Chapter 3

As Jimmy’s fist flew up and down on his cockstalk, his head was turning from side to side as if connected by some internal clockwork, as if the root of his long hard-on ran right up his spine. His eyes were half open as his face swung towards the doorway, and then they snapped open wide, in shock, as he found himself staring directly at his mother and saw that she was staring right back at him.

Virginia, drawn to her son’s cock as if to a magnet, crawled right into the open doorway and was kneeling there, one hand up under her negligee and frigging frantically away on her overheated, sodden pussy.

Jimmy blushed in mortification. He willed his fist to stop moving but, already into the steady rhythm, that fist continued to fly up and down on his fucker for a moment, keeping to the habitual pounding action.

Then it slowed and ground to a halt on the hilt of his prick.

Realizing that by gripping the root, he was leaving most of his rockhard prick exposed, he groaned and drew his hand back up to the cockknob. He was trying to conceal his disgrace behind both hands, but his cock was far too huge to be successfully hidden. His bloated balls loomed out around one palm and his cockstalk jutted from the other.

He stared at her in horror for an instant, and then it dawned on the boy that there was no sign whatsoever of shock or anger in his mother’s expression. Far from it, she was radiant with fascination.

Jimmy frowned in confusion as the details of her position slowly registered on his vision. His mother had a hand up under her nightie and he could see it moving in her crotch, and her other hand was plucking at the plump tips of her tits, and she was licking her lips!

Virginia had blushed slightly, too, when she saw that Jimmy was aware of her presence. Her hand, like his, continued to frig automatically.

Her imagination leaped, seeking some possible excuse, wondering if she should say something, but what was there to say? Maybe she should crawl back out of the room and pretend it had never happened.

But she didn’t want to leave. She was raging with unholy desire, burning with incestuous passions. Any morals that the promiscuous woman possessed had all melted away in the intense fire of her fuck-lust. To begin with, she had only intended to give the boy a visual treat by exhibiting herself, then she had decided to treat herself to a little voyeurism. But now matters were getting out of hand, literally. What was incest, anyhow?

Well, letting her son fuck her would most certainly be incest. But what about fondling, touching, oh, shit! What about sucking? Her head spun dizzily at the thought. Her conscience cried out that it was wicked, and yet it was all the more exciting because it was so naughty.

She got unsteadily to her feet and walked across the room towards Jimmy. He stared at her with a mixture of amazement and embarrassment and fascination.

“Jees, Mom” he croaked.

“Don’t say anything, darling” she rasped, her voice taut and husky with emotion.

Standing before him, her legs apart, she drew her nightie up above the waist. She tilted her belly out and up, so that he could look between her thighs.

Jimmy gulped. Slumped back in the chair, his head was on a level with his mother’s loins and as he gazed at her his cock towered up so high that he seemed to be aiming across the cock-knob, like a gun sight.

Smiling wantonly, Virginia drew her hand up the inside of her sleek thigh and brushed her fingertips across her soaking cunt gash and swollen clit.

“It makes you hot to look at me, doesn’t it, Jimmy?” she whispered.

Then: “No, don’t say anything, darling, just look at my cunt, Mommy understands.”

She fingered her pussylips and they unfurled, rippling. Her clit seemed to be trying to shoot right out of her cunt slot and fly into his face.

Cunt juice filled her gash and ran down the inside of her thighs. She frigged on her pussy and her ass and hips jerked.

Taking her negligee by the hem, she drew it up and over her head, standing before him wearing only her dark garter belt and stockings.

Her golden-blonde cunt bush was framed by the black straps. She cupped her heavy tits together, lifting the firm mounds and deepening the velvet cleavage. Her thumbs ran across her nipples and they ballooned, rosy and swollen. She switched her hips and her ass churned. She slid one hand down into her crotch again, rubbing her fingers up her open pussy slit.

Jimmy couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought that he must have frigged himself into oblivion and was having an erotic dream. Yet it was far too real to be a dream. He could hear his mom’s wet pussy squash as she stroked it and he could scent the hot, spicy fragrance of her aroused pussy. He closed his eyes. When he opened them again, she was still there, and he groaned.

