife’s expanded pussy, and he wanted to see her cunt gape even wider. There were two more of the little strips of metal to be worked into circular walls. He didn’t want Joachim to stop until he had used every bit.

“Aeiiii!” Debby screamed as the next-to-last strip was forced into the wall of the tube.

Now, even a horse cock wouldn’t be enough to hurt her so much. If they had offered her a horny stallion right then, she would have gladly taken its cock, just to get rid of the tearing force.

“Now!” Joachim growled, and he twisted the base with all of his strength. Even his bullish power almost wasn’t enough to make the thing grow another notch inside her tortured pussy. But, finally, it turned enough to drop the last strip into place. Debby’s shrieks turned to little more than blubbers as she gasped for needed air.

“Arrrgh!” she gurgled in her fear-tightened throat. She didn’t know the device was finally fully open, and really couldn’t have cared. She was at her absolute limit for pain. She thought she was in hell and burning forever.

The funnel-like device was almost like a shirt cuff, now that it was totally open. Joachim rammed his hand down into it, forcing his palm through the bottom of the device. He slowly began moving the metal device up his arm. Once it was free from her cunt, his fingers unsnapped a clip and the pussy-stretcher tumbled to the floor.

Inside Debby’s pussy, Joachim’s hand closed into a fist. The mouth of her cunt-hole shrank, and clamped down tightly around his wrist.

“Get ready for some fist-fucking, bitch!” he snarled at her.

He drove his clenched hand to the end of her pussy-channel. It pounded against her battered flesh. It felt to Debby like a bowling ball had rumbled down her pussy-hole, while a horsecock still swelled open its mouth.

“Please,” she whimpered, clenching her eyes tightly each time his fist drove all the way into her cunt. He wasn’t fucking her – he was beating his fist into the end of her cunt-channel.

“Shit!” Tony hissed as he watched. “Your whole Goddamn fist is inside her cunt. Fist-fuck her until you make her scream!”

Within seconds, Debby was shrieking hysterically as Joachim’s fist beat back and forth in her pussy. The strokes back were almost as hard as those forward, with his fist too big to pull out of her cunt. Debby was being hammered in both directions, and it seemed that the fist-fucking would never stop. There was no chance for a cum to set her free from this torture. He could continue to beat into her cunt until his arm gave out completely. With the battering her poor pussy was taking, her mind would be the first to give in.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted from the blow at the end of each stroke.

“Holy mother!” Tony gasped. His balls felt like they would explode. The sight of his wife being fist-fucked was driving him wild. He grabbed his hard, throbbing prick in his hand and began rapidly flailing it back and forth.

Debby’s mind churned. Her whole body slumped loosely in the straps. She had given up, totally to this new, sadistic torture, and there was nothing she could do but mentally run away. Briefly, her mind counted the strokes, as if it were some way to bring the fucking to an end. She was only up to twelve when she passed out.

And still, Joachim pounded her pussy with his fist. Tony was whacking away on his prick. As his cum started to boil inside his balls, he glanced around desperately for somewhere to shoot it. He was so excited, he didn’t just want to blast his jism out onto the floor.

Urgently, he walked down the side of the table, never missing a stroke on his rampant prick. He grabbed Debby’s hair and pulled her face to the side. But even on tiptoes, he couldn’t shove his cock into her mouth. Instead, he pointed his cock-head right at her nose. It was only a couple of inches away.

His cock fired, pulsing gobs of cum right into his unconscious wife’s face. Tony’s eyes darted from side to side. He wished he could watch both the fist-fucking, and his cum splashing against her nose, at the same time.

Debby’s face was covered with sticky jism, some dribbling slowly across her cheek. One glob splatted against her closed eyes, while another leaked between her slightly parted lips.

But Debby never knew. At least, until she woke up. And by then, the gut-rendering fist fucking had come to an end.