Chapter 10

The thick cum-drop that had fallen from Jack’s cockhead onto his wife’s ass slid slowly down the curve of that heart-shaped mound and dribbled into her crotch. As it did so, Jimmy jerked his cock out through Bonny’s lips. Her eyes were open and she saw the scum glob sliding down from her mother’s ass and, naturally, craned her neck up as she pushed her tongue out to lap it up.

Looking up out of her mother’s crotch and across the fat rod of her brother’s prick, Bonny found herself staring up at her daddy!

There had been only one element missing from the wonderful family union.

A mother, a daughter and a son had all joined eagerly into the festivities and only a daddy had been absent, and now that missing element was at hand!

But her daddy was frantically pumping his prick. Bonny wailed in anguish, hating the thought that he was going to waste another cum load on a handjob.

She reached up, hand open, groping for his cock. But with her head pressed down under her mother’s grinding ass, she was unable to raise up enough to reach that giant prick. She sobbed with frustration.

Jack, seeing her reach for him and realizing that his daughter had seen him, began to beat his meat even more furiously, trying to get his rocks off before his willpower failed him. As his fist flew back, another fat scum blob dropped onto Virginia’s ass.

The sight of that preliminary seepage drove Bonny wild, knowing as she did how much fuck-juice her adorable daddy’s big balls contained and desperate to have it inside her. Bonny was not to be denied.

Bracing her feet flat against the floor and surging up like a wrestler bridging out from under a pin, Bonny began to turn the whole cluster over.

Virginia’s ass turned. One lush hip came up and the other twisted down.

Thinking that Bonny wanted to sixty-nine in a different position, flanks on the floor, the woman twisted to aid the revolution, not knowing that there was a factor of which she was as yet unaware, nor knowing that her daughter had ulterior motives in this shifting of the cluster.

Jimmy’s cock was buried up Virginia’s fuck-hole and as her ass and hips turned over, the boy was jerked on the end of his prick like a weight on the end of a crowbar. He toppled and fell onto his side on the floor, still fucking in and out of her pussy without missing a single stroke. Now he was throwing a backskuttle into his mother, and loving every stroke, not giving a damn what position they fucked in, as long as his tormented prick was still up her cunt.

And Bonny was in the same position as her mother, except that there was no prick up her cunt.

With her mouth still clamped on Virginia’s cunt, she slid the top of her radiant face out from the woman’s crotch and smiled up at her daddy.

Jack gulped and his hand slipped off his rampaging prick. He watched his son pump the meat into his wife and saw that his daughter was available for a similar coupling, and smiling in happy anticipation of it.

To his credit, Jack had done his best. But now his will power melted in the inferno of his lust and only one force motivated him, that unholy compulsion to shove his cock up his daughter’s fuck-hole.

Jack grasped his cock at the hilt again, as if it were a spear that had impaled him. Grimacing, he sank down to his knees behind Bonny. She wriggled her pert little ass about invitingly. Then her father dropped onto his side on the floor, lying behind the girl. His cock was jammed into the trim crack of the girl’s shapely ass. He held her by the hips and leaned forward, gazing over her shoulder.

With her daddy’s eyes upon her, Bonny squealed and began to slurp away with renewed gusto. Jack watched his son’s fat prick fucking in and out of his wife’s soaking cunt, while his daughter’s nimble pink tongue fluttered all over both of them at the same time.

Jimmy’s thick prick pulled out, distending his mother’s cuntlips. Bonny lapped at her mother’s clit and licked up and down her brother’s rod.

Then Jimmy plunged back in to the root and Bonny tongued his swollen scumbags and licked at her mother’s cuntlips. She slid her tongue right up into the woman’s steaming fuckbox, next to Jimmy’s prick.

Jack groaned and jerked his hips down, dragging his cock through the crack of his daughter’s ass and dipping into her smoldering crotch.

A muffled cry of surprise came from Virginia’s busy lips as, suddenly and unexpectedly, a new prick was brought into play. She drew her face back slightly, staring at the massive intruder.

She recognized her husband’s cock and balls.

Holy shit, thought Virginia. Jack is going to fuck Bonny! She was actually shocked, for a second. But then she grinned with delight at the prospect. After all, she was fucking her son, and why should the other half of this family scene be neglected? She leaned in again.

Looking over his mother’s shoulder as he fucked into her pussy, Jimmy blinked and frowned when he realized that another prick had joined into the cluster. He raised his head and looked over his mother’s lush flank and saw that it was his father who had provided the new meat. Jimmy was startled. But he was already a motherfucker and he saw no reason why his daddy shouldn’t be a daughterfucker.

