Chapter 3

Jocelyn’s sexual reverie was interrupted by the cabdriver’s furious blowing of the automobile’s horn.

“God damn people won’t move!” he snarled, glaring at Jocelyn through the rear view mirror in his general, anger. “They’re God damn flicks, all of them mother-fuckers!”

Jocelyn, her whole hand working in her excited and slippery, wide-open cunt, breathed deeply in her half-satisfied lust and forced herself to stop and pay attention to the irate cab driver.

“I thought taxi drivers didn’t let traffic get to them.” She smiled. “You don’t seem very patient.”

“I don’t drive steady, only now and then. Hate the fucking traffic.”

“So I gather. Well, as I said, I’m in no great hurry, but I would appreciate your keeping the meter off for a while.”

“Yeah, sure. It’s off. Hey, look at that! They’re starting to move up there!”

“Good,” she nodded by way of supplying the emotional driver with some vague comfort. “Now, we can relax again.”

Again, making sure the driver could not observe her obscene pleasure, Jocelyn relaxed by forcing yet another finger up her hungry pussy and frigging even harder as she sank blissfully back into her erotic memories.

She didn’t remember everything, of course. Not after twenty years. But, certain episodes stood out with stark naked, cunt-stroking clarity.

After she and Aunt Mona had had their first sexual experience together-perhaps, the very next evening, she had overheard a conversation between her aunt and uncle which had amazed and excited her. Although she had not heard the beginning, she knew she was whom they were talking about.

“Her cunny was absolutely delicious!” her aunt said.

“Mmmm! Oh, Mona, honey, tell me more! I’m almost coming!”

“Keep jerking off, darling, as I talk.”

“I am, baby! Oh, God, it’s good!”

“She loves to frig herself off!”

“Oh, honey!” the sixty-year-old man panted in apparent masturbatory ecstasy, “I wish I had seen you two at it! Did she frig you?”

“Yes, we both Јrigged ourselves and then we Јrigged each other and then we did both at the same time, and, it felt absolutely beautiful coming off together like that! Mmmmm! See me playing with my pussy, darling?”

“Mmm! And how, honey! Make it feel good!”

“She really wants to see that big prick of yours, darling! The poor little sexy thing can hardly wait! I told her how hot you were getting for her and that we would all play sexy games together this summer! Like that idea?”

“Like it! Oh, shit, baby! It’s making me come to think of it! So, she wants to see and feel this big prick of mine. Has she played with pricks before?”

“No, she’s seen a couple, though. Bob’s, mainly.”

“I bet he saw to that! Your fucking brother’s so hot he screws Vivian silly, but my guess is he wouldn’t mind being jacked off by his own daughter! He’d probably like to fuck her!”

“Well, what’s suddenly wrong about a little incest?” Aunt Mona laughed. “Bob tucked me almost as soon as he tucked Vivian when we were kids and you’ve seen him do it to me often enough since!”

“Vivian and I both like seeing you two fuck! We jerk ourselves off as we watch! You and Bob being brother and sister makes it awfully good! Mmmmm! This feels good! Ahhh! My prick is ready to come!”

“Play with it more slowly, then, darling. I’m doing myself as slowly as I can! Wouldn’t innocent little Jocelyn be shocked if she had seen the way her Daddy tucked me and the way you tucked her hot-cunted Mama half to death last winter in New York? Oh, darling! You’re coming. Jerk off hard! Think of Jocelyn’s little cunny and your tongue licking it! I promise you can lick it as much as I do-or, almost as much, anyway!”

The next memory Jocelyn had was of a sexy scene a day or so later. She had been out sunbathing and looking at Uncle Victor’s girlie magazines. Seeing all that near-naked photographic beauty had gotten her hot. In those days, cunts and assholes were never shown in photos but they were, she thought, just as arousing. She had wanted to go to her room and masturbate over some of the sexiest pictures of beautiful girls she had ever seen! Entering the house, she heard a noise in the living room and peeked inside.

Wow! The naked scene hit her in the belly of her hot lust and grabbed her total consciousness the way she wanted to grab her own burning, Oozing, little cunt!

Her aunt and uncle were stark naked. Her uncle was standing with his feet spread and thrusting his huge, glistening, hard prick in and out of his wife’s sucking mouth. God, the prick was huge! Every bit as big as Aunt Mona had described! His big, red balls swayed as he fucked Aunt Mona’s mouth and as Aunt Mona mouth-fucked him! The white-haired man was groaning with pleasure, his eyes closed in ecstasy as he received the wonderful cocksucking from his young, prick-crazed wife!

Later, Jocelyn giggling confessed to her lewd spying on them.

“I saw your big, hard prick, Uncle Victor! I loved seeing you ass-naked and screwing Aunt Mona’s pretty mouth like that!”

