Chapter 5

During the next few days, Jocelyn busied herself getting accustomed to her new home, learning where things were located, stocking the kitchen with food and the bar with drink, and so forth. There was no doubt in the world she had inherited a wonderful place. Her aunt must have made a great deal of money in the business ventures that occupied her later years! Everything was expensive and in exquisite taste down to the last ash tray.

The building was oddly constructed. She, of course, occupied the center apartment which was much larger than the apartment on either side. The other two apartments had bedrooms and baths on the second floor. All three looked out upon the sun deck in the rear of the house.

One of her first major purchases was a secondhand VW, and each day her shopping trips took her further and further from home until she was quite familiar with most of that section of L.A. She soon discovered one particular street that disconcerted her greatly.

It was a street of erotic movie houses and book stores that sold girlie magazines and pornographic books as well as rubber pricks of all sizes and shapes and artificial cunts for horny men to fuck instead of jerking off all the time. The street gave Jocelyn a hard-on every time she drove through which, she thought, it would give anyone with even a slight interest in pornography!

And, she had far more than a slight interest! Even in junior high school, pornography had turned her on hard! After having read all of Uncle Victor’s dirty books and rubbed herself off over every erotic photo in them, she had been twice as anxious to put her masturbating hands on every smudgy mimeographed manuscript circulating through school. Then, much later, when she married Robin (after she had spent ten years fucking everything that wore pants in high school, college, and office), he reintroduced her to the complementary pleasures of pornography and masturbation. She had ignored those forgotten pleasures all the time her large cunt was accommodating all the big pricks she could find!

She had found more than a few and had learned to tuck publicly at large parties with an exhibitionistic passion equaled only by the most randy girls available in New York. It was, in fact, at such an affair that Robin had fallen in love with her. He had jacked himself off watching her fuck her big-pricked date in the middle of the crowded room of naked guests, many of whom had frigged themselves off as hard as Robin.

It had caused a small sensation when she had married Robin. Her husband’s prick was only Jive inches long when erected to its fullest measure! No one could understand how her pussy, which had taken every thick inch of the biggest pricks in New York thrust up her to the very balls, could squeeze so comfortably and tightly about the slim, small, hard penis of her husband. But, it was because of Robin and his lessons in unbridled lust that Jocelyn was drawn to that street as if she were magnetized.

Several times, she could not resist parking her VW and traversing the lewd boulevard on foot. Movie houses sported large posters showing naked men and women in passionate embraces and other exciting poses. Plenty of bare ass was displayed, both male and female, and the big tits of the girls were naked to the nipple! All sex organs were blacked out, of course, although Jocelyn could plainly see by the angle of the rectangles blacking out the men’s pricks that most of them had hardon’s!

Trembling with excitement, Jocelyn had entered a few of the book stores and inspected the racks of magazines with naked girls and men on the covers. The girls seemed very young and terribly pretty and cute as they stretched their cunts open with slender fingers to tempt the buyer, and, the pricks of the men (soft, but red and slimy from either fucking or jerking off right before the photos were taken) the hugest she had seen! Some of them just had to be fully ten inches long! The rubber pricks in the glass display cases tempted Jocelyn almost beyond endurance!

But, although she couldn’t resist looking at these stores, she did resist buying. The reasons for her doing so were somewhat complicated.

During the several days that had passed since her arrival, she had refrained from masturbating after a rather.lengthy orgy under the ceiling mirror of the bedroom. Her resolution not to come off was wearing thin, however. That was becoming very clear each time she visited the erotic stores!

She discovered it was more effort to go without coming for three days than it had been for the three months she had abstained after leaving Robin! At one point, she had held a magazine of photos of masturbating men and boys and felt her panties moisten as she flipped the obscene pages, particularly at pictures of hard pricks and hairy balls dripping with come from jerking off.

She really had to laugh! Here she was, thirty four years old, and still as hot over a dirty photo as she had been at fourteen! After more than twenty years of fucking and frigging, one would think a girl could cool it a little! And, no doubt, many women did just that. Well, why couldn’t she? Could she, if she tried hard enough?

She had come to California with all good intentions of turning a new leaf and becoming a good, little girl! Had her flip into sensuality upon arrival been merely a temporary setback, or was it the real Jocelyn?

She had no way of really knowing. How could one really know something like that? She missed Robin. Of that, she was sure! If he had been with her, he would have laughed and told her to go out and get fucked by the biggest pricked man she could find or, if she felt like it, to take off all her clothes right there and then and play with her beautiful, big pussy until she came off while he watched!.

