Chapter 8

As the panting and moaning lessened and Bonny knew that her mother and brother had reached the peak, the girl decided that it was time to act.

Her cunt had been creaming steadily on her hands, but a thousand handjobs could not have cooled her ardor by this time.

She got unsteadily to her feet, one hand still in her crotch, and walked determinedly down the hallway. Jack saw her from the corners of his eyes. It was difficult to look away from the delightful performance in the living room, but he forced his head around. A look of horror transfigured his handsome face when he realized that his teenaged daughter had been watching him as he played Peeping Tom on his wife and son. Then he realized, too, that she would have recognized his raincoat and hat, and knew now that it was her daddy who had sprayed his spunk all over her at the lovers’ lane.

Jack blushed with guilt and shame.

But then he saw that Bonny was smiling impishly, and that her skirt was lifted above her waist and her hand was dipped into her crotch. He saw his own cum matted in her blonde pussy bush. He saw that the girl’s fingers were sticky and that a pool of cum cream slid around in her palm.

Bonny had enjoyed the scene as much as he!

Jack’s guilt and shame faded away at that realization, but now a new dread filled him. Bonny was approaching, knowing who he was now, and with her eyes, still fixed, longingly, on his cock and balls!

More inhibited than his lascivious wife, as far as incest was concerned, Jack quickly jerked his raincoat closed. But Bonny continued to gaze at the massive lump as it tented the flaps. She was walking resolutely down the hall towards him, wanting him even now that she knew who he was! He took a backward step, in retreat, refusing to yield to the dark desires that flamed in his loins and his mind. Summoning up all of his willpower, he backed away from her.

Bonny was stalking him like a hungry tiger eager to feast on a fat, phallic snake. Her eyes were glowing, her tongue was gliding across her parted lips and cunt juice was streaming down her thighs. Jack shook his head from side to side but, determined, Bonny nodded up and down.

Jack had moved away from the doorway now, in his retreat. As Bonny came to that doorway, she paused to glance in. Her eyebrows lifted and her lips formed an O-shape as she reacted to what she saw.

Jimmy was on his knees and her mother was crouched before him, the fat coil of his semi-hard, ass-soiled prick looped out between her lips and his balls. The woman was nursing softly and moistly on that tangy cockmeat, her lips pulling slowly up and down the thick slab.

It was such a fascinating sight that Bonny might well have lingered there, enjoying the performance. But she knew that her brother had already shot his wad and she could see that his cock was already drained and, knowing there would be no creamy spurt to look at, she turned and moved after her daddy. There was nothing semi-hard about his prick.

Jack was backed into a corner.

“Let me suck your cock, Daddy,” Bonny whispered. “Let me milk you off.”

“No,” he gasped, clutching the folds of his raincoat about his loins protectively.

“Please? I’m so hungry for your meat,” she begged.

He stared at her, his eyes baleful and haunted, and she slid her tongue out to show him what he was missing. His hands trembled on the flaps of the raincoat and she thought that he was going to throw it open and present his prick to her. But then, trembling, he shook his head again.

He seemed frightened of his daughter, terrified by his own desires.

Bonny saw that he was resolute, and the horny girl sobbed with frustration.

But then she grinned again, wickedly.

Knowing that her daddy was a voyeur now, the naughty girl also knew just how to turn him on, how to make him so hot that he couldn’t resist her advances.

With a saucy flip of her hips, she turned and moved back down the hall, swinging her trim little ass teasingly, tantalizingly.

Jack sighed with relief as she moved away.

Then he groaned, as Bonny walked into the living room!

Virginia heard a footstep and, with her mouth still full of semi-hard cockmeat, looked up in alarm. Jimmy’s head shot around in dismay. He inhaled sharply. His mother did too, and sucked his prick deeper as she did so.

Bonny stood inside the doorway, one hand on her hip, drinking in the details. Her daddy liked to watch, did he? She was damned well going to give him something good to see!

And naturally, despite all his good intentions, Jack began to sneak back down towards the door.

“Mumpfff,” Virginia gulped, the sound muffled on a mouthful of cock.

“Jeez, Sis, get outta here,” Jimmy protested.

“Not fucking likely,” said the girl.

Virginia drew her lips off her son’s prick. Automatically, she started to admonish her daughter for using such foul language. But then she figured that would be rather ridiculous. She smiled sheepishly.