Although Aunt Mona was relatively decently clad in a close-fitting bathrobe, Jocelyn and Uncle Victor were wearing only tight, brief underpants. Her uncle’s tanned, white-haired body contrasted strongly with the pink-fleshed tones of her young form. She slouched low in the huge leather armchair in which she sat and deliberately spread her slender legs. She hoped every hair of her little pussy showed through her scanty underwear!

Her uncle’s eyes had gleamed at her words, and, he made no pretense about admiring her nakedness quite openly. His prick was already slowly growing to the giant size it had when fully erected!

“Oh, Aunt Mona!” she whispered. “Uncle Victor is getting a big hard-on!”

“So, you’ve seen it before, honey!” laughed her aunt. “Now, you’ll see it real close up!”

Uncle Victor grasped his huge organ through his underwear and squeezed it with a loud groan of pleasure.

“Our niece is a dirty, little girl, Mona!” he said severely. “Take off her fucking panties and spank her ass hard! Teach her not to use filthy words like prick and cunt!”

Aunt Mona pounced upon Jocelyn who squirmed and giggled under the fond assault. The fourteen year-old girl and the older woman fought each other with mock savagery until Jocelyn’s panties were ripped off her completely and her aunt’s bathrobe opened in the front so that her large breasts and hairy cunt were entirely bared to view.

Jocelyn saw her uncle’s towering prick was now in full erection! The long, thick shaft stuck out so far in his undershirt it pulled away from his hairy balls and the base of the giant prick itself. Jocelyn barely restrained herself from slipping her fingers in to fondle the naked sex organs!

Aunt Mona laughingly began to spank her bare ass, but Jocelyn, hardly feeling the light punishment in her excited state, rushed to her uncle. Smilingly, she boldly pushed her fingers under his underpants and tugged them off his middle and down his legs. The huge prick now stuck right out at her-the big head bobbing invitingly only inches away!

“Oh, Uncle Victor!” she breathed. “You’re all naked! And, it’s so big! It’s so huge, I can hardly believe it!”

“It’s all mine, baby!” grinned Uncle Victor. “And, yours and your Aunt Mona’s, too!”

“It’s big enough for all three!” laughed her aunt, shucking off her bathrobe and joining the other two in being altogether naked. Standing next to her niece, she slid her arms about her and pulled her close, slowly turning the girl so that their bare fronts soon were pressed tight!

“Open your mouth, honey, and show Uncle Victor how we kiss each other!”

Jocelyn gladly did so, and, with the eager trembling of a young girl’s sexual awakening, accepted the full length of her hot-blooded aunt’s tongue deep into her sucking, gasping mouth! Aunt Mona licked every part of her young mouth-every tooth and gum was caressed by the darting, skillful probes of her delightful tongue! To Jocelyn, it was absolutely blissful! During the whole hot kiss, she fondled her aunt’s big tits shamelessly and tickled the nipples into taut erections!

Uncle Victor groaned again with unsatisfied lust at this wanton, exciting spectacle. He grasped his extra-sized organ in his hand, and, while Jocelyn greedily watched out of the corner of her sex-filled eyes, he started to jerk himself off in huge, hard-gripping strokes, from the tip to the base of his great, throbbing cock!

When they stopped kissing, Aunt Mona, now fingering her big cunt openly, murmured into her ear, “Honey! See what naughty Uncle Victor is doing! He’s masturbating! Why don’t you help, darling? Mmmmm! I thought you’d like that idea!”

Jocelyn threw herself upon her knees before her frigging uncle and reached up to grab his hard, big instrument with both hands. The hot feel of the damp, hard, yet slightly spongy flesh thrilled her to her cunt core! She squeezed and jerked and diddled and rubbed until her uncle cried out with pleasure!

“Jerk him all the way off!” urged her aunt. Both Jocelyn and Aunt Mona were masturbating, now, and not gently, either!

But, Uncle Victor was too far gone in lust to wait for the well-intentioned fumblings of a fourteen-year-old girl. Grasping his enlarged, reddened penis, he worked both of his hard-gripping hands up and down the feverish staff, groaning with lewd enjoyment as he did so, until he reached the height of his pleasure and shot out spurt after spurt of come!

Jocelyn gasped. Norman had never come off like this! The white sperm shot out of her uncle’s red, turgid prick and spurted, flowed, oozed, and Hooded by turns! Her aunt had been right! Uncle Victor had reservoirs of come in those big balls of his! At sixty, Uncle Victor was four times as old as fifteen-year-old Norman, but he seemed to have far more than four times as much sperm when he came off!

Jocelyn remembered her uncle’s come had shot all over the place-all over her, on Aunt Mona, on himself, on the rug-and she remembered making herself come with her ever-ready fingers as she watched Aunt Mona thirstily scooping up the pools of come with her tongue and swallowing it all!

