Chapter 1

Virginia Hightower was giving her teenaged son a good look at her pussy, and getting really turned on in the process. She had always been an exhibitionist and had been thinking a great deal about exposing herself to the youth, but this was the first time she had actually done it.

Her husband and daughter had both gone out and Virginia was alone in the house with Jimmy. The handsome boy had been sitting in the living room, reading a magazine, and Virginia had decided that this was the time to make her fantasies reality. She knew that Jimmy was a horny young man, because she had found sticky evidence of hand-jobs on his bed sheets and in the bathroom. She knew it would excite him tremendously to sneak a look at her cunt and that, in turn, excited Virginia.

She had undressed upstairs, first, removing the slacks and sweater that concealed her voluptuous body. Then she had drawn black silk stockings up her shapely legs and fastened them to a sexy garter belt. She had selected a frilly, semi-transparent negligee and drawn that over her naked form, then stood before the full-length mirror, admiring herself and imagining just how her son would react to the sight.

Virginia, in her mid-thirties, was still every bit as sexy as she had been in her promiscuous teenage years. It made her hot just to look at herself, narcissism combining with her exhibitionist tendencies. Her green eyes glowed as she gazed at her reflection. The silken negligee clung to her curves, draped from her big, thrusting tits. Her stiff nipples stood out in twin peaks on the creamy mounds and she could faintly see the ovals of her areolas through the material. Her eyes lowered and she smiled, noticing that the outline of her bushy cunt mound could also be glimpsed through the semi-transparent and provocative garment.

She turned and looked back over her shoulder, pleased by the way the negligee clung to her heart-shaped ass. Turning to face the mirror again, she slowly drew the hem of her nightie up her flat belly, exposing her golden pussy triangle. Her crotch was a jungle of curly blonde hair, spreading out widely across her loins.

She dipped at the knees and parted her thighs, staring at her pussy.

Her cunt lips were unfurled like the petals of a moist, fleshy flower.

Her open slot was creamy and her stiff clit stood out like a stump in a swamp.

Virginia slid a hand up the sleek flesh of her inner thigh, then brushed her fingertips across her pussy. She shuddered at the sensation. Her lush hips jerked and she pumped her belly in and out in a fucking motion as she lovingly fingered her tingling clit.

“Ummmm” she purred as that stiff nugget swelled and rippled against her caressing fingers.

Although she had a handsome husband with a huge prick and plenty of sexual stamina, Virginia still finger-fucked herself a lot. She enjoyed her own body, her own private caresses. But then, Virginia was a woman who enjoyed anything and everything that had to do with sex.

Her heavy mane of blonde hair cascaded over her high cheekbones as she tossed her head, her face contorted into a mask of desire. Her green eyes were narrowed to slits, the long lashes fluttering, and her sensual lips were slack. She started to pant and her big tits thrust out, as if they were being inflated by the fat valves of her nipples.

Tilting her wrist, she slowly inched her middle finger up into her fuck-hole. Her pussy muscles pulled and sucked. She pushed her finger in to the knuckle and wriggled it around inside her steaming cunt.

She pushed her belly out towards the mirror and tilted her groin up, so that she could see her finger as it fucked in and out of her gash. She began to shove all four fingers up her pussy, brushing the edge of her thumb back and forth across her clit at the same time.

Waves of pleasure shot across her slender belly and ran like electric currents up her thighs. She bunched her fingers together in a phallic shape and fucked them all the way up her cunt hole, grinding against them. Her cunt lips spread wider and a wash of pearly pussy nectar gushed out, soaking her hand and wrist.

When she pulled her fingers out of her cunt. That hairy bowl remained spread in a wide oval and she could look right up her fuck-tunnel. The darker inner folds were all lathered with cunt juices. A slimy trickle of the creamy stuff ran down her crotch and seeped into the crack of her ass. Shimmering ribbons unwound down her thighs.

Virginia brought her creamy fingers up to her lips and licked at them.

The taste of her own pussy juice tingled on her tongue, thrilling her.

She dipped her hand back into her cunt, then brought it up to her mouth again. Her fingers slid up her fuck-hole all wet with her saliva and pushed into her mouth, drenched with cunt cream.

Caressing her pussy made her feel so good that Virginia was sorely tempted to frig herself off.

But then she remembered that Jimmy was downstairs and that she had decided it was time to give the boy a good flash. How wonderful it would be to feel the teenaged boy’s hot eyes on her body! How excited her display would make him, and her.

She wondered if Jimmy ever thought about her when he was beating his meat. She hoped so. And if he hadn’t before, she was damned sure that he would after he’d had a long look at her pussy.

Virginia, radiant and glowing with anticipation, gave her cunt a last stroke, squirming against her hand. And then she went downstairs to fulfill her fantasies.

