Chapter 6

About a week after the young Livingston couple had looked at apartment C, Jocelyn made an amazing discovery. She had never dreamed she would find what she did! It happened this way.

The cleaning woman had apparently unplugged a lamp on the hall table, and, as Jocelyn was down on her hands and knees looking for the plug beneath the table, the top of her head grazed something sharp protruding from the bottom of the table. Annoyed, she looked up. It looked like an electric switch. Wondering what it would be connected to, she found the wall plug and plugged in the lamp. Crawling out from under the table, she reached under the top and found the switch again. Might as well see if it lit up anything, she thought, and Јlicked it.

She almost cried out in alarm.

The wood-paneled wall at the end of the hallway was opening like a door! For a wild moment, she almost screamed. It was like a scene from some silly horror movie.

Going to the end of the hall, she looked into the narrow opening that had appeared in the wall. In the half-light from the hall behind her, she saw there was a flight of steps covered with a soft rug. She recognized they must lead to the second floor, but, that was puzzling since her apartment wasn’t supposed to have a second Hoar!

Feeling on the wall she found a light switch, and, instantly, the stairway was bathed in a warm, slightly tinted light. What intrigued Jocelyn the most, however, were the large photographs covering every inch of the walls on either side of the stairs. The photos were completely pornographic! Slowly, she mounted the steps, gazing at the lewd scenes with parted lips. Wow! Talk about group sex! Most of the pictures were mass sex! Twenty or thirty naked men and women entangled excitingly-all sucking and frigging and fucking! Her aunt and uncle figured in many of the photos. In one, toward the top of the stairs, her aunt was on top of a handsome, young man ramming a huge pole of a prick up into her cunt. Her thighs were spread and a pretty girl’s face was buried in her ass, obviously licking her aunt’s asshole. At the same time, her aunt was sucking off a big-pricked older man, and, incredibly, her uncle was fucking the ass-licking, young girl in her ass, his giant cock buried in her asshole so deeply some of his white, pubic hair was hidden by her ass cleft. Jocelyn thought it must have split the young girl in two and looked for signs of pain on the girl’s face. But, there was only an expression of deep pleasure.

Opening the sliding door at the top of the stairs, Jocelyn found herself in the Palmer’s bedroom! At the same time, she was in the bedroom of the vacant apartment!

The mystery was soon explained. Walls of glass separated her from both bedrooms. The space she was in was about six feet wide and ran the length of the bedrooms on either side. Jocelyn now realized why the entire adjacent walls of the two bedrooms were mirrors! A person on her side of the walls saw everything as if looking through glass! A person inside the bedrooms saw nothing but a mirror and had no idea of being observed!

What a setup for people who liked to watch sex! Her aunt and uncle must really have loved to watch! Or, perhaps, it had just been her aunt, her uncle having died almost fifteen years before her aunt died. Either way, she hoped they had enjoyed it when they had been alive. She certainly was going to!

Jocelyn had eagerly responded to her husband’s lewd promptings to become a devotee of watching sex! How many evenings had she and Robin watched pornographic films in their apartment in New York. He taught her how to jerk off gently and feverishly, by turns, and so protract a hot frigging session for an hour or more while viewing reel after reel of pornographic movies of every description! She found she could become almost as erotically aroused as he did during the course of such lascivious and autoerotic evenings!

Surprisingly, she and Robin had found they were not the only couple who liked the complementary pleasures of pornography and masturbation. Without much effort at all, they found several couples with like tastes. Jocelyn had enjoyed the stag film parties immensely. She had always liked group nudity, and, then, she had become acquainted with the additional thrill of rubbing herself off in public.

As Jocelyn looked around her, she began to recognize the true extent to which this pleasure room had been developed. The big, double beds in both bedrooms (which she later discovered were fastened to the floor to prevent the tenants moving them) were located Hush against the mirrored walls of the bedrooms. Connecting them, in the pleasure room, was another bed of equal size which took up the entire width of the space.

Quickly, Jocelyn lay down on the bed. If she had not known the glass walls separated her on each side from the other beds she could have sworn it was all one big bed with herself in the center! Three carefully adjusted ceiling mirrors over her bed increased the impression. She could imagine how exciting it would be to watch a couple in one of the beds and at the same time watch herself frigging!