His hand started to move on his prick again, the motion automatic to a horny youth who was in the habit of beating his meat at every opportunity.

“Don’t do that” Virginia whispered.

Jimmy frowned. Since she was frigging her pussy, how could she object to his jerking off? She could scarcely castigate him for self-abuse, while her own hand was dipping up into her steaming fuck-hole.

Smiling again, her green eyes glowing like smoldering jade, the woman reached down and took Jimmy by the wrist and pulled his hand away from his cock. Neglected for the moment, his mighty cock pounded like a jackhammer.

Then Virginia gave a little whimper and sank down to her knees between his extended, trembling thighs. Her face tilted down as she gazed at his towering cock. He saw that her lips were frothy with saliva.

“I want to suck your cock, darling” she sighed. “I want to take your big prick in my mouth and milk your sweet meat and swallow all of your hot, thick fuck-juice.”

She glanced up at his face and smiled when she saw how her words had affected the horny lad. Her own face was hovering over his prick. Her eyes glinted. She was thrilled by her own depravity. She blew her warm breath down onto his cock and balls. His prick jerked and pulsed. She looked down at that succulent-looking tool, then up at his face again.

She was turned on psychologically as well as physically, inspired by the very wickedness of her desires.

Jimmy felt as if he were going to faint. His mother actually wanted to suck his cock! It was a thing he had fantasized about often enough, while he was beating his meat, but the incestuous reality of it left him stunned.

“Ummmmm, darling” the wanton woman purred teasingly. “Would you like that? Ummm? Would you like to have Mommy take your cock in her mouth?”

The experienced woman realized that such words could turn the boy on almost as much as the actual prospect of what they so lewdly described.

“Would you like to feed Mommy your cum-load?”

Jimmy’s lips moved but no sound came out. His vocal cords seemed as stiff as his prick. He tried again. “Mom, oh, jeez, yeah! Yeah”

Jimmy had been longing for his first blow-job for ages. The fact that it was his own mother about to give it to him made it even more thrilling. His hips jammed up as he shoved his cock towards her face.

Virginia blew on his cock but didn’t begin to mouth it yet. The depraved woman was savoring the preliminaries, getting hungrier by the moment. Her blonde head bobbed up and down above his loins, rising as the boy humped up, avoiding contact.

“Have you ever been sucked off, darling?” she whispered. “Are you a virgin?”

His voice failed him again. Jimmy nodded dumbly.

Virginia sighed happily, delighted that she was going to drink her son’s cherry cum-load. Milking off any virgin boy was a treat, but milking her own son was an overwhelming prospect. She was drooling so heavily now that a few frothy drops of her slobber dribbled down onto his cock.

Her fat tits were swaying over his trembling thighs. She slid up a bit higher and cupped her tits in her hands. Her nipples stood out like bullets. She leaned down and tapped one tit tip against the head of his prick, then rubbed the other against him. His cock felt scalding hot on her tit meat.

She closed her deep cleavage around his prick and slid up and down, squirming over him. Jimmy humped jerkily, fucking up between her heavy tits. His purple, mushroom-shaped knob came squeezing out from between her smooth tit mounds and slid up her breastbone, nudging into the hollow of her throat and tilting her head back.

Jimmy’s prick was already lathered with congealed cum from his handjob. Now, in the warmth of his mother’s cleavage, that fuckcream liquefied again, while more slimy drops oozed from his piss hole. As he fucked up and down through her cleavage, his cock was laying a slippery, glistening track all the way up to her throat.

His bloated balls dragged up her chest as he shoved his cock meat up her tit tunnel. Virginia reached down and took those huge balls in her hand, lifting as if to weigh the jism-load they contained, squeezing gently, feeling his hard balls shift inside the hairy sac. She whimpered as she felt his cum slosh inside his balls.

Oh, what a fucking feast she had ahead of her! Even though Jimmy had already drained his balls by hand, they felt as full of cum as any balls that the promiscuous woman had ever fondled. His iron-hard fucker throbbed between her tits, and his cockhead was like a slab of molten iron as it nudged under her chin.

