Chapter 7

Virginia whimpered, thrilled by her own depravity, by the delightful prospect of having an assful of her son’s thundering prick. Her hand slid up from his balls and folded around his cockshaft. She drew her ass slightly away from his belly, her firm thighs rippling and, in the space between them, she levered his cockrod down into position.

Jimmy’s pulsating prick crown nudged into his mother’s puckered shit slot. The boy was vibrating wildly, his youthful body jerking on the end of his cock. He stared down and saw where the head of his cock was placed and gulped. Did his mother want it up the ass?

Her fist pumped on his prick and she pulled the flaring cock-knob against her brown bud.

“Shove it up my asshole, darling,” she rasped. “Stuff my shit hole full of cockmeat.”

Jimmy gasped at his mother’s depravity. In the hallway, his father’s cock jumped up so hard he almost fell over, and his hat dropped off.

Farther down that hallway, Jimmy’s sister moaned and her pussy creamed, and then began to heat right back up again.

Virginia was grinding her ass against Jimmy, urging him to shove it to her, yearning to feel her belly stuffed full of his pounding prick. The naughty woman had always enjoyed getting assfucked, and the idea of having her son fuck her ass had turned her loins to an inferno.

Gripping her hips and hauling her back, Jimmy thrust his prick out. Her asshole was tight and his cockhead was enormous. At first it didn’t penetrate. His cockrod was too hard to bend and he shoved her out on his cock-knob. For a terrible moment, the boy thought that it wasn’t going to work, that his cock was too fat for her shit tunnel.

But Virginia knew better.

Her tight ass ring began to ripple and part, adjusting to accommodate the bulk of his prick. She knew full well how pliable a shit chute was.

Her brown bud fluttered open around the tip of his prick. When Jimmy humped again, half of his big, mushroom-shaped slab inched into her ass.

He stared down in amazement, seeing the purple cockmeat flaring in that taut slot. A few blobs of spunk dribbled out, lubricating the passage.

He shoved again and his mother pushed her ass back to meet him, squirming joyfully.

His cockhead disappeared up her shit hole. Her tight ass ring collared his cockstalk, gripping him tightly. His prick stood out between them, spanning the gap. Jimmy held steady for a moment, feeling the way that her asshole was dragging on his cockmeat, pulling him deeper with no effort on his own part. His mother’s shit tunnel seemed to be digesting his cock in reverse, pulling him up into her belly.

Inch by inch, his huge cock vanished. Jimmy wondered where in hell it was all going. Her asshole seemed far too narrow to hold such a load.

He shoved and another inch slipped through her ass slot. He pulled back on her hips and fed her yet another thick inch. Her lithe hips jumped in his hands, as if that ass load was about to dislodge her hipbones from their sockets as he fucked more cock into her.

His cockhead was the fattest part of his shapely prick and it was blazing a trail, forging a passage through which his cockshaft could follow. The intrepid explorer of his cock-knob was sinking into unknown regions.

Feeling her son’s cockhead fuck deep into her ass guts, Virginia cried:

“More! Give me all of it!”

Jimmy heaved out again and the rest of his cock fucked into her. He was buried to the balls, her ass ring spread out against the root of his cock and his smoking hot cockhead flaring in the depths of her ass.

Jimmy held it all in her for a moment, feeling the rings of her shit tunnel contract around his fucker, rippling and fluttering up his cock from hilt to crown. Her shit track was molded to his cockmeat, caressing every inch, and his cockhead throbbed and smoldered in her ass guts. She wailed with the ecstasy of that assful. It felt as if she had swallowed a lump of red-hot lead. His piss hole was weeping and the sex-crazed woman could feel his spunk dribble into her ass guts.

She rubbed his bloated balls around in her soaking, steaming fuck-slot and jerked her ass against his belly. She felt as if her bowels had been cored out.

She pulled forwards, dragging her clinging asshole up on an inch of cockstalk, then jammed back to the hilt again. Jimmy began to fuck in and out. He hauled her back by the hips as he shoveled the cockmeat to her, then held her steady as he pulled it back out. He drew back until only his fat prick-knob was lodged in her shit chute, paused with his cock vibrating, then fucked it all into her ass again.

Virginia whimpered with joy as her ass filled with his cockmeat and she longed for the hot, flushing enema of his steaming fuck-juice. Her ass guts were melting on his prick. As he thrust in with an upward fucklunge, her ass tilted up higher. Then he fucked in from above, her ass down. Her head was on the floor, face turned to the side, mouth drooling. The residue of his cum that lingered on her tongue heated up again and, tasting his jism again, she had a fantasy that his dribbling cockhead was buried so deep that his cum was pouring into her mouth from inside her belly.

Her ass flew about and his hands slipped around on her hips. He reached under her and cupped her swinging tits and began to haul her back and forth. Her nipples were bursting in his palms, going off like sticks of dynamite, and he could feel her clit explode against his balls.

“Come!” Virginia gasped as she began to cream. “Shoot your sweet slime up my fucking ass! Pump my guts full, darling, feed me your fuckjuice!”

Jimmy plunged in to the core, rattling her pelvis and shaking her ass.

His mighty cock fucked into her as her ass guts dissolved around him.

He was dragging her asshole almost inside out as he pulled back. She felt as if his prick were pulling her guts out from her belly.

“Cream, Jimmy, flood me!” she wailed.

Jimmy uttered a wordless cry, then a gurgle and a grunt and a gasp, and she felt his cock explode in her ass. His cum splashed into her bowels in a torrent. She gave his bursting balls a squeeze, as if to help them pump the cum out, then moved her hand down into her crotch. Tilting her wrist, Virginia shoved three fingers up inside her fuck-hole. She could feel her son’s prick sliding in her shit track, through the slender membrane that partitioned her twin tunnels. Her fingers massaged his throbbing cock-meat as she finger-fucked herself.

He was pouring the spunk into her in a creamy deluge, hosing her bowels and drenching her ass guts. She could feel the hot cum flow in her belly.

Her cunt had creamed so wonderfully that she felt numb. She slumped under Jimmy. He continued to fuck his cock into her, but his balls were drained and empty. After a few more fuck-strokes, he halted and clung to her ass, panting. His prick was still jammed up her ass and he wondered if they might have gotten stuck together, like dogs.

But her asshole was far too slippery with his cock slime to hold him trapped. He pulled back and his prick came out as it had gone in, inch by soiled inch. His prick withdrew from her tight brown bud, all lathered with cum and ass juice. His fat cock-knob lodged in the slot for a moment, then that, too, came popping free. Semi-hard, Jimmy’s huge cock hung from his loins in a fat parabola, a coil of glossy meat.

Cum bubbled from her spread shit hole and trickled down into her flooded cunt gash.

Virginia twisted around, smiling. Jimmy’s prick was all creamy, and she slipped her lips around it and began to suck lazily, polishing his cock-knob to a luster, slurping her own tangy ass juices from his prickmeat.

Oh, how she had loved getting ass-fucked by her son!

Now they could suck and ass-fuck to their heart’s content, she thought, and still not commit incest.

But as much as Virginia and Jimmy had enjoyed that depraved act, her husband had enjoyed it every bit as much. And so had her randy daughter.


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