Chapter 5

Jack had to do it.

It might be wicked to expose himself to his daughter, but the man was so frantic with lust that he had no inhibition left. He gazed between her legs. Her open cunt slot was overflowing and her whole groin was drenched with cum and cunt juice. His eyes shifted to her face, just as she tilted her head back and let the last of Randy’s jism slowly trickle down her throat. He glanced at the two young men and saw that they were in no state to interfere, even if they noticed his presence.

Bonny had fucked them nearly unconscious and, in the process, had given her daddy a hard-on that had to be emptied.

Jack pulled his hat down low over his brow, masking his face in the shadow of the brim.

Then, with his naked prick jutting out from his raincoat, he moved stealthily out from the trees. Drifting silently behind his looming cock, he moved towards his naked daughter.

Bonny wasn’t aware of his approach until he stood at the foot of the blanket. When she noticed him, she gasped and blinked in surprise.

Then her pretty face lit up with a smile when she saw that enormous prick jutting out from his raincoat. She glanced up at his face but, with his hat brim tugged low, she failed to recognize her father. The girl saw only a tall stranger with a gigantic hard-on, and thought her prayers had been answered. Her thighs shifted apart a bit wider and she held one hand up towards him in invitation.

Jack groaned, grating his teeth and clenching his jaw. Oh, how he wanted to fuck her! But if he mounted her, she was certain to see who he was and, despite his raging desire, he wasn’t ready for that.

He had to empty his balls before it was too late to resist her welcoming cunt!

Thrusting his loins out, Jack wrapped his hand around his cockshaft. He squeezed the cockrod and his knob flared out in a huge wedge. Moonlight reflected from the angry red slab so that it flashed like a torch. He pulled back, skinning the cockhead into a naked, pounding slab of gleaming cockmeat. Dark veins writhed up the underside of his prick and his swollen balls looked huge. Bonny gazed at that formidable fucker in awe. She had never seen a cock so big, balls so full. She was mesmerized by the sight.

“Fuck me,” she whispered huskily.

Joe and Randy, unaware of the newcomer’s presence, both muttered in protest. Jack tensed, struggling against the unholy desire that filled him. Then, summoning up all of his willpower, he began to pump his prick.

“W-why?” Bonny stammered, frowning in confusion.

Why was he beating his meat when she had offered him her cunt? She rose up and reached out for his cock, but he took one step backwards, staggering, still pounding his prick furiously. What kind of pervert was he, to be jerking off when a hot pussy awaited him?

Jack was so totally aroused from having watched his daughter fuck and suck that his hand-job could not be prolonged. His cockmeat began to surge on the very first stroke and the thrill rushed through his belly and exploded in his balls. Bonny saw the man’s mouth twist in a grimace, saw his whole body shake. She knew the signs and realized that it was too late, that his cum-load was on the way.

She lay back on the blanket and arched her back, ready to be hosed by his cock slime.

His fist flew up and down on his prick like lightning, and Bonny whimpered in anticipation. His cock was so huge that it was intimidating and she was cringing under him, as if his cock were a weapon leveled at her.

“Oooooh, shoot all over me!” she gasped.

“Unghhhh!” Jack grunted, slamming his fist back to the hilt of his cockshaft.

His cum shot out in a geyser. The first thick stream flew right into the girl’s open crotch and she wailed as she felt the steaming cum run up her cunt slot. It felt so hot she thought it would melt her clit.

Jack’s ass and hips jolted back on the recoil of that first spurt, then thrust out again as a second creamy torrent sped from his piss hole.

The cock slime skimmed through her cunt bush and poured up her belly, a foaming tide that broke in the cleavage between her upthrust tits.

Jack staggered forwards as his fist pounded back again and his third wad splattered in his daughter’s upturned face. Bonny gurgled and opened her mouth. Jism splashed on her tongue and lips and she gulped.