Jimmy was slouched in an armchair, idly flipping through the pages of a sports magazine and feeling rather bored. He wished that he had a girlfriend, in particular, a girlfriend who would fuck. Jimmy was still a virgin, and quite inexperienced. He had dated a few naughty girls who had let him feel their tits and one very naughty girl who even let him have a feel of her pussy, but that was the extent of the horny lad’s sex life. Frantic with puberty, he jerked off frequently and with regularity. He usually beat his meat first thing in the morning, still groggy with sleep so that the hand-job had a dreamlike quality. And he almost always jerked off as soon as he got into bed at night. And quite often he enjoyed a hand-job during the course of the day. Jerking off was a lonely occupation, but it served to take the pressure off his cock and balls. It was better than nothing.

He heard his mother come into the room but didn’t look up from the magazine. Virginia came over and stood behind his chair. Jimmy was glad that he was reading a wholesome sports magazine instead of a girly magazine as the woman leaned over his shoulder.

Her fat tits brushed against his neck.

Jimmy tensed. He could feel the stiff tips of his mom’s tits brush against him. He blushed, embarrassed by his own reactions. Obviously his mother didn’t realize what she was doing to him. She probably still thought that he was an innocent child, he guessed. Wild images flashed through his fevered brain. As an infant, he had nursed on those big nipples-and how he would love to nurse on them again!

Virginia rubbed her tits against him for a moment, pretending to be taking an interest in his reading matter. Then she moved away. As she crossed the room, Jimmy stared at her swinging ass. He could see the indentation of the crack between her ass cheeks quite clearly through her nightie and he gulped. His big prick, a blessing that he had inherited from his robust daddy, gave a lurch.

Jimmy blushed again, ashamed and embarrassed at getting a hard-on over his mother. That was real naughty, he knew, but all the more thrilling because of it.

His cock hardened and rose up inside his jeans like a fleshy lever and his balls ballooned between his legs. He glanced down and saw that the outline of his hard-on was very obvious. He hoped his mom didn’t notice! But how could he hide a huge cock-bulge like that in his skintight jeans? The boy felt trapped and panicky. If his mother stayed in the room, he just couldn’t get up from the chair without revealing his booming hard-on. He lowered the magazine into his lap, shielding his disgrace.

Virginia curled gracefully onto the couch. Pretending to be looking at the television, she drew one leg up, her knee bent. She squirmed around, as if getting comfortable, and managed to slide the hem of her negligee higher over her lush hips, as if by accident.

Jimmy gaped at her, unable to conceal his fascination. His eyes bunged, his jaw dropped open wide and beads of sweat dotted his brow.

The way she was sitting, with one knee raised, Jimmy could look right up her nightie! He could see her bushy cunt mound and, in the shadows, glimpse a flash of pink pussy lips. The boy’s head spun. So much blood had rushed into the building of his enormous hard-on that his brain was starved for oxygen.

Virginia sneaked a sideways glance at her son and smiled as she noted his reaction to her display. Still feigning an interest in the television, she wriggled around a bit. She arched her back, thrusting her stiff-tipped tits out. Jimmy’s eyes shifted to her tits for a moment, then dropped back onto her creamy crotch.

Why was his mom’s cunt all wet?

His prick was pounding and pumping wildly. The magazine vibrated in his lap. He placed his hand on it to stop the motion and felt his prick jump vigorously. He was afraid he was going to cream his jeans. How embarrassing that would be, with his mom in the room!

Virginia scratched lightly at the sleek flesh of her inner thigh, raising the hem of her negligee a bit higher in the process. She was really enjoying this situation, thrilled at how much she was turning Jimmy on. Her pussy rippled, as if the boy were caressing her with his gaze. More pearly cunt juice oozed from her fuck-slot.

Now Virginia was as desperate to get her rocks off as her son was!

Jimmy was trapped in his chair by the prominence of his hard-on, and Virginia felt as if her body were glued to the couch by her soaking cunt. She watched his prick pound under the magazine and her pussy rippled as spasms of pure lust rushed through her loins.

She had known that it would be exciting to flash her pussy to her son, but she hadn’t expected it to make her this fucking horny! If she sat there much longer, she knew that she was going to cream, that her steaming cunt was going to just melt all by itself.

Virginia figured that it had gone on long enough. She simply had to leave the room now, both to relieve herself and to give the horny teenager a chance to jerk off. She got up slowly. She could hear her cunt squash between her thighs and wondered if Jimmy, too, had heard that moist sound. Her legs felt limp as she moved towards the doorway, and her cunt was like a smoldering ember in her crotch. She wouldn’t have been surprised if her pussy had suddenly ignited, bursting into flames, except, of course, that her creamy pussy was much too wet to burn!

With her lovely ass swinging sensually, Virginia left the room with her son staring after her, looking stunned. She paused in the hallway, breathing heavily. Her face was radiant with arousal, her body glowing in the dim light. She was amazed by her own fiery passion. She didn’t think that she had ever been so hot before, not even on that memorable evening when, as a teenager, she had sucked off the whole basketball team, one right after the other.

She started towards the stairs, then paused again.

It dawned on her that maybe Jimmy was going to pump his prick right there in the living room.

She smiled with trembling lips.

She had given the boy a stimulating sight, now it was her turn to enjoy a performance!


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