The black Alsatian moved closer, standing stiff-legged around his jutting prick. The naked red slab of his cockhead was flaring out from the hairy stalk, fiery hot and throbbing. His pisshole gaped open and a frothy drop of preliminary fuckjuice bubbled from the cleft, running like quicksilver down his dark meat. The dog pushed his head out, his nostrils flaring. His long, wet tongue slid out and he lapped at the inside of his mistress’s cum-drenched thigh. As the tangy fuckjuice ran onto his tastebuds, the dog whined. Catherine was only semi-conscious, her mind hazy following her violent coming. She felt the dog’s tongue against her leg but had no idea what it was. She thought that slippery stroke was caused by her own cuntjuice sliding down her thigh. Rex lapped at her leg again, then shoved his snout up into her soaking crotch. His nimble tongue slurped at her creamy pussy slot, running up through her open cuntlips and flicking across her clit. Catherine’s eyelids fluttered. She frowned slightly, not with displeasure but in bewilderment. Was she dreaming? What was that lovely sensation in her crotch? It felt just as if a hot, wet tongue was licking her pussy, she thought. But that couldn’t be, since she was alone in the cabin. It was confusing. The woman was curious and knew that she should open her eyes and investigate, yet she didn’t want to cause that delightful sensation to stop. She stirred and sighed, shifting her pelvis slightly. Rex raised his head, eyeing the woman doubtfully. Then, seeing that she was not objecting, the dog lowered his black muzzle again and began to lap at her creamy pussy with gusto. His tongue delved into her soaking slot and slurped at her slot. Cuntjuice sprayed up into her blonde pubic thatch as his tongue flipped up across her love bud. Streaks of pussy juice ran over the red meat of his long lapper, the taste and the fragrance driving the doggy wild. He slurped doggedly. His tongue curled up. Cuntjuice pooled in the center and dripped from the edges. He pushed his cold black nose right into Catherine’s cunthole. Catherine gave a little gasp. If this was a dream, it was sure as hell a realistic one! And a delightful one, as well, with all the pleasant promise of being a wet dream, too. Despite her recent coming, Catherine’s insatiable cunt began to heat up again. She shuddered. What the fuck was going on down there in her crotch? Still reluctant to break the magic spell, Catherine ground her ass and hips slowly about. Her lithe legs rippled and closed, and she frowned again when

she discovered that those sleek legs had clamped around something hard and hairy. She opened them and closed them again. Now she was wide awake and, knowing it wasn’t a dream, heard a moist slurping sound combined with the juicy squishing sounds that her cunt seemed to be making. Little darts of sensation shot through her loins. Catherine opened her eyes and stared down the incline of her body and gave a gasp when she saw that the dog was standing between her legs, lapping merrily away at her cunt. The woman was shocked. She had never even dreamed of letting an animal tongue her pussy, and she cried out in dismay. Rex raised his head, his wet tongue lolling out. Catherine could see the cuntjuice dripping from the red tongue, mixed with his doggy slobber.

“You naughty doggy!” she cried. Rex looked puzzled, tilting his head to one side and flinching away. He could tell from the tone of her voice that he had misbehaved, but he had no idea what he had done wrong. His bestial senses told him that the woman’s hot cunt was welcoming his attention. Catherine sat up and clamped her thighs firmly together. She reached down and pushed the Alsatian’s head away.

“Stop that, you bad dog!” she snapped. Rex yelped in confusion. Catherine stared at him in amazement. But she was more amazed by her own reactions than by the dog’s actions. His tongue had felt so good! Why, if she hadn’t stopped him in time, she might well have creamed on that doggy tongue! The very idea of such depravity caused her to flush with shame. She looked down at her crotch, seeing that her hairy pussy was frothy with doggy slobber. Then she looked at his lolling tongue again, seeing the silvery streaks of cuntjuice that trickled down the wet red tongue. Rex whimpered, his nostrils flaring. Her gaze moved lower and Catherine whimpered, like a dog herself, when she saw the dumb brute’s massive hard-on. The sight fascinated her. Catherine adored prick and gazing at that doggy whopper cock thrilled her to the core, filling her with unholy desire The Alsatian’s prickshaft was long and thick sprouting out of his swollen scumbags like a bludgeon, and the head of his cock was a throbbing wedge of fiery-red meat. A glob of doggy jism glistened on the tip, squeezing from his parted piss hole.

“Holy shit,” Catherine whispered, huskily. Rex barked with hopeful enthusiasm, his head bobbing up and down and his dark flanks trembling. Catherine’s pussy was heating up again, her lust inspired by the caress of the beast’s tongue and magnified by the very fact that it had been a bestial caress that had inspired her emotions. It was wicked to let a dog lap her pussy, she knew. It was depraved and degenerate. And yet despite that-or because of it-the idea was so thrilling that the horny woman began to shudder. Should she let the dog lick her off?

