Chapter 7

Eagerly, Jocelyn stretched stark naked upon her bed in the pleasure room, her hands thrust into the hairy juncture of her thighs, playing nice and easy with pussy! The Palmers had returned from their vacation at last! The forty-odd-year-old couple had spent the last hour or so unpacking and putting away their clothes.

Brad Palmer, Jocelyn saw, was an unusually large man. His heavy, muscular frame was at least six feet two or three inches tall, and he certainly weighed far over two hundred pounds! Jocelyn intuitively knew he had a big dong!

As she slowly massaged her cunt, Jocelyn waited for the couple to strip. Brad skinned himself to the waist while he worked, and, Jocelyn murmured in her admiration of the older man. His belly was round and big, and his breasts were like soup plates, but he looked the opposite of being soft and flabby. He was one big man! Jocelyn felt her lips moisten as she thought of the prick and balls he must have dangling between his thick thighs!

Phyllis, for her part, took off her skirt and went in her brief panties and blouse-as tempting a sight as could be, Jocelyn thought! Anxiously, she listened for any scrap of conversation the sexy couple might engage in. Finally, after all the bags were unpacked, she was rewarded.

“Honey!” whispered Brad, slipping his hands around his wife’s waist, but up under her blouse where he could feel warm, bare flesh, “I feel hot for you!”

“Mmmm! Mmmm! Good!” she laughed. “It’s about time, you big, lovely prick! I want it bad, darling! Oh, Brad! Give me a lot tonight!”

“Oh, yes, baby! I’ll give you every inch I’ve got of good, solid prick! Like that idea?”

“Mmmmmm! Oh, shit, darling! I love it! You know how much I love big, fat prick!”

By this time, Brad was feeling his wife’s big tits all he wanted with both hands! Phyllis squirmed in sheer delight at the wonderful sensations coursing through her at the skin-feel! She obviously loved to have her titties played with, and, Jocelyn, who loved the same, played with her own large pair as she watched!

Soon, Phyllis was stripped, her big, bushy cunt as pretty a female organ as Jocelyn ever drooled over! Then, the wife started on Brad and pulled his clothes off him with evident relish. Jocelyn gasped at the size of his red, fat prick! The fucking thing was over ten inches long! What a wang!

“Lap my cunt, darling! Please, just a little!” pleaded Phyllis.

“Get it naked, honey, and feel my tongue eating you a second later!”

This was exactly what Jocelyn saw happen as the large-pricked, handsome man draped over his lewd wife’s nude body, sucking and licking and lapping at her oozing organ!

It was terribly exciting to Jocelyn! Brad Palmer thrust his large, lewd prick-as hard as iron and as big as a giant’s organ would probably be-right up Phyllis cunt.

“Fuck me! Oh, Brad, darling! Fuck me!”

Jocelyn watched Brad fuck his pretty wife hard! She realized he was a real fucker! “Mmmmmm!” she murmured to herself as she masturbate her hot cunt. “’I’d love him to fuck me hard and deep!”

“Fuck me, Brad, darling!” Phyllis cried, “Oh, fuck my cunt hard!”

The huge, red organ shone wetly as it whipped in and out of the cunt thrusting itself up hard at him, time and time again, until he cried out he had an overpowering desire to come! And, come! And, come!

“Oh, shit!” Phyllis muttered. “That feels fucking good! Oh, honey! Your prick feels so fucking good!” “Then, take that!” Brad cried, shooting wildly into the hot cunt of his wife, his sperm splattering the insides of her and dribbling down her thighs. It was a wild, lovely shooting of pure joy to the man who came off!

At that moment, Jocelyn, frigging her younger cunt like mad, began to feel the first tremors of a good cornel Mmmmmmmm! She could hardly wait!

Wild cries echoed from the Palmer’s bedroom as the hot, middle-aged couple reached the peak of their juicy pleasure. Brad’s still-hard prick dripped come as he wiped it off on his wife’s soft belly. Phyllis replaced his large cock with several of her fingers and worked herself off just the way Jocelyn was doing! She gasped out her climax in unison with Jocelyn without, of course, suspecting she was the subject of pornographic observation.

Jocelyn found herself as tired as the others, and, without further ado, the Palmers fell asleep and so did she!

Later that night, Jocelyn was awakened by the sound of voices. Gradually becoming alert, she grew aware that Brad and Phyllis were awake and talking.

“Darling, don’t be stubborn!” Phyllis was saying, “I mean, why object so much to seeing Kit and Amanda naked and having fun with us! I mean, they’d love it!”

“Well, I don’t object, honey, not really, I mean. If you’re sure you want to fuck Kit as much as I suspect you do! After all, you’re old enough to be the kid’s mother!”

“That’s what makes it so exciting, as you damn well know! You’re itching to get into that little Amanda so much, your prick oozes juice every time you see her in those mini dresses she wears! And, she looks young enough to be your granddaughter!”

“God, yes, honey! She looks like the hottest little piece I’ve seen in years! Those dresses she wears are so short, her little panties show every time she moves an inch! She puts on that shy, reserved, innocent-little-me act, but I bet she flicks like a mink!”