“I, I hope you won’t tell Daddy?” she said.

“I might,” Bonny replied, shooting one nubile hip out defiantly. She tilted her head to the side. “Then, again, I might not.”

Virginia looked puzzled and confused. Johnny’s prick was still rubbing around in her face, twitching with renewed vigor. The boy was appalled that Bonny had caught them at it, but it was inspiring his cock, as well.

“What-what do you mean?” Virginia stammered.

“It made me awful horny to watch you sucking Jimmy’s cock,” Bonny announced, speaking loudly enough to make sure her father could hear her. “I gotta get my rocks creamed off.” She gave a little shrug. “As long as you take care of me, I won’t have to tell on you.”

“Me,” Virginia gasped.

“Well, one of you,” said Bonny. “But it looks like you’ve drained Jimmy’s balls, and if he can’t get another hard-on, it’s up to you, right?”

“I, I… you mean…?” Virginia gasped. Game for anything, herself, she was startled to find that her daughter had inherited her sexual inclinations.

“Why not?” said the girl, grinning, really enjoying this situation, especially because she knew that her daddy would be enjoying it, as well.

She moved forwards, and knelt down beside them. Reaching out, she took her brother’s prick in her hand and drew it around into her face. She sniffed at the cocktip, licked it lightly, then sucked it into her mouth, purring as she nursed on it. Jimmy groaned and his cockmeat began to stiffen. Since his prick was stiffening inside her mouth, Bonny realized that it would be easy to suck him into another hard-on, and the thought was appetizing. But she was more interested in her daddy’s prick. Since he had already watched Mom giving Jimmy head, she figured a bit of perverted variety would be more effective in arousing him beyond all resistance.

She slid her lips away from her brother’s cockmeat and gave another shrug.

“He’s limp, Mom,” she announced.

Jimmy’s mouth opened. He was about to protest that, in fact, his cock was rising quite promisingly. But then he clamped his jaw shut, without speaking.

Jimmy, too, had the family genes.

With his balls already emptied twice, in his mother’s mouth and asshole, the boy was thinking that it might be nice to relax and enjoy watching a performance, for a change.

“Well, Mom? You wanna suck my pussy, or do I have to tell daddy what I saw?” Bonny threatened. “What’s the matter? Ain’t you never sucked a cunt, Mom?”

Virginia, who had sucked a few cunts in her time, blushed and lowered her eyes demurely.

“Shit, all my girlfriends give each other head,” Bonny was saying, knowing that information would thrill her daddy as he listened from the hallway. “I mean, a tongue is a tongue, right? Don’t matter what sex the tonguer happens to be, long as your pussy creams.” She paused, then added: “I’ll give you a suck, too, if you like.”

Bonny, because she expected it, heard her daddy moan, and smiled happily at how well her scheme was working.

Virginia seemed undecided. Bonny sat back on her ass and pulled her skirt up above her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties, she never did, when she went out on a date, and she spread her thighs apart.

Virginia stared at her daughter’s cunt.

Although, like many women of healthy appetites, Virginia always enjoyed eating out a cunt, she generally preferred sucking on a cock. But Bonny’s pussy looked so fucking delicious that her mouth began to water.

The girl’s cuntlips were spread open wide, peeled back to reveal the inner folds. Her cunt hole was drenched with creamy lashings and it was evident that the girl had recently been pumped full of plenty of spunk.

But that only made her pussy more appetizing to her mother. The blend of cum and cunt juice was far more succulent than either of those juices alone, the distinctive flavors enhancing one another.

Bonny’s clit was standing out like a bullet and her grotto was steaming and Virginia whimpered.

The woman shot a nervous glance toward her son. But Jimmy was staring at his sister’s cunt hungrily, himself. When he saw that Virginia was looking at him, he shrugged. “I guess you gotta do it, Mom,” he said.

“Otherwise, she’ll tell Dad. And her pussy looks awful tasty, anyhow.”

Virginia noticed that Jimmy’s prick was hard as a stone again. Since he made no mention of it, she realized the boy was more than content to play the spectator, making it a very handy family trait.

