Chapter 9

Jimmy groaned.

He had enjoyed watching his mother and sister with an inbred voyeur’s glee, but now his cock was hammering, badly in need of attention. He had hoped to dip it into one of their fuck-holes. But it seemed that the women were quite content without his prick. He grasped his cockstalk, tempted to relieve himself by a hand-job, but then hesitated, still hoping to be invited up a cunt hole.

His daddy was even more desperate as he crouched in the doorway, his eyes blazing as they registered the incestuous scene, the images branded into his brain. His cock was harder than it had ever been before, even in the days of his desperate virginity. He felt as if his hard-on extended right down to his heels, as if his massive prick was rooted to the floor, like a tree.

Virginia dropped her creamy face back into her daughter’s crotch, plastering her lips to the girl’s pussy slot. Then, without breaking that sweet contact, she began to revolve. Her ass and hips slowly circled around, turning like a compass around the focal point of her head. Moving on her knees, her ass hiked up and her heavy tits swinging under her, she shifted around into the reverse position. She knelt beside Bonny’s eager, upturned face. Then she threw one leg across and straddled her daughter’s head.

Bonny gazed up into her mother’s soaking, gaping cunt crater and she began to whimper hungrily. Her tongue was flashing out even before they made contact and her lips were sucking as if they were already clamped on that wet cunt gash. Bonny had always enjoyed giving head to her girlfriends, as much as she loved getting it from them, in fact, her mouth being as horny as her cunt. But the very idea of sucking her own mother’s cunt was driving the girl wild.

Thighs rippling, Virginia slowly lowered her crotch onto her daughter’s face. Bonny’s tongue shot out to meet that juicy pussy. Virginia’s hips jerked and her pussy circled just above the girl’s hungry mouth like a hairy hawk seeking soft, pink prey. Bonny’s tongue extended, eager for that swooping assault. Then Virginia went down the final inch and her steaming cunt was glued to her daughter’s mouth.

Bonny sucked with joy, her tongue slithering up into the woman’s creamy fuck-hole as her parted lips pulled voraciously on the open folds.

Virginia’s ass swung from side to side as her belly pumped up and down.

She sucked with joy and felt her daughter’s magic mouth massaging her pussy.

And Jimmy could wait no longer!

With his mother on top in this inverted love scene, her ass churning, the woman was in the same position she’d been in when her son had fucked her asshole. The frantic lad crawled around behind his mother’s ass, following his jutting prick like a ship behind its prow.

Virginia’s ass cheeks were spreading open as she ground her cunt down into her daughter’s face, and Jimmy gazed with fond memories at his mother’s tight shit hole. But he could see her cunt, as well. Those hairy cuntlips were split widely and his sister’s tongue was darting in between them and the boy realized that there was room for a prick, as well as a tongue, in that soaking fuck-hole.

She might reject him again, he knew and feared, but it was sure worth a try!

He grasped his enormous prick by the hilt and levered the cock-knob down into his mother’s crotch, from under her ass. His flaring cockhead rested on his sister’s forehead for a moment, then slid down and nudged into Virginia’s cunt. The woman jerked and gasped when she felt a hot slab of cock-knob throb in her pussy slot. She started to raise her head, to tell the boy to switch to her shit chute so that they wouldn’t be sinning by incest. But her lips were glued so firmly on her daughter’s soaking cunt that she couldn’t seem to break the contact, and she didn’t want to, anyhow.

What the hell, she reasoned. If a mother sucks her son off and takes his prick up her asshole, does it really matter if he fucks her cunt, too? Smiling on her daughter’s cunt, she shoved her ass back against her son’s flat belly.

Jimmy paused, with only his cockhead pressed into her rippling cunt slot. He no longer felt like a virgin, having unloaded his balls in her mouth and her ass, yet he was, and the boy was savoring the expectation of technically losing his cherry, lingering over the final seconds of his hated virginity. He held his mother by her lush hips and worked his cock muscles, making his cockhead flare in her cunt slot.

Bonny, finding the cunt she was sucking suddenly stuffed by a huge cockhead, squealed with delight. She began to tongue her brother’s prick-knob and her mother’s cunt together. Her taste-buds went wild as they registered cockmeat and cuntmeat together. Jimmy’s piss hole was drooling and his pre-cum slid into Virginia’s drenched cunt gash, and Bonny was lapping those sweet nectar up in a succulent blend.

“Yeah, fuck my cunt,” Virginia moaned, her lips stirring on Bonny’s cunt, causing her clit to vibrate.