“Well, then, what’s all the reluctance? You’re drooling for her teen-aged pussy! Look at your prick getting big and hard, again, just thinking about her! She’s probably never seen a prick like you’ve got, darling!”

“The little cunt is used to a pretty big one, though, honey! Kit’s a very well hung young man! In fact, I’d bet his cock measures eight or nine inches when he gets it up and almost as thick as mine!”

“Now, I know we’ve got to invite them over for fun and games!” laughed Phyllis.

“Well, we have to go slowly, Phyl,” Brad murmured, stroking his growing penis with mounting fervor. “Kit’s okay. I mean, I saw the way he looked at you at the Johnson’s party when you let Doug practically pull your breasts out of your evening dress when he felt you up and kissed you for two whole dances without stopping.”

“Mmmm, darling, it felt good, tool Doug’s hot tongue is so big it felt like it was halfway down my throat. He was so excited, he wanted to dry-fuck me right there!”

“I thought he did, the way you two were grinding it into each other!”

“No, darling!” his wife sighed, masturbating herself gently. “We went upstairs and fucked.”

“I thought you looked tired on the way home,” he grinned. “Does Linda know her precious Doug was so ungentlemanly as to fuck her best friend?”

“Sure, darling I Doug and I were naked and fucking like rabbits in one of the guest rooms when in walked Linda half undressed with her dignified, refined hand gripping the hard, big cock of a well-endowed college student from upstate. She was so excited, she didn’t see us at first, but just stood there frigging him gently and telling him how much she wanted him to fuck her!” “Wow!” Brad moaned, beginning to jerk himself off rather hard. “That sounds terrific! Tell me more, honey!”

“I will!” breathed his wife, increasing the tempo of her pussy-fingering. “Mmmmm! I’m beginning to enjoy this myself!”

“Keep on, honey! Keep going!”

“Well, to understand the whole situation, you have to realize Linda and Doug had never told each other they were fucking anybody but each other. Linda told me later she knew Doug was getting it regularly from others than herself, which had, in turn, induced her to experiment a little. But, Doug had guessed nothing about it! So, the first time he discovered anything was when he, with his big, slippery prick sheathed up me to the hilt, saw his supposedly virtuous wife kneeling before a. perfect stranger half her age, showering kisses on his fat, upraised, throbbing penis and moaning (in her sweet, cultured voice), “Oh, fuck me, honey! Fuck me with this big prick! Oh, darling! Fuck met Fuck me, now! Now!”

“Then, of course, they saw us. Linda almost fainted with shock! Doug had pulled his hard, red, wet prick out of me and rolled over and splayed his legs open as wide as my own were! Linda, her hands still clutching the young man’s prick and balls, stared at our obscenely displayed, half-fucked sex organs in amazed horror I The student was obviously scared, but the sight of my naked cunt and the fucking they had interrupted was exciting him, too, so his sizable prick stayed good and hard!”

“Ohhhhh!” groaned Brad, beating his huge meat with lustful pleasure. “Either, you’re going to have to talk faster or I’m going to have to jack off more slowly!”

“Let’s do both!” Phyllis gasped, “I’m getting there pretty quickly, tool Well, at that point, Doug jumped up, his big wang bobbing in front of him. He pointed a finger at the student and cried, Art! You want to fuck my wife?”

” ‘Yes, Mr. Johnson’ the boy stammered. “I do awfully much, sir” Doug strode to the door and locked it. Looking at me, he saw my finger slip into my cunt and answered my grin with a knowing wink. ‘You see Mrs. Palmer playing with her cunt, there?’ ‘Yes, sir!’ Art whispered hoarsely. Want to fuck her, too?’ Art’s eyes almost popped out of his head in excitement!

” ‘Yes! Yes!’ the young man replied. “I want to tuck both!’ ” ‘Very well, Art,’ Doug nodded. We already know Linda wants to fuck you. So, strip down and tuck my wife on the bed right next to Mrs. Palmer. We’ll fuck these pretty cunts hard and fast, side by side in the same bed! Then, just before you feel you’re coming, draw out and cool down. I’ll do the same. Then, we’ll trade fucking partners, I’ll fuck my wife and you fuck Mrs. Palmer. Everyone like the idea?’ “We all went wild over it, darling! Linda and I lay side by side with our arms around each other’s shoulders as the two men rammed their pricks into us again and again, trading us off half the night. Linda kept moaning how wonderful it was! She really was terribly hot and came off three times’“ “And, I’m coming, now, honey!” Brad shouted, jerking off with both hands, and groaning loudly in his sexual delight.

“I am, too, darling! Oh, Brad, darling! I’m coming!”

And, I am, too! moaned Jocelyn to herself, as she avidly watched the older couple finish themselves off, her own naked body displayed in an excitingly sexy pose in the mirror over her.

After the last spasm of their ograsms ceased, the Palmer’s turned off their light and prepared for sleep. Jocelyn started to climb out of her pleasure room when she heard Phyllis murmur, “You told me about Kit. What about Amanda? Will she be game?”

“Eventually, honey. Like I said, we better take it slow. Let’s get to know them better, and, maybe, it won’t take as long as I thought.”

“I hope not. I love foursomes!”


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