Rex had turned halfway to the side now, his neck arched as he gazed at Catherine. In that position, his prick was in profile. The well- satisfied blonde was smiling with happy contentment but, when she got a look at the Alsatian’s meatrack, her smile faded away into an expression of trembling awe. The dog’s long, fat prick was taut and humming like a tuning fork and hard. The bloated slab of his naked red cockhead was pulsing in and out like an inhaling lung, and frothy drops of preliminary jism slathered the tip and dripped off. A trickle had run down onto his hairy prick, matting the shaggy sheath. The cum glistened a milky white on the jet black stalk. His scumbags were like over-inflated balloons, bulging between his hindlegs. His was an impressive hunk of cockmeat-and Catherine was certainly impressed!

Rex whined and his haunches rippled in a humping motion as he stabbed his prick out under him. There was a hopeful and expectant look in his amber eyes. His tongue, still hanging out from the side of his white-fanged jowl and dripping with cuntjuice, was evidence of the fact that he had done his mistress a great service-and that he deserved a reward for being such a good doggy. Catherine’s eyes were glued on the dog’s cock and balls, fascinated. It was her fault that the dog had such a lovely big hard-on, she knew, and she felt that she was obliged to relieve the faithful dog. She knew that it must be agony for a doggy to have such a stiff prick and such swollen scumbags, with no place to empty them. Not having hands, a doggy couldn’t jerk himself off, of course-but Catherine had hands, and those hands were tingling for a touch of dog meat. She was rationalizing again, as she had when she had decided to let the dog lap her pussy, reasoning that she owed him a come and, also, that it would be a good idea to get his cock emptied and soft before her husband or her son came home. She would never do anything really naughty, like fucking or sucking with a dog, she told herself, but just giving the poor dumb brute a handjob was only a little naughty, more a fact of being kind to animals than being depraved. And, she couldn’t deny it, Catherine was getting turned on by the sight of that massive cock and those bloated balls. She knew it would be tremendously exciting to have that thick stalk throbbing in her stroking fist and to see all the thick, white jism spurt out from his pisshole when he shot his wad. She got up from the couch and moved to the window. Rex whimpered with frustration as she moved away from him. But Catherine was looking out to make sure that neither Carson nor Tommy was approaching the cabin. Seeing no sign of either of them, she smiled. She had made up her mind to pump the dog’s prick until he creamed and fiery waves of depraved lust ran through her at the prospect. Catherine moved back from the window and knelt down beside the whimpering Alsatian. He stood sideways to her, stiff-legged, his head turned toward her and his enormous cock thundering like a jack- hammer under his brawny body. Catherine gazed at his prick for a few moments, savoring the anticipation of caressing his hard, hot cockmeat. She slipped her dressing gown from her shoulders, feeling the frilly garment flutter to the floor. She knew, from the huge expansion of Rex’s scumbags, that he was going to squirt an awful lot of fuckjuice when he came, and she didn’t want to get doggy spunk all over her dressing gown. Besides, the wanton woman liked the idea of being naked while she beat the brute’s meat. Rex yelped and his haunches rippled. Catherine reached under him with one hand, palm upward. She cupped his swollen balls, lifting them slightly, as if judging the weight of the load they contained. The dog went still as he felt her hand on his scumbags. Catherine squeezed them gently, feeling his hard balls jiggle inside the hairy sacs. He was so full of spunk that she thought she could hear the hot stuff sloshing around inside his balls as she fondled them. Her hand slid up and stroked against the underside of his hairy cockshaft, rubbing her palm along the length of that rock hard, pulsating prick. She touched the naked meat of his cock-knob and drew her hand back, as if she had touched a hot poker. That slick red slab was glowing almost like an incandescent lightbulb. Rex was whimpering and whining, rumbling in his throat, yelping with joy. She ran her open hand up and down his cock again, from head to balls, feeling the thick vein

