Jennifer’s school was new, modern and characterless – brick squares and glass oblongs, functional and plain. The school library, however, was totally different. It was older than the school and had originally been the town’s public library. When a new and larger library was given to the town by a local lad who had gone away and made his fortune and never returned but, out of guilt, had a modern architect design a modern – plain and functional and ugly – Library, the older library had been used as the foundation of a new school built around it. Thus, right in the center of the low, square schoolhouse, the old doomed, vaulted stone library remained.

The library was so out of place that stepping into it, from the school corridors, was like traveling through time, returning to more gracious ages. The main room was large, with tall, conical windows and a veritable maze of bookshelves in which an unwary researcher could become lost. Many of the original books were still there, not having been transferred to the new public library and no one had yet catalogued them. The school books and reference works necessary for students were all at the front. The shelves in the back were an unknown wilderness.

That was why the library was kept locked when the librarian was not there. It was feared that unsupervised students might wander into the back and discover unwholesome volumes or lascivious tomes. It was even rumored that a copy of Fanny Hill lurked somewhere in those shelves and it had been whispered that Frank Harris’ biography lay, like a vein of gold in a cleft, somewhere within those high stone walls.

Now Jennifer Hastings moved into that mysterious jungle of wood and stone and leather, not seeking a book, but looking for a comfortable place to give her pussy some welcome attention.

Halfway along a cross-corridor, she found a padded leather bench that looked just right. She looked up and down the corridor, automatically, even though she knew that she was alone in the library. The idea of finger fucking herself in a public place was exciting, but she certainly didn’t want to be caught at it.

She removed a book from the shelf behind the bench, then drew the opposing book out, so that there was a clear space through which she could look toward the front of the library. It gave her a perfect view of the door and the librarian’s desk, as she had hoped. Just in case a teacher or the librarian was to come in unexpectedly, Jennifer would be able to spot them and take evasive action. If she were found among the books she might be scolded, but at least by that time she would have had a chance to cover up her cunt.

It was a nice spot for pussy playing, she thought. Sunlight from the tall windows ran along the colored spines of ancient leather volumes, leaving the bench in shadows. Dust motes danced in the light. It was very quiet. She wondered if the suction sounds that her fingers made as they pushed up her cunt would echo in the room.

She lifted her skirt.

She pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. They were already soaked at the crotch-band, but she folded them neatly and put them in her handbag. She sat down on the bench, her skirt above her waist. She leaned down, looking at her pussy. She felt a great affection for her hairy, juicy cunt. It gave her so much pleasure. She was looking forward to giving it to some handsome young man. She looked at her pussy for a while. Her cunt rippled under her gaze, as if her vision were a laser beam, warming that creamy cunt by visual caress.

She was leaning right down over her groin, so close that she could feel the heat of her pussy wafting up into her face, steaming under her chin. If only she could have bent down a few more inches, she would have been able to use her tongue on her clit and that idea made her tremble. But she had tried it in the past and knew that she could not quite manage it, and that it was so frustrating to make the attempt and have her hot tongue fall just short of the mark. Maybe she would start practicing yoga, she thought. She wondered if nimble acrobats and lithe contortionists and ballet dancers went down on themselves? She figured that they probably did.

She would have loved to see a woman tongue herself!

Why, she might even give her a hand.

That fantasy sprang into her mind and it was as exciting as any of them. Jennifer decided that she would think about licking a cunt while she frigged herself off. She spread her cunt lips apart with her fingers and gazed up the open slot at the dark inner flesh, streaked with silvery juice. She pretended that it was another girl’s cunt and that she was just about to clamp her mouth on it like a suction cup and suck and tongue until the woman creamed. Her pussy flooded with cunt juice.

She was just about to start finger fucking herself when she heard the door open.

Damn! She thought.

She wasn’t worried about being found there. The worst thing she could be accused of was looking for naughty literature. But she had really been looking forward to giving herself an orgasm and it annoyed and frustrated her to be interrupted.

Maybe whoever it was wouldn’t stay.

She got up and lowered her skin, then peered through the gap in the bookshelves to see who had come in.

It was the librarian.

Miss Julia Childress was only about thirty years old, but she looked older because she effected the style of the traditional, unmarried librarian, the classic spinster. She wore no make up whatsoever, and she kept her hair pulled severely back into an old-fashioned knot. She always wore plain tweedy skirts and high-necked blouses under utilitarian cardigans. Jennifer had never really taken much notice of the woman. She was just part of the furnishings, of the library, as unremarkable as a filing cabinet or a chair.

