Chapter 4

“Are you sure you’ll be all right?” Judy asked, concerned.

“I’ll be all right!” Mark snapped. “Go on, get the hell out of here.”


“If you don’t go, you’ll lose the sale for sure,” Mark argued. “And if you do, what will happen to me then will make today look like a tea party. Right?”

“Yes,” she agreed softly. “But still…”

“Go,” he snorted. “Go. There’s nothing you can do for me here anyway.

Now go, already, before you’re late.”

Judy opened her mouth, then closed it. There was nothing to say. Her feet dragging, she turned, picked up her purse and left the house. Once behind the wheel of the car, she sobbed once. Furious with herself, she coaxed the car to life, blinking back her tears.

Mark was being consumed by a terrible agony. They were stretching the time between treatments much too far, and they both knew it. They were buying desperately needed time, but at a dreadful cost to Mark.

Judy had wanted to get an emergency appointment and take Mark to the hospital today. This time, though, he was the strong one, and refused.

He insisted that the situation with McCarter and Shein was too delicate to risk any postponements or cancellations of appointments. Judy knew he was right, which made what she had to do harder.

She fogged the streets with pollution as she headed for her rendezvous with McCarter. He was waiting in front of his office when she pulled up and double-parked.

“Here I am, Mr. McCarter,” she called out cheerily, leaning across the seat.

The well-dressed man eyed her car dubiously. “Would it be better if we took my car?” he asked.

Judy studied him. His wavy red hair was meticulously arranged. He was a big, strapping Irishman, or at least Irish-looking, with fair skin and freckles and blue eyes. His lightweight suit was beautifully and expensively tailored, the shirt and tie color coordinated. Definitely an impressive man.

“Okay,” he agreed, opening the door. It let out a groan of protest.

“Just look out for that broken spring,” she warned, motioning toward the sharp wire sticking up from the center of the seat.

Andrew McCarter leaned tentatively against the door, then checked that it was closed tightly before putting his full weight against it. As she pulled out into the traffic, Judy was conscious of the man’s careful appraisal of her.

“Must inhibit snuggling at the drive-in,” McCarter commented.

“What?” Judy asked, puzzled.

“The broken spring,” McCarter explained. “Must get in the way when you’re with your husband.”

“Oh, we use the back seat,” Judy said absently. Then she realized what she had said and blushed furiously.

“Ah ha,” the red-haired man responded with a grin.

Judy changed the subject. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the house,” she said. “It is a bit more modern than you indicated, I admit. But it has all the features you asked for, including a swimming pool.”

“The cost is a little high,” he noted.

“I think it’s worth it,” Judy stated confidently, guiding the car around a corner. The engine labored as they headed up into the hills.

“I’m certain you’ll find it worth the extra money.”

“Mmmmm,” McCarter replied noncommittally, watching the scenery.

When his eyes shifted back to Judy, she felt it and fought the urge to squirm. Fearful of babbling unnecessarily, she held her tongue. Her small size made it necessary for her to sit up very straight to see out of the car. She knew he was studying her trim torso and the way her blouse molded to her breasts. As usual, she wore no bra. She felt a hot flush burn her cheeks.

It was a relief when they reached the Shein house. She located the key where Mr. Shein had left it and managed to unlock the big door. Pushing it open, she stepped aside to let McCarter go first.

He held back. “It’s very modern,” he noted.

“But very comfortable,” Judy countered quickly. “There’s none of the coldness or sterility you find in most contemporary houses.”

“We’ll see,” McCarter replied. He stepped through the big doorway.

She escorted him through the house, saying no more than she had to. Her brief experience at selling houses had convinced her it was better to let the house itself do the talking. She tried to gauge the big man’s mood, but wasn’t successful. She found herself wondering just how he would look without any clothes on, and blushed again. Andrew McCarter was impressive – over six feet tall and very well built. He appeared very trim, he must work to keep himself in shape. His shoulders were broad, his belly firm, with no hint of a paunch.

Finally they wandered out along the length of the deck surrounding the pool. McCarter leaned his big hands on the railing and looked out over the valley. There was a thirty foot drop to the hillside below.

“Very impressive,” he acknowledged.

Judy had her back on the scenery. She was more interested in what was going on in Andrew McCarter’s head. She leaned back against the railing, her hands gripping the redwood behind her. She had her graceful legs crossed. The breeze from the valley stirred her short skirt and teased the hair at the back of her neck gently.

