Chapter 6

Because he was wearing his flasher raincoat, suspect garb at best, Jack let himself into the house very quietly, wanting to get upstairs and change before he encountered anyone. And because he was being so cautious, neither his wife nor his son heard him come in.

But Jack heard them.

Standing just inside the front door, he frowned and cocked his head as he heard the juicy slurping and the heavy panting that was coming from the living room. Jack knew well the telltale signs of a blow-job in progress and for a moment his frown deepened, furrowing his brow. The natural assumption, knowing his promiscuous wife as he did, was that Virginia must be entertaining one of her frequent lovers.

Jack felt a twinge of anger and jealousy. But that jealousy served as a powerful aphrodisiac and a surge of lust coursed through him. His prick was already hard and now it began to hammer. He grinned. What did he care if his sexy wife was unfaithful to him? She could suck and fuck with dozens of men, as far as Jack was concerned, as long as he could watch!

He began to tiptoe down the hallway towards the open doorway through which the incriminating and fascinating sounds were drifting to his ears. He heard a low, throaty moan, and recognized his wife’s voice.

Then that moan was broken off into a fluid gulping sound and Jack guessed that his wife’s lover must be fucking his prick right down her throat. He wondered if he knew the man, or if she was sucking off some total stranger? It didn’t much matter, although he hoped that the lucky guy had a big cock.

Coming to the door, he carefully looked in, and damned near fainted from the shock.

His wife was blowing their teenaged son!

The vision scalded his eyeballs and the knowledge branded his brain. He had always known that Virginia was lascivious and amoral, but he hadn’t realized that she would carry her depravity as far as incest.

And it thrilled him to the bone!

Watching his wife suck their son’s prick was even more exciting than watching his daughter fuck and suck with the boys on the blanket. The man knew that he should feel scandalized, but he felt only lust.

He crouched beside the door, observing the scene in all the glorious details. He saw his wife’s sweet lips pull up and down on their son’s huge prick as she sucked the boy into the crest of bliss. With vicarious joy, he watched as Jimmy shot his creamy cum-load into her gulping maw and saw the cum-hungry woman swallow every drop. The sight and the sound drove him wild. His heart was hammering explosively, and he had to restrain himself from crying out words of approval and encouragement. He stared as she finished the job and watched her greedily tongue up the overflow.

He was ready to flee if either of them showed any sign of approaching the door.

But they stayed where they were. Jimmy’s cock was still hard, and Virginia offered to suck him off all the time, as long as Jack didn’t find out. Jack grinned at that, but it was a strained grin. He was hoping that Virginia would proceed to suck the boy off again, right now.

But then Jimmy grinned at her, looking far more worldly than he ever had before, no longer an innocent youth frustrated by his pubescence but a potent young stud who had learned the joy of sex.

“Jeez, Mom, you’re a great cock-sucker,” Jimmy said.

Virginia blushed modestly at the compliment.

“I never had a blow-job before, but I guess you do it about as good as a girl can, eh?”

“I like to think so,” she whispered, looking all dainty and demure, as demure as a mother could when her lips were all slimy from her son’s jism.

“But, I’m still a virgin,” the boy added.

Her eyebrows shot up.

“Oh, darling, you wouldn’t fuck your mother,” she said, trying to sound surprised, but looking delighted.

Mother and son gazed at each other in tense speculation, and a husband and father looked on hopefully, hoping with all his heart that he had sired a potential mother-fucker.

And yet another pair of eyes were fixed upon the scene.

As soon as Bonny had finished squatting on both boy’s pricks and got her pussy shot full of more cum, she had announced that she wanted to be taken home. She guessed that with a bit of time and a little effort she might coax one, or both, of the young men up to another hard-on, but she was no longer that interested in them. Having looked at the gigantic cock and balls and felt the steaming jism of the mysterious stranger, the girl saw Joe and Randy as feeble substitutes. She didn’t suppose that she would ever meet the man in the raincoat again, and it frustrated her bitterly.

As they drove her home, she played with their cocks and sucked them each a bit, but that was only out of habit, and so that she would not have her reputation tarnished by any hint of purity. She would have been deeply ashamed if anyone thought she was less than insatiable. It might even cost her a few dates.

When they drew up in front of her house, she sucked them both goodbye, promising to go out with them again sometime, but making no definite arrangements. She got out of the car, her pussy squishing between her thighs. The boys drove off to the pool hall to boast of their successful seduction, and Bonny walked up to the house thinking that maybe she would give her cunt a nice finger-fucking in her bedroom, while she remembered the stranger in the raincoat.