Jimmy began to edge his enormous prick up into his mother’s open fuckhole. As his cock-knob disappeared in her pussy, his bloated balls came sliding down his sister’s upturned face. Bonny lapped at his cockshaft as it glided through her mouth on the way to her mother’s pussy.

Bonny was in seventh heaven. The girl loved to suck cunt and adored to suck cocks, but this was the first time that she had ever known the pure ecstasy of sucking on both of those sweet delicacies at the same time.

With a jolt, Jimmy fucked his cock balls-deep up his mother’s clinging cunt hole. She sighed into Bonny’s cunt and Jimmy gasped, thrilled to the core at having his thundering prick enveloped in a hot pussy for the first time.

Virginia’s firm cunt muscles began to work, pulling and dragging up his cockstalk. The boy thought that her cunt felt even better than her mouth or her shit chute. It had been impossible to imagine anything that felt better than fucking her mouth or fucking her ass, yet it did.

Her cunt walls were sucking on his pounding cockmeat as well as any mouth and her firm cunt muscles were contracting around his prick so that her fuck-hole was as tight as her asshole.

The boy held every inch buried up her pussy for a long moment, savoring the joy of it. Then he slowly pulled back out, until only his cock-head was in her cunt, paused, then fucked in to the balls again.

Bonny tongued up and down the underside of his prickstalk as it fucked in and out. That fat cockshaft pulled out soaking with cunt cream and shoved back in drenched with the girl’s frothy saliva. He fucked through his sister’s parted lips and into his mother’s pussy with long, rippling strokes. His balls slid over Bonny’s face and she tongued them, thrilled at how full of cum they were, and eager to drink that cum out of her mother’s soaking cunt when her brother shot his creamy wad into that smoldering grotto.

Jimmy was shuddering under the magnificent double sensation, having his prick sucked and licked at the same time that he was fucking it up a cunt hole.

Bonny was vibrating with a dual delight, too, sucking and being sucked all at once, and sucking on a double load, to boot! She didn’t know which end of her nubile body was more excited, her mouth or her cunt, her tongue or her clit.

And Virginia, naughty mother that she was, was transported to pure bliss. The horny woman was eating out her daughter’s delicious pussy while that sexy little nymphette tongue-fucked her with gusto and, at the same time, her lusty son poured the prick into the depths of her pussy.

Virginia had been in threesomes before, and plenty of them, but never one as wonderful as this, with the frantic joy of incest added to the physical sensations.

And that three way fuck-suck looked good to the burning eyes of her husband.

Jack could bear it no longer.

The tormented man had to empty his balls before the fucking things blew up! A man who enjoyed playing the voyeur at any time, even with total strangers, he was driven to the heights of lust by this family fuckscene. Incest in all its forms, with a bit of lesbianism added, set the man aflame. He grimaced and gasped and staggered.

He reached down and grasped his prick. It was like trying to grab hold of a spurting firehose. His cockrod bucked so hard that it tossed his fist off. Groaning, he grabbed again, clamping his hand around the thick root of his cockshaft as if he were strangling it.

He gave his prick a slow push-pull. His hard-on seemed to be throbbing all the way from his tight asshole up to his flaring cockhead, like an iron rod that stretched right through his shuddering loins, transfixing him on his prick.

Jack thought that he was going to shoot with such dynamic force that his cum would arc all the way across the living room and splatter onto their naked, churning bodies. The thought reminded him of how, earlier, he had hosed his nubile daughter with a massive jism-load.

He wanted to move closer.

Still seeking to avoid incest, himself, although reveling in the sight of it being performed by the other members of his naughty family, Jack studied the cluster-fuck.

His wife’s head was down, buried in his daughter’s crotch, and his daughter’s head was hidden as his wife squatted over her face. His son’s eyes were closed as he fucked his enormous cock into his mother’s pussy. They were all preoccupied. Why should they notice a stealthy approach?

Jack began to creep across the room behind the battering ram of his pounding prick, stepping bowlegged around his bloated balls. His cockhead was dripping, splattering a string of pearly drops across the floor in his wake. He moved up and stood over them. His gigantic prick was casting an elongated shadow over his wife’s grinding ass.

A glob of spunk fell from his piss hole and splashed onto Virginia’s ass, but the whole scene was so creamy that she didn’t notice the added dampness.

Clenching his teeth, his lips squared back and his nostrils flaring, lack began to beat his meat.

He intended to unload his cum-load and escape before anyone was aware of his presence.

But then Bonny saw him…


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