Chapter 2

As soon as his mother had left the room, Jimmy took the magazine off his lap and began to rub his throbbing cock and balls through his jeans. He thought that he should go up to his bedroom and jerk off behind a locked door, but his prick was so heavy that the thought of lugging it, unemptied, up the stairs was distasteful. His iron-hard prick was already jammed uncomfortably in his jeans and he figured it would be downright painful to try to walk that way. His cock was pushing the front of his jeans out like a tent and his balls were swollen so massively that his legs were almost bowed around them.

He decided to jack off right there in the comfort of the easy chair.

There was the risk that his mother might return and catch him at it, but that element of danger only added another dimension to the thrill.

Somehow, he didn’t think that she would be surprised, or that she would disapprove. It almost seemed as if she had deliberately flaunted her voluptuous body and exposed her pussy. It was shocking to think that his mom would do such a naughty thing, and exciting. He knew that she was a horny woman because he had often heard her wailing and moaning in the marital bed, and this wouldn’t be the first time that Jimmy had thought about his sexy mother while he pounded his prick to a frazzle.

He closed his eyes, summoning up a vision of her bushy, soaking pussy.

He rubbed his cock through his jeans add cupped his balls, squeezing them gently. He was so hot that he could feel the thick jism slashing around inside those swollen balls.

He drew the zipper of his fly down. His cock shot out of the opening like a guided missile, standing high over his belly. Jimmy refastened the waistband and his fly spread open in a wide wedge. He reached in and hauled his balls out. He stared down at his prick, amazed by how huge and hard it had become. Jimmy was fascinated by his own hard-on.

But not as fascinated as his mother.

Virginia had sneaked back to the living room door and carefully peered around the corner, just in time to see her son haul his prick out. Her green eyes flared and she had to stifle a moan of desire.

Virginia simply adored big pricks, and Jimmy’s cock was a fucking masterpiece! His balls looked huge jammed between his lean thighs and, rising from his loins, the stalk of his cock was long and thick and rock hard. Dark, pulsing veins writhed up the underside of his cockshaft and spread out under his mushroom-shaped knob. That massive slab of cockmeat was deep purple, glossy and shiny and throbbing. His pisshole was parted and a few drops of frothy pre-cum had oozed out and trickled down the cock-knob, like lashings of whipped cream on a plum.

Not touching himself yet, the horny teenager moved his ass and hips, humping up from the chair and thrusting his prick up over his belly.

His cockshaft was so long that the knob was standing nearly as high as his breastbone. A creamy ribbon of pre-cum slithered down the slope of his purple slab and ran down his cockrod, tracing the pulsing vein.

His cockmeat was slimy with his cum seepage, and it was a mouthwatering sight. Virginia began to drool as she stared at his hard-on.

She felt as if her eyeballs were going to melt from the fiery intensity of her gaze.

Her cunt rippled and flowed and her clit flared. The woman felt as if her loins were hollow, a void abhorred by her nature. Oh, how she would have loved to have her son’s gigantic cock thundering up her fuck-hole!

Wild, incestuous desires raced through her fevered mind and her fiery body responded. Her nipples shot out like rockets ready to be launched and a tide of pussy cream filled her slot. Her clit felt like it was being pulled right out of her cunt as it swelled and expanded. Her tongue slowly slid back and forth across her lower lip, flicking like the tail of a hungry cat that was staring at a feast. She felt dizzy with fuck-lust, not knowing which end of her voluptuous body was hornier, her steaming cunt hole or her ravenous mouth. Those two holes seemed interchangeable. Her tongue was tingling as much as her clit and her mouth was drooling as heavily as her pussy was flowing. Even her trim little asshole was rippling with longing for a load of cock.

Virginia reached down and cupped one open hand over her cunt slot, holding herself as if she were trying to keep her creamy juices from escaping, to contain her passion. She sank very slowly down to the floor, kneeling over her hand. She began to fondle her explosive tit tips with the other hand, pulling and rolling the taut nuggets.

She was afraid that Jimmy would hear the panting sound of her heavy breathing and stifled moans. But Jimmy, panting heavily himself, was blissfully unaware that he was under such keen observation.

He stretched out, his back arched deeply and his ass perched on the edge of the chair, with his legs extended to the floor, slightly parted. His neck was craned down as he stared at his vibrant cock. His hard-on was so huge that Jimmy was almost intimidated by it. His heels drummed on the floor and his ass squirmed on the seat.

His left hand slid down, curled around and cupped his swollen balls. As he fondled them, another glob of slimy cum squeezed from his piss hole, lathering the tip of his cockhead with quicksilvery fluid.

His right hand moved down towards his groin, slowly and tentatively, almost warily. He looked like a member of a bomb squad, cautiously approaching that smoldering stick of dynamite to defuse it.