Virginia’s lips parted and perhaps she intended to speak, but she was drooling so heavily that only a gurgling sound emerged from her lips and a trickle of saliva ran down her chin. Bonny raised her skirt higher, baring her tits, too, and her mother leaned closer. The woman’s glowing face was between the girl’s parted knees, and Bonny could feel her warm breath waft up the insides of her thighs, into her crotch.

Virginia looked at her daughter’s naked torso and saw that the girl had been creamed on. Congealed jism matted her cunt bush and filmed her belly and tits. There was so much of it, including the heavy dose that filled her fuck-hole, that Virginia knew that her daughter must have been out with more than one guy that evening, that no cock and balls, no matter how potent, could have shot that much cum out. The thought that her little girl participated in cluster-fucks thrilled Virginia, who had been the centerpiece in many of them, herself.

Glancing sideways at Jimmy to see if he was paying attention, wanting her son to watch her, Virginia moved closer. Her fat tits brushed up the girl’s shapely thighs and slid into her steaming crotch. Cupping a tit in her hand, Virginia rubbed the taut tip around in her daughter’s cunt slot. Her rosy nipple brushed against Bonny’s stiff clit, back and forth, like two fleshy swords in a duel.

With her tits hanging in the girl’s groin, Virginia shoved her head out and began to run her tongue all over the teenager’s plump tits and nipples. Her taste buds registered the familiar flavor of jism as she lapped the cum from the girl’s seething tit meat. That jism was, in fact, even more familiar than she realized, since she sucked loads of it out of the very same source three or four times a week. But it didn’t dawn on her that she was slurping her husband’s cum from her daughter’s tits. She sucked on a swollen nipple, then switched to the other. Bonny’s pussy was flooding over Virginia’s tits and the girl was obviously desperate to be creamed, but Virginia was enjoying working up to the culmination slowly, lingering over the juicy foreplay. She licked up the girl’s graceful throat, then licked her panting lips.

Those sweet lips, too, were tainted by fuck-juice and Virginia moaned, inspired by the girl’s depravity. The woman’s heavy tits were pressed higher now, nudging the girl’s smaller but equally firm tits. They rubbed together, nipple to nipple, both writhing with passion.

Virginia began to lick her way back down, pausing to suck some tit, then moving onto her daughter’s slender belly. She tongued up the residue of the unknown lover’s load, dipping into Bonny’s belly button for a few drops that had formed a slimy pool in the shallow indentation.

Her tongue ran down and into the girl’s golden pussy triangle, rustling through the curls like a moist, pink rodent scurrying through the undergrowth. As she licked at Bonny’s cunt mound, her chin slid around in her creamy groin and Bonny moaned and jerked up, desperate to get her pussy plastered against her mother’s tongue and lips.

Virginia tossed her head aside teasingly, playfully. She glanced at Jimmy again and saw that the boy’s face was twisted with lust as he looked on, fascinated by the details of this bizarre family gathering.

Jimmy’s prick was towering up so high by this time that he had to push the cock-knob aside so that the fat purple slab wasn’t blocking his view.

Virginia adored having her son watch her misbehave. If she’d known that her husband, too, was an avid spectator, and approved, she would have been even more delighted. But Jack’s presence was still a secret to all but Bonny, who twisted her head around and grinned wickedly at the doorway. Knowing he must be watching, she winked. She knew that by now his cock must be so hot and hard that he would be desperate.

Virginia slid down, bypassing the girl’s sodden pussy and starting to lick up and down the moist flesh of her sleek inner thigh. She tongued up to the crease where the girl’s slim legs joined her torso and ran her lapper up that junction, licking parallel with Bonny’s open cunt slot but not yet making the vital contact.

“Don’t tease me, Mom!” Bonny wailed, jerking her hips in an effort to plaster her pussy on the woman’s face.

Deftly avoiding that fuck-slot, Virginia switched across and tongued at her other slippery thigh.

“Ooooo, suck my cunt,” Bonny cried.

By now, Virginia was as desperate to tongue that sweet pussy as the girl was to get tongued. She reached up and spread Bonny’s cuntlips wide open with her fingers, unrolling the pliable folds and opening her fuck-hole.

Her radiant face hovered only inches away from her daughter’s steaming cunt. The tip of her tongue slid out, flicking across her lips.

Bonny stiffened in anticipation.

“Watch me, Jimmy,” Virginia whispered huskily. “Watch me suck your sister’s pussy.”