But she looked different today.

For one thing, she was smiling.

Jennifer watched through the slot, hoping that Miss Childress had simply come to fetch something and would go out again in a moment, so that she could get on with her hand job in peace.

Miss Childress moved over to her desk. Then she did an unusual thing. She plucked at the back of her severe hair style and it came loose. Her hair tumbled down, long and silken, a rich auburn color.

Jennifer was amazed at the transformation in the woman. She had instantly become a pretty young lady instead of a dried-up spinster. The loose hair and the mysterious smile had totally altered her appearance. Jennifer wondered if the woman had a life separate from that which she assumed when she was at school? A boy-friend? A lover perhaps? Was her spinsterish attitude a mere facade? Why was she smiling like that? It really was a Mona Lisa smile, hard to define and yet giving her countenance a radiant glow.

Jennifer was finding it interesting to spy on the woman.

She wished there were something more interesting to see.

And then her wish was granted.

Miss Childress did a thing far more remarkable than letting her hair down had been.

She lifted her tweed skirt.

Jennifer gasped.

Under that sexless tweed skirt, Miss Childress wore a black garter belt and black panties!

And then she tugged the panties down, squirming out of them. Her cunt was bushy. Jennifer caught a glimpse of damp pink cunt lips as the woman raised her knee to take the panties off her arched foot. She tossed the panties onto the desk, then sat on the edge.

My God! Jennifer thought. Miss Childress has come here for the same reason that I did! She’s going to finger fuck herself!

It was truly startling, all the more so because Jennifer had never thought of Miss Childress as having a sex life, as having normal human urges and needs, or even having a cunt between her legs, beneath her old-fashioned clothing.

Jennifer grinned.

Now she was pleased that the woman had come in. She was thinking that it would be really kinky to frig herself while she secretly watched Julia Childress tending to her own cunt.

If she had dared, Jennifer would have made her presence known and maybe suggest that they suck each other off! But she was far too shy for that, of course.

Jennifer cupped her cunt in her hand and waited for Miss Childress to start playing with herself.

Miss Childress raised her hand.

But she merely looked at her wristwatch.

Why was she waiting? Was she so strict that she only masturbated at a certain hour? Did she wait until the sun was over the yardarm before she frigged out her first orgasm of the day?

It was a puzzle.

And then the puzzle was answered – to Jennifer’s total amazement and absolute voyeuristic joy.

A key turned.

The door opened.

Jennifer expected Miss Childress to lower her skin.

But Miss Childress kept her skirt up, sitting with her trim ass on the edge of the desk, her cunt fully exposed.

In came Mark Hammond, the gym teacher. He closed the door behind him, smiling.

He was a tall, handsome, athletic man with close-cropped blond hair and shoulders as wide as a horizon. He was wearing a tracksuit. He had a big smile on his face and a big lump in the front of his pants.

Jennifer stared at the lump of his erection in awe. Miss Childress, too, was gazing at that promising bulge, and it was evident that it was not the first time that she had looked fondly upon it.

The librarian and the gym teacher must be lovers! Jennifer realized. And they were going to do it now! And she was right there in a perfect position to watch them fuck!

Her cunt steamed in her hand. She cupped it, but kept her hand from moving, wanting to wait until the action started before she began to masturbate, to time her self-imposed pleasure with that of these eager fuckers.

She had never realized before just how much fun it was to be a voyeur.

Hammond moved toward the desk and paused halfway between the door and Miss Childress. She parted her thighs, letting him look at her pussy. He seemed to enjoy the sight and so did Jennifer. Miss Childress’ pussy was foaming with cunt juice and her cunt lips were unfurled so much that they seemed to be turning inside out.

Hammond began to undress.

He removed his tracksuit and underwear and stood naked before the librarian. His torso was rock hard with well-defined muscles, his legs were like tree trunks, and his prick was enormous. Jennifer wondered if he had developed his cock, like the rest of his body, by exercise or if he had been born with such a whopper. It must have been newly a foot long, she thought.

Jennifer was certainly no authority on cocks, having only jacked one off in her life but she could tell that this was no common garden-variety prick, it was a masterpiece. The head was a huge purple slab, flaring out from the thick stalk, and his balls were like over-inflated balloons. The sight of his prick was causing Jennifer’s pussy to melt and her mouth to water. Lucky Miss Childress!

Hammond stood there, shoulders back and prick out, proudly displaying his cock. The head of his prick rose up so high that he seemed to be looking over it, like a gun sight, as he gazed at the librarian’s pussy.