throbbing. Rex humped, driving his cock through her hand. Catherine fingered the sensitive spot where his swollen crown loomed out from the shaggy sheath. That huge wedge of hot meat pulsed, ballooning. More spunk oozed from his cleft and circled sluggishly down the slope of his cockhead, all frothy and white against the dark-red meat. A glob of slime ran onto her hand, in the web between her thumb and forefinger. The stuff was blistering hot. What a fucking thrill it would be when that horny beast blew his balls, the woman thought, trembling with expectation. She folded her hand around the root of his cockshaft and skimmed up and down, lightly at first, merely brushing against him, then tightening her grip and starting to frig him energetically. His prick hammered in her grip and Rex began to hump, fucking his prick through her stroking fist. As her hand pushed back toward his balls, the doggy slid his prick out with a jerking movement. His hairy sheath was drawn back, skinning his crown and causing that meaty hunk of cockhead to flare and throb. More creamy cum seeped from his pisshole, and Catherine ran her fingers over his slippery cock-knob, rubbing the dog’s fuckjuice into his heated meat. She cupped his balls with her free hand, caressing them, as she pumped away steadily on his prick. His cock seemed to be getting bigger with every stroke, and his balls were heavy in her hand. The cock-crazed blonde leaned closer, gazing in fascination at the Alsatian’s cockhead, loving the way his quicksilvery slime foamed on the angry red slab. She curled onto her side, moving partially under the humping brute. As he fucked his prick through her hand, the bloated cock-knob loomed up in front of Catherine’s radiant face. Her eyes crossed as she turned her bifocal vision upon that throbbing cockhead. Rex’s bushy tail switched behind his ass like a rudder as he humped jerkily through Catherine’s fist. His flanks heaved as the doggy panted heavily. Catherine knew that it wouldn’t be long before he shot his bolt-and she knew too, that if she didn’t get her head out from under him, he was going to spurt that creamy load of fuckjuice right into her fucking face!

The thought thrilled her. Her tongue slid across her sensual lower lip and her mouth parted slightly. Catherine was abandoned to unholy passion now, all of her inhibitions gone. She wanted the doggy to shoot in her face and on her tits, longed to feel his steaming hot slime hose her all over.

“Come, Rex-squirt your jism out,” she rasped, jerking back hard on his hairy cock and making his naked prick-knob flare out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike. His thick, non-lethal venom, oozed steadily from his open pisshole, slathering his cock-knob and causing Catherine to tremble in anticipation of his load. She leaned even closer, her long blonde hair cascading and her blue eyes glowing like smoldering cobalt. Despite the lovely climax she had just had on the Alsatian’s nimble tongue, Catherine’s cunt was beginning to steam all over again, inspired by that throbbing handful of cockmeat she was steadily pumping toward a creamy conclusion. Her mouth was watering, too. The sight of the dog’s pounding prick was causing Catherine to drool. Her tongue felt as hot as her clit and her saliva flowed like cuntjuice. Catherine had always loved to suck cocks and swallow cum. Although she had never sucked a dog’s cock, Rex’s meat looked so fucking delicious that the horny woman was slobbering. Should I take his prick into my mouth? She wondered, a dark and depraved thrill rushing through her at the thought. Jerking a doggy off was one thing, she knew. She was just being kind to a dumb animal by giving him relief. But blowing a dog was quite a different matter. She was hungry for his succulent-looking cockmeat and tasty-looking fuckjuice, but she hesitated, fearing that later, after she had cooled off, she would suffer terrible self-recriminations for having done such a wicked thing. Yet even as she hesitated, her lips parted wider and her tongue slid sensually back and forth. A trickle of saliva drooled down her chin. Oh, fuck-should I suck his cock? She wondered. But then it was too late. Rex howled like a wolf and his haunches heaved violently, driving his cock through her pumping fist like a torpedo. She felt his balls explode in her left hand and felt his cockshaft expand in her fist. She saw his pisshole open wide, staring right down his cock as if looking into the barrel of a gun. The dog’s fuckjuice rushed up his stalk and came spurting out of his cockhead in a creamy white cloud.