A squirt of the burning stuff slid up into her nostrils and she spluttered. Jack stood over her hips now, hosing her lovely face with the last of his cum-load, and Bonny opened her mouth as wide as she could, swallowing joyfully.

His balls sank in and his cum stopped squirting out. The last dregs trickled from his piss hole as he jerked on his cockrod. The frothy nuggets splashed on Bonny’s tits and clung to her nipples.

With a groan, he stepped back.

His balls were drained but his prick was standing and as huge as ever and Bonny rose up, pushing her face towards him with her mouth wide open, wanting to suck the slimy residue from his prickmeat.

It took all of Jack’s willpower to resist. With a moan of anguish and shame, he took another step back-away from her open eager mouth.

“Give it to me, please,” she pleaded.

Jack shook his head in torment. She was his daughter. He mustn’t let her suck his cock. With a strangled gasp of emotion, he turned away and ran towards the shelter of the trees, his coat flapping behind him.

Bonny stared after him in confusion and regret. She yearned for that stranger’s huge cock. But he had only jerked off on her and fled, and she couldn’t understand it at all. No one had ever rejected her before, it made her lust for the mysterious stranger more than ever.

She lay there for a while, braced up on her elbows. The whole front of her body from groin to mouth was lathered with his creamy cum-load. She scooped the jism up from her belly and tits with both hands, then lapped it out of her palms with her hungry tongue. His jism was so delicious that it made the girl’s eyes water.

And her cunt was bubbling with need.

With a moan of desperation, she crawled over to Randy and rolled him onto his back. His prick was limp, but she sucked it into her mouth and worked with all her skill and after a few moments that slick cockmeat began to swell in her mouth. She sucked him up hard as he lay, groaning and semi-conscious. Then she threw her knees across, straddling his belly. She guided his cock into her fuck-hole and began to ride up and down on it. He heaved up from the ground automatically as her cunt slid down and her pussylips spread out at the base of his prick.

Riding Randy’s rampant cock, she thought about the mysterious man in the raincoat.

Randy gasped and came, but his climax seemed insignificant compared to the unknown stranger.

The desperate teenager pulled her pussy off Randy’s cock and crawled over to Joe. Taking his cockmeat in her mouth, she worked him up to another hard-on and mounted him, in turn. Her ass bucked and churned and her thighs tensed and rippled as she rode in the saddle of his loins.

His jism shot up into her pussy and, still recalling the man in the raincoat, Bonny thought that it was a feeble cum-load to feed a girl.

Compared to the stranger’s cum, Joe’s cock cream seemed thin and cool and insubstantial.

Bonny milked him dry in her cunt and creamed on his prick, and yearned, still, for the mystery man.

Who was he? Why had he jacked off, instead of fucking her cunt or her mouth? Now that she had seen that gigantic cock and balls and been soaked by his tremendous cum-load, how would she ever be satisfied with less?

Bonny wondered if she would ever encounter the man in the raincoat again, never for a moment guessing that she saw him every day.

As Bonny fucked herself on lesser cocks and got more and more frustrated, the object of her desires was making his way home, filled with shame and remorse and guilt. How close he had come to incest! Yet he had resisted the unholy urge, and he could be proud of himself for that. Jerking off on her was not like fucking her. And she hadn’t guessed who he was and he reasoned that no harm had been done.

His prick was still hard and his balls were recharging themselves. The event had been so thrilling that a single hand-job had done nothing to lessen his fuck-lust. Jack was on his way home to throw a fuck into his wife, or so the man intended.

He knew that while he fucked his wife, he was going to be thinking of his daughter, pretending it was Bonny’s pussy he was pouring the prick to.

He was looking forward to his fantasy, too.

Jack had been a voyeur for years, but he had never had an experience as thrilling as watching his naughty little girl in action. And he wondered if he would ever again enjoy a treat like that.

He would have been amazed had he known how soon he was in for another visual treat, and who would provide it…


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