Chapter 10

Jocelyn had spent so long in the pleasure room during the afternoon (coming off again watching Phyllis and Amanda reach a second climax together) that she had felt tired and slept for several hours. Waking up, she saw it was dark.

She decided to stay naked. Solitary nudism was not as much fun as group nudity, but it was still enjoyable. She went to the bar and made herself a double cocktail. Carrying it to the kitchen, she put together a hasty meal and ate hungrily. She could hardly wait until she had finished eating to go up to the pleasure room and find out how things were going!

When she got there, Brad and Phyllis were stark naked in their bedroom. Brad was squeezing and caressing his big balls as Phyllis sucked him off.

Jocelyn switched on the apartment A speaker and, from what Brad was saying, learned Phyllis had already sucked him off once that evening! The Livingston apartment was dark, so Jocelyn looked and listened to the Palmer one-sided lovemaking with double eagerness.

Phyllis had gotten Brad terribly hot! It became apparent Phyllis had told her husband everything about her afternoon in bed with Amanda! “Suck it, baby! Suck it! Suck it like you lapped that pretty Amanda’s cunt all day! Oh, honey, that’s good! Good! Oh, honey, I can’t wait to fuck Amanda! Oh, it’s coming! I’m coming!”

His come spouted out of Phyllis mouth, covering her face and running down his hard prick. Phyllis, massaging her naked pussy languidly, obviously not interested in coming after her afternoon with Amanda, licked his swollen, red prick clean, swallowing all his come with evident relish.

Kissing his lips warmly, Phyllis caressed his body in a slow massage evidently designed to excite him to want to come again. She talked to him in. a low, sexy murmur.

“Darling, I promised Amanda not to tell you, but since you got so nice and excited at what Amanda and I did today, you deserve a reward for being so understanding about hot cunts having fun together! So, listen to this! Amanda and Kit have been having threesome’s with a friend of Kit’s ever since she was fifteen!” “Well, hell,” Brad laughed. “The little bitch is all set! I never would have suspected! That’s great news, honey!” “Wait, darling,” she whispered huskily, wrapping her fingers around his huge, soft trunk of a prick and frigging him gently. “Even better news. I’m almost positive she wants to flick you as much if not more than you want to flick her! Every time I described your big prick, she almost had an orgasm!”

“Oh, Phyl, darling, I want to fuck that little bitch silly with my big cock!”

“Mmm, you are getting hard, again, aren’t you, darling! Here, feel yourself.” Phyllis guided her husband’s hand to his enlarging prick. “Feel how big you’re getting; Brad! Squeeze it a little! Slide your hand up and down-gently, gently! Mmmm! That’s right, darling!”

“I want to ram this prick up her hot, little snatch!”

“Oh, you will, Brad! But, she’s not a bitch, honey. She’s lovely-so sweet, so refined, so nice! That’s what makes it twice as exciting because, underneath, she’s a hot cunt! And, speaking of her cunt! She can make it so tight, she’s almost like a virgin! I put one finger in and she felt so tight, I wondered if I could get another one in!” “When can we do it, honey?” he grinned. “I’ve got to have a piece of that right away!”

“Oh, Brad, you’re jerking off!”

“Mmmm! This feels so good, Phyllis, honey! Give me a massage while I do it!”

Phyllis gladly complied, standing close to her masturbating husband and running her hands lightly all over his massive and muscular body.

“Jerk off, darling! Jerk off hard! Let me see your hot, white come! Oh, come, darling, come!”

In a few minutes, Brad had jerked himself off and the couple went downstairs to the living room to look at TV.

Later, the lights switched on in the Livingston bedroom. Amanda and Kit entered already naked. Kit’s prick was long and hard. He was playing with it passionately. Jocelyn had never seen him jerk off so hard! He was apparently very excited.

“Kit, dear!” Amanda exclaimed, admiring him with large, excited eyes. “You’re wonderful! This is the third time you’ve jerked off tonight!”

“Ummmm!” Kit grunted, his hand sliding up and down his hard prick with hard-gripped strokes. His eyes gleamed with excitement as he gazed lustfully at his naked, aroused sex organs!

“You really loved hearing me describe what I did with Phyllis today, didn’t you?”

“Oh, Amanda! You’re turning into a hot pussy!”

“Oh, Kit, dearest, I know I am! I love watching you jerk off! Oh, I’m hot! I’m hot! I want to play with myself! Oh, Kit, darling! Will you whip me again? You haven’t whipped me for weeks, and, my cunt is tingling for it! I’d love the Palmers to see you whip me sometime! They’d come off without touching themselves!”

“I’d like to fuck Phyllis, that’s for sure! And, you really want to flick Brad, don’t you?”

“He’s got such a huge prick! I want him to, fuck me so badly! Mmmmm!”

“That’s my hot, little slut!” Kit breathed excitedly. “I’ll love seeing you get fucked by him!”

“Oh, Kit! Get the whip! Get the whip!”

Kit grinned at his young wife’s licentious request. Still jerking off, he went to the closet, opened it, and took out a light switch.

“That’s a good idea, Amanda. You really do deserve a whipping for being such a naughty girl with Phyllis today.”

“Oh, yes, Kit! I’ve been very naughty. Oh, whip my ass! Whip my ass!”

“How many times did you Јrig off and how many times did sexy Phyllis lap you off?”

“She frigged me and she ate me, darling-both!”

“Oh, you hot, little bitch! I’m going to whip the shit out of you!”

“Darling! Do it! I’m a dirty, young, naked bitch! I am! I’m a little animal with a yearning cunt! Oh, beat me, honey! Beat the shit out of me, like you said! Oh, quickly, Kit! I want it! Switch me!”