“Oh!” Catherine gasped. The brute’s first thick spurt splattered directly onto the blonde woman’s parted lips. She pumped him again, pushing her tongue out, and his second slimy dose skimmed over her tastebuds. Catherine wailed with joy as the musky flavor of that steaming dog cum registered on her tongue. He shot a third time, the foaming spunk hosing past her lips and hitting the back of her throat. Catherine’s mouth was wide open now and her tongue was thrust out as far as it would reach as she frigged away on the dog’s prick, milking him off into her mouth and her cheeks and it shot into her golden hair and dripped from her chin. A squirt fell onto her thrusting tits, hot as melted lead. Cum seeped into her cleavage and coated her stiff nipples with milky residue. She held his cock levered down for a moment, pumping more cum onto her tits, then angled his prick up toward her face again and took a thick wad onto her tongue. Rex, growling and howling, humped away vigorously as he drained his scumbags and emptied his cock. His last spurt shot into her face, followed by a slimy trickle that slid down his cock-knob. The doggy stopped humping and stood rigid, his flanks heaving. Catherine continued to jerk his prick up and down to make sure that she had milked out every sweet drop of his doggy fuckjuice. A look of awe came over her cumsmeared face. She had jacked off a lot of men in her lifetime, but no man had ever shot out such a great amount of spunk. Catherine was amazed at how much jism the Alsatian’s big balls had held. She leaned back slightly, still holding his prick in her hand. That fat cock rippled. His prick was softening slightly and starting to droop. Rex seemed to be smiling, his tongue lolling out and his black lips curled away from his fangs. Catherine smiled, too. She had dog cum on her tongue and lips! She had swallowed some of the steaming hot delicious stuff! The woman had expected to be filled with self disgust after she had done such a naughty thing, but now she felt no shame, no remorse, no regrets. Naughty, it might be-but what a fucking thrill it had been!

She leaned back, licking her lips. She tilted her head back and let a trickle of doggy cream run slowly down her gullet. The stuff was hotter and thicker and more musky than human cum, she thought-and it was yummy! She swallowed what was left in her mouth. The flavor still tingled on her tongue. Catherine was seething with lust, inspired by the naughty thing she had done, the dark knowledge as exciting as the

act itself had been. She cupped her fat fits in both hands and lifted them, dropping her face and sticking her tongue out. She lapped the doggy slime off her tits and sucked it from her taut titty tips, letting the spunk run around on her tastebuds for a moment, then swallowing it down. It warmed her belly. Rex had taken a step back. His prick was still semi-hard, the fat cock-knob bobbing up and down. That red meat was slathered with cum. The spunk looked so delicious that Catherine whimpered hungrily at the sight. She had already swallowed dog cum, she reasoned. It wouldn’t be any naughtier to drink a little bit more-right off that slab of savory- looking cockmeat!

It wasn’t as if she was going to suck the doggy off, she told herself. Cum drinking had already been done and drinking a little more wouldn’t compound her sins, right? Catherine was very good at that rationalization stuff. She squirmed closer to Rex and pushed her tongue out. She took a tentative lick at the tip of his soaking cock-knob. His cockmeat was as delicious as his cum! She began to lave his cockhead all over, slurping the jism from that slab. Her throat pulsed delicately as she swallowed. Driven half crazy by her lust, Catherine kissed the tip of the Alsatian’s big prick, then let her lips part and slowly fed his cockhead into her mouth. She nursed and sucked adoringly on that rubbery mouthful, sucking the slime from his meat and swallowing the stuff with pure relish. She drew back and gazed at his cock. She had polished his prick- knob to a glistening luster. Her frothy saliva had replaced the jism she had sucked from his prick. The dog’s cock twitched, jolting up. Catherine decided to enjoy one more taste. She slipped the collar of her lips over his cock- knob and nursed on the succulent slab. As she did so, that mighty hunk of cockmeat began to well up and get rock hard inside her mouth. Rex was obviously a potent doggy. Making him come had been such a thrill that Catherine was eager to do it again. Since she had already swallowed dog cum and had dog cock in her mouth, the randy woman saw no reason why she shouldn’t combine the two and suck him off. It wasn’t really bad, like fucking him, she told herself. Yes, Catherine was real good at rationalizing.

“Wait a minute, boy,” she whispered. She jumped up and moved to the window again, to make sure that no one was in sight. It would be embarrassing, to say the least, to have her husband or her son walk in and catch her blowing the dog. She looked out and saw no one. She smiled and licked her lips. She moved back toward the dog. Rex cocked his head and waited, not sure what was going to happen to him next but knowing it was going to be fun. Catherine knelt down beside the big black brute again, her face a mask of desire. Her cunt was like a flaming ember between her legs and her mouth was drooling for another taste of dog prick. She sure hoped that no one came home and interrupted her before she got that delicious cock and balls milked off and that succulent jism swallowed. She hoped that she had time for a long, leisurely feast of meat, followed by the creamy dessert served out of his scumbags. She was going to have time. Her husband was stealthily stalking the elusive white stag, miles away in the forest and her teenaged son was busily occupied in beating his meat down by the stream.


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