“I think the view alone is worth a million dollars,” she commented.

McCarter looked sideways at her. His eyes swept down the graceful line of her body. “Which view?” he asked.

Judy resisted the urge to fold her arms defensively across her breasts, and held her pose. “That one,” she replied with a toss of her head.

“What about this one,” he countered, nodding in her direction.

Judy felt herself flushing slightly. “I’m hardly the judge of that,” she answered carefully.

“Well spoken,” he told her with a smile. “What’s in this deal for you?”

“Huh? My usual commission. That’s all,” Judy answered, her fingers gripping the rail tightly.

“What if I told you I’d give you the same commission, even if you could get the price lower?” the red-haired man asked carefully.

Judy took a deep breath, and felt her nipples rub the inside of her blouse. Her tits stiffened sharply. She didn’t glance down, but saw McCarter’s eyes slide to her breasts and knew it showed.

“That would be unethical – illegal, in fact,” she replied.

“Hmm,” the man acknowledged wordlessly. His eyes were still on her breasts.

Judy took a deep breath, and straightened her back a fraction. Inside, she was shaking. “Besides, it’s impossible,” she explained. “The seller will not go below a million and a half.”

“And you think it’s worth it,” he observed, shifting his gaze to her face.

Judy was wrestling with herself. McCarter was poised on a knife edge, ready to tumble either way. She knew what she was going to have to do in order to get the sale. Inside she was a mixture of shame, disgust, and, undeniably, excitement.

“Why don’t we go inside and look at the house again,” she suggested softly.

“Including the master bedroom?” the man asked.

“We might even start there,” Judy answered. She led the way across the deck to the sliding glass doors that opened out onto the deck from the master bedroom. It was on the outer end of one leg of the horseshoe. It had windows on three sides, and was suspended out over the valley. In the center of the room was a king-sized bed.

In the air-conditioned coolness, Judy turned to face Andrew McCarter.

Kicking off her sandals, she went up very close to him and unbuttoned his suit jacket. Spreading it open, she brushed his firm, strong torso with gentle fingers. It was, she reflected, much easier the second time.

“What do you think?” she asked softly. “Is it worth it?” She tipped her head back and looked into his frank blue eyes.

“It’s still just a little soon to say for sure,” he countered.

“True,” Judy agreed. She carefully eased his jacket back off his shoulders and down his arms. She hung it carefully over the back of a nearby chair. “But, I’m confident you’ll agree with me in the end,” she told him.

She released his sapphire tie clasp, then attacked the neat knot at his throat. As she did, his strong hands gripped her shoulders, then slid down to her ribs. His fingers squeezed her, as if he was testing the durability of her diminutive body.

“I am not a china doll,” she informed him with a calmness that belied her inner turmoil. She stripped off his tie and hung it with the jacket.

Her fingers trembled slightly as she unbuttoned his shirt, and exposed his chest, freckled and bearing a sparse growth of curly auburn hair.

He stroked his thumbs up over the gentle mounds of her breasts, pressing them through the smooth, cool fabric of her blouse. Her nipples were palpable hard lumps under the cloth. As he tormented those delicate buds, he marveled at the slight woman that was undressing him.

She had interested him from the first time he had met her. When he had begun the banter out on the deck, he had had little hope that it would actually get him this far. Now that it had, he wondered about the house, and the woman he was fondling. She was right, the house was worth it. Now, he was about to find out if she was. Her petite, fineboned form in his strong hands excited him immensely.

Judy spread his shirt open, running her fingers through the almost kinky hair, brushing them over his nipples. Then she leaned forward and nibbled at his chest, her working lips finding and nuzzling one of his nipples. She ran her tongue around it, tasting his sweat. Suddenly she became conscious of his masculine cologne. A chill struck through her as the pleasant smell reminded her of the sour scent of Mark’s decaying body.

Pulling away, Judy pushed the shirt back off Andrew McCarter’s broad shoulders. As she did, he began unbuttoning her blouse. He paused a moment while she carefully hung his shirt up. Somehow, Judy knew she had to be meticulously careful with his clothes.

She found herself thinking about Mark. She was worried about him. He had been in a terrible state when she had left.