Jocelyn sighed. She was feeling kind of lonely, now that she was basically settled in her new home. She had seen only Phyllis Palmer since she had arrived, and then, for only a few short conversations. Now, the Palmer’s had gone on a two week vacation, and, she was alone in the building. Ah! If Robin were only here!

They could play one of their masturbation games! They had so many of them! Hmmmm! Which one would she choose? Oh, yes, that one! The one where she got naked and lay on the floor and stroked her cunt softly and slowly and silently for several minutes-making sure she didn’t get herself so hot she couldn’t resist creaming off. Meanwhile, Robin’s role was to sit in a chair fully dressed and to pretend to ignore her. The chair would be faced somewhat away from her, and, he would be reading a book or magazine. The rule was he could not touch his prick, no matter how hard his small, five-inch staff got nor how much it ached, until she had fully climaxed and. the last tremor of her pleasure at coming had subsided. The effect upon her lascivious husband almost always was to increase his desire to jerk off threefold!

As her desire grew, she would begin to plead with him to look at her and watch what she was doing, but he would be cold and insulting and refuse to even look at her. Then…

Shit! The phone was ringing! Just as she was about to fuck herself thinking about the exciting game!

As Jocelyn answered the phone and made arrangements with her aunt’s lawyer to sign necessary legal papers to finish up all the legal transactions about her new property, she was, in the back of her mind, thinking hotly about how wonderful it would feel to be frigging herself as soon as she got off the phone! Her desire grew so strong, as the discussion of legal procedures droned on and on, she could just barely concentrate enough to answer sensibly, and, toward the end, her voice began to tremble! Impatiently, she tore her blouse open and squeezed and fondled and pawed at her big tits one handedly with her bra still on as she talked to the dull lawyer. And the fire in her cunt burned hotter and hotter!

The conversation finally over, she put the receiver back and had peeled off her tight slacks and bikini panties within seconds! She couldn’t wait to take off her blouse and bra! She had to have it now!

She lay on the floor right where she was. Grabbing the phone receiver she pushed it into her cunt, rubbing the muffled dial tone back and forth on her pussy flesh between the splayed open lips as she flicked lustfully at her hard clit with a beautifully feeling finger!

“Please, Robin!” she would plead softly. “Look at me, darling.”

“Certainly not!” her husband would reply, turning a page of his book, and not even glancing at her.

“But, I’m having so much fun with myself, darling! Don’t you want to watch me?”

“I wouldn’t look at such a disgusting spectacle for a moment!” Robin would retort, turning another page with a dignified snort.

“But, it feels so gooooood! Don’t you want your sexy, little wife to be happy?”

At this point, Robin would give her a cold, withering glance before returning immediately to his book. “You’re obscene!”

“Mmmm! I like being obscene like this, darling! Oh, it feels so fucking nice! I’m almost coming!”

“It’s perverted!” Robin would hiss.

“Oooo! I wish you were perverted, too! Mmmmm! It’s good!”

Robin would put his book down and gaze at her thoughtfully.

“Hmmm, I suppose it must be, the way you’re going at It. But-oh, what am I thinking about! Jocelyn! You must stop abusing yourself this minute!”

“Abusing or amusing?” she would murmur.

“You can’t imagine how filthy and dirty masturbating is to me'” Robin would slam the book down again and stalk to where she lay and glare down at her.

“Why don’t you stop all that talk, darling, and Jerk off?”

“I haven’t jerked off since high school!” Robin would reply stuffily.

“Bullshit, darling'” she would smile, reaching up to pat the small bulge in his trousers. “See how your little prick is all hard and hot!”

“Well, I suppose seeing you rub yourself like that, eh, why, it does give rise to one’s baser instincts.”

“You mean, seeing me do it gets you hot and, suddenly, you’re not disgusted but delighted?”

“Yes, yes! Jocelyn! Oh, Jocelyn! Rub yourself harder! Rub it hard! I love seeing you frig your cunt’“ “Oh, darling, thank you! Thank you for letting me fuck myself! Oh, watch me, darling! Watch me wank my pretty pussy” I’m coming!”

Robin, now on his hands and knees between her out-stretched legs, and remaining fully clad and not daring to even press his aching, turgid prick, would groan blissfully.

“Oh, Jocelyn, darling! Spread your pretty legs wide so I can see everything! Mmmm! My face is so close to your big, wet, beautiful Clint, I can smell it strongly! I can see your hot asshole! Put your finger up it!”

“Oh, yes! Oh, darling! Talk dirty to me until I come!”

Her husband would do just that, she would have a marvelous orgasm, and then, it would be Robin’s turn to get naked.