Virginia and Jimmy both gazed into Bonny’s steaming groin as Jack inched his cockhead into her cunt. The big prick knob flared, spreading her pussylips. Cum bubbled from his pisshole and seeped into the girl’s pink slot.

“Put it in me, Daddy!” squealed Bonny, thrashing her ass against his belly.

“Oooooh, yeah, fuck the little bitch, Jack!” Virginia cried, with enthusiasm, approving and encouraging the final linkage of this incestuous clusterfuck.

“Yeah, Dad, fuck her ass off!” Jimmy rasped, fucking his prick up his mother’s pussy and feeling his sister’s tongue play over them both.

Virginia leaned in and began to wash Jack’s cockhead with her frothy tongue. The purple prickmeat glistened with her saliva. She lapped down the underside of his cockshaft, licking along the writhing vein, and tongued his swollen scumbags as she came to them at the hilt of his prick.

Jack slid his prick up his daughter’s gash slowly, fucking in inch by precious inch.

Bonny wailed with the joy of it all. The girl had had plenty of cockmeat up her pussy in the brief time that she had been fucking so promiscuously, but no cock had ever stuffed her cunt hole so full, nor probed so deeply. She felt like a virgin being deflowered all over again as her dad’s long, thick cock slid into cherry territory.

With a jerk, Jack buried his prick. Bonny gurgled, feeling stuffed to the core, like a boa constrictor that had swallowed a pig. Her cunt fluttered around him, molding itself to the outline of his cockhead and stalk, massaging and sucking on his smoking hot prickmeat.

She pulled her pussy up through an inch of shaft, then pushed back down, frigging herself on her father’s cock even before he started to move. Then Jack grabbed and began to pour the prick to her fuck-hole with gusto.

Virginia drew her head back to watch for a few strokes, then ducked in and began to lap greedily at her daughter’s cunt slot and clit, slurping on her husband’s soaking cock.

Jack was in total ecstasy. What more could a man want? He had the joy of his daughter’s sucking cunt hole and his wife’s nimble tongue on his meat rack, while his eyes were feasting on the other end of the coupling. He saw his son’s cock fucking in and out of his wife’s pussy, while his naughty little girl licked and sucked on them both.

This was a sixty-nine with a vengeance.

Jack began to soar toward the heights of sensation. The thrill lashed through his loins and his cock swelled even bigger in his daughter’s pussy. Bonny thought that his enormous cock must be plunging right up into her body cavity, shoving her heart and lungs aside to make room.

She felt fucked through and through.

Bonny and Virginia were already creaming, coming on cockmeat and tongue. Jimmy’s prick pulled out, drenched with girl cum, and his sister lapped it from him with relish.

Jack watched his daughter tongue up her mother’s slime from her brother’s cock and the sight inspired him anew. He jolted into Bonny so violently that he rattled her bones.

Jimmy, having started first, reached the crest first. His balls erupted and his fuck-juice squirted into his mother’s steaming scumbox. As his fat prick pumped in, the hot, thick cock spume poured from her wellstuffed pussy slot.

Bonny’s tongue went wild as she feasted on the succulent stuff.

Watching his son shoot into his wife while his daughter lapped up the overflow, Jack howled like a beast in torment. His balls were so solid that they were rolling into Bonny’s groin like cannonballs. He fucked in hard and howled again as his cum shot into Bonny’s belly. The girl squealed as she felt that steaming slime hose her fuck-hole. She churned against her daddy.

He pumped in, spurting load after load up into her cunt. His jism was thick as whipped cream, heavy as lead. His scum bags poured the gunk out by the gallon.

Each time his spurting cockmeat stuffed her to the core, Bonny creamed again, her pussy going off.

Jimmy’s prick, drained at last, slipped out of his mother’s cunt, and Bonny slurped his cock into her mouth, sucking the cum and cunt juice with relish. Her pussy sucked more slime out of her daddy’s pisshole.

Then she pulled her lips off her brother’s sweet meat and clamped her open mouth onto her mother’s cum-filled gash and sucked her hot fuckhole hungrily.

Jack, gasping with a final creamy spurt, emptied the last of his fuckjuice into the girl. He lay, panting, as Virginia lapped up the overflow from her daughter’s pussy and polished his cockhead.

Still linked together, the happy family waited eagerly for their vigor to return, thrilled by what they had done and anticipating doing it again and again.

They had found the perfect answer to the naughty desires that they shared, breaking all the taboos. If it was wrong, who cared? And who could blame them, after all?

It was bred in them.

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