Special thanks to…

James Wang, who helped me get this off the ground Mark Williams, who helped me bring it home Brian De Groodt, a voice of sanity throughout Rob Cunningham, who was there when the world was young Paul Ruskay, for an island on the edge of forever Jennifer Hunter, for seeing what I couldn’t Peter Watts, for showing me the difference Jenny Rappaport at L. Perkins, for fishing me from the slush Juliet Ulman at Bantam Spectra, for working magic and getting this to you

And thanks also to:

Jon Christian Allison, Alyssa Barnum, Michael Briggs, Karen Casey, Erin Cashier, Roz Clarke, Jessica Dawson, Lauren Doran, Tom Doyle, David Louis Edelman, Jerry Ellis, Kelley Eskridge, Faith Flanagan, Larry Giammo, Vicki Giuggio, Neile Graham, Nicola Griffith, Marc Haimes, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Leslie Howle, Graham Joyce, Simran Khalsa, Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Shannon McCall, Molly Mulvanity, Josh Pasternak, J. Michael Schur, Russ Selinger, Diana Sherman, Cassandra Stern, Susan Strayer, Rachel Vater, Melissa Vidal, Albert Williams, Sarah Williams, Susan Williams, and the Clarion West Class of 2007.

And to anyone I’ve forgotten—apologies, it’s been a long haul, but will catch ya next time….


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