With a hoarse cry, the young husband raised the switch and began to flick it harder and harder across his wife’s small, boyish, beautiful ass! With his other hand, he jerked off in full, long strokes up and down his large, excited prick!

Jocelyn frigged off hard and fast, caught up in the excitement of the hot-blooded, young couple. Amanda was clutching her pussy, her fingers busily working at her clit, and the three of them orgasmed at almost the same thrilling moment!

The Livingston’s and the Palmers swapped the following Saturday night. Jocelyn, who knew all about it from prior eavesdropping, was looking forward to it almost as much as the two couples were! She knew the double action would bring her to new levels of voyeuristic pleasure!

The first pair to appear were Phyllis and Kit in the Palmer apartment. They came in the bedroom hand in hand and, as soon as they were inside, Kit took Phyllis in his arms and crushed the older woman to him hungrily. He tongue-kissed her long and deep until Phyllis was moaning with desire.

Her hands raced over his back, clutching at the young man as hungrily as he was doing to her and at the same time pulling at his shirt and working her hands inside it.

“Ooo! I wanted to feel your naked back and chest!” she murmured. “You feel so smooth and young!”

“Oh, Phyllis! I haven’t kissed a woman like that since Amanda and I were married! Oh, I’m hot for you! Ever since I first saw you, I’ve wanted it! You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known!”

“Except for Amanda!” Phyllis laughingly corrected, kissing him with her tongue and then licking his lips so sensually he groaned with lust for her.

“Speaking of Amanda, I hope she isn’t scared to be getting it with another man,” Kit said worriedly. “She seemed hot for it!”

“She’s loving it right now!” whispered Phyllis. “Don’t worry, honey. She’s half-hysterical with joy at feeling Brad’s big prick up her to the balls and like splitting her in two!”

“Well, I hope so,” he sighed, kissing her hard as she began to unbutton his shirt. “It’s the first time Amanda has fucked another man except for an old school friend of mine whose prick is probably only half as long and thick as Brad’s.”

“Okay, now let’s forget Amanda and Brad for a while,” laughed Phyllis. “If you want, we’ll all do it in the same room next time and you can watch Amanda getting it from Brad and how much she enjoys it! Right now, let’s kiss and feel each other all over! I’m so hot for you, I’ll come the first time your finger touches my cunt!”

Quickly, they disrobed. Phyllis was delighted with the young man’s beautiful, youthful body and fondled and kissed his prick and balls so much he almost came.

“You kiss and caress just like Amanda, honey!” She smiled. “Did she tell you what we did together?”

“Mmmm!” he murmured, lying beside her in sixty-nine position and kissingly biting her large growth of cunt hair.

“What did he say I liked?” she asked, opening her mouth and taking the head of his throbbing cock into it.

“To be cunt-lapped!”

“What else?” she murmured, slipping the exciting circle of her lips on and off his cock head with increasing pressure.

“This!” he said, and thrust his face down into her groin. Jocelyn could see the young man nestling his chin right in the older woman’s large, opened pussy as he snaked his tongue into her rear crevice and asshole.

Kit licked her shithole for a long time, then switched to her cunt. Phyllis gave a cry of delight as he worked her large cunt over from top to bottom, mouthing her and licking her, and grunting with lust as the older woman’s organ grew sloshy with juices.

At this point, Brad and Amanda entered the Livingston apartment bedroom. Reluctantly diverting her attention from the exciting sixty nine Kit and Phyllis were giving each other, she turned the audio in the Palmer apartment down to where their moans and gasps of pleasure could just be heard and tuned in an the Livingston bedroom.

Amanda and her older escort were clutching each other feverishly as they engaged in long, slobbering kisses mixed with interludes of face licking. Their tongues lapped at each other’s cheeks, chins, ears, everything, and their faces were glistening wet from each other’s hungry mouths!

“Oooo, keep kissing like that forever!” moaned Amanda.

“Mmmm!” he chuckled. “Like it, honey? I thought I was way too old a prick to get a hold of a beautiful young girl like you, any more!”

“Oh, keep kissing, Brad, darling! The fact I’m.only 19 and you’re 45 makes it all the more exciting!” “We’ll use my big prick to bridge the generation gap!”

“Oh, yes! I can feel the huge, hard thing prodding into me now through our clothes! Is it really as big as Phyllis claims?”

“Feel it and find out!”

Gingerly, the girl ran her hand along the ridge.of the long bulge his hard prick made in his pants. Then, taking the runner of his zipper between her thumb and forefinger, she smilingly asked permission to unzip his fly. Getting it, she unzipped him and pulled out his thick, long, pulsating prick which was in full, giant erection!

“Good God, Brad! It’s enormous!”

“Want to get tucked with it?” he said, grinning.

“And, how! I want you to ram me good and hard, Brad! Your prick is easily two inches longer than Kit’s and ever so much thicker! Ooooo, how I want it!”

“Let’s get naked, honey, and you’ll get it!”

Jocelyn came off watching Amanda get her first fuck from Brad. The girl grew beside herself with lust as she greedily begged for more and more fucking from the older man. The big prick stroked into her tight pussy time after time.

The first time Brad’s prick exploded an orgasm in the young wife, Jocelyn was almost delirious with joy, coming herself at the same moment with a shriek of satisfaction.

“Oh, God, Brad! I’ve never felt anything like this before! It’s sheer bliss! Fuck me, again! Oh, Brad, darling, I want fuck! Fuck! More fuck! More!”

Soon, Brad was fucking Amanda a second time. Jocelyn watching, Brad and Amanda screw on one side and watching Kit and Phyllis screw on her other side, and watching herself wanking off in the mirror overhead, achieved a second come without difficulty and immediately started on her way to a third!


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