“Beautiful,” Andrew McCarter commented, stripping Judy’s blouse off her. As he dropped it, his eyes swept over Judy’s graceful, slender torso, pausing on the tips of her breasts, the line of her collarbone, the flatness of her stomach.

Judy couldn’t meet his eyes. She hung her head slightly as he studied her. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, but she was ashamed of what she was doing with it. She suppressed a shiver.

She tried to ignore her regrets and reached for his belt. The silver buckle clinked musically when she unfastened it. She unzipped his slacks and the fly spread open. The thrust of his cock pushed his underpants out. His hands were on her again, stroking and petting her silken skin, making her whole body burn with lust.

She wondered if whores felt like this with their customers. She had heard that to them, a fuck was nothing more than just business. Didn’t they get hot, burn with passion? Why should she be any better than a common prostitute, any different from a call girl? Because she was enjoying what she was doing!!!

She knelt and eased off Mr. McCarter’s Gucci loafers, then tugged his pants down. After he had stepped out of them, she carefully shook them out as she stood up, then turned to drape them over the chair.

He took the opportunity to unfasten her skirt. It fell around her ankles and she was left in just her filmy panties.

By unspoken agreement, they faced each other as they reached for each other’s last garment. Hands slipped inside underpants and panties, and they were pushed lower and lower and lower. Judy’s dark pubic bush eased into view, as did McCarter’s dark red one. His cock leaped free of his underpants, stabbing straight at Judy’s flat, pulsing belly.

Then they were both nude, standing there inches apart. McCarter swept Judy up against him, feeling the soft, yielding warmth of her small body against his, feeling his cock slide upward along her belly. He lowered his mouth to hers for a demanding kiss.

Judy spread her graceful, slender thighs and clasped one of McCarter’s big ones between them. She scrubbed her wiry bush along his leg, grinding her crotch against him. Her tongue met and dueled with his.

Then she was off her feet, being carried while the embrace and the kiss went on, their legs tangling at every step. They sank down together on the cool covers of the huge bed. Judy had a fleeting worry. What if they stained the covers? Shein would discover what they had done. He would be furious!

Then big hands were fondling and probing and touching her as she sprawled on her back on the bed, and lust made her forget everything else. There was no pretending to her lust. McCarter was quickly discovering all the erogenous zones on her passionate, responsive body – her breasts and belly, the insides of her thighs. And he wasn’t gentle. He bruised her with his strength and size. He played with her the way a cat might play with a mouse, tumbling and punishing her on the big bed. And she loved it.

She was being driven mad by his attentions. He twisted her nipples one after the other and her breasts burst into flame. A hand pressed into her tender belly hard, and her body writhed in desperate, eager response, her fingers clawing blindly at the bed.

Suddenly, he stopped touching her. Judy’s eyes snapped open with surprise and she rolled her head to look at him. He was lying languidly on his side, peacefully studying her with steady blue eyes. His hair wasn’t even mussed. The only sign of his interest in her was his monstrous erection. His cock looked larger in diameter than Shein’s stocky one, and longer than Mark’s. The pale skin of the huge tower gleamed like ivory against the lush red of his pubic bush.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” Judy croaked out. She was screaming with passion, and frightened at the sudden inactivity.

“I’m curious,” the man answered. “I’m wondering what makes you tick.”


“Why are you doing this?” he asked, a sweep of his arm encompassing her gracefully nude body. “I know you get a commission on the sale, but so what? What would make Mrs. Penncroft go to such great lengths for that commission?”

Judy was shaken by the man’s total control. Why wasn’t he pounding that big cock into her? Was she going to lose him now? “I don’t see why that should concern you,” she answered softly. Her chest was still heaving with excitement.

“No reason,” he admitted. “I just wondered.”

Something made Judy decide to keep her secret from him. “Well, I don’t intend to answer your question,” she informed him. “Assuming, that is, that there is an answer to it.” Then she posed, arching and stretching her lithe body like a healthy animal, to let him see how excited she was. “So come here and take me,” she said softly.

McCarter shook his head. “No. Not until you tell me the reason. I’m certain that there is a reason for it, a very good reason. You’re not the type for a casual lay, Mrs. Penncroft.”

“You can’t make me say anything I don’t want to,” Judy whispered, frightened.

“Ah, but I can, and I will,” the red-haired man replied confidently.

Judy stared at him, wide-eyed. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to go at all.

McCarter’s hand gripped her wrist, tightly but not painfully, and pinned her arm to the bed.