Jimmy gasped and gurgled, jerking his cock up and down frantically.

Virginia was enjoying the preliminaries, but now she was afraid that the horny teenager might get his rocks off prematurely, shooting his cum-load before she got his cock in her mouth. For a moment, she wondered if it might be best to let him cream that way. Letting her son fuck her between the tits didn’t seem quite as depraved as letting him fuck her in the mouth, but it didn’t seem as wonderful, either.

Virginia knew that they might both feel ashamed of themselves, after it was over, but that was a bridge they would have to cross when they came to it. The only bridge that mattered at the moment was that tubular span of his cockshaft that bridged the gap between his balls and her gullet.

She arched her slender back, drawing her heavy tits away from his prick. Jimmy whimpered and humped wildly, fucking the air. She gazed down at his prick and balls like a hungry child peering through the window of a candy store. It was the most delicious-looking thing she had ever seen. His cockhead and stalk were already slimy with reheated cum, and thick globs were bubbling from his piss hole.

Virginia folded her hand around the root of his thick cockstalk.

Tilting her wrist, she shifted that mighty meat lever up so that the cock-knob was aimed at her face. His cock was far too stiff to bend and as she levered it into position, the boy’s ass jerked up like a boulder being pried from the earth. She stared down at his prick-knob, her eyes crossing.

“Suck my cock, Mom!” Jimmy wailed.

Virginia pushed her tongue out and tapped the tip against the underside of his cockhead, where the dark, writhing vein spread out under the meaty wedge of his purple cock-knob. She drew back, savoring that first taste.

“Yummy” she purred.

She tapped at his cock-knob again, slurping up the spunk that coated the throbbing slab. His cherry jism was scrumptious and Virginia moaned, her appetite whetted, yearning for the full load of his balls.

Now, having tasted his cockmeat, Virginia knew that she would feel no remorse or regrets afterwards. It was far too wonderful for that. How happy she was that this situation had arisen! Even before she had sucked the boy off for the first time, the insatiable woman was thinking ahead to all the delicious cum-loads she could suck from him in the future.

Ducking lower, she licked around his balls, savoring the musky flavor of ballmeat, subtly different from cockmeat. She lifted his bloated balls in her hand and slipped her tongue around under them. She slid lower and ran her wet lapper up from his crotch.

Virginia was starving for his cock and cum, yet she was in no hurry for the creamy conclusion. This was the boy’s first blow-job and it was the first time she would be milking her son off, and the naughty woman wanted to run the gamut of variations, to let him know the joy of a super suck.

Gripping him by the hips, she slowly turned Jimmy over onto his flank.

His massive cock swung around like the boom of a sailing ship, the slimy cocktip brushing against her lips. She turned him farther and Jimmy whimpered, frantic for the mouth, wondering why she was rejecting him now.

Turned belly down now, Jimmy felt his prick slamming into the cushion of the chair, heaving his ass up as if he were pole vaulting from his cock.

Virginia placed her open hands on the firm cheeks of the boy’s ass and spread them apart, exposing the tight brown bud of his asshole. With a little hungry gasp, she leaned down and slid her hot tongue up through the crack of his ass, then nudged it into his asshole.

Jimmy jerked as if he had been electrocuted when he felt his mother’s tongue plug his shit slot. His prick levered into the chair, shoving his ass back against her face. Virginia tongue-fucked his puckered asshole, shoving her tongue as deeply into his ass as she could. Her lips sucked on the slot, slobbering into his shit chute.

The tangy taste of her son’s asshole delighted her so much that she hated to stop rimming him out, but again she feared he might blow his wad too soon. She gave his shit hole a last slurp, then slowly turned him onto his back again. His cock rose up like a derrick.

Virginia tongued his balls again, then began to lick up the underside of his rockshaft. She flutter-kissed the underside of his cockhead.

Jism trickled down into her lips and she purred with the joy of it.

Criss-crossing back and forth against the fat vein, she tapped up and down his cockstalk again. Then she fitted her parted lips against his cockrod and ran them slowly up and down, as if she were playing a flute.