Oh, no! I mustn’t! she told herself. And yet the hot, wet sensation caused by his nimble cuntlapper still lingered in her steaming cunt and her conscience was struggling with her desire. Maybe it wasn’t so really wicked, she thought. Maybe it was just kind of naughty. It was just his tongue, after all. She had often let the friendly dog lap her hands and face. Was it so much different if she let him lap between her legs? It wasn’t as if she would be getting fucked by a dog, she reasoned. Getting a little hot tongue wasn’t so terribly depraved, after all. As the woman considered these things, amazing herself by the fact that she was considering them seriously, her cunt rippled and the pink pussy lips parted wide. A gush of creamy fuck juice flooded into her open pussy slot, and her clit began to vibrate. Slowly, Catherine smiled. Her inhibitions melted away in the intense heat of her desire, and her mind reeled with lashings of lust. She let her thighs move apart again, lifting one knee slightly and exposing her groin. Rex eyed her uncertainly, sensing that her mood had shifted but not sure what was being demanded of him. The blonde woman reached down and spread her cuntlips open even wider with her fingertips, revealing the dark inner folds, streaked with ribbons of frothy fuckjuice.

“You want some pussy, you naughty doggy?” she whispered, her voice quavering and husky. “Hummm? Does the hungry doggy want to lap up some hot cuntjuice?”

Rex gave a yelp. He moved a step closer and hesitated, nervous and uncertain because of her previous recriminations. But the woman’s voice was no longer harsh, and her delicious cunt was even hotter and more fragrant than before!

“C’mon, boy-hot pussy! Lap it up!” she urged. Rex moved closer, turning his head from side to side. His stiff prick was hammering wildly under his belly. His cock was so long that the naked slab of his cockmeat almost reached to his burly chest. Catherine slid down so that her ass was perched on the very edge of the couch. Her thighs were parted wide and she was holding her cuntlips spread open for the animal. The dog’s tongue lashed out, and Catherine wailed as the moist red meat hit her clit. Rex looked up at her face inquisitively. Then, realizing that he was being a good doggy, now, he began to lap her cunt with relish.

“Yeah-yeah-yeah- ” Catherine moaned, trembling violently, thrilled to the core by the beast’s big, wet tongue. His cold nose slid against her smoldering clit and she gasped. His tongue traced along the folds of her cuntlips, then slammed right up inside her fuckhole, probing far deeper than any man’s tongue had ever gone. Catherine wailed with the pure joy of it. The Alsatian’s tongue felt as big and long as a prick. She was getting fucked by his tongue. He fucked his tongue in and out, and her cunt clung to the slippery lapper, pulling and dragging and sucking. She grasped his big head between her open hands, holding his muzzle against her pussy as she jerked against him. His tongue slurped and her cunt flooded. Each time her open pussy slot filled up with fuck cream, the hungry doggy lapped it up. His slobber ran into her pussy hole. Then more cuntjuice poured out, blending with the doggy saliva. Her whole crotch was flooded.

“Lick my cunt, Rex-lap it up!” she wailed. “Ahhhhh-I’m gonna cream your fucking tongue, you wonderful doggy!”

Whining and whimpering, Rex slapped his hot tongue into her pussy slit and up her cunt tunnel. Her cuntjuice was driving him wild. He gulped the sweet slime down by the mouthful. Catherine lifted her trim ass higher. Rex’s tongue long-stroked, rippling

into the crack of her ass and gliding on up through her soaking slot, then flipping into her cunt bush. His muzzle was streaked with her fuck cream and the stuff dripped from his jowls. His cock was thundering and his balls were ballooning, but the obedient doggy ignored his own needs as he savored his mistress’s succulent pussy. His head went up and down like a rocking horse as he ran his tongue through her loins from asshole to pussy mound. Catherine clamped her thighs around his shoulders, hooking her knees over his powerful body. Her leg muscles tightened and relaxed. Then she threw her legs wide open again, giving his busy head free rein as the dog slurped happily away. Cuntjuice poured down her crotch. Rex’s head ducked down, and he lapped the sweet stuff up out of the crack of her ass, then dipped into her fuckhole again. She jammed her loins down, fucking herself silly on his tongue. He was licking the inside walls and folds of her fuck slot, lapping the cuntjuice out of her from within. She could feel his tongue flare and expand inside her cunthole, then slide back out and run full length over her flaming clit. The waves of ecstasy began to rush through her. As she neared the crest, the overflow from her pussy became hotter and thicker and even more delicious and aromatic, driving the hungry doggy mad. His tongue whipped into her slot, and Catherine jerked and squirmed under that steaming caress. Her cunt began to melt. Catherine cried out joyfully as her orgasm peaked.

“I’m creaming!” she wailed. “My fucking cunt is creaming your tongue, Rex! Oh my God! I-I’m coming on a dog’s tongue!” Spasms hit her, shaking her bones, turning her whole body into a quivering mass of orgasmic flesh. The cum cream poured out of her in thick streams, and the cunt- hungry Alsatian slurped it up, yelping and whining at the feast. Catherine moaned and sank back along the couch, stunned. The dog continued to slap his tongue into her pussy, gathering up the last delicious drops and filling her fuckhole with his slobber.

“That’s enough, boy,” she panted. For now, she thought-because Catherine knew damned well that now that she had discovered the joy of a dog’s hot tongue, this wouldn’t be the last time she fed Rex out of her creamy pussy. She was already looking forward to getting lapped off again, as soon as she felt horny once more. But Rex was hornier than ever now.


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