“What are you going to do?” Judy asked fearfully, suddenly realizing how completely at the man’s mercy she was. She crossed her other arm across her breasts, bent her leg and used it to shield her sex as best she could.

McCarter brushed aside her shielding arm with insolent ease, and his big hand closed on one tender breast. His hand was so large it completely covered the diminutive pink and white mound.

Judy froze, stopped breathing, terrified he was planning to hurt her.

Andrew McCarter squeezed and massaged her breast gently. The softness and tenderness were delectable. He could see her taut nipple poking between two of his fingers, seeking escape. “I’m going to have you begging me to screw you,” he informed her softly. “I’m going to have you so horny you’d sell your own mother out to get my cock in your pussy, And before I give you what you want, you’ll have to tell me the truth.”

Judy felt a perverse flash of sexual excitement at this announcement.

The thought of being a sexual toy, totally at a man’s mercy, was incredibly exciting.

“Never,” she croaked in a hoarse whisper.

McCarter smiled confidently at her brave challenge. He knew she was daring him to try, that she was looking forward to it as much as he was. He closed his fingers on the peak of her tit and tugged, pulling her breast upward into a perfect cone. When the nipple slipped from between his fingers, her breast rebounded to its usual firm rounded shape. The nipple, however, was sharper and harder than it had been.

Her flat stomach was sucked in with excitement, her chest was heaving with her erratic breathing. Still holding one of her wrists, still immobilizing that arm, he repeated the torture on her other breast.

Judy’s eyes closed. She suddenly realized just how exquisite this torment was going to be. Because, the more she tried to fight down her sexual need, to control it, the more she was aroused by his stimulation. It was like trying not to think of food when you’re hungry, every attempt only reminding you of what you’re trying not to think of. Judy was aware of the scratchy feel of the bed covers under her naked body, the feel of the machine-cooled air on her bare skin.

Her nipples were pulsing from the tugging McCarter had given them. Both breasts felt swollen and full, were aching with a wild need. Judy clenched her hands on the bedspread. She licked suddenly dry lips.

McCarter smiled confidently at the evidence of her growing lust. And he had barely started on her, too. Her mouth was slack as she rolled her head gently. She was an exquisite woman, perfectly proportioned and delightfully youthful.

Leaning forward, he sought one of her breasts with his mouth. First he just brushed her nipple with partially opened lips. He felt her whole body shudder in response. Teasingly, he blew on her tit. Then his tongue speared out and licked the turgid little nubbin, batting it with the tip of his tongue, feeling it bounce and rebound like it was made of rubber. She tasted young and fresh and sweet.

The red-haired man closed his lips around her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Lifting his head slightly, he drew her breast upward much as he had before with his hand. He tongued her tit as he sucked on it. He let his teeth close on the nerve-loaded button and worried it carefully with them. He heard Judy suck in a ragged gasp. Shifting his jaw back and forth he rolled her nipple between his teeth, and felt Judy begin to writhe, felt the bed shifting as her legs thrashed.

He released her breast and lifted his head so he could look at her. Her chest was heaving. She was rolling her head from side to side, and he knew it wasn’t in denial of him. Her cheeks were flushed with passion, her face twisted almost as if she were in pain. But it wasn’t pain, it was naked, animal lust.

He lowered his mouth to her other breast and drew as much of that delicate mound into his mouth as he could. At the same time, he slid his free hand down her flat torso, down toward her pubic vee. But he didn’t go all the way there – he paused to probe one finger deeply into her navel.

Judy felt blood rushing to her breast as the man sucked on it. His tongue rasped over her nipple like sandpaper, building the fires in her helpless body still higher.

“No,” she moaned raggedly. It was a futile denial, one that she doubted he had even heard.

She felt his hand, strong and hard and rough, stroking down her tensed belly, and her hips heaved and shifted restlessly. She thought he was going for her pussy, and wasn’t sure if she wanted him to yet or not.

Then, when he stopped at her navel, she whimpered softly. His finger poked into her belly button, and Judy’s body convulsed involuntarily.

He drilled his finger deep into her stomach, and an incredible sexual itch erupted deep in her body. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before in her life. That single drilling thrust into her navel, a thrust she would have expected to hurt, set off an unbelievable itching deep in the heart of her sexual organs, an itching she knew there was only one way to scratch.

