Chapter 2

Jocelyn, twenty years later, snatched her hand from her dress-covered cunt in the nick of time to avoid coming. Wow! she gasped inwardly. Thinking about that scene on the dunes had really gotten her hot!

They were stalled in downtown L.A. traffic. She glanced at the driver. He appeared completely uninterested in her. Maybe, he hadn’t noticed she was masturbating herself through her dress. Maybe, a lot of girls did it to themselves in taxis, and he was blasй about it. Maybe, he just didn’t give a shit. Who knew? She really didn’t care what he felt.

The excited feeling in her pussy was ebbing, now. Pretty soon, she could start playing with it, again.

“Looks like we’re going to be stuck for a while,” the driver mumbled. “This traffic’s not going to let up ahead.”

She saw him looking at her through the rearview mirror.

“That’s all right,” she smiled. “There’s no rush.”

She stroked her naked thigh with her hand and laughed to herself. How stupid she had been! The driver could only see her from the waist up. She pulled up her short dress, slid her fingers under her panties, and slipped them into her hot, wet cunt. Ah! That felt better than doing it through her dress! This was how to jerk off!

Resting her head back on the top of the seat, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. But, she didn’t sleep, of course. Her imagination, stirred by her masturbating fingers, traveled back to the sand dunes and her lascivious aunt.

She remembered how her trembling, little body had begun to quake with lust as Aunt Mona had turned her around once more so that her narrow belly and virgin cunt directly faced her aunt’s partly opened mouth.

“Jocelyn?” her aunt murmured.

“Yes, Aunt Mona?”

“Don’t you think your belly needs a nice licking?”

“Oh, yes, Aunt Mona!”

Especially that sexy little belly button you have!”

“Mmmm! Yes, especially!”

With a thrill, she had felt her aunt’s warm, wet lips press against the bare skin of her front. She felt her aunt opening her lips wide, and, then, as the exciting feel of the fluttering tongue tip spread over her whole belly, she felt the wetness of her aunt’s mouth drool onto her.

“Oh, keep licking met Oh, I love it!” she panted.

Her aunt licked her belly from one side to the other in broad sweeps of the flat of her tongue until the delightful sensation made Jocelyn moan with pleasure. Then, Aunt Mona dipped her tongue tip into her navel and titillated it and sucked it hard by turns until Jocelyn squirmed in lewd enjoyment and slid her hand past her aunt’s hot cheek and into her hungry, burning, fourteen-year-old cunt.

Lifting her head, her aunt watched her trig herself passionately. Her aunt’s face being so close, Jocelyn knew she was enjoying the aroma of her excited pussy.

“That’s right, honey!” Aunt Mona murmured. “Play with it until it gets all hot and ready to cornel Mmmmm! That must feel good!”

“Oh, yes! It feels wonderful”

“Keep rubbing it like that, honey! Keep going until you’re about to come off! Here, let me kiss those pretty, little fingers that are making you feel so good!”

Lovingly, her aunt kissed each of her slender fingers as they continued uninterruptedly in their delightful cunt play.

“Oooo, Aunt! Your lips are kissing my pussy as much as my fingers!”

“I didn’t think you’d mind,” her aunt murmured…

“You bet I don’t! Oh, I’m coming!”

Aunt Mona snatched her hand away from her cunt quickly.

“Not yet, Jocelyn! Why, I’m not even naked like you are yet!”

“Oh, please! Get naked!”

Aunt Mona, smiling at her eagerness, rose to her feet. Reaching behind her, she undid the top of her bathing suit, slipped the straps over her arms, and pulled it down to her waist, baring her large and beautifully shaped breasts.

“Oh, Aunt! They’re lovely!” breathed Jocelyn. Her aunt cupped them in her hands and held them out proudly.

“Like big tits like these?”


“Then, do whatever you want with them, Jocelyn I You can play with them all you want! Come here!”

Shaking with desire, her cunny still throbbing from her near-come, Jocelyn got to her feet and went to her aunt. At fourteen, her mouth was at the same level as the big nipples of the older woman. Timidly, she reached up her hands and began to caress them. Slowly, she increased the pressure and motion of her hands and soon was cupping and squeezing the large, warm globes in a way that was highly arousing to her hot-sexed aunt.

“Squeeze them harder, Jocelyn! Oh, yes! That’s right! Really play with them! You like my big tits, don’t you! Mmmm! Your pretty mouth is so close to them! Did you ever suck the titties of your girl friends?”

“Yes,” Jocelyn nodded, “I do it with a girl named Sally lots. And, sometimes, with another girl named Joan. Their tits are really beautiful and much larger than mine, but, they’re not nearly as beautiful or as big as yours! I’ve never seen nipples so huge and hard!”

