Carson’s cock looked as long as the trees under which the frustrated photographer stood. It towered up so high that it seemed he could have sucked it himself, were he to lower his face only a few inches. His stalk was gnarled by thick, dark veins, as hard as a crowbar, looming up from a set of scumbags that looked as if they must contain a gallon of fuckjuice, while atop that massive rod his purple cockhead flared out like a war club. Under the scrutiny of two sets of fascinated green eyes, his prick vibrated and hummed, snapped and surged, pulsated and throbbed. Wanda, still on her hands and knees, her jaws dripping over her sister’s groin, whispered, and nodded.

“Yeah-fuck her!” Molly cried, with enthusiasm. Molly rather fancied some of that gigantic cock and the scum out of those massive balls, herself, but she had already creamed on Wanda’s tongue and the girl wasn’t selfish. Then, too, being identical in all ways, the twins enjoyed watching each other get fucked just as much as they enjoyed it themselves. It was, with them, as if they had only one cunt, but a cunt reflected. Wanda shifted her upthrust ass suggestively and invitingly. Her pussy was streaming down her crotch, her thighs parted. Carson waited for a moment, thinking that the girl might wish to turn around into the missionary position. But then he realized that Wanda was waiting for him to throw a doggy fuck into her. Considering the previous affair with the pony, fucking like animals seemed appropriate. He took a shuffling step forward, moving awkwardly, thrown off balance by the weight of his enormous hard-on. The rock hard prick rod stood up before his belly and the man had to hold his head and shoulders tilted back to counterbalance the bulk of it. Gazing at the teenager’s tight little pussy, past his cockhead, Carson wondered if his thick cock would not be too big for her cunthole, a possibility that distressed him greatly. But Wanda wasn’t at all intimidated by his size. She seemed eager for his cock and Carson fled that the girl must know full well how much her cunt could hold. The dark veins writhed up the underside of his cockstalk as he stepped up behind the teenager and slowly sank to his knees. His prick thrust out above her uptilted ass like a weapon with which he was about to batter her ass. Wanda whimpered in expectation, lowering her head to the ground and shoving her ass up higher. As her bottom roses Carson’s thick cock nestled into the crack of her ass. He groaned and took a stroke up that tight crack, his smoking hot cockshaft spreading her ass cheeks apart and the huge slab of his cockhead nudging at her trim little brown asshole.

“Not there,” she giggled. Carson pulled back. His prick slid down through the crack of her ass again and the swollen crown eased into her crotch. Wanda’s pink cuntlips fluttered open around the tip. He still wasn’t sure his cock was going to fit into the slender girl and he stared down doubtfully. He saw a glob of cuntjuice squeeze out from his open pisshole and slide, frothy and sticky, into her cuntslot. Molly had twisted around and crawled down beside them. She lay belly down in the grass, her chin supported on her hands, her green eyes smoldering as she enjoyed the sight.

“Shove it up her cunt,” Molly urged.

“Yeah-stuff my pussy with that big fucker!” her sister moaned, giving her ass a wiggle. Carson grasped the kneeling girl by the hip-bones, holding her pelvis steady. He began to inch his prick into her pussy. The fit was snug, but her cunthole was soaking wet and well-lubricated. Half of his cockhead slipped into her and he paused. Wanda whimpered and jerked, eager for more, wanting it all. Molly, supporting her chin on one hand now, reached out with the other to cup Carson’s scumbags, fondling them, her eyebrows lifting as she felt his impressive load slosh in the hairy sacs. Carson hauled Wanda back by the hips and wedged his cockhead into her open pussyslot. The fat slab vanished and her slick, pink cuntlips snapped tight, collaring his thick stalk, rippling and pulling on his cockmeat. He paused again, his prickknob buried and his long, fat cockrod standing out between his loins and her groin. Molly, perhaps figuring that some further lubrication was required, or perhaps just because her tongue was hot, pushed her face in and began to slobber into her sister’s pussy and onto Carson’s cock and balls. She ran her tongue up the crack of Wanda’s ass and dipped it into the girl’s puckered brown asshole. Her saliva flowed down the crack and streamed into Wanda’s crotch. With this added lubrication, Carson began to inch the rest of his prick into the girl. Her tight cunttunnel slowly spread to accommodate the bulk of his iron hard prick. Wanda squirmed and wriggled, jammed her ass back, yearning to be impaled on his cockmeat. He watched his stalk vanish up that tight but pliable cuntslot. Her cuntmuscles were sucking on his prick, drawing him ever deeper. Carson was amazed at the elasticity of that young pussy. His cockshaft looked wider than her slim hips and yet the fucking thing was steadily disappearing into her pussyhole!