Her small-pricked husband, aroused by that time to the heights of lust, would straddle her naked front, his knees nestled into her armpits.

“Want me to suck you off or do you want to jerk off?” she would tease playfully.

“Jerk off! I want to jerk myself off like you did!”

“But, it’s dirty! I thought big, grown men like you never jerked off since high school!”

“Now, darling? Can I jack myself off as hard as I can? I want to so much! I want to! Now?”

“Okay, then, darling!” she murmured. “Grab that little prick and beat it off!”

With a cry of joy, Robin would grab his throbbing member in a tight, full-handed grip and work his hot fist up and down. He would masturbate hard and fast and he would groan in delight continually until he came.

“Does it feel good, darling?”

“Yes! Yes! It’s only five inches long and an inch and a half thick, but it’s a handful of pure joy when I frig off!”

“Jerk off, honey! Come! Come allover me!”

“Yes!” he would pant. “Yes! Tonight, go out and pick up a man with a big prick and after he gives you a good fucking, we’ll both suck him off!”

“Oh, darling! You have the nicest ideas! I’ll go to that special bar. How big a prick should he have?”

“Eight inches! Nine inches! Ten inches! As big a prick as you can get!”

“Oh, Robin, fuck yourself hard! We both like them big, don’t we!”

“Yes, honey, we sure do! Oh, God! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Robin would shoot his hot sperm all over her tits and face and she would almost come off again at the feel of that exciting liquid splattering upon her bare skin.

And now, alone in her new luxury Jocelyn Јrigged to a happy climax, her lust-enflamed mind swimming in lewd visions of what she and Robin had delighted in with the big-pricked stranger she had brought home later that night.

She had just showered, following her newest relapse into masturbatory eroticism, and changed into a fresh skirt and blouse when the doorbell rang.

Answering it, Jocelyn found an extremely attractive, young couple, both well dressed and pleasant looking.

“Hello,” said the young man. “I’m Kit Livingston, and this is my wife, Amanda. Brad Palmer said you had an apartment vacant-that is, if you are Mrs. White.”

“Yes, I am Jocelyn White.” She smiled, hoping the sexual excitement she had just had didn’t show in her expression. “And, I do have an apartment vacant. Would you like to see it?”

“Yes,” smiled the girl, who looked about sixteen. We’d like very much to see it, Mrs. White, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Fine,” Jocelyn said. “Just let me get the key.”

Following the young married couple up the steps to apartment C, Jocelyn suddenly decided she did not want them as tenants. The reason was both of the young people were too attractive and too much in love and just too damn young. They would spend all their time in bed with each other and provide her with no Company at all. What she should try to get was a couple her own age, who would be more attracted to her and with whom she might develop a friendship-not a sexual relationship, for once, just a friendship!

“Oh, it’s lovely!” the girl exclaimed, after she had shown them the apartment. “We really love it!”

Jocelyn, having heard them whispering about the mirrored bedroom (the entire wall was a mirror behind the large double bed), among other things, had already realized the couple wanted to rent. How could she prevent it? Then, she remembered her aunt’s lawyer had told her there was no rent control applicable to the building. She could double the rent!

“I’m afraid it’s rather an expensive apartment,” she replied coolly. “In fact, the rent is $l,000 per month.”

“Wow!” the husband exclaimed. “That’s some rent!”

The girl’s face showed such disappointment, Jocelyn almost relented. But, she told herself to stick to her guns. She would only regret giving in to sympathy at this point.

“Didn’t Mr. Palmer tell you what the rent was, dear?” the girl asked.

“Well,” Jocelyn interposed quickly, “you see, I’m doubling the rent from now on. The Palmer’s wouldn’t have known that.”

“Thanks for showing it to us,” young Livingston nodded, as they left the empty apartment. “But, we just can’t quite pay that much.”

“Are you sure, dear?” the girl interrupted. “I could contribute half.”

“It’s out of the question, Amanda. It’s just too much money. Thanks, again, Mrs. White.”

The young couple got into a new-looking sports car and drove off, leaving Jocelyn to wonder if she had been too foolish. Well, the lawyer had said it was a landlord’s market in that area. Then the lawyer had laughed patronizingly, she remembered, and corrected himself, “Landlady, I mean and, a very pretty one, too!” Lawyers were necessary, but they were full of shit.

Jocelyn brought herself up short. Cut it out, she told herself. She shouldn’t be saying “shit” and “fuck” all the time. She had picked up that habit from Robin. What she should have said was lawyers were full of baloney. It meant the same thing. Well, almost.


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