The pony, with his balls emptied, had lost interest in the proceedings. He was a horny horse, but not romantic, and he turned away. His fat prick was starting to soften. As the pony turned, the thick cock swung around like a firehose, slapping Wanda in the face. The girl lapped at his prick-knobs whimpering as she tasted his slime. But her twin sister was slathered with most of the stuff and only a few thick drops remained for Wanda. She licked them up, slobbering onto his shrinking cockhead, her saliva glistening on the black cockmeat. Wanda envied Molly the cum she had swallowed and Wanda knew where to get some for her own hungry mouth. Molly was stretched out on the grass, her nubile body drenched with pony cum. Wanda crawled up beside her sister. The pony began to nibble at the grass, his interest having waned as soon as his balls were emptied. But Carson continued to look on with total fascination. The man’s prick had become so long by this time that he seemed to be staring at the girls over the swollen knob. He started to fold his fist around his prick, intending to stroke it, but the rock hard cockrod bucked like a broncho, throwing his hand off. Steam rose up from his cockmeat. Carson gave up the idea of frigging himself, despite his desperation, hoping that something more interesting than a hand job might deal with his hard-on soon. Wanda was kneeling over her sister, gazing down at the girl’s cum drenched belly and tits and licking her lips. The twins smiled at each other, like reflections in a looking glass. Then Wanda leaned down and those identical, smiling mouths came together. The twins kissed in a way that was far from sisterly, lips grinding together and tongues flashing from mouth to mouth. Wanda drooled into Molly’s mouth and lapped pony cum up from her tongue and lips.

“Yummy,” she moaned, tasting the tangy scum along with her sister’s saliva. Kneeling, her ass hiked up and her thighs apart, Wanda turned her crotch toward Carson. Her cuntslot flowed like a waterfall, cuntjuice streaming down her thighs. He watched the girls kiss passionately and incestuously swapping spit and sharing horse cum. Then Wanda slid down lower and her tongue began to gather pony slime up out of the hollow of Molly’s throat. She moved lower still and licked at her sister’s plump tits. Carson, who believed that incest was rare, supposed that Wanda was lapping up cum and that it was just a coincidence that the cum happened to be on her sister’s tits. Wanda licked at Molly’s nipples, then sucked them into her lips, her radiant face switching from tit to tit and nursing on both in turn. Molly squirmed under her sister’s face, moaning and purring, cradling her sister’s blonde head to her titties. Wanda tongued up her twin’s cleavage and lapped at the globes. She gathered up every drop of equine joyjuice with her tongue, then slid lower and began to lick at Molly’s slim belly. As Wanda slurped the pony slime up, her frothy spit replaced it. Her sister’s belly glistened with saliva. Molly shifted and squirmed. Her thighs parted and she raised has knees slightly. Steam was pouring out of her open cunthole and her clit stuck out like a bullet. Wanda, hungry for pony spunk, as well as other tasty fluids, lowered her face and ran her tongue through her sister’s tangled pubic mound. She drooled into Molly’s smoldering crotch as her lips worked, kissing and sucking, on that triangle of cunt hair. She slid lower and began to lap up and down the insides of Molly’s shapely thighs. Her nimble tongue slid up the crease where Molly’s legs joined her torso, running parallel to Molly’s pussyslot but not quite making contact. It began to dawn on Carson that if incest and lesbianism were rare, then he had stumbled onto one of those rare occasions. Such things were not so very rare, of course, and the man would have been amazed had he known that his own wife and son were discovering the delights of bestiality and incest. But what the man didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him-while what he was learning was thrilling him to the very core of his being. He watched Wanda’s wet, slippery tongue flick up the inside of her twin sister’s thigh. Molly’s cunt was open in a wide oval and that oval was soaked with cuntjuice. A few slimy ropes of pony cum bad slid down into her pussyslot, streaking her cuntcream with a thicker fluid. Wanda’s flushed face turned and she looked right up her sister’s gaping fuckhole. Her hot breath wafted into that slot.

“My pussy is full of pony jism,” Molly whispered, her voice husky, her face a mask of desire. Molly’s thighs rippled, parting even farther. Wanda’s face was only inches from Molly’s crotch. Her tongue slid out and, with a low moan, Wanda licked up her sister’s creamy cunt gash. Molly jerked at the contact, then began to squirm. Wanda’s tongue slid up her pussy-slot, lapping the pony cum out, then she tongued deeper, slurping cuntjuice up with relish.

“Ooooh! Fuck me with your tongue, Sis! Suck my hot cunt until I fucking cream!”

Wanda needed no coaxing. The cunt-hungry twin was already lapping with gusto on her sister’s cunt, licking up the unfolded lips and slipping into her slippery pussy and flicking against her trembling clit. Her hands cupped under Molly’s ass, lifting her higher as she buried her face in Molly’s smoldering groin, sucking and licking with total abandon, with voracious slurps. Her lips pulled on Molly’s stiff clit and her tongue slithered as far up the steaming cunthole as it could reach. Molly writhed and whimpered, her hips jerking in a fucking motion against her sister’s face. Cuntjuice bubbled past Wanda’s parted lips and onto her tongue, coating the pink meat with milky streaks.

“Feed me, Sis,” she wailed, the words muffled in the echo chamber of Molly’s cunt-hole.

