Jennifer was using only her tongue, at first, when she began giving head for the first time.

Claude was humping and thrusting, trying to get his prick into her mouth, but she was enjoying licking it, and in no great hurry to move on to the next stage. As he pushed the fat cock into her face, she tilted her head, so that it ran along her cheek instead of into her mouth. Then, as he drew back, she fluttered hot tongue on his cock shaft and laved the head again.

His big, purple cock head was slathered with her saliva and dripping steadily from the tip now, so that his jism was blending with her spit. She tongued down to his balls and lapped at his hairy cum-sac with relish, then licked back up to the flaring cock-knob.

His prick was so hot it burned her tongue.

Claude was growling and snarling like a wild animal, his haunches jolting and his legs trembling.

The flow from his cock head was getting heavier.

As much as she was enjoying tonguing his meat, Jennifer realized that it was time to start sucking on it because she didn’t want him to shoot his delicious load before she had taken his cock into her mouth. She was dying to drink his joy juice.

She tipped her head back, lips parted.

Claude pushed his prick out again and this time she did not turn away. It bumped against her lips and she slowly opened her mouth, letting him run the long, thick prick into her maw.

Oh, what a heavenly sensation!

She adored the feeling of his hot cock sliding far back into her mouth. The tapered tip slipped into her throat. Her tongue was still flaring as it washed the underside of his prick and now her lips had joined in, pulling and sucking with relish. He had buried his cock. His balls were jammed against her chin, and her nose was pressed right up against his skinny belly.

He cupped her face in his hands, holding her in place while he held the full length of his cock into her face, buried to the balls in that sweet sucking mouth. Claude gnashed his teeth and rolled his eyes in ecstasy. It was wonderful to have his prick in a girl’s mouth, he had discovered. It was better than a cunt – it was almost as good as having it up his sister’s asshole!

Then he began to hump, fucking her in the mouth with long, steady strokes. He drew back out until only his big cock head was collared in her lips, then pushed the whole thing in again, running his tapering cock head right down the girl’s gullet. His scrawny ass corkscrewed and jerked. Jennifer was sucking every precious inch as it went in and out. She turned her head from side to side as she did so, adding twisting oral torque to the in-and-out action.

His jism bubbled out, lubricating the strokes.

She swallowed some. It made her hungry for more. More poured out. The girl was gargling the stuff, loving it and knowing it was only the preliminary taste, that there was a whole heavy ball load of the stuff to be savored in the end.

His hands were flat on the sides of her head, and she was holding him by the hips now, pulling his prick into her mouth, timing his thrusts. Her tongue flashed, bathing the underside of his cock-knob, letting his cock-shaft push in and draw back out. Her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked, then puffed out as she blew, experimenting. Sucking was a lot nicer than blowing – why, she wondered, did they call it a blow job?

Her head tilted and she took his slippery cock head into her cheek. It tilted to the other side. Then she faced straight on and took it down her throat again. Her lips were turning outwards, sucking hard on his retreating cock and twisting around it like a wringer as she sought to milk the cum from his tasty cock.

Grunting, he fed the cock to her, delirious with pleasure.

He was gazing down, enjoying the sight, watching his thick cock vanish into her mouth, then pull back out between her lips.

He seemed to be dragging her mouth inside out, so determinedly was she sucking his cock as he withdrew.

Had Claude looked up then, he would have seen Miss Childress peer around the corner of the aisle. But he had eyes only for his cock and Jennifer’s mouth.

Miss Childress gave a little gasp when she saw that the janitor was fucking the redheaded student in the mouth.

She grinned.

She had no intention of interrupting them not yet – and she ducked back behind the bookshelves and peered out, enjoying the sight of the cock sucking almost as much as she enjoyed sucking cock, herself. For an instant, she wondered why they had chosen the library to do it, and how long they had been here. Had they, perhaps, witnessed the scene that she had had, earlier, with Mark Hammond? It seemed quite likely.

But Miss Childress didn’t think it was anything to worry about because Jennifer and Claude were obviously as sex-oriented as she and the gym teacher – and perhaps it was the sight of that previous action that had inspired this blow job!

She watched Claude’s prick go in and out.

She leaked at Jennifer’s dripping cunt, too and with equal appreciation, for the redhead had a very tasty-looking cunt.

She cupped her cunt, her hand not moving as if she were holding the juices of love inside her hole – saving them for whatever transpired next. She watched in fascination.

And the interesting scene unfolded before her eager eyes.

Jennifer was giving head with passion now, her face bobbing up and down as she fed the prick to her gullett.

Claude’s balls looked as big as watermelons as they prepared to discharge their creamy burden.

Cum was already overflowing her compressed lips for, although he had not yet shot his wad, the initial flow was so heavy that the girl had not been able to swallow all of it. She pulled her mouth up to the tapered tip of his prick.

“Shoot,” she pleaded, starving for the stuff. “Shoot in my mouth! Give it to me!”

Then she bobbed down again, filling her mouth with cock.

Claude cried out. She saw his balls contract and felt his stalk expand in her lips, and she knew that his sweet load was on the way. The cum-hungry girl pushed her head down onto his prick, whimpering – and felt his hot jism burst in her throat. He came so hard that her head was almost blown off the end of his cock. His jism hosed her throat, forcing her back up the shaft, her lips clinging to the slippery, sliding meat. But then she clamped her lips tight around his shaft, just behind the knob. He shot a second creamy geyser into her. She pushed down against the delicious flow, burying his cock into her mouth in time to get his third spectacular river of cum.

Jennifer milked him dry.

He continued to fuck her mouth until he was drained, then he stood there, slumping, his legs shaking, while the cock-hungry girl continued to suck greedily on his spent meat, wanting more of the sweet joy juice.

Despite his coming, his cock stayed hard. Jennifer kept her mouth on his prick.

Although she hat wallowed a lot of the thick stuff, there was still plenty of cum in her mouth and his prick seemed to be floating in the stuff. She continued to work gently and lovingly on his meat, nibbling softly, pulling her compressed lips up and down through an inch or so just behind the head of his cock.

She was reluctant to stop mouthing his delectable meat, even though she had already drained it.

It was still swollen grid stiff – maybe he would be able to shoot another wad into her mouth, if she kept working on it.

But her cunt was steaming now, her own lust magnified to tremendous urgency by the cock-sucking she had savored so much.

Should she let him fuck her now?

She slowly drew her lips off the tip of his prick and gazed at it. It was such a lovely hunk of meat – what did it matter that it was attached to a small, scrawny, ugly fellow? She wanted to feel that sweet cock blow a wad of jism up her cunt! She wanted to lose her cherry on that churning cock! If only she didn’t have to look at him!

And then the naughty girl had a clever idea! If she were to turn around on her hands and knees and let him pour the prick to her from behind – doggy style, she guessed it was called – she would be able to enjoy the pleasure of a cunt full of wonderful cock without having to look at Claude!

As soon as she thought of it, she made up her mind. She slipped his rubbery cock head back into her lips and gave it another minute’s sucking and laving, to make sure that it was as hot and as hard as possible. Then she pulled her mouth off the tip, smiled up at him and lithely turned away, dropping onto her hands and knees.

Her cunt, flooding between her thighs, was easily accessible from the back and she supposed that the janitor would get the idea.

But her cunt was also just under her ass.

And the janitor, being a confirmed buggerer, got the wrong idea.

Miss Childress looked on, fascinated.

Jennifer waited, eager to get her cunt stuffed.

And Claude, with a gasp of pleasure, prepared to stick his huge cock up the girl’s asshole!