She opened the front door, and stopped dead in her tracks, gasping in amazement.

There in the hallway stood her mystery man!

Who was he? What was he doing in her house? She looked up at his face.

His hat was pushed back now so that his face was revealed. Bonny hadn’t recognized that formidable cock, but she most certainly recognized her mystery man’s face. The girl gulped with amazement as she realized that it was her own father who had been watching her get fucked and then jerked off and shot cum all over her!

A sequence of emotions went through her. The girl felt a fleeting embarrassment because her daddy had seen her taking on two guys at once and because she had offered herself to him so willingly, not knowing who he was and proving herself a tramp who would fuck a stranger at the drop of a hat. But he had obviously not disapproved of her lewd behavior, far from it! Then she felt a bit uncomfortable in the knowledge that her daddy was a voyeur and a flasher. But Bonny was far too naughty, herself, to castigate anyone for anything.

She began to tingle with the thought that her father’s eyes had been on her while she sucked and fucked and that she had turned him on so greatly that he had just had to risk revealing his identity long enough to empty his cock and balls all over her naked body. She could still feel that thick fuck-juice on her belly and tits, congealed to a milky film, and she remembered how she had felt as she saw the huge cum-load pump from his piss-hole. She knew, now, why the man in the raincoat had spurned her offer of mouth or cunt. Her father had, quite properly, been resisting the urge to commit incest.

But horny Bonny felt no such inhibition. Knowing that the mystery man was her daddy only made the promiscuous girl lust for him all the more!

She stared at his handsome, lust-twisted face, then dropped her gaze to his marvelous cock. Her flesh heated up and the congealed cum began to liquefy and get slippery on her belly and tits and in her tangled pussy hair.

What in hell is he looking at? she wondered.

His face was strained by lust and his giant prick was thundering as it jutted from his raincoat and the girl knew that something very naughty and interesting must be taking place in the living room. But her curiosity about that event was faint. As long as she could watch her daddy while he watched, she was more than satisfied.

Bonny sank down onto her knees beside the front door, in the shadows behind the hat rack. With her eyes glued to her daddy’s cock, she slipped both hands under her skirt and began to finger-fuck her pussy, and to wonder if and when and how she could get her father to fuck her.

Bonny’s brother, at the same time, was trying to get his mother to give him his first-ever fuck. Not realizing that they were the end link in a sort of visual daisy chain, the horny boy slid down from the chair and joined his mother as she knelt on the floor.

“C’mon, Mom. Let me fuck you,” he pleaded.

But Virginia shook her head. The oversexed woman was yearning for a cuntful of her son’s cock, but she was struggling against the wicked desire, not wanting to carry this incestuous relationship to the limits.

“No, darling. I’ll suck your sweet cock whenever you want. But we mustn’t screw,” she whispered.

Jack heard her words and gnashed his teeth in frustration. He wanted his wife to fuck their son!

And Bonny, too, heard her mother speak, and gasped as she realized what her daddy was so interested in watching. Her mother and her brother were having an incestuous relationship! It delighted the girl. If Mom could suck Jimmy’s prick, it certainly enhanced her chances of blowing her daddy!

But Jimmy, already sucked, was determined to get his first piece of pussy. It was obvious that his mother wanted to and he knew she was weakening in her resolve. Jimmy had never seduced a woman before, but he had a pretty good idea that his mom was not hard to seduce.

As they knelt face to face, he began to fondle her firm tits, kneading the mounds and then pulling his fingers and thumbs up to pluck at the stiff tit tips. She swayed and sighed. Jimmy dropped his head and pushed his tongue out. He licked at a taut nipple, then at the other.

Virginia moaned. Her hand came up behind his neck, cradling him to her tits. It wasn’t so many years ago that the boy had been nursing on her nipples for nourishment. Now he was nursing far more hungrily than he ever had as an infant!

His face turned from side to side as he mouthed each tit tip in turn, slobbering and moaning over her tits. Virginia arched her back, thrusting her tits out to his face. His hands slid up and down her voluptuous flanks and haunches. Then he dipped one hand in between her thighs and began to feel around in her soaking, smoldering cunt slot.

God! He’s making me so hot, she thought. The naughty boy is trying to seduce me! I’d better get his prick back in my mouth and milk him off again, before it’s too late.

Yet his caress was holding her to him, and she was reluctant to make him stop. His fingers slid into her fuck-hole and the heel of his hand rubbed against her explosive clit.

