There were two different paths down to the salt lick and Catherine, leaving her dog and her son both in a state of exhaustion from her insatiable sexual appetites, had by chance chosen the second one so that she did not happen upon her husband and the randy teenaged twins and the stout pony. If she had, it might well have been a different story, and every bit as interesting, but with a different cast playing the randy roles and linking up in the depraved combinations. As it was, Catherine followed the other trail, branching away from the stream as she hurried to the salt lick. She expected to find her husband lurking there and intended to demand some cock from the negligent fellow. As she moved through the forest, the woman was glowing with desire, radiant with passion. The things she had done with the Alsatian and then with her teenaged son had, she knew, been wicked and depraved-yet they were all the more exciting because they were so very naughty. She knew, too, that she would be sucking and fucking with both the doggy and the boy again, in the near future, and that prospect was turning her on tremendously. Catherine had creamed time and again as she cavorted with the beast and frolicked with her son and yet, despite her multiple orgasms, the over- sexed woman was hornier than ever, her lust inspired as much by the memory of her sins as by any physical need. Her cunt was steaming and flaring between her thighs at every stride and she felt as if her hot flesh must be luminous in the dark shadows of the woodlands. Soon she broke out of the undergrowth and stood by the salt lick. It was a natural lick, a streak of mineral running down a flat slab of grey rock that thrust up from the earth. Catherine stood in the clearing, looking this way and that, surprised that her husband was not there. Thinking he might be hiding so as not to frighten off the stag, she called out his name but got no response. Damn, she thought. He must have spotted that fucking stag and chased off after it, and here I am with a hot pussy and not a single fucking cock in sight!

She decided to wait, hoping that Carson would soon return. Adjacent to the vertical salt lick, there was a cleft in the rock, with a horizontal table or shelf running along it. Catherine sat on this stone ledge, her trim ass perched on the edge and her long,

shapely legs trailing down to the ground. Her thighs were parted and she was very, very aware of her pussy, smoldering between her legs. She waited for ten minutes, frustrated and horny and annoyed with Carson for not being there. She thought about returning to the cabin, in hopes that Rex or Tommy might have recovered enough to throw some more stiff prick into her. But they had both been drained and, besides, it was possible that Carson might have gone back to the cabin by this time, along the other trail, and she could hardly enjoy bestiality or incest with her husband there, nor could she very well get fucked by Carson with the cabin occupied by her other unholy lovers. Catherine decided to give herself a finger-fucking. She pulled her skirt up above her waist. She hadn’t bothered to put any panties on, figuring she’d just have to take them off again, and her naked cunt steamed in the cool mountain air. Reaching down with both hands, she began to fondle her cuntlips and clit and to slip two fingers up inside her slippery cuntgash. Her ass and hips jerked on the stony perch and she moaned softly at her own caress and from out of her horny groins and the fragrance of her hot pussy which drifted across the clearing and into the trees… And to the sensitive nostrils of the white stag!

The stag had been coming warily to the salt lick and, when he got a whiff of that steaming hot aroma, the beast halted, his nostrils flaring. He was a magnificent creature, pure white but for his black nose and the black head of his prick, which came slowly sliding out from its sheath as that sweet cunt scent registered on his mind and body. The wild beast tossed his noble head, the huge rack of his antlers jerking upwards. His black nose quivered, the black head of his cock flared out and the rest of his brawny white body rippled and trembled with sinew and muscle and arousal. The scent was human, the stag knew, but it carried none of the usual danger signs. The saline sweat was not that of a male hunter, nor was there any of the sharp tang of metal that meant a gun. Curious as well as aroused, the beast slowly advanced to the clearing and gazing at the salt lick and at the woman who was busily frigging her cunt on the ledge beside that lick. The stag was both timid, as a wild creature, and bold and brave, by his noble nature. He hesitated for a few moments, detected no signs of danger, none of the carnivore scent of the male human, and then, with a toss of his horned head, moved into the clearing. Catherine gasped when she saw the huge brute approaching her. His horns looked lethal and his hooves intimidating. His massive body was taut and powerful. Her first inclination was to flee and her legs tensed, ready to run. But then she realized that there was no way she could outrun a stag and thought that flight might well inspire pursuit. Maybe it would be best to stay right where she was, motionless and-and- -then she saw the stag’s prick!

