Chapter 8

As Judy watched Mark, her eyes clouded with worry. His jaw was clenched. Sweat trickled down his cheeks, and every few moments his body was convulsed with a chill. She didn’t need to ask him how bad it was. She knew. Normally, by now, he would have been on the kidney machine at the hospital. But they had stretched the interval out by one more day. They were desperately stringing out the last few treatments as far as they possibly could.

“Mark, the hospital?” she offered desperately.

“No!” He bit the word out, his jaw snapping sharply on the single syllable.

“But it’s dangerous,” she pointed out unnecessarily. Now the intervals between his treatments were going beyond the merely uncomfortable.

They were taking a calculated risk and a miscalculation could be fatal.

Getting everything set for the final closing on the Sheins’ house had dragged on and on and on. Mark’s time on the kidney machine had dwindled and dwindled. They were down to the final bitter end.

“I have to go,” she sighed sadly. She was beginning to feel that she and Mark couldn’t possibly win against the odds.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back,” Mark assured her tightly.

“You damn well better be,” she growled in a feeble attempt at humor.

They both knew there was only one place he could go now.

Once in the car she blinked back her tears and coaxed the tired motor to life. Then she remembered, shut it off, and got out the gallon can of recycled oil. Wrestling the hood up, she refilled the crankcase. It had become a morning ritual to keep the car alive.

As she drove to the office, Judy focused her mind on what she had to do. Mark couldn’t possibly last another month. Somehow, she had to get the date for the closing moved up. The Sheins had been stalling for no reason Judy could figure. The bank had been stalling, in spite of Caldwell’s approval, because they wanted to hold on to the money as long as they could. And Andrew McCarter was in no hurry because the down payment money was picking up interest in a savings account.

No one was impatient but Judy.

“Hi, Beautiful,” another agent greeted her.

“Any calls?” Judy asked, trying to sound casual.

“Nope. You expecting any?”

“Not really,” Judy lied. She sat at her desk and fiddled.

“Wish I could figure it out,” the other agent muttered softly after a long silence.

“Figure what out?” Judy asked.

“Shein,” the man answered.

Judy thought he had said “shine”. “Tried the shoe shop down the street?” she asked.

“Not ‘shine’ as in ‘shoe’, but ‘Shien’ as in ‘Steven’,” the man snapped.

Judy’s heart skipped a beat. “What about Steven Shein?” she asked.

“He’s selling his house,” the man answered. “As a matter of fact, I hear it is sold.”

Judy felt as if she was going to faint. “Nonsense,” she croaked.

“It’s not nonsense. I got the straight poop from an unimpeachable source.”

“Who?” Judy asked. God, was her whole world coming down around her all at once?

“Secretary at the bank handled the paperwork on the mortgage. And another one did the deed for the lawyer.”

Judy muttered a foul expletive about secretaries who talked. “Well, if it’s sold, it’s sold,” Judy said in a resigned tone. “Nothing we can do about it.”

“The thing that gets me is, I can’t figure out who handled the deal,” the salesman went on. “I absolutely cannot get a peep out of anyone.

You’d think whoever pulled off a deal that big would be bragging all over town about it.”

“Maybe it was a private deal – no agent,” Judy suggested desperately.

“Not likely. It’s too big, too much money’s involved.”

“How much?” Judy asked innocently.

“A million and a half.”

Judy tried to whistle. She had the feeling that the listing agreement was burning a hole through the bottom of her desk.

“One thing’s for certain,” the salesman went on. “Whoever pulled this off is really, really sharp. They got an unwilling seller and an unwilling buyer together, got mortgage money, all in the tightest real estate market in history. That is some salesman.”

“Sure is,” Judy agreed wholeheartedly. “You going to be here all day?”

“You going out again?”

Judy nodded. “Nothing to do here. Maybe I can scare up something if I go out.”

“Lots of luck,” the man snorted, and picked up a paperback book.

“See you.”