“Aaaaahhhh, God!” she yelled in shock.

McCarter felt a surge of triumph at her cry. She hadn’t seen anything yet. He twisted his finger in her belly, wiggled it in her guts, and felt her body heave wildly. He continued sucking and devouring her small firm breast, sinking his teeth into the tender mound while mangling its tip with his tongue.

Instinctively, Judy’s free arm swept up and around. She found the back of the man’s head and tangled her fingers in his hair. She forced his face down on her breast, hard. Her hips were twisting and rolling. In the brightly lighted bedroom of Steven Shein’s house, the layers of civilization were being stripped off of Judy Penncroft.

Andrew McCarter lifted his head, leaving her breast shining with his saliva, and the pink imprint of his teeth on the pale mound. Her nipple was swollen with blood. “Well?” he asked.

“No,” Judy croaked. Why was she saying that? Was she saying it to deny him the knowledge he was seeking, or was she saying it to make certain that he would continue his delicious torture of her? Her tattered intellect couldn’t answer that disquieting question so she ignored it.

“Waaaahhhh,” Judy hooted as McCarter withdrew his finger from her navel. The fiery itch in her pussy didn’t depart with it, but stayed to torment her.

McCarter was glad she hadn’t given in. That would have been disappointing. He had a great deal more in store for her. He slid his hand southward, watching as it drew near Judy’s thick, black bush. Her pubic hairs were curly and frizzy, a dense kinky mass that was cut off cleanly across the top. Probably she had to shave her belly to wear a bikini. He combed his fingers through the curls, tugging them out straight, then watching them spring back. He tugged on one strand, watching it pull at her skin as he did. He watched the uneven panting of her chest as he toyed with her bush.

Judy’s lust built and built. Why didn’t he lower his fingers just a little more? Why didn’t he probe her hot pussy, pry into her dripping slit? Maybe the touch of his hand would end the desperate fiery itching in her guts? Judy heaved her hips upward, trying to encourage him, but it was a wasted effort. He kept his hand tantalizingly distant from her sexual organs.

The big man grinned at the way she was blindly seeking relief. He loved the way the muscles in her belly and thighs tightened to lift her hips upward, grind her pelvis against his hand. The blind mouth of her pussy was seeking his fingers hungrily. By lifting his head a little higher, he could see her pouting, bulging labia through her curling hair. There was even a flash of pink where the inner labia were distended with blood and protruding slightly from her hairy slit.

Judy suddenly realized both her hands were free. She reached out with the one McCarter had been holding, and the back of her fingers bumped against his strong, hard stomach. He lay on his side next to her. Her fingers brushed through curly, wiry hair, then touched a heavy, hard shaft. There, that was what she wanted, that was what she needed. She curled her fingers around it, and felt the velvety skin slide over the rigid, rippled core, felt the bulging veins shifting under the skin.

She explored the tower with her fingers. Suddenly, as she slid her fingers over the rubbery glans, her hand was slippery and sticky.

“Want it?” McCarter asked softly.

“Yes,” Judy said in a croaking gasp.

“Then talk,” he ordered.

“No!” Judy yelled defiantly.

Delicately, McCarter teased one finger between her labia and found her hard little button. He touched it very, very delicately, anticipating and avoiding the convulsive heave of her hips.

“Aaawww,” Judy moaned at the feathery, blistering touch on her clitoris.

“Why are you doing this?” McCarter asked.

Judy didn’t trust her voice any longer. She rolled her head from side to side in desperate denial. There was a second searing touch on her clitoris and her body heaved as if it had received an electric shock.

“Please,” she mumbled.

“Tell me,” he insisted. He flicked her clitoris with his fingertip, battered the excited, erect button.

“Pleeezzzeee,” Judy wailed. Her entire body was bathed in fiery need.

She squeezed the cock in her hand and pulled on it, trying to pull it to the entrance of her ravenous vagina.

“Why-are-you-doing-this?” McCarter repeated, emphasizing each word by flicking his finger against her clit.

“Aah-ah-ah-ah-aaahhhhhh,” Judy wailed. “Aaawwww, don’t torture me. I’m yours, anything you want, just take me,” she pleaded.

“Why?” McCarter demanded again, still pulverizing her clitoris.

Judy rolled her head from side to side. Her jaw was working mindlessly.