His fingers closed around his cock at the thick root. He held his cockrod in his fist for a moment, squeezing and making the prick-knob flare. Then he gave his long prick a slow push-pull. His fist slid up towards the cockhead, then pushed back down towards his balls. As he stroked up, his foreskin curled over the ledge of his cock crown, and as he pumped back down that naked slab flared out like the head of a hooded cobra ready to strike, a fangless cobra with non-lethal venom bubbling out. At that first caress, his expression changed. His face lost its wary look and brightened with the pleasure of his self-induced sensations. He smiled. But then he stroked again and the smile faded away as his features twisted into a mask of lust.

His mother’s face was contorted with an equal desire. She knew that Jimmy was so horny because she had let him glimpse her cunt, and that knowledge enhanced her own passion. By making the boy so hot, she had turned herself on to the limits. She was trembling and shuddering. Her cunt was flooding into her palm as she cupped the slot.

Jimmy’s cockshaft was slippery with the overflow from his piss hole and his fist skimmed lightly up and down the cockrod, at first. Then he tightened his grip and began to pound his prick with vigor and concentration.

Virginia’s eyes were glued to his cockhead. She was desperately eager to see the boy’s potent cum-load spurt out, to watch him reach the creamy conclusion that, she knew, the sight of her own sexy body had inspired.

Her clit went off like a detonator in her palm, setting off a creamy explosion deep within her loins. Cunt juice poured from her cunt, spilling into her hand. The flow was getting hotter and thicker as her arousal juice changed to cum cream. She began to rub her pussy energetically, still pulling on her nipples with the other hand as she felt her cunt melt.

Her eyes closed for a moment as she reached the shuddering peak of sensation. Her pussy rippled and the heavy flow lessened. But Virginia was so hot today that a single coming on her own hand did little to satisfy her. No sooner had the spasms of her first climax passed than her cunt heated right back up again, ready for another orgasm.

And her mouth was hungrier than ever.

She drew her soaking hand from her crotch and held it under her chin, palm upwards. Dipping her face down, she pushed her nimble tongue out and began to lap up her own cum juice like a kitten at a saucer of cream. She continued to stare at Jimmy from the tops of her eyes, gazing through the web of her fluttering eyelashes.

Her own delicious cum nectar ignited her tastebuds. Instead of slaking her hunger, that creamy snack was playing the appetizer, whetting her voracious appetite. Lapping her pussy juice from her hand, she stared at the head of her son’s cock and longed for a mouthful of his cockmeat, followed by the creamy dessert of his cum-load.

That longed-for load was about to arrive, obviously. Jimmy was panting and groaning and shaking violently as his fist flew up and down on his prick. His thick cockrod was bucking like a bronco, damned near throwing his hand from the saddle. His cockshaft was so taut that it was vibrating like a tuning fork. It felt as if he were stroking a heated crowbar as if his fingers and palm were blistering.

Virginia was drawn to that sight as if mesmerized. The oversexed woman didn’t even realize that she was slowly crawling closer, that now she was kneeling there in the doorway, in plain sight, and in a compromising position, as well, squatting on one hand fondling her tits with the other while she stared at her son.

“Ahhh” Jimmy moaned. His body bridged as he fucked up through his flying fist. His slimy cockshaft was hissing through his hand.

The boy grunted, then gasped.

“Oooooh” his mother squealed, knowing he was coming and unable to contain herself.

Suddenly a great geyser of cock spume shot out from the head of his cock. The hot, thick jism flew straight up into the air. It hung there, suspended for a moments like a creamy cloud floating over him. Then the slimy cum fell back to splutter onto the youth’s belly and thighs-as a second wad spurted from his piss hole, as thick and abundant as the first.

Groaning and grunting, Jimmy pounded away on his prick. Another quicksilver dose squirted out each time his fist pumped down to the root. His cock lurched and a load of cum rocketed up past his contorted face. His fist slammed down and more jism hosed out.

Virginia was whimpering at the sight. She had never seen so much fuckjuice spurt out of a single prick on one ejaculation. His balls seemed bottomless, his vitality endless.

Moaning, Jimmy slumped back in the chair. The pumping actions of his fist became erratic and the jism jets shot out with reduced force. The cum was no longer shooting towards the ceiling, but was squirting out in a looping trajectory, splashing around his feet.

The final spurt of cum shot out. Jimmy kept on stroking, milking the last drops out in a trickle. They slid down his cock and onto his balls. He grimaced and shook his head as if stunned by his massive unloading. His head tilted and he looked down at his prick. Cum was no longer shooting out, but that mighty prick was still standing rampant in his hand and his emptied balls were already starting to fill up again. Jimmy grinned, satisfied. He had gotten so turned on by his mother’s exhibition that there was no way he was going to be satiated by draining his balls a single time.

His belly and thighs were all lathered with cum, shimmering as the stuff congealed on his flesh. His cock and balls were drenched, as well. He shook his prick, as if testing it for tension. At the first shake, his cockrod snapped like a whip. Then it tightened into a rockhard rod again.

Jimmy pulled his hand up and squeezed his cockshaft, just under the knob, coaxing a glob of cum out. Then he began to pump up and down again, starting a second frigging without ever removing his fist from his cockmeat.

His eyes closed. He was thinking about his mother again. Then he opened his eyes, and he was looking at his mother!


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