“Yeah,” the boy enthused, leaning closer, his chin thrust out above the head of his towering prick.

And Bonny was every bit as much an exhibitionist as her mother was. The girl turned her head and looked over her shoulder, towards the door.

“Watch Mom tongue my pussy!” she cried.

And Jimmy said: “Yeah,” again, never dreaming she might be addressing someone else…

Virginia tapped the tip of her tongue lightly against Bonny’s clit.

Bonny gasped, shuddering. Virginia drew back for a moment, savoring that first taste on her tongue. Holding the girl’s cunt slot wide open, she leaned in again and began to lick hungrily at the creamy pussy folds. Using only the tip of her tongue to begin with, she traced up each unfurled cuntlip in turn, then flutter-lapped against Bonny’s clit. Her blonde head twisted around and bobbed up and down as she tongued the sweet pussy from different angles.

Her tongue shot up Bonny’s fuck-hole as far as it would go, wriggling and sliding in the sodden tunnel of lust. Virginia could taste the jism inside her daughter’s cunt, and she slurped it up greedily.

Her tongue slid across her lower lip, curled up the girl’s soaking slot and pushed on into her cunt hole, then flipped back out across her clit. Bonny shuddered with each electric spasm of that contact.

Virginia was moaning and panting, even growling, like a terrier shaking a rat, as her head ground around in that hairy grotto.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed as a steaming stream of cunt juice slid onto her tastebuds and bubbled past her lips. The cunt-hungry woman was wallowing around in her daughter’s crotch like a porpoise in a heated pool.

Bonny was going crazy with the joy of it. Her pussy had been tongued plenty in the past, by her randy girlfriends. But those had been just schoolgirl pranks, compared to the job that her mother was doing on her now. It was already the best cunt-lapping that Bonny had ever had, and Virginia hadn’t even begun to use her lips yet!

Bonny arched her slender back and tilted her pelvis up, her ass rising from the floor. Bridged, head and shoulders down and feet braced, she swung her hips, wiping her cunt against Virginia’s face like a hairy mop. Virginia was coated with a film of pussy cream from chin to forehead. She fucked her tongue in and out of the girl’s cunt slot steadily as that steaming snack twisted and jerked in her face.

Her sleek thighs clamped around her mother’s blonde head, closing in a soft vise. Then she threw them open wide again, giving the woman’s head free rein to wallow in her crotch. Virginia cupped her hands under the cheeks of the girl’s trim little ass and hiked her up a bit higher, as if her cunt were a creamy goblet she was tipping to her thirsty lips and draining to the very dregs. She gulped and gurgled as her mouth filled with cunt cream. She had already tongued out all of the jism from her daughter’s pussy and now the flow was unadulterated pussy nectar, and Virginia tongued it out greedily and wolfed it down.

Cunt juice poured from Bonny’s pussy and streamed down her crotch, gliding into the crack of her ass like a sluggish river flowing between the smooth, rounded walls of a gentle canyon. Virginia slid lower, her chin touching the floor, and began to slurp the overflow back out of the crack of her daughter’s trim, trembling ass. With her nose buried in the girl’s fuck-hole, she lapped at her ass. Pushing Bonny up higher, she stabbed her nimble tongue into the girl’s asshole.

Bonny wailed and jerked, thrilled to have her mother’s tongue frolicking in her shit hole, and Virginia moaned as she savored the flavor of her daughter’s ass. But, tasty as it was, Bonny’s shit slot wasn’t as delicious as her cunt, and Virginia gave the puckered bud a last slurp and then dragged her tongue back through the spread ass crack and into the girl’s foaming fuck-slot again.

Temporarily neglected while the woman did some ass rimming, Bonny’s open cunt hole was swampy with juice. Beads of fuck-cream gleamed on her pink pussylips like a string of pearls. Virginia lapped the stuff up with gusto. Then she parted her lips and clamped her mouth onto her daughter’s sweet pussy, kissing it as if it were a bearded mouth, lovingly and tenderly and then, with more passion, French kissing that fuck-hole.

“Ohhhhh-ahhhhh,” wailed Bonny as her mother’s mouth went to work like a sump pump on her steaming cunt.

Virginia’s lips were clamped to the girl’s cunt slot like a suction cup to a clogged drain, plastered there by a gooey paste of saliva and cunt juice. Virginia was nursing on her daughter’s cunt and clit more hungrily than the girl had ever nursed on her mother’s tits.