Catherine blinked and then, slowly, she smiled. She understood immediately what that massive hard on signified.. The magnificent beast must have gotten the scent of her pussy as she frigged it and, like the Alsatian had, earlier, had responded according to his bestial instincts to the aroma of her sex. There was no danger from the stag, she knew. But there might well be a lot of pleasure. Her husband had been stalking the stag and now Catherine trembled at the thought of letting the stag stalk her as she gazed in fascination at the stalk in question. His prick was long and thick,

the rod hairy and white and the knob slick and black. His scumbags were bloated at the roots, his pisshole parted at the tip. It was a sight that brought joy to the insatiable animal lover’s heart, pleasure to her eyes, and a hot ripple of lust to her cunt. Catherine spread her legs wide apart, settled back on the rock shelf, and waited, holding her breath. The stag approached nervously, shying and prancing. He turned sideways on dancing hooves and she saw the length of his glorious cock in profile. It caused her to whimper. The brute moved closer and, ignoring her for a moment, perhaps in some ritual of stag seduction-he thrust his muzzle out and ran his tongue up the saline streak of the salt lick. But although the beast generally lusted for salt, that mineral lick held no thrill for him today, nor could it distract him from the far more fascinating and lickable object that was smoldering between those human thighs. Moving slowly so as not to startle him, Catherine spread her pussylips open with her fingers. She tilted her crotch upwards, holding her cuntslot spread in a creamy oval. The fragrance of her loins wafted out more heavily and the beast snorted and sniffed. His long tongue ran up the salt streak once again, then the huge brute sidestepped and stood directly in front of the woman, scenting the compelling drift of her pussy. He lowered his head, his heavy rack spiking the air then pushed his head in. Catherine grasped the stag’s antlers with both hands, clinging to his rack, both so that those pointed prongs would not gore her-and also so that she could drag his head into her groin. The stag bellowed, his haunches lurched and his flanks heaved. His tongue shot out and lapped upwards, just as it had lapped at the salt lick. The horny beast tasted Catherine’s own salty lick with a long, fluttering stroke. His hot breath steamed into her open cunthole and Catherine gasped and moaned. The beast pressed his dark nose against her, shooting his tongue up inside her pussy to lap hungrily at the wet inner folds. She clung to his antlers and ground her cunt against his snout, her ass churning on the rock ledge. She could feel the enormous power in his thick neck as he arched his head. She felt as if she were mounted on his like a trophy in reverse, hung on his proud rack, stuffed by his tongue. Catherine slid one foot under him and stroked her instep along his jutting cockshaft, feeling the hard meat throb against her ankle. The stag was licking happily away, relishing that hairy salt lick. His tongue felt so lovely that the horny blonde was tempted to let him carry on until she creamed. But the way his prick was throbbing and hammering against her stroking foot was sending waves of lust through her and, good as his tongue was, she knew that his cock would feel even better as the mighty beast pumped it to her pussy. His antlers were iron hard and tossing in her hands but his cock was every bit as hard as it tossed under his loins, stroking up her ankle and calf. She heaved her ass up from the rock, letting the cunt-hungry beast slap his wet tongue deep up her pussyhole one more time. Her pussylips slurped on his moist lapper. Then she settled down and dragged the brute’s head out of her crotch. His wet muzzle was stuck in her cuntslot and she had to haul him up with all her strength, yanking at his horns. His head came up slowly, a dribble of pussy juice hanging from his jaw. He eyed her with a big, gentle eye, maybe wondering why she had dragged him away from that creamy feeding grounds. But then Catherine rubbed her foot along the length of his prick again, caressing his hard cockmeat from the black crown to his swollen balls, and the stag realized that a greater delight then feeding awaited him in her steaming groin. The brute lowered his powerful haunches, paused, then sprang up onto the rock ledge with his front legs. His hooves clattered on the hard stone. His stubby white tail flashed behind his ass and his hind feet pawed at the earth. His massive cock was jutting out, angled up along the woman’s arched torso. The dark meat of his naked, glistening cockhead was flaring right in front of her face and Catherine gasped and ducked down to lick at the stag’s sweet cockmeat. Her tongue slid over his prick and she purred with pleasure as the taste of venison tingled on her excited tastebuds. Stag prick was richer and muskier than human prick or doggy prick. It had a spicy flavor that thrilled her to the core. She sucked his fat black cock knob into her lips and nursed hungrily on it. Just as she had been tempted to cream on the stag’s tongue when he was lapping her pussy, now Catherine, savoring that succulent mouthful, was tempted to let the horny beast shoot in her mouth. But, once again, she resisted the oral urge, yearning to feel that stag stalk in her cunthole. A glob of stag spunk oozed onto her flashing tongue. Catherine swallowed the slime, gasped, then drew her wet lips off the smoking head of his prick. Again the stag eyed her, perplexed by the behavior of a human. No doe had ever sucked his cock. Catherine grasped his stout prick in both hands, forcing the cock knob down into her crotch as she hiked up from the ledge. The big black slab of dripping cockhead wedged into her pussyslot. The stag bellowed and snorted, standing steady, poised at the entrance to her loins, his flanks heaving in and out as violently as if he had been fleeing from a pack of ravished