“0h! Ooooooh!” Jimmy gasped, humping up from the chair and slamming his cock across her pursed lips. His cockmeat slid up drenched with saliva, then pulled back down, lathered with more cum seepage.

Virginia whimpered, her taste buds going crazy. She slid up his prick rod again and this time, as she reached his prick-knob, she turned her face over the tip. Her tongue pushed out, raving his purple slab and pushing into his parted piss hole. She kissed the tip of his cockhead lovingly.

Then she let her lips slowly part, feeding his prick into her ravenous mouth.

Jimmy cried out with the ecstasy of it, the joy of having his hot cock buried in a wet mouth. Her lips collared his fucker just behind the knob and Virginia nursed with enthusiasm on the throbbing slab. Her mother-mouth was magic. He jerked and more son-slime oozed from his piss hole and trickled into her maw.

She held his prick by the root, her hand squeezing but not stroking his cockrod. She needed no manual assistance, wanting to do the job with only her mouth. She sucked hungrily on his cockhead, her cheeks hollowing inwards and her lips turning out around his cockstalk.

“Ummmmm, ummmm, ummmmm” she purred, going suck-crazy on his pounding cockmeat.

“Yeah, yeah, suck it!” wailed the frantic teenager, overwhelmed by the fiery sensations that were shooting through his loins and coursing up his thighs.

His heels hammered against the floor as he arched his back, then bowed forwards, flopping around on the end of his prick like a fish on a spear.

He moved his hand behind her head, as if to hold her in position, but unnecessarily, for there was nowhere the cock-hungry woman would have rather been, nothing she would rather be doing, and no way she was going to take her mouth off his prick before she got her juicy reward.

She had been mouthing only his cockhead so far, with his cockshaft sticking out between them like a bolt between his balls and her lips.

Now she pushed down lower, feeding another inch or two through her lips. She twisted her head from side to side, winding her mouth around on his cockhead like a pliable nut on a meaty bolt.

Jimmy humped up hard, fucking deeper into his mother’s magic mouth.

His huge cock fucked back into her throat and she pushed down, taking all of his prick into her mouth. Her chin brushed against his balls and her nose nuzzled in his wiry cock bush.

She gagged as that huge cock clogged her gullet, almost choking her.

But she held the full load in, switching her tongue against the underside as her lips worked voraciously at the root.

She pulled up slowly, her lips turning outwards as she sucked through every precious inch. His prick was dragging her mouth almost inside out. She pulled up to his cockhead and nursed on it.

“Ummmm” she sighed, adoring the taste of his cockmeat and yearning for his cum.

Jimmy fucked up into her mouth again and Virginia ducked down to meet him. Her tongue curled into a hot, wet bridge over which his cockmeat rode as it slid from her lips on back to her throat.

She tilted her head from side to side, taking his cock-knob into each cheek, in turn, then she took the massive wedge back down her throat again. She was moving in the classic blow-job action now, her head bobbing up and down on his cock.

She had already sucked all the congealed cum from his knob and stalk, but his piss hole was seeping freely now, coating her tongue with creamy cum. She let the sweet slime wash over her taste buds, then swallowed it. She thought she had already gulped down as much jism as the average man shot when he creamed, and her potent son hadn’t even climaxed yet!

His heavy balls swung in and slapped her under the chin, like the clappers of a fleshy bell. Jism flowed into her cheeks and slashed around her teeth. Her tongue was floating in a slimy swamp.

Jimmy began to whimper, humping furiously tossing her head up and down on his vigorous cock-thrusts. Her blonde hair fell over his balls in a golden curtain as he fucked every inch of his succulent cockmeat into her maw.

Virginia was in seventh heaven, loving this meaty feast, wishing that it could last forever. But she knew that Jimmy was going to blow his cum-load any second now. His huge cock was hammering and throbbing, his balls were inflated like balloons and the seepage from his piss hole was getting hotter and thicker and creamier.

She pulled up to the tip of his prick and, as if whispering into a meaty microphone, said: “Cum, Jimmy, cream my fucking mouth, feed me your jism.”

Jimmy groaned, inflamed by her words as much as by her sweet mouth. He fucked in furiously, tilting her head back.