“Worser and worser,” Judy muttered sourly to herself as she drove toward the Sheins’ house. If she didn’t close the deal quickly, the whole lid was going to blow off it and Mark would be dead. She had to get the closing moved up.

The Sheins were both home, both out by the pool. When Steven had come to the door in his robe, Judy had braced herself. Paula was stretched out on her stomach in the sun, her nicely rounded, smooth buttocks tanning slowly.

“Have a swim?” Shein invited cordially.

“No, I…”

“A swim will definitely improve your outlook,” he told her easily.

Judy sighed. She didn’t want to. Lord, how she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to take the time, and she didn’t want to feel like she was being used by the whole damn world. But now, more than ever, she had no choice.

The fact that Paula Shein rolled over and sat up as Judy began undressing made it all the harder. Undressing for Steven Shein that first time, or rather being undressed by him, had been bad enough.

Something about having husband and wife, both of whom had “had” her, both watching, made it pure agony for Judy to bare herself in front of them. She felt sick, miserable and ashamed as she stripped her slender body and exposed it to the harsh sunlight.

Paula Shein’s eyes were unreadable behind her dark glasses. There was a faint smile on her elegant lips. Her streaked hair was casually loose, down over her tan shoulders. She had turned over and looked totally relaxed. Her nipples were flat, her feet spread slightly so her pussy was exposed to the bright sun.

“A swim,” Steven Shein said firmly.

Dutifully, Judy followed him across the deck and into the cool blue water. She swam with him to the end of the pool, then clung to the edge when he stopped and turned to face her.

“Well?” he asked.

Judy took a deep breath, feeling the cool water caress her sharp nipples and her hot pussy. She was agonizingly aware Paula Shein was watching them from the other end of the pool.

“I want to get the closing date moved to this Friday,” Judy blurted out.


Judy shook her head in frustration. She knew he was purposely being difficult. “Will you agree to having the closing this Friday?” she asked.

Shein shrugged. “It’s all right with me.”

Judy felt a surge of relief. So simple!

“But you’ll have to talk to Paula, too,” Shein continued, nodding in his wife’s direction.

“Doesn’t she want to get moved?”

Shein ducked under the water. When he emerged, his face was sparkling wet. When he smiled his teeth looked very sharp and white against his tanned face. “Why don’t we go talk with her and see?” he suggested quietly.

Judy was at a loss. She was being manipulated, and she knew it. But where was it leading? Steven Shein matched her stroke for stroke as she swam to the shallow end. When she stood up in the waist-deep water, she knew, in spite of the dark glasses, that Paula Shein’s eyes were focused on her.

Steven was at her side as she slogged up the steps. Out of the corner of her eye she saw his cock bobbing along ahead of him like a blunt lance. He had a titanic erection. Why?

“Judy – ah, Mrs. Penncroft, wants to get the closing date moved up,”

Steven Shein informed his wife. “I told her she would have to discuss the matter with you.”

Judy didn’t miss the emphasis on the word “discuss” and neither did Paula Shein. The elegant woman’s smile broadened. Her mouth opened slightly and there was a flash of white teeth as she licked her lips meaningfully.

“I see,” Paula Shein said softly.

“Mrs. Shein, I…”

“Please, call me Paula.”

Judy nodded and opened her mouth to start again.

“I am open to discussion,” Paula Shein added. The statuesque woman spread her legs, wider and wider. The long, graceful fingers of one hand combed through her lush pubic bush.

Judy suddenly caught on to what the Sheins were leading up to. She darted a quick glance at Steven Shein. He was grinning hotly and had a monstrous erection.

“Convince me,” Paula Shein said softly, fingering her pussy. “Use that wonderful mouth of yours, and convince me.”

Judy felt sick. She also felt hot. Her mouth was watering at the sight of Paula Shein’s pussy. She didn’t want to – but she did! Besides, what else could she do?

“Come,” Paula Shein ordered in a husky voice, beckoning with one hand, still fingering her sex with the other.