She reached down and took his cock in her hand. She pumped up and down, feeling the hard cockrod pulse. If she jerked him off, she could cool him down, she knew. Yet what a sad waste of cum that would be! She continued to hold his prick in her hand, but stopped frigging it. She pulled his prick out and rubbed the knob against her belly.

Spunk bubbled out from his piss hole and Virginia rubbed it into his hot purple cockmeat with her thumb, fondling his balls with her other hand. His lips pulled on her nipples lovingly and his tongue flashed out, slurping at her heavy tit globes and running up through her deep cleavage.

His head rose up and he licked at her creamy lips. Virginia sucked his tongue into her mouth, knowing she was only making him hotter. They French kissed, swapping saliva and tongues, as Jimmy continued to frig her pussy and she brushed his prick against her belly.

Desperate to bring the boy off before she succumbed to his seduction, the horny woman shoved her head down, mouth wide open, ready to engulf his cockhead.

But Jimmy knew that if she got his prick into her magic mouth again he would be unable to resist. The thought of shooting in his mother’s mouth a second time was thrilling, but the virgin boy was determined to fuck her.

He jerked his hips aside and his huge prick slid up along her cheek, avoiding her lips. Virginia tongued at his hairy balls for a moment, then started to lap at his prick, but Jimmy jerked away again.

Leaning forward over his cock, Virginia was off balance. Her heavy tits swayed under her, dragging her down. Jimmy gently pushed her lower, deftly eluding her lips. Her blonde head went down to the floor and her heart-shaped ass heaved up at the highest point of her posture. His hands were on her shoulders, holding her down. His balls were jammed to her forehead and his prick towered above her. Then, deft as a wrestler, the athletic boy spun around, changing his grip and twisting around behind her.

Jimmy was kneeling behind her upthrust ass, gripping her by her hipbones. She shook her ass as if trying to dislodge him, but he clung tightly to her haunches, holding her in the doggy-fucking position.

His cock and balls were jammed against her ass. He threw his head and shoulders back, clinging to her like a gargoyle to a curved wall.

He dipped at the knees, lowering his loins. His balls slid down into her crotch, pulsing in her fuck-slot, and his huge cock towered straight up over her ass.

He slid down lower, pulling his prick down towards her steaming groin.

His bloated balls brushed her curly cunt mound and the thick root of his cockshaft glided into her crotch, standing up at the right angles to her fuck-hole. Virginia squirmed under him, the curve of her firm ass pressed to the flat plane of his belly.

His cock slid lower and she could feel the massive knob drag into her crotch. She ground her pussy back against him, rubbing against the underside of his stalk and knob. That long, fat cock was still angled upwards, laid vertically up through her cunt slot. To slip his prick into her, he would have to draw his ass back, she knew, and she shoved her own ass out against him, preventing the movement that would shift his prick down into the angle of approach.

Jimmy hauled on her hips frantically.

“No! N-no!” she wailed, still resisting.

Her cunt hole was gaping wide open and flooded with cunt juice and she knew that if the horny boy ever got the tip of his cockhead into her slot, the process would be irrevocable. Even if Jimmy didn’t shove his prick into her, her fuck-hole would suck him in like a suction pump.

“Yeah, yeah,” he gasped. “Let me put my prick up your cunt, Mom!”

He tried to shove her ass away far enough so that he could lever his cock in. Virginia pushed back, jamming against his belly. She reached back between her knees and got a handful of balls, holding him tightly and further limiting his movements.

Jimmy humped in a fucking motion. His iron-hard cock slid up through her open cuntlips and the massive cock-knob came surging up into the crack of her ass. He humped again, running his cockrod up through her creamy crotch and then dipping it into the taut tunnel between her firm ass cheeks. He was jerking frantically, his movements exactly the same as if his prick were stuck up her cunt and he was throwing a furious doggy-style fuck into her, but they were not coupled. His prick was still at right angles to her cunt slot, sliding through the open gash and massaging her clit and then pushing up between her ass cheeks.

The big purple prick-knob, all creamy with fuck-juice, burrowed up the crack of her ass and jerked out. It dragged back down and nestled into the tight brown bud of Virginia’s asshole, flaring and throbbing.

And as Virginia felt her son’s cockhead swell and dribble in her shit hole, a wonderful idea occurred to her. Jimmy wanted to fuck her, and she wanted him to, but she didn’t want to commit incest. The solution was obvious.

She would take his cock up the ass!


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