As her lips pulled back to his cockhead, she gurgled. “Pour it to me, darling, fuck my mouth like a cunt.”

And her mouth felt like a cunt to Jimmy, and to Virginia, as well. Her tongue was as hot as her clit ever got, and her mouth longed for cum as much as her cunt. She slammed her head up and down in a frenzy of lust, gorging herself on her son’s cockmeat like a glutton.

His cock gave a mighty jerk.

“Here it comes,” Jimmy gasped.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Virginia wailed, pushing her lips down towards his balls as she felt his stalk expand and his cockhead flare out widely.

His balls exploded and the thick jism came rushing up through his pulsing prickshaft and shot from his piss hole so hard he almost blew his mother’s head off the end of his cock! The creamy tide flooded her gullet and her head slid up to his cock-knob. Her lips clamped tightly, clinging to his cockstalk just behind that cum-spurting slab as the horny teenager emptied his first dose right down her throat.

The cum warmed her belly like a fine cognac, and Virginia whimpered with bliss. But his jism had sped straight down her gullet, so that she didn’t get to taste it, and now she pulled her mouth back up towards his cockhead so that his second gooey geyser skimmed over her tongue.

Her taste buds sparked. She gulped the precious prick slime down as fast as she could, but his cum-load was too much for her. Frothy cum bubbled from her sucking lips and ran down from both corners of her mouth.

Jimmy humped up and down and her head bobbed to meet him. His fuckjuice hosed her throat and whitewashed her tonsils and poured down into her belly. The stuff was shooting from his piss hole in an unbroken stream, a solid rope of jism running from his balls to her throat.

“More, more, more,” gurgled Virginia, insatiable in her hunger for cum.

“Keep coming, drown me with your fucking cream, darling.” Her words broke off in a bubbling gasp as another load flooded her mouth.

Jimmy heaved upward and squirted a last steaming hot deluge into her mouth. His cum was so hot and thick that it felt like melted lead as she swallowed it.

“Umphff,” she gulped, as another creamy mouthful of cum foamed into her gullet.

Jimmy groaned and slumped back in the chair, his whole body shuddering violently and his chest heaving as he panted in the aftermath of his climax. His cock twitched, softening slightly in her lips. Virginia kept on sucking, milking out a few more drops from his piss hole, coaxing another trickle onto her flashing tongue.

Her belly was full of the boiling slime, and still she was sucking for more. Jism dripped from the roof of her mouth like limestone stalactites, gooey globs of cum filled her cheeks, and her tongue was bobbing around in cock cream like a pink raft in a swamp. Yet still she yearned for more. She pumped her fist up his cockstalk and squeezed his prick just behind the knob, forcing another slimy blob of cum from him.

Her lips pulled up and down on his spent fucker.

His cock was diminishing in her mouth now and she sighed wistfully, sorry that it was over. She nursed on his softening cockmeat for another moment, then reluctantly drew her lips away. His cockhead popped from her mouth like a cork from a bottle. The cockrod swayed back and forth over his belly, still semi-stiff. Virginia gazed at his prick hopefully, wanting another load even while her mouth was still full of the first. Although Jimmy had already creamed twice, his cock showed promising signs of vitality.

Virginia leaned in and licked at his cockhead, then tongued up and down his prick, gathering up the errant drops of cum that had escaped her greedy lips. She slurped a thick glob from his balls and lapped up a streak from his belly. His cock dipped down like a divining rod seeking moisture, then snapped back up like a rocket aspiring to the sky.

Virginia smiled dreamily, her lips all creamy. She tilted her head back and let the last of his fuck-juice bubble down her pulsing throat. She had swallowed so much cum that she could feel it sloshing around in her belly.

“I love blowing you, Jimmy,” she whispered.

The boy stared at his mother in awe. Then he grinned. It was naughty, but what the hell. If his sexy mother wanted his cum, he had a duty to feed her.

“I’ll suck you off all the time, from now on,” she said, her face all glowing at the prospect. “But we’ll have to be careful that your father doesn’t find out.”

But Jack Hightower already knew.

He had been watching!


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