Virginia was panting like a steam engine. Her hot breath billowed up into the depths of her daughter’s cunt hole as she exhaled. Then she inhaled and Bonny felt as if her eyeballs were caving in from the fierce suction.

The girl’s hips worked like pistons as her mother’s tongue shot up her fuck-hole and her lips pulled on her clit with steady slurps. The girl gazed down along the arched plane of her nubile body, seeing the top of her mother’s blonde head jerking against her cunt mound, the rest of the woman’s face buried in her groin. Virginia’s lips were stuck to Bonny’s cunt like a limpet to a mossy, slimy rock.

Bonny was nearing the crest, waves of joy rippling up her thighs and across her quivering belly.

Through eyes glazed by lust, she saw that her brother was kneeling beside her hip, leaning over her loins as he watched his mother tonguing and sucking her pussy. His prick loomed up like a derrick, long and thick and gnarled, vibrating like a tuning fork.

Twisting her neck, she looked towards the door. She could see her daddy now. Drawn by raging desire, the man had moved right into the open doorway, to get a closer look. His prick was jutting out from his raincoat again, angled up before him. His knees were bent, his body tense, he looked like a pole vaulter about to make his run.

His cockhead was all lathered with seepage. But Bonny saw that he was not jerking off, and that he hadn’t creamed yet, and she smiled. The naughty teenager had great plans for her daddy’s next cum-load.

Then her smile tightened and her face contorted as the thrill surged in her loins.

Her clit tingled as if charged by a high voltage jolt. That electric current ran from the girl’s clit into her mother’s tongue. Mother and daughter both jerked, galvanized. As Bonny’s clit exploded, Virginia’s tongue flared.

Bonny was in the throes of a super climax and the thrill of it was passing right on into her cunt-hungry mother’s body. The rippling waves spread out into Virginia’s tingling tongue and shot on down into her cunt.

Virginia swallowed a load of steaming cunt juice and her own pussy tingled as if the stuff was rushing straight through her writhing, voluptuous body, as if the cunt juice she was gulping down was pouring back out from her pussy.

“Come, come, cream my fucking mouth…” gurgled Virginia, the words muffled and echoing right up inside her daughter’s melting fuck-hole.

“Creaming, Mom, creaming!” Bonny cried.

But Virginia, who was drinking that cunt cream so voraciously, already knew that. As Bonny surged to the peak, the sweet flow from her cunt hole was getting hotter and thicker and spicier and creamier, and even more fucking delicious!

Virginia was going suck crazy with the joy of drinking her daughter’s cum cream.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She gulped and gobbled, gurgled and gasped. Her mouth filled up with tangy pussy nectar and she drank it down ravenously and kept on sucking for more, her appetite insatiable.

Her tongue spooned the sweet slime out by the mouthful and her lips pulled wildly. Bonny’s climax was so juicy that her hairy pussy was splashing against her mother’s mouth.

A spasm shook the melting girl to the core. Drained, for the moment, she sank back down, sprawled out on the carpet, arms and legs spread.

A blissful look transfigured her face.

“Oh, Mom…” she sighed.

Virginia was still sucking relentlessly. The woman had become a gash glutton now and, with her belly already full of her daughter’s succulent cum juice, she still yearned for more. Her tongue flashed up inside Bonny’s cunt, swiping at the creamy pussy walls, gathering up the dregs. Her lips pulled on the girl’s slightly softened clit.

Bonny purred like a stroked cat as her mother, cat-like too, lapped at her cream bowl.

Then Virginia raised her head. Her eyes were glowing and her lips were drenched. Her jaws were dripping like a wolf looking up from a juicy carcass. Her tongue slide across, slurping the slime from her lips.

“Oooooooh, your pussy is scrumptious,” she whispered, her voice husky.

“I could suck you forever.”

“But I’m hungry, too,” said Bonny, significantly.

Virginia hesitated, torn between conflicting desires, still ravenous for more cunt but with her own cunt smoldering for a good sucking. She yearned to feel her daughter’s sweet lips working on her steaming cunt, but hated to move her head out of the girl’s succulent crotch.

Then she had a great idea.

“Let’s sixty-nine!” suggested Virginia.

And Bonny grinned with enthusiasm.


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