“WHY?” he rapped out sharply. Then he jerked his hand away from her pussy.

“Wwwaaaahhhh!” Judy felt as if she had been doused with a bucket of ice water. Where there had been searing, agonizing stimulation, suddenly there was nothing! Which was ten times worse than what she had been enduring. “It’s because of Mark,” she erupted. “My husband, Mark, he’s dying unless we can get the money,” she babbled. “He needs a kidney machine.”

Triumphant, the big man pressed his whole hand down on Judy’s dripping, starving pussy. He probed his longest finger into her vagina and was amazed at the flood of juices that greeted it. He cupped and pressed her pussy and wiggled his finger in her soaking, clinging wet hole.

Judy had lost, and she knew it. She rolled toward the victor and pushed him over on his back. She squirmed her petite, lithe body over his huge muscular frame, clinging to him with arms and legs, nibbling at his mouth and chin. Then, straddling him, she pushed herself upright. With frantic hunger, she gripped his phallus and held it perpendicular to his body. She positioned her pussy over it, lowered herself until it nestled at the entrance of her vagina. Her face became a blank mask of pure engulfing passion as she lowered herself on the monster tower of pink and white flesh, driving it up into her darkly bushed sex. She spitted herself on it with total abandon. She felt it drive deep, deep into her grasping, dripping vagina, felt it spread the velvety walls, felt it stuff her full.

“Aaaaawwww,” she sighed happily as she settled her hips down on McCarter, his prick totally in her vagina.

When she finally adjusted to having the fullness she had so desperately needed, she opened her eyes and looked down at the man under her. He had his hands behind his head, and was grinning at her. “You bastard,” she hissed.

“Tut-tut,” he chided.

“If I didn’t need you so damn much, I’d leave right now,” she told him.

“You’d be walking bowlegged for a month.”

“I sure as hell would,” he acknowledged.

“You admit it?” she asked, surprised.

“You think it was easy on me?” he retorted. Then he frowned. “I’m sorry about your husband.”

“Forget about my husband,” Judy snapped. “All that matters right now is this.” She lifted off him, feeling his prick slide from her, then dropped back down on him with a soggy squishing sound.

“You’re right.”

“Now I’m going to give you a fucking like you never had before in your life,” she growled. She lifted and dropped again. His cock felt like a telephone pole in her guts. Leaning forward, she lifted and dropped again, and again, and again. Her pelvis rocked forward and back, making his phallus drive into her at exciting angles, push and tug at the walls of her vagina.

McCarter’s face was shining with sweat. He was more than ready for action. It had taken incredible self-control to keep from leaping on this delicious woman long ago and pounding his cock into her slender body. He was sorry about her husband. He felt a twinge of regret he had brought the matter up at all. But his regret was washed away in a surge of pleasure as his cock slid past the walls of her pussy. His hips lifted and he drove up as she came down on him. Their bodies collided in mid-air and rebounded. Bouncing his hips off the mattress, using the thrust of the springs to increase his thrust, he slammed up against Judy even harder.

Judy felt the shock go straight up her spine to her head. Her jaw snapped shut as a blast of lust geysered through her from the impact.

She reached down between them with the fingers of her right hand and diddled her clitoris, increasing her pleasure still more. Then the man she was screwing caught on to what she was doing, and brushed her hand aside. His thumbs took over the task, spreading the upper end of her labia. Cold air struck her inner folds. When he pinched and rolled her clitoris against her pubic arch, Judy thought she was going to go mad.

She writhed in a wild frenzy, making her taut breasts jiggle insanely.

Her hips jerked and twisted, forward and back and side to side as she stirred the monster cock around in her guts. She blazed higher and higher, until, like a tidal wave, an orgasm engulfed her. She collapsed forward on McCarter, exhausted. She was dimly aware of the fact that he was still moving under her.

Then he pulled his hands from where they had been trapped between them, and gripped the cheeks of her ass. The feeling of the crack of her bottom being stretched and drawn apart sent Judy’s lust soaring again.

Chill air struck her anus which was sticky and wet with her excess lubricant. She felt cock sliding in and out of her pussy and clung to the big body between her thighs.

McCarter used his grip on Judy’s ass to move her in opposition to his thrusts. He was close to the fiery blasting of an ejaculation. The feel of her little body sliding and quivering against his was exquisite. Her vagina was tight and hot around his phallus. He could feel her copious juices on his thighs and his fingers.