Her throat knotted with revulsion and excitement, Judy advanced on the tan and blonde woman on the lounge. Approaching Paula from the foot of the lounge, Judy had an unobstructed view of the woman’s most intimate parts, the pouting, hairy lips of her pussy, the flash of pink in the heart of her bush, even the secret, dark crack that hid her anus. Now Paula’s nipples were stiff and excited, her breasts sagging slightly because of her semi-prone position.

Judy’s shins banged the foot of the lounge. She sank to her knees on the plastic webbing. She crawled slowly up between Paula’s spread legs.

Judy couldn’t take her eyes off her dark hairy goal.

Judy slowly and reluctantly lowered her face toward the hairy pocket.

There was no stimulation of her own pussy to encourage her this time.

But she still felt a gut-twisting, perverted excitement at what she was about to do. She had heard that men found watching lesbians exciting.

She wondered what Steven Shein thought of it, what he was doing.

Paula Shein placed one hand on the back of Judy’s head and pushed it down into her pussy. Judy resisted, but just barely. She closed her eyes, smelled warm sex, then felt kinky, wiry hair on her nose, her cheeks. Then her face was being driven into hot, soft flesh. Her nose was swallowed in thick female sex smell. Judy opened her mouth, drilled her tongue into the hot, juicy flesh and tasted the metallic flavor of a woman’s juices. The hand on the back of Judy’s head gave her no escape. Paula’s lean, smooth thighs closed on the sides of her head, trapping Judy completely in the hot, steaming pocket of female sex.

Judy raped her tongue into Paula’s hot, oozing sex. She drilled deep into the dripping well of Paula’s vagina. Harsh pubic hair scratched her cheeks as she lapped and lapped in Paula’s crack. Blindly, Judy snorffled through the clinging terrain in search of Paula’s clitoris.

Locating the hard little button with her lips, Judy sucked it into her mouth and then munched on it with her lips and tongue. She rolled and squeezed and tormented Paula’s nerve-loaded protrusion.

Paula’s hips heaved, hammering her pussy into Judy’s sex. Paula looked fondly down at the top of Judy’s head and Judy’s smooth, slender, graceful bare back. Judy’s ass was high in the air, her pale buttocks were gleaming in the sun. Waves of fire bathed Paula as she was devoured by Judy’s working mouth. Her mouth sagging open with pleasure, Paula smiled a slow sensuous smile, and nodded languidly at her husband. As he came up behind Judy, Paula pressed down on the back of Judy’s head with her hand and clenched her thighs.

Judy’s own sex was weeping with frustration. She was horny. Stimulating Paula Shein with her mouth was getting Judy incredibly excited. Her own pussy was empty and ignored, while Paula Shein’s was getting an oral fucking that was driving her wild. Judy was suffocating in Paula’s pussy, and dying of frustration at the same time.

Paula’s sudden shove on the back of Judy’s head drove her nose deep into Paula’s crotch. At the same time the bones of Judy’s head creaked from the increased pressure of Paula’s thighs. What was happening?

The lounge behind Judy sagged. Who…? Steven Shein! The man, Paula’s husband, he was behind her! What was he doing? Judy tried to escape. Her face, smothered in dripping, oozing, hairy pussy, was trapped between two strong thighs.

There were hands on Judy’s ass, Steven Shein’s hands. They stroked and pinched her upraised buttocks. Then he was gripping her waist in his strong hands. What was he going to do? What was Steven Shein doing back there?

The sturdy man knelt behind Judy, studying her ass admiringly. It was so nice and rounded and firm and exciting, two lush round buns separated by a deep, exciting crack. And down between her thighs was a dark, intriguing bush and two bulging pouting labia. In the dark, crack between those lips was an exciting gooey sparkle.

He levered his cock down the length of the crack of Judy’s ass. It bumped over the bud of her anus.

Judy lurched at the fiery probe, and gasped into Paula’s steaming pussy. Jesus! What a sensation! What was going on back there? Judy felt a stab of disappointment when the rubbery head of Shein’s cock slipped past her asshole and nestled into her aching, hungry pussy.