“Yeah-suck it out of me! I want to cream your tongue!” Molly rasped, jerking violently under her twin’s oral caress. But Wanda needed no instructions. The cunt-crazed twin was already sucking for all she was worth, gone wild with the joy of it. Her face was bobbing about between Molly’s widespread legs, her mouth clamped to Molly’s cuntlips like a suction cup to a drain. Rivers of pussyslime poured over her tongue. Her ass heaved about at the highest point of her kneeling body as her blonde head dipped into Molly’s groin. The teenaged cunt-sucker was wallowing like a porpoise in her sister’s crotch. She slid down lower, her chin resting on the ground. Molly hiked her ass up and, varying the feast for a moment, Wanda began to lick out her sister’s asshole and crack. The spicy flavor of asshole whetted her voracious appetite even more. She slid back into Molly’s groin and sucked on her flooded pussy with gusto. She began to use long, rippling strokes that ran out of the crack of Molly’s ass, through her open cuntslot, over her clit and into her cuntbush.

“Come-come-come- ” Wanda pleaded, adoring her sister’s cuntjuice and yearning for her cum cream. Pussyjuice slid into Wanda’s lips and Wanda’s slobber poured into Molly’s pussyslot. Both of the twins were going crazy with fuck-lust. Wanda’s tongue was as hot as Molly’s clit as it flashed out and brought them together. Her face, strained by desire, turned slowly from side to side as Wanda paid attention to all the juicy details of her sweet task. Teenaged tongue slurped into young fuckhole, stabbing in and out and curling around to lap at the inner folds and dripping walls of that steaming cunt tunnel. Wanda was purring like a cat at a cream bowl as she licked and sucked and kissed at cuntlips, clit and slot, concentrating on the feast hungrily and devotedly. Her skillful tongue and lips were bringing her sister surging toward the crest. Waves of joy ripped across Molly’s flat belly and shot up her smooth, slim thighs. Somewhere deep inside her loins, a whirlpool of sensations began to spin. She arched her back and heaved her ass up. Her slender pelvis was wracked by lashings of lust. Her hips twisted and undulated and her belly pumped frantically as she mopped her twin sister’s face with her sopping pussy. Thick was

hot wax, cuntjuice seeped from her smoldering cunthole and poured past Wanda’s eager lips.

“Oh! Oh, shit! I’m coming, Sis!” Molly gasped.

“Ummm-ahhh-ooooh- ” whimpered the busy cunt-lapper as the flow out of her sister’s pussy got hotter and thicker and tastier, cum juice gushing out instead of the preliminary lubrication. Wanda’s tongue shot up into Molly’s cunt-hole like a pliable torpedo in a submarine chasm, floated on the floodtide like a soft, pink raft. Her lips parted wide and her mouth filled up with steaming hot cum cream. Molly’s nubile ass and hips flashed in the air, her pelvis twisting as she ground her cunt into her sister’s eager face and spilled her nectar into the girl’s hungry mouth. Her thighs opened and closed around the other girl’s head. She gasped, moaned, sighed and whimpered. Spasm followed spasm as her coming sparked again and again. Each time she thought she was starting to ebb, Wanda’s questing tongue and skillful lips brought the girl up to a new peak. Wanda’s own cunt, unattended and abandoned for the moment, was smoking, juice pouring out. As well as having identical faces and bodies, these twin teenaged nymphets were possessed of identical cunts. Having a perfectly similar pussy, Wanda knew just how to make the sucking and licking as good as possible for her sister-and vice versa. Molly threw her head back, crying out in ecstasy. Her lips woe parted and moving and her tongue was darting in and out, just as if it were she who was sucking a cunt, automatically emulating the action of her sister’s mouth-perhaps getting her appetite whetted with the prospect of returning the oral favor. As Molly’s clit exploded and her pussy flowed into Wanda’s mouth, Wanda’s clit and cunt were reacting the same way. Sucking her identical twin’s cunt, she felt just as if she were sucking her own cunt.

“Don’t stop,” Molly groaned as Wanda ebbed for a split second.

“Keep coming, Sis! Give it all to me!” wailed her cunt-hungry sister, opening her mouth so wide that her spread lips were clamped over all of Molly’s creamy crotch, working like a suction cup, glued there by a paste of cuntjuice and saliva. Molly’s ass slammed up and down, hitting the ground hard, spraying earth out from under her haunches as this final, greatest spasm ripped her hot loins apart. Wanda slid her hand in and began to fingerfuck up Molly’s slippery cunthole with three fingers bunched together, sucking voraciously on the girl’s flaring clit as she did so. She pushed her fingers in knuckle deep and twisted them around inside the tight, wet cunt tunnel and her lips slurped ravenously on the overflow. Molly gasped, shuddered, then fell back, drained. She smiled up at the leafy overhanging bows. Her knees were raised, her thighs parted, her sister still mouthing her pussy with relish. Wanda kept on sucking merrily away as she made sure that she had worked off every wave and gulped out every sweet drop. Drawing back slightly, she used her nimble, drenched tongue to softly lap up the cuntjuice that had escaped her lips and flowed down Molly’s crotch. She tongued a few succulent globs out of Molly’s taut ass crack and licked the streaks from the intricate folds of her pussylips. Satisfied that she had drained that hairy goblet to the dregs, Wanda raised her face and

smiled at Molly. Molly smiled back. Again, it was as if those smiling faces were one, the same girl regarding herself in a looking glass-except this time one of those sweet faces was soaking with cuntjuice.

“Shall I suck you now, Sis? ” Molly whispered, huskily, letting her tongue slide across her moist lips. With her pussy satisfied, Molly’s tongue was horny. Wanda started to reply, her creamy lips parting, and then Carson Smith groaned. Wanda looked back over her shoulder. Lost in the raptures of cunt-sucking, the twins had forgotten all about their fascinated audience. Now, his presence drawn to their attention by his frantic groan, the girls gazed at him and, seeing the magnitude of his hard-on, which looked damned near as huge as the pony’s prick, they both smiled in happy anticipation. How could they let a cock like that go unfucked?


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