Getting to her feet, Jocelyn got the key to Apartment C. and went to the bedroom. She had left the lights on in her pleasure room. Not a thing could be seen through the mirrored wall!

Returning excitedly to the unusual room, Jocelyn began to remove her clothes. She couldn’t help it! She just had to see herself naked on that bed! Besides, the pornographic photos got her terribly hot each time she went up or down the stairs!

She was down to her panties and bra when the telephone rang. Already starting to go down the steps, she suddenly stopped. It was the phone in the Palmer’s bedroom that was ringing!

It sounded just as if she were in the room with the ringing phone! The room was made for audiovisual observing! From the sound of the phone, she knew she would be able to hear every sigh and groan, every murmur and panting, and probably the actual swish of pricks fucking cunts and the exciting sounds of a cocksucking!

She wondered if her room was soundproof. After all, she might like to moan and groan a bit herself! Getting her transistor radio, she turned it as loud as she could (which sounded like loud shouting), threw on a bathrobe, and went back to the bedroom of apartment C. Not a sound came through the wall! It was soundproof.

Later that day, after she had come off and put her clothes back on, she looked up the Livingston’s in the phone book. They were just the kind of tenants she wanted now! Every time the attractive young couple shut themselves in their bedroom for a hot time, she would be right in there with them!

The newlywed couple returned to look at apartment C again the next evening.

“How much were you thinking of, Mrs. White?” the young husband asked. “You said over the phone you might be willing to lower your offer.”

“Well, I got to thinking I was trying to squeeze too much money out of it.” Jocelyn smiled. “So, if you two really want the place, I’ll let you have it for $500 per month, which is what the Palmer’s pay.”

“Oh, wonderful!” said the girl. “Oh, thank you so much! We just love the furnishings and everything!”

“I’m so glad you do,” Jocelyn murmured. “Now, why don’t I leave you two here to get acquainted with the place on your own for a while and then come over to my apartment and sign the lease. When would you be moving in?”

“Oh, a couple of weeks, I guess,” said the young man. “Unless that’s too soon?”

“Oh, no!” laughed Jocelyn as she was walking out the door. “That’s perfectly fine!”

Shutting the apartment door, she hurried to her own apartment and raced into the hallway, flicked the switch under the table, and quickly climbed the stairs to her viewing room. She had been right! The Livingston’s had gone into the bedroom. Reaching under her bed, she found the audio-control panel she had discovered earlier that day and tuned in the Livingston apartment.

“Oh, Kit!” the young bride was exclaiming. “What a mirror! We’ll be able to see everything!” “That gets you hot, honey?” grimed Kit. “Mmmmm! Doesn’t it, though!”

“Well, let’s see, now. Mrs. White is on longer here, so let’s have a nice, long tongue kiss together!”

“Yes, let’s! If we get a little closer to the mirror, we could even see our tongues!” Amanda giggled.

At the sight of the young married couple kissing, Jocelyn wiggled out of her panties and lay on her bed, with her skirt pulled up around her tits and her legs well spread. Plunging her hand into her yearning pussy, she began to give herself a good time!

“Mmmm, darling!” breathed Amanda. “Your tongue is so naughty and exciting!”

“How about fucking, honey?”

“You mean, right now? Here!”

“Sure. Why not?”

“Oh, Kit, I’d love you to fuck me! You know how much I love to have you fuck me! But, not yet! Not until we move in. Then, I want you to fuck me every night for a year! Oh, I love your fucking so!”

“Okay, honey, we’ll wait. But, give me a feel of your hot cunt!”

“Here!” the young bride cried, hoisting up her skirt and pulling her panties down. “Here! Feel it! Oh, feel me up, darling!”

Kit clamped his hand on his wife’s cunt and Јrigged her much the way Jocelyn was doing to hers ell as she bore witness to the lewd fondlings of the sensual young husband.

“Oh, Kit! Suppose Mrs. White comes back? Stop frigging me, darling, please!”

“Then, stop pressing your hand on my prick! Yes, I know you knew it was hard and hot right under these pants!”

“Mmmm! It certainly is big and hard!”

“I’m saving it for later to better fuck you with, my dear!”

“Oh, yes! I wish you would! Yes, yes!”

“Cool it, my love! I’ll ram my big, hard tool up your frothing, little pussy as soon as you beg for it and not before!”

“Wait ’til tonight, Kit! Oh, God! Will I beg for it!”


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