“Want to suck them?”

With a cry of delighted assent, Jocelyn squeezed one of Aunt Mona’s large breasts in both hands so that the oversized nipple stood out taut and hard like a tiny prick! Then, she lowered her girlish lips to the tempting object and began to suck it. At first, she sucked gently. Gradually increasing the pressure of her lips, she soon was sucking hard. This appeared to cause her aunt intense pleasure.

“Oh, suck it, Jocelyn! Suck my tit hard! Ah, suck me like that forever!”

Aunt Mona gasped and panted with excitement as Jocelyn switched her hot, little mouth to the other big tit. Moaningly, she caressed the back of Jocelyn’s head and shoulders and pressed her harder against her bare breasts.

“It’s time you saw the rest of me naked, honey” Aunt Mona muttered hoarsely. “Want to?”

“Mmmm! Do I! I want to inspect your cunt and asshole the way you did mine!”

“You really are a dirty kid, aren’t you?” her aunt laughed, taking, her by the arms and pulling her away from her mouth-wettened breasts. “Go sit down over there and watch me strip this bathing suit the rest of the way off. I’ll be as sexy as I can and you can play with your pussy as you watch, okay?”

“Oh, yes! I want to play with it hard’“ “Do it as much as you want, honey, only promise me not to come off yet.”

Jocelyn sat down, spread her slim thighs, and made little guttural noises of delight as she jerked off while watching her aunt twist and turn and pose sexily for her as she slipped the bathing suit off her mature beauty. Avidly, her young eyes feasted upon the older woman’s nakedness. Aunt Mona stroked and fondled her own body-her heaving tits, her belly, her quivering thighs, her bare white ass, and her big, hairy cunt!

Her aunt stood with her legs wide apart and pointed her belly out in Jocelyn’s direction, who gazed at the large gaping cunt in lewd fascination.

“Like it?” her aunt asked softly.

“Oooooo, yes, Aunt!” Jocelyn moaned. “I’m almost coming again!”

“Stop playing with it for a while, then, and watch me do it, honey!”

As her aunt started to masturbate, Jocelyn squealed with lustful joy and threw herself on her knees before the older woman. Digging her fingers into her aunt’s soft, naked ass, she pressed her mouth to the firm, rounded belly region and planted a string of wild, wet kisses all across that hot-skinned area, almost giddy from the pungent scene arising from.her aunt’s excited cunt so close below.

“Oh, Aunt! I wish you’d start feeling me up, again!”

Smiling, her aunt lifted her to her feet and pressed their warm, naked bodies against each other.

“That’s why we came here, didn’t we? To feel each other’s cunts?”

“Yes, yes!” moaned Jocelyn, burying her face into her aunt’s bare tits, and almost sobbing in her desire. “I want you to feel me and play with me!”

“You mean, you want me to masturbate you!” laughed her aunt, slipping a finger between the girl’s legs and stroking her hot pussy parts.

Jocelyn, who loved to look at her own pretty pussy, spread her legs more and looked down to watch Aunt Mona finger-fucking her fourteen-year-old cunt.

“Oooo, yes!” she breathed. “Oh, do I want you to masturbate me! It feels so wonderful, I never want it to stop I Oh, I love to jerk off! Rub me harder! I want to come!”

“Like this?” her aunt laughed.

“Yes! Yes!” Jocelyn gasped, on-the brink of coming. She was massaging her own little breasts and naked belly region while her aunt continued to frig her burning, girlish pussy. “Oh, isn’t my pussy pretty! Isn’t it sexy! Oh, my lovely cunt!”

“Your pussy is beautiful, honey!” Aunt Mona smiled, kissing her forehead warmly. “And, you’re a hot, dirty, little masturbator!”

“Yes! I am! Oh, Aunt! Rub me harder! I’m coming!” But, Aunt Mona stopped masturbating her altogether and held Jocelyn’s hands behind her back to prevent her niece from finishing herself off.

“Okay, honey!” she laughed, pulling Jocelyn down to the sand and pressing the girl against her hot body, “Roll yourself on me! Feel my cunt! You want to, don’t you?”

“Yes!” panted Jocelyn, mounting her aunt and squeezing her between her slender thighs, “I want to feel you all over! I want to make you come!”

“Do it slowly, honey! Make it last longer, and, keep those hot, little fingers out of your lovely, pretty pussy!”

Jocelyn ran her hands all over her aunt’s body, paying special attention to the wonderfully large breasts and the cleft of her ass. When her fingertip wiggled slightly into her aunt’s asshole, Aunt Mona murmured with delight.