The next memory Jocelyn had was of herself and Aunt Mona and Uncle Victor lying stark naked on the living room rug jerking off! Their white bodies twisted and contorted as they Јrigged themselves in different splayed open and body sprawling poses, each one as sexually exciting as the last to Jocelyn’s hot, lust-filled, little girl eyes!

“Oh, shit! It’s good!” Uncle Victor moaned, one hand working up and down his glistening shaft and the other robbing his white pubic hair… Are you two cunts jerking yourselves off hard?”

“Oh, God! Yes, darling, yes!” Aunt Mona cried. “You know how much I love to do it! My cunt feels delicious, and I can’t stop, I can’t stop! I’ve got to come like this! Oh, darling, aren’t all three of us the hottest, dirtiest people alive! We haven’t stopped masturbating since Jocelyn got here, and she’s the worst of all of us!”

“Mmmmm! I sure am!” Jocelyn grinned, one hand buried in her hairy, little cunny and the other fingering her asshole to the hilt like a raping, little prick! “I give my pretty cunt such a good time I swear I’ll frig myself off every day of my life and then some I”

She remembered that afternoon, the three of them engaged in a masturbatory orgy-jerking each other off as well as themselves. Uncle Victor came off three times! First, he jerked himself off. Then, Aunt Mona jerked him off. Then, Jocelyn jerked her uncle off. Aunt Mona and Jocelyn came off twice each. She frigged her aunt until she came and then her aunt frigged her. Next, Uncle Victor hand-fucked her fourteen-year-old cunt until it came while Aunt Mona masturbated herself to a second climax!

Not that all they did was jacking off! Soon, her lustful aunt and uncle were introducing her to prick sucking and cunt lapping! Jocelyn’s mouth was hot and ready and eager to give her aunt’s cunt a good time as well as to eat her uncle’s big cock! Uncle Victor even tried to fuck her a few times, but his prick was just too big to even start to enter her quaking pussy, no matter how far she stretched herself open in her desire to get him inside her!

The first time she sucked her uncle was one afternoon when her aunt was out playing bridge at a neighborhood party. Jocelyn had been lying on the living room sofa with only her panties on reading a dirty novel about a beautiful college girl who, home on vacation between her freshman and sophomore years, found herself the object of sexual advances on the part of her own father. At first repelled by the idea, the girl gradually lost her aversion for it and, by summer’s end, was frankly enjoying night after night of naked, hot lovemaking with her lustful and large-pricked parent!

Jocelyn wanked her ever-yearning pussy with one hand as she devoured the pornographic photos of the girl sucking her father’s obscene prick!

“Hello, honey!” Jocelyn’s uncle’s voice interrupted her reading from only a few feet away.

Starting, Jocelyn looked up and saw her uncle was stark naked, his big, fleshy red prick hanging softly but hugely almost within reaching distance.

“What are you reading, another prick story?” He grinned.

Nodding smilingly, the fourteen-year-old gazed at her uncle’s large prick which was growing larger by the minute.

“Your big prick is getting hard!” she whispered, putting down the book. “I think I’ll take my panties off and be naked, too!”

“Please, do!” Uncle Victor breathed and picked up the book she had been reading.

“Oh, this one!” he smiled. “It’s about what little, dirty Barbara let her big, dirty daddy do. Like it?”

“Ooooo, yes! Especially, where Barbara sucks him the first time! Wow, I got hot! See the photos?”

“Mmm! Her daddy’s got a big, hard one, doesn’t he? Ever seen your own daddy’s prick, honey?”

“Oh, sure, plenty of times. He and Mama go naked a lot. But, I never saw it hard.”

“Would you like to?”

“I don’t know. I guess so. It’s not as big as yours, though. Boy, you’re getting a real hardon!”

“Think you can do what Barbara is doing to her father in this photo?”

Her uncle handed Jocelyn the book opened at the photo of the college girl cocksucking her horny papa.

“Wow, yes! But, I’m only 14, Uncle! I don’t know if my mouth is big enough to get the head of your big prick inside!”

Uncle Victor laughed and pressed his big, spongy, hard prick’s head against her small lips.

“Open up, honey!” he murmured softly. “C’mon, it won’t hurt! Don’t you want to suck my big cock!”

“Oh, yes, yes! I do! I do!”

Jocelyn threw herself upon her knees before her naked, proud-pricked uncle, and stretched her hot, little mouth open as wide as she could. Sliding it over the swaying, throbbing, wet head of her uncle’s prick, she began to mouth-fuck him slowly but with a pleasing hard, steady suck.

“That’s right, Jocelyn! Oh, suck me off! Suck my big prick off!” her uncle moaned.

She did just that-and swallowed all his hot, white come as well! She found she loved the taste of prick and the feel of sucking one off!


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