Shein set the head of his cock into Judy’s pussy and pushed. He slowly drove his stocky cock into Judy’s vagina from behind, dog fashion.

Holding Judy’s trim waist in his strong hands, he drilled his phallus into her wet, clinging socket.

Judy blubbered into Paula’s dripping pussy. The feel of a male organ being driven into her vagina spurred Judy on to greater efforts on Paula’s pussy. Judy slurped and slurped at Paula’s copious juices as she took the full bulk of Steven’s cock into her pussy.

“Aaaahhhh, Great Heaven,” Paula Shein wailed to the skies as her orgasm went on and on and on.

Steven rammed his cock into Judy’s vagina, drew back, and pounded it home again, his body slapping up against the cushions of her buttocks.

Reaching down under Judy with both hands, he found her breasts with one, and dug the fingers of his other into her dripping pussy. He sank his fingers into her streaming slit mangling her clitoris and then finding where his cock was drilling into her streaming hole. He heaved at her, slamming his bulky cock into her searing, clinging vagina again and again and again.

Judy was cumming. It was a fiery, muscle-knotting orgasm from the cock in her pussy, the hand mangling her pussy, the fingers clawing her quivering breasts. She was climaxing too because of the sex she had her face buried in and the way Paula’s hips were heaving and rolling under her working mouth. Worming her hand into the tangle of bodies, Judy located Paula Shein’s asshole and jammed her finger at it. Her finger slipped easily into the tight ring it was so well lubricated with Paula’s copious cum.

Paula began shrieking ecstatically, and kicked her lovely long legs wildly on either side of Judy’s head. She thrashed insanely with Judy’s mouth at her crotch, Judy’s finger up her anus.

At the tail end of the chain, Steven Shein slammed his swollen prick into Judy’s tight vagina one last time. The sight of his wife’s insane convulsions had been the final straw. His balls erupted in a tidal wave of searing cum. He hauled Judy tight against him, squashed her buttocks against his hard hips, and poured his semen deep into her vagina.

The jolt of Steven Shein’s last final heave slammed Judy’s face against the unyielding arch of Paula’s pubic bone. Battered and exhausted as she was, Judy felt her orgasm climb another notch. She felt the cock in her pulsing and pumping and emptying into her abused, ecstatic vagina.

She milked every glorious drop of cum from Steven Shein’s pumping shaft while she savored every flicker of the burning pleasure of her own cumming.

Finally, her pleasure fading, and feeling aching and empty, Judy hauled her face out of Paula’s soggy pussy. Her cheeks and chin covered with spit and the other woman’s cum, Judy rested her head on the sleek, satin inside of one of Paula’s thighs and concentrated on just breathing. Her face was inches from Paula’s cummy bush and Judy could smell the pleasure she had given the other woman.

“Ah!” Judy squalled convulsively as she felt the cock filling her suddenly withdraw from her vagina. Too exhausted to move, Judy remained with her ass high in the air, her thighs and buttocks shining with semen. It felt cold as it dried on her flesh. Her cheeks too were cold from evaporating fluids.

“Awwww,” Paula sighed from the depths of her being.

Weakly, Judy hauled herself upright. She stepped carefully off the lounge chair. Steven Shein was sitting hunched over, panting heavily.

Paula was sprawled on her back, her legs spread wide open, her pussy shining a wet pink in the heart of her bush. Her marvelous, full breasts heaved as she fought for breath.

Judy tottered over to her clothes and fumbled them into order. Then she began to dress. When she felt decent, or rather, presentable, she turned to her clients. They hadn’t moved.

“Friday,” she said firmly.

Both of the Sheins looked at her and nodded.

“Ten in the morning,” Judy added. “Be there.”

“We’ll be there,” Steven Shein assured her.

Without another word, Judy left them. She coaxed the smoking old car across town to the bank parking lot.

Milton Caldwell’s face lit up when he saw her. Without waiting for the receptionist to announce her, the banker came bustling out of his office.