Miss Childress reached behind her and picked up her panties from the desk. She tossed them onto the floor.

Hammond grinned.

He got down on his hands and knees.

Whatever were they doing? Jennifer wondered.

Whatever it was, it was exciting to watch.

Hammond began to growl like a dog. He lowered his head and snatched up the soaking panties in his teeth, chomping on them. As his jaws tightened, cunt juice was wrung out of the panties.

He moved toward the librarian, on hands and knees, the panties hanging from his jaws. She watched him with a smile. His head turned as he worried the panties. He was peering up at Miss Childress like an obedient dog waiting for a command.

She waited for a while. She obviously liked to have him groveling before her, to see him chewing her panties. Her cunt was overflowing now, the thick juice running down her crotch and soaking into the crack of her ass, dripping from the edge of the desk. The black straps of her garter belt framed her crotch. Her pussy was juicy.

“You may suck my cunt,” said Miss Childress.

Jennifer almost cried out loud when she heard that.

Hammond let the panties drop from his jaws. Who needed to chew second-hand cunt juice when the real thing was spread out before him? He crawled in, his tongue starting to lap even before he had reached her pussy. Miss Childress perched on the very edge of the desk and arched her back, thrusting her cunt out to meet him.

Jennifer creamed.

She hadn’t been frigging herself – she was simply cupping her cunt in her hand, but the sight thrilled her so much that she came, the thick cunt juice filling her hand. She shuddered. Her orgasm rippled through her and subsided, laving her as hot as ever.

Hammond was tonguing up the insides of Miss Childress’ thighs with long, fluid slurps, stopping just short of her cunt. He lapped up the creases where her legs joined her pelvis, his tongue running parallel with her open pussy. Miss Childress was panting and shuddering.

Hammond was facing away from Jennifer. She could see his asshole and his huge balls hanging down between his legs. She could see Miss Childress’ foaming cunt, in all the juicy details. Jennifer was as eager for the gym teacher to start sucking that tasty-looking cunt as the librarian was.

Jennifer wondered if the librarian had ever had a woman suck her off? She obviously adored being tongued – it gave Jennifer ideas. She was no dyke, but she would have been willing to go down on Miss Childress, if the librarian would return the favor. She would have loved to have Hammond fuck her, too, or shoot in her mouth. She began clawing at her cunt, knowing that it didn’t matter if she came fast, that she was going to come and come and come, time and again, as she looked upon this inspirational sight.

Then the gym teacher buried his face in Miss Childress’ crotch. He tongued and sucked. Jennifer could see his hot, nimble tongue stabbing up the librarian’s cunt hole, his lips pulling on her swollen clit. She could hear the juicy sounds that he made as he sucked avidly. His head bobbed up and down. He was whimpering, obviously enjoying this feast, eating her cunt with relish and gusto. Miss Childress stroked his close-cropped hair. Her shapely legs clamped around his head, then opened wide again, her feet arched.

“Stop!” she said.

Hammond gave her cunt a last slurp and drew back obediently.

Why had she made him stop? Jennifer wondered. Wasn’t she going to come in his mouth.

The librarian slid down from the desk. She turned around and leaned over the surface. Her hands cupped the cheeks of her ass and spread them apart, exposing her tight brown asshole.

“Rim me out,” she demanded.

Hammond began to run his tongue up the crack of her ass, then stabbed it up her asshole. She squirmed, grinding her ass in his face as he spiked her asshole on his tongue.

“Ummmm,” the librarian purred.

He tongued away with relish.

“Now do my cunt again,” Miss Childress whispered.

Mark Hammond slid down and buried his eager face once more between her thighs, sucking her cunt from the back now. Miss Childress began to shudder wildly as the thrill enveloped her. Her whole body was vibrating, and she was panting like a steam engine. Hammond’s tongue lashed up her creamy cunt and he sucked steadily in her clit.

Cunt juice cascaded over his tongue and bubbled on his lips, and he sucked the sweet nectar from her pussy greedily.

Jennifer was coming again, as if her cunt were magically linked with the librarian’s pussy and enjoying the lavish attention of Hammond’s hot tongue.

He sucked her through a series of spasms. Miss Childress slumped down on the desk, her pert ass jutting up in the air, her orgasm ended.

Hammond kept tonguing to make sure that he had lapped out every spark of sensation and gobbled every drop of her cunt juice.

Then he stood up, his face coated with cream, grinning with delight. His cock was like a heated crowbar. Oh, I hope they fuck now! Jennifer thought, wanting to see more.