“Put it in more, honey! Slide your finger up my asshole to the hilt!”

As Jocelyn did so, she felt an indescribable pleasure at her aunt’s finger forcing its way into her own extra-tight little asshole. Pantingly, Jocelyn fucked her aunt’s asshole with the whole length of her finger which easily slid in and out of her aunt’s larger, pungent smelling orifice.

“Maybe I should use two fingers?” she asked, moaning at the sensation her aunt’s finger was giving her and wetly kissing her aunt’s ass cheeks all over.

“Yes honey, use two! Mmmm! I can only get my finger up yours to the second knuckle. Wow, you’re tight! Don’t you and Sally ever ream each others assholes?”

“No, I never thought it would feel this good!”

After a minute or so more of that delightful play, Aunt Mona lay on her back and spread her legs. Taking Jocelyn’s hand, she forced it hard against her big cunt. Jocelyn thrilled at the hot, wet feel of the large, splayed open organ!

“Play with it, darling!” her aunt muttered hoarsely.

Jocelyn eagerly complied, fingering and toying with her aunt’s hot vagina and large clit until her hand glistened with cunt wetness! Meanwhile, her aunt’s finger joined Jocelyn’s finger in Jocelyn’s little cunt, causing her to tremble with aroused passion! “That’s right, honey! Play with yourself at the same time I’m playing with you! It’s twice as good that way!”

“Mmmmmmm! Oh, yes!” Jocelyn panted.

Aunt Mona replaced Jocelyn’s finger with two of her own longer ones, and, while allowing Jocelyn to continue rubbing her clit, fucked herself hard, grunting with pleasure at the increased feeling her larger fingers produced.

“I thought we were going to talk about Uncle Victor’s prick!” Jocelyn breathed hard.

“Go ahead, honey. As much as you want!”

“It looked so big in his bathing suit! Oh, Aunt Mona! How big is Uncle Victor’s prick when he has got a hard-on? It must be huge!”

“It is huge. Your uncle has the biggest prick I ever saw!”

“Oooooo! How big?”

“Slightly over ten inches long and well over two inches thick its entire length!”


“And, his balls are big, too, and hold more come than two ordinary men-or, so it seems to me!”

“Oh, I’d love to see him naked!”

“You will, honey, since you like to play the same dirty games we do!”

“But, will Uncle Victor want to play with me? After all, I’m still very young!”

“Don’t worry, darling! You have no idea how excited you’ve been making him when he’s seen you walking around the house practically naked in your tiny shorts and sometimes nothing else!”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive! Why, right now, he’s probably guessed what we’re up to and is back at the house jerking off with both hands thinking about what we could be doing!”

“Oh Aunt Mona! I can’t wait to watch him jerk off? Does he like to do it as much as we do?”

“More, if anything! You’ll see, By the way, have you seen many pricks?”

“Well I’ve seen Daddy’s prick His is the largest one I’ve seen so far. I haven’t seen it actually hard, but I’ve seen it when it was still all red and big from fucking Mama or from his jerking himself off somewhere.”

“It sounds like your father has a big prick”

“His prick is big, but not as big as Uncle Victor’s. Another prick I’ve seen often is Sally’s older brother. He’s fifteen.”

“Mmmm! Keep rubbing me like that and tell me about Sally’s brother’s prick! Have you seen it hard?”

“Yes! Sometimes, Norman gets naked with Sally and me and jerks himself off-in front of us! We lie naked on the floor under him and play with our tits and cunts as he jerks off, He shoots his come all over us, Then, while he watches, we lick his come off each other’s bellies and tits! Most of the time, Norman gets so hot looking at us lap up his come that he grabs hold of his still hard, but red and slimy prick and jerks off all over again harder than the first time!” “Why, Jocelyn! You and Sally are really dirty girls! You remind me of your mother and I at your age! Only, in place of Norman, of course, it was your father,”

“And, did you and Daddy do things like Sally and Norman do, and you and Mama like Sally and I do together?”

“Mmmmnnn! Oh, that feels good, Jocelyn, darling! Yes, we did! Your mama and daddy tucked each other continually and your daddy fucked me, sometimes, too, years before they met each other again and got married, By that time, I was out here in California madly in love with your Uncle Victor and his big prick!”

“Oh, Aunt Mona! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

“Then, kiss me, darling! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!”

Jocelyn shot her tongue deep into her aunt’s mouth as she felt her orgasm start, Aunt Mona groaned with pleasure as she, too, came off-both of them gripped in an ecstasy altogether new to the inexperienced girl and quite surprising in its intensity to her aunt.


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