“Mrs. Penncroft, this is indeed an unexpected pleasure,” the vice president gushed. He took her arm possessively and guided her smoothly to his office.

As Judy sat down she heard the lock on the door click. With her purse in her lap, her hands folded primly over it, she sat sternly erect. She didn’t feel like a prissy school teacher though, because of the sticky wetness in her crotch.

“Miss Abernathy, no calls, no interruptions,” the banker said into the telephone. Then he tried to appear casual, perching one hip on the edge of his desk so he could look down on Judy, and her neckline.

“Now, Mrs. Penncroft, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“You can move the closing date on the McCarter-Shein deal up to this Friday,” Judy said succinctly.

The banker’s face tightened, became blank and unhelpful. “Well now.

That, ahem, is easier said than done. We must, of course, have the agreement of the sellers to meet with us then.”

“They’ll be here at ten o’clock.”

“This Friday?” Caldwell asked, turning pages on his calendar.

“This Friday.”

“Hmmmm,” the banker murmured noncommittally.

Judy reached out and deftly lifted the calendar out of his hands.

Nothing that the space for ten in the morning on Friday was blank, she extracted the pen from the desk set. Quickly and neatly she filled in the space: “Shein-McCarter Closing.”

“There. I’m glad there was no conflicting appointment,” she observed quietly.

The banker’s expression was unreadable as he tilted his head to inspect the calendar through the lower half of his bifocals, then lowered his head to inspect Judy through the top half. “Hm,” he mused softly, pursing his lips. “Well now,” he muttered vaguely. “We must, of course, obtain the necessary funds. That could take some time. These are hard times, Mrs. Penncroft, money is very tight. I’ll have to arrange a meeting with the bank president.”

Judy picked up the telephone and held it out to him. He eyed it distastefully.

“Yes, sir?” Miss Abernathy inquired tinnily from the receiver.

“Nothing,” Milton Caldwell said softly before pushing the cut-off button down.

“On the other hand,” he commented, “it seems to me that I may have clearance to release those funds.”

“I thought so,” Judy replied.

“Now there is the problem of Mr. McCarter,” Caldwell pointed out.

“Naturally, he must be prepared to close on the deal this Friday, also.”

Judy stood up. “He will be.”

The banker’s face had fallen as soon as Judy had gotten up out of her chair. “You’re not leaving so soon, are you?”

Judy remembered the man’s monster organ and felt a twinge of regret.

“I’m sorry, I have a very tight schedule today,” she explained. The soggy crotch of her panties reminded her of the delay at the Sheins.

“Maybe on Friday?” Milton Caldwell suggested hopefully. “After the closing?”

Judy balanced her guilt and revulsion against the undeniable desirability of the man’s monster shaft and his woebegone expression.

She also reminded herself she didn’t have the deal closed yet.

“Perhaps, Mr. Caldwell, we can work something out then.”

“Fine, fine,” the banker sighed, hope reappearing in his gray eyes.

“I’ll see you on Friday.” He stood so Judy had to brush against him as she left his office.

Out in the car, Judy gripped the wheel tightly. She knew, as she drove toward his office, that Andrew McCarter wouldn’t be as easy to bulldoze as Milton Caldwell had been.

The big red-haired man’s office was as well appointed and cared for as he was. The receptionist looked as if she had been lacquered and polished to a high shine – meticulous makeup and a hairdo of polished bronze.

“Yes, Mrs. Penncroft?” McCarter asked her after she was in his office.

His door was still open.

“I want the closing on the Shein house moved up to this Friday at ten in the morning,” Judy announced.


“You know why.”

“What about Caldwell and the Sheins?”

“They have already agreed,” Judy assured him.

“And – ah – just what kind of persuasion did you use to convince them?” the red-haired man asked.

Judy didn’t even flinch. She was becoming hardened, she decided.

“Caldwell didn’t require any special persuasion,” Judy answered. “Just a vague promise was enough for him.”

“That figures,” McCarter acknowledged.