Faster and faster and faster he humped under her, slamming his cock into her body. His pubic arch was crunching and rolling against hers at every thrust. Fire was pooling in his loins. He worked closer and closer and closer, and then he was there, the muscles deep inside him spasming and jerking. His body was bathed in fire as he poured his flood of cum into Judy’s tight vagina. His entire body ached and he rammed his prick into her like he wanted it to come out her mouth. His fingers bruised her buttocks as he held her welded tight against him until the pulsing and pumping had died away to just a delicious memory.

Then he relaxed.

Judy’s entire body went limp as her second cumming faded along with McCarter’s. She felt totally exhausted. She felt his prick shrinking inside her, leaving her feeling vaguely empty in spite of the copious cum he was leaving behind.

“Oh, God,” she sighed at last. “Jesus!” She climbed off him, the shrunken remnant of his prick slipping from her hole. Aching with exhaustion, she sat slumped on the edge of the bed. She felt the bed shift as McCarter got up. Finally she stirred herself and began to dress.

“Mrs. Penncroft?” Andrew McCarter began.

“What?” she asked curtly. She was disgusted with herself, and with him.

“You’ve got yourself a sale.”

Judy was too tired and too beaten to feel triumphant. “Great.”

“Provided, of course, I can get a mortgage,” he added.

“There won’t be any problem with it, will there?”

“Shouldn’t be,” he acknowledged. “Ready to go?”

“Ready.” She glanced at the bed. There was a wet stain on the spread.

“Oh, shit,” she muttered.

“Nothing we can do about it,” McCarter pointed out.

“Let’s get the wrinkles out, at least,” she suggested. “Right now it looks like the mating ground of a herd of crocodiles.”

McCarter quickly helped her get the covers straight.

“Maybe it will dry before they get home,” he noted.

Judy brightened. “Maybe. He’s not supposed to get back until tomorrow.”

She carefully locked the front door behind her and replaced the key in its hiding place.

“I’ll check on the mortgage as soon as I can,” McCarter informed her as she drove him back to his office.

“I’d appreciate that.”

“I’ll call you as soon as I know anything,” he said as he got out. Then he leaned in the window. “I hope your husband gets better.”

“Thanks to you,” she replied, “he just may live.”

“Don’t thank me, I’m just buying a house. Would it make you feel better or worse if I told you I would have paid the price whether you’d gone to bed with me or not?”

Judy digested this slowly. “Is that true?”

“What do you think?”

She smiled at him. “You bastard. You really are a sadist, aren’t you?”

“You should know,” he said, laughing.

As she drove to the real estate office, Judy didn’t know if she was disgusted with herself, or what. Lurking deep inside was a bright glowing spot of hope. The possibility of getting the kidney machine was greater than ever. She pulled up in front of the office, got out of the car, and went inside. There was a stack of telephone messages for her.

“Hey, Judy,” one of the other agents called to her just as she finished her last call.


“You heard anything about Steven Shein putting his place on the market?”

Judy froze. She felt the blood drain from her face and hoped it wasn’t noticeable. “Really?”

The man shrugged. “I just heard rumbles that he was considering selling.”

Judy shook her head. “I doubt it. Someone’s been feeding you a line.”

“Well it’s worth three times what he paid for it. Maybe Shein needs cash?”

Judy snorted. “He needs cash like I need another you know what.”

“Now that might be interesting.” The man snickered.

“You don’t have enough for the one I’ve got,” Judy retorted, and was instantly sorry she had said it.

The man flinched. “Boy, where did you learn language like that?”

“I worked as a go-go dancer for a while, remember?” Judy said sweetly.

Her insides felt like jelly. “As for Shein, forget it. I heard the same rumor last week and I’ve talked to him already.” She picked up her purse and noticed that her hand was shaking badly.

“How’s Mark?” the man asked as she started for the door.

“Not good. See you Monday, maybe.”


Once in the car, Judy began shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly the rumor mill was grinding, and was threatening to reduce all her plans to nothing. She was going to have to move very quickly or it would all be over – she would lose her sale, her commissions, and her job. And that meant she would lose Mark as well.

Muttering a mixture of prayers and curses, she coaxed the engine to life and headed homeward. The blistering hot air coming through the hole in the firewall dried the cum on her panties and her thighs to a scratchy crust.


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