With a heave, he buried the last inches. His balls slapped against her cuntmound and her pink pussylips spread out, plastered around the thick root of his cock. He held it all up inside her for a moment while the thrilled girl jerked and twisted on his prick like a fish on a gaff. Then he started to draw back out. At first the fit was so tight that, instead of pulling his prick out of her cunt, he simply dragged her ass and hips back with him. But then he tightened his grip on her hips and began to push-pull her, hauling her back onto his cock as he thrust in, then shoving her away as he drew the huge prick out. He pulled out until only his cockhead was stuck in her slot, then whipped it all back into her. Her trim little ass was jammed upward as his prick filled her. Wanda wailed with joy. It was the biggest prick that the teenager bad ever had up her cunt-since the pony’s prick wouldn’t fit in her-and she adored the sensation of having her hot little cunthole stuffed to the brim with hot, hard prickmeat. Carson began a slow, steady fucking that drove the wanton little minx wild. She churned and thrashed on his cocks gurgling and gasping. Ramming in to the hilt, Carson heard the girl gulp. He wondered if his huge prick was running right into her throat, choking her from inside her gullets He pulled out and slammed in again, feeding her a long, rippling stroke that caused her to vibrate. Molly watched that thick cockrod vanish, then reappear, licking her lips appreciatively. The twin slid in and began to lick around the edges. She knelt behind Carson and stuck her tongue up into his asshole, rimming his brown eye moistly. Then she slipped between them and tongued out her sister’s ass for a moment, purring happily as she savored the tangy taste of her twin’s dark asshole. Her frothy saliva poured down and blended with Wanda’s cuntjuice. Molly was going mad as she lapped and licked around the coupling. She turned onto her back and slid her head up under the doggy- fucking couple. Fitting her parted lips around the underside of Carson’s prick, she let his prickrod slide through her mouth enroute to her sister’s cunthole. Carson’s stalk pulled out, drenched with pussynectar, then plunged back in soaking with saliva. Molly tilted her head higher and began to suck on cock and cunt at the same time, her parted lips clamped around her sister’s clit, Carson’s cock sliding through as she slurped hungrily. Cuntjuice ran down her cheeks and coated her tongue, dripping from his prickrod and gushing from Wanda’s creamy cuntslot. Carson jerked back, almost turning Wanda’s cunthole inside out as her tunnel dragged on his retreating cockmeat. Molly lapped at those pink cuntlips. Then he plowed in again, stuffing her to the brim, and Molly tongued his balls. He felt Wanda’s cunt ripple and pulse as her loins began to melt on his giant cunt stuffer. More pussyjuice gushed out and his prick began to slide in and out faster as her trim cunthole oiled itself on that creamy lubrication. He wanted to come with the girl as she creamed. He began pounding the prick to her violently, shaking her slender, kneeling body and rattling her bones. His belly whacked against the curve of her ass and his balls slapped into her crotch.

“Gonna shoot!” he gasped.

“Yeah! Come in her cunt!” Molly wailed. Wanda slammed back, her pussy creaming steadily. Carson slammed his cock into her, pounding her to jelly. His scumbags lurched and ballooned, held for a moment, then blew. His jism shot out with such force that his ass was slammed back on the recoil. The steaming hot slime hosed into Wanda’s cunt like a liquid cannonball and the girl screamed with lust as she felt his fuckjuice flood her. Wanda whipped her ass around, her cunt sucking the scum out of his cock and balls as her own cum cream flowed into the stuffed hole in slimy rivers. Their mingled juices pumped out of her cuntslot and her sister eagerly tongued up the overflow. Carson, shaking and groaning, poured the prick to the girl violently, emptying his cock and balls in spurt after steaming spurt. The last of his fuckjuice squirted up her hole. Carson swayed, dazed by his mind-blowing orgasm. He slowly toppled over onto his ass and, his huge prick, turned semi-hard, pulled out of her clutching pussy and flopped up to slap him on the belly. Wanda slid belly down in the grass, her legs apart, steam and smoke drifting out of her pussy and cum and cuntjuice pouring down from her open cuntslot. Molly leaned over Carson, taking his slimy prick into her mouth and sucking the sweet juices from his cockmeat. She lapped his balls, gathering up the overflow. Then the naughty twin turned to her well-fucked sister and, clamping her hot mouth over Wanda’s creamy cunt gash, began to swallow the hot, thick blend of jism and pussyjuice out of her fuckhole. Watching this, Carson felt his prick ripple, then snap back toward a brand new hard-on. He grinned happily. Molly sucked merrily away on Wanda’s cunt and Carson’s prick loomed up, higher and higher and harder and harder, ready for the next happy episode. It dawned on him, vaguely, that he had not yet found the elusive white stag. Fuck the stag, he thought. And it was ironic that he should have thought in just those terms because that was exactly what his wife was doing…


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