“The Sheins have their peculiarities,” Judy admitted. “Mrs. Shein especially has some – um – interesting aspects. She is quite interested in French culture, as a matter of fact.”

“Really,” McCarter marveled. “What a coincidence. I’ll bet you speak French like a native.”

Judy didn’t back down from his penetrating gaze and met his eyes boldly. It was a relief when he did shift his gaze away. He got up and went around behind her. She heard some soft orders to his secretary, then his office door being closed. Then he was in front of Judy, leaning back against his desk.

“It just so happens,” he continued, “that I, too, am interested in things of that nature.” He ran the zipper of his fly down.

Judy watched as he freed his prick. It dangled in an easy curve, then rapidly began to rise and stiffen. “What about the closing?” Judy asked.

“Right now, I am very happy with the present schedule,” he answered.

“However, I am willing to be persuaded.” His erect cock was standing out from his groin at an angle. A few wisps of red pubic hair showed in the opening of his fly.

Judy licked her lips. She set her purse on the chair beside her.

“Take off your blouse,” McCarter ordered softly.

Dutifully, Judy unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it back off her shoulders, baring herself to her waist. The sight of her bare torso, her small, firm breasts with their alert tits, gave added vigor to the thrust of McCarter’s cock. “My skirt, too?” Judy asked.

“No, that’s enough.”

Peculiarly, Judy felt more humiliated at being only half naked than she would have being completely nude. The fact that her own primary sexual organs were to remain covered was evidence of her status in what was to come – her task was to serve but not to be served.

“Convince me,” McCarter ordered softly.

Judy slid to her knees in front of the big man. She knelt between his feet as he lounged back against his desk. With her back straight, his cock was inches below her mouth.

She grasped the base of his hard, pink and white shaft. She tipped the round pink head upward toward her mouth. Delicately, she licked his hot flesh, tasting his salty meat. Carefully, she bathed the entire rounded cone of his glans. With the tip of her tongue she probed the little slit, pried it open, tasted the inside of his prick.

Andrew McCarter stood with his arms folded, staring down at the beautiful woman kneeling in front of him. The total subservience of her position thrilled him almost as much as the feel of her tongue on his phallus. He could see her perfect little breasts, jiggling gently as she moved. He found the smooth, flawless sweep of her nude back unexpectedly erotic.

Her tongue was hot and exciting as it bathed his cock. The feel of her probing his urethra, the narrow tube along which his urine and his semen exited, sent a rush of fire through him.

Judy pursed her lips and lowered her mouth to the erect penis.

Carefully, she circled the point of his cock with her lips, then drew her head back, molding her lips to his phallus. Lowering her head again, she took more of his organ into her mouth, and drew back a second time. He both tasted and felt different from her husband.

Bending forward again, she took another inch of his phallus in between her jaws. She pressed her tongue against the underside of his organ, massaging the nerve-laden triangle just beneath the cap. She swirled her tongue around the pulsing, hot shaft of living flesh. She pumped her head on it, fucking her mouth with McCarter’s towering, quivering sexual organ.

Judy took a little more in her mouth with every pump of her pretty head. Finally, when she felt her throat knot up, she stopped. Circling the base of the prick in her mouth with her fingers, just below where her lips were, she began moving her head in a steady fucking motion.

She pushed and pulled with her fingers as she sucked and pumped with her mouth. Saliva oozed down to smear the base of the hot phallus in her fingers, adding a welcome slick lubrication.

McCarter grinned tightly down at the cock-sucking woman. Unfolding his arms, he gripped her head by taking handfuls of her hair. Gently, but firmly, he pushed her head down further on his cock, drew her head back, then urged her down still further.

Trapped, Judy tried to resist, but he was too strong for her. She gagged, her stomach heaved, her throat knotted. Her eyes filled with tears. The rubbery head of the man’s cock battered against her soft palate where it dipped toward her throat. She had to swallow the flood of saliva filling her mouth, and her throat closed on the monster bulk of his cock.