wolves. Catherine held his cock against her pussy with one hand and spread her cuntlips open around the tip with the other. When he felt the tip of his vibrating prick slip into her hot, slippery cunthole, the stag jolted and shuddered. The dumb brute had never had a fuck face-to-face before, but that pussy was sucking on his cockhead and he knew instinctively what to do. His hairy haunches dipped down, he hesitated, trembling, then humped savagely. His massive cockhead went slamming into the woman’s cunthole, lifting her ass off the ledge. The huge slab plowed as deep up her cunt tunnel as any object had even been and the thick stalk plunged in its wake, filling her cunthole. The stag held his prick buried on her for a long moment as her cunt walls molded around the hard outline, sucking and pulling. Catherine clung to his antlers, her lush body shaking, her loins so full of stag meat that her eyes were watering. She felt stuffed and mounted. Then the beast drew out and Catherine twisted her hips around on his retreating prick. As he slammed in again, she jerked her crotch down to meet him, supporting herself by her grip on his horny rack, letting his prick tilt her ass up from the rock. His first stroke was tentative. Her cunt fit so tightly around his prick that he had to wedge into her. Then her elastic pussyhole rippled and fluttered and loosened and the horny beast began to pour the cock to her with savage, unbridled violence. Catherine was being shaken apart on his huge prick, jolted up and down and tossed this way and that. Her cunt slid up and down on his relentless cockshaft, her ass banging on the ledge and on the stone slab at her back. The stag was fucking her right up the rock face, lifting her insignificant weight easily on his mighty meaty prick. Catherine cried out, half in alarm and half in ecstasy. She was afraid that the gigantic beast was going to shatter her bones and dislodge her vital organs, and yet it felt so wonderful to have that tremendous cock stuffing her so wide and so deep that any amount of physical trauma was a small price to pay for the bliss of it. It hurt a bit, as he spread her cuntwalls out, but the pain was nothing, just a tingle that added a new dimension to the thrill of it. Abandoned to desire, the horny woman threw her legs up, hooking her knees around the beast’s powerful shoulders and clamping her smooth thighs around his muscular neck. Clinging to his horns with both hands and holding his thick neck in a scissors grip between her thighs, Catherine was lifted right off the rock ledge. She was suspended on the beast’s neck-and on his prick. The stag began to prance around the clearing, tossing his head, his haunches humping steadily, fucking Catherine in and out with every thrust and every stride. She shot up in the air as his cock filled her, then dipped down, her ass swinging from side to side, as the stag withdrew his prick. She pumped in counterpoint, tightening her thigh muscles and pulling her cunthole onto his stag stalk as he plunged into her, then relaxing and letting him draw out, while her hips twisted and she wound her pussy tunnel around on his sliding cockshaft. Catherine cried out aloud as her pussy began to melt. As her cum juices flowed, the stag drove into her with renewed violence, scenting her coming as his own coming neared the crest. He slammed his head up and jammed his loins out and, with a mighty bellow, his balls blew and his smoking hot stag slime poured into her cunt. The beast pumped the fuckjuice up her scum hole in spurt after spurt and each time he hosed her with jism, Catherine wailed and her clit exploded and her pussyhole melted again. She lost all track of time as the potent stag humped steadily away, swinging her lithe body in and out on his neck and on the spike of his prick. At long last the beast snorted and slowed. Catherine hung suspended on his cock for a few minutes. Then the mighty cockrod began to sink a lower angle. His prick was still rock hard and still jammed up Catherine’s cunthole, but it was slowly drooping down towards the ground, no longer standing at the horizontal. Catherine began to slide down his descending cockshaft. Her cunthole clutched and gripped and sucked through every precious inch and her ass swung from side to side. Then she slipped off the big black prickknob and bounced on her ass in the grass. The stag stood over her, regarding her and shaking his horned head in wonderment, marveling at how well a human’s cunt could accommodate a stag’s prick and drain his balls. His cock, looping out from his loins in a fat parabola, was drenched with cum and slathered with cuntjuice, dripping and glistening. Catherine gazed at his soaking cockmeat. She was thinking that her husband might come upon the stag, later, and that the man would not want his photographic art defiled by the residue of carnal lust. “Field and Stream” would never publish pictures of a stag with a slippery prick. Catherine felt that, because of her infidelity, incest and bestiality, the least she could do would be to clean the stag’s cock up as a favor to her husband. She took the head of his prick into her mouth and sucked off all that non-photogenic slime, polishing the dark cockmeat to a luster-and getting the taste for it-continued to suck until, in due course, she found that she had another mouthful of stag cum to be swallowed. This she gulped straight out of his loins. Catherine was very satisfied, contented and smug when she returned to her husband, son and doggy, all three of which were useful but could not compare with the stag.

“Did you find the noble beast?” she asked Carson, who looked exhausted and sort of sheepish, because of his futile quest, she assumed.

“Naw,” he muttered. “I waited at the salt lick all day but the stag never came.”

Catherine looked at her husband, wondering why he was telling her such a lie. And a double lie, at that. Because Carson had not been at the salt lick-and the noble stag had come… twice!

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