McCarter felt her swallowing, felt her throat close on the head of his loaded prick. The sensation of having his glans gently squeezed by a working throat brought a rush of hot semen to his groin. He lifted Judy’s head and jammed it down on his steaming hot phallus again, hard, forcing her to take still more of his towering organ in. He felt the head of his cock ram the back of her throat. He saw the way the cords of muscle stood out in her neck as she fought his dominance of her, and her spasming gagging. Her graceful back was writhing from the humiliation of it all.

Judy thought she must be being destroyed by the ravening, huge pounding cock in her gullet. The few times she had sucked Mark’s cock she had been able to control the amount of penetration. This huge man was giving her no choice, was brutally slamming her head down on his titanic phallus. And now, too, his hips were heaving at her, driving his huge blunt spike down her throat. In self-defense, Judy angled her head and neck like a sword swallower. She fought to time her breathing so she could gulp fresh oxygen when cock wasn’t corking her throat.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks and spit was coating her chin.

McCarter’s face was twisted with a tight, triumphant grimace as he looked down on Judy’s working head. The sight of her pretty face being raped by his monster organ was exquisite. He felt his ejaculation drawing closer and closer and closer and speeded the fucking of his hips.

Judy was a dazed, bewildered passenger on the final ride to McCarter’s climax. She felt battered and abused as her head was whipped wildly up and down, her throat bludgeoned by the battering-ram cock slamming down it. It was all she could do to swallow the endless flood of saliva the invading cock triggered.

Bitter, gooey, thick cum slammed into her throat without warning.

McCarter held her head impaled on his pumping, pulsing phallus. Wad after thick wad of semen blasted from his recoiling cock, spattered her throat, and poured toward her stomach. Judy’s throat contracted and pulsed around the head of the throbbing prick in a way no vagina ever could. It felt like gallons of semen were pooling in her belly.

McCarter himself was rigid with ecstasy. The feeling of his balls unloading sperm into Judy’s throat was pure pleasure. Her swallowing massaged his nerve-loaded, sensitized cock and increased the power of his cumming to the borderline between pleasure and pain. His entire body convulsed, heaving the copious shots of sperm-laden semen deep into her desperately working throat. Then his reservoirs were empty and his convulsing became dry and painful. His muscles falling limp with exhaustion, he let go of Judy’s head.

Judy flopped backward, too dazed, exhausted, and oxygen-starved to actively spit out the cock that had ravished her. Her mouth tasted of cum, a clinging, cloying taste that was slowly being sluiced away by her saliva. She kept swallowing and swallowing, even though her throat was bruised and sore. Finally, she heaved herself up into the chair and sat slumped over, while she fought the urge to retch.

“Well?” she ventured finally, lifting her head, making no move to cover her bare breasts.

McCarter didn’t answer. Instead, he poured a glass of water for her from the carafe on his desk.

Judy drank it gratefully, used it to wash out the last of the semen from her mouth. Then she dabbed her face with the tissues he handed her, wiped the semen and spit off her chin, the tears off her cheeks.

Finally, she sat back in the chair, still bare to the waist.

“Well?” she repeated.

“Mrs. Penncroft, you are an amazing and marvelous woman,” the redhaired man complimented her. “You are also quite beautiful.” His eyes boldly raked her nude torso.

“Thank you.”

Pulling his desk calendar over, he flipped to Friday and made an entry.

“Friday at ten, at Milton Caldwell’s office,” he agreed.

“Thank you,” Judy said courteously, twisting around to straighten out her blouse. She slipped it on and buttoned it, then stood and carefully tucked the tails into her skirt, drawing the thin material tight across her breasts. Her nipples were still hard and tense with a perverse excitement.

“What’s Mrs. Shein like?” McCarter asked as Judy turned toward the door. “I’ve never met the woman.”

“She’s tall, blonde, and quite beautiful,” Judy replied. “She is also uninhibited. Oh, yes. She also tastes good.” Judy unlocked and opened the office door. “Good-bye, Mr. McCarter. Until Friday.”


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