Chapter 13

The orgy started in the Palmer apartment the next Saturday night. Jocelyn, who had gotten a very nice necking and a hot feel from both husbands earlier in the day, had been readily accepted by Brad and Kit. Now, all five of them were naked together, and both husbands hairy balls and red, enlarged (though still soft) pricks were much in evidence.

As always, Amanda was enchanted by the size of Brad’s prick. Teasing it with her fingers, it got hard at once!

“Oh, Kit! Look at his prick! It’s so much bigger!”

“Anxious to feel it fucking you, again?” Kit grinned.

“Yes, darling! I want it! It’s so wonderfully big!”

“It’ll gorge your hot cunt, honey!” Phyllis laughed.

“Oh, Phil! Brad has such a lovely, big, hard thick, long prick! Oh, Phyllis, honey! Tell your husband to fuck me now! I want him to fuck me!”

“Fuck her, Brad!” Phyllis laughed. “She’s begging for it! Fuck her! Fuck her hard, darling!”

By this time, Amanda was pressed nakedly against Phyllis handsome husband. The nineteen year olds arms were tight around his back, rubbing it, caressing his naked ass. His huge organ pressed into her soft, hot belly.

“Oh, Brad! Fuck me! They all want us to!”

“You really want a fuck, don’t you?”

“Yes! See how I’m feeling your big prick with both my hands! It’s a huge prick! Oh, fuck me, darling!”

“Your wife is really hot!” Jocelyn whispered to Kit who was pressing his whole naked, young body against hers, his hard prick jabbing wetly and excitingly into her belly.

Brad lay on the bed with his huge prick up in the air. No wonder Amanda wanted to fuck so badly, thought Jocelyn.

Amanda squealed with joy and scrambled on top of Phyllis husband, spreading her legs on each side of him. Grasping the big organ in her hand, she guided her open cunt down over it, working hard to get the big head of it inside her tight pussy.

Meanwhile, Phyllis knelt by the bed. She ran her hot hands all over her husband’s hairy legs and Amanda’s cute, naked ass!

“You’re awfully hot looking, Amanda! Fuck her, Brad! Fuck her hard! I’m frigging my hot cunt half to death!”

Phyllis, kissing her husband’s hairy thighs, was obviously frigging herself all the way off. Jocelyn begged Kit to do the same to her!

“Okay, Jocelyn, honey! Your cunt is really burning, isn’t it, honey? C’mon, baby! Come off! I’m playing with my prick as I frig you, honey!”

Phyllis moaned in vicarious lust as Amanda rose and fell over her husband’s prick again and again!

“It’s big! It’s huge! It’s in me up to my belly!” Amanda chanted with delight. The girl began to fuck Phyllis husband harder and harder! Brad moaned with pleasure and sucked her tits which bobbed down at his face as she moved herself up and down his delicious, giant cock!

Phyllis, masturbating passionately, came off at the same time as Amanda and Brad did!

After viewing his young wife’s fucking, Kit was wild to come off! He had been jerking himself off excitedly the whole time, and, by that point, had worked himself up close to climax a dozen times or more! Phyllis now stood beside him caressing his ass sexily as he masturbated.

Then, Amanda, still panting and sweaty from her frenzied fuck with Brad, crawled over to Kit and crammed most of his hard prick in her mouth!

“Suck me, honey!” Kit muttered. “Suck it off hard!”

While Amanda sucked noisily, Phyllis murmured a series of obscene remarks, coaxing and goading Kit and Amanda to even greater limits of lustful desire! Phyllis kissed Kit’s bare shoulder again and again and dug her fingers between the tight globes of his ass!

“Put your finger up his ass!” Jocelyn said. “He’ll love it!”

“I know,” Phyllis answered. “And, it does feel wonderful to feel what I’m doing to him when you’re coming off! In and out like a little prick! Good!”

With a hoarse cry, Kit placed his hand on his wife’s back (to force Amanda to gobble more hot cock) and felt Phyllis up with his other hand, toying with her bushy cunt still wet from her masturbating.

Suddenly, he groaned loudly, and, within seconds, was shooting off jet after jet of white come into his wife’s soft, pulling mouth! Amanda tried greedily to swallow lots of it, but, Kit had come off so strongly, the white juices dribbled out of the sides of her mouth in two sexy rivulets that excited all four onlookers! Unable to control her lust a second more, Jocelyn rubbed herself off to a hot camel Brad and Jocelyn had their arms around each others neck. Brad’s hard, ten-inch prick was pressed between their hot bellies. Jocelyn, shivering with the intensity of her lust, ground her naked belly into his in a hot dry-fucking.

“I want to suck that big prick of yours!” she cried.

“Yes, suck me off, Jocelyn. Oh, you hot darling!”

Everybody said they wanted to see Jocelyn suck!

Brad sprawled his hairy, naked body out on the bed. His giant prick, wet, glistening, red from fucking Amanda, stood up straight and invitingly!

Jocelyn climbed onto the bed and kissed the bulging, wet prick head while he thrust his thumb into her burning pussy and frigged her with it!

Jocelyn had to stretch her mouth open wide to get the big head of the thick prick inside. Although she and Robin had sucked many unusually big pricks (because of his small cock, Robin loved to suck the biggest ones he could find!), she was sure Brad was bigger than any of them! But, Jocelyn was good at sucking prick, and, soon, her hard mouth-fucking got him close to orgasm.

“Oh, suck me, baby!” he cried. “Suck me!” Brad closed his eye’s with the lustful joy Jocelyn was giving him. Her cunt was a burning well of pleasure under his skillful frigging, and Jocelyn grunted lewdly as she sucked! She played with his big, hairy balls and with her own taut nipples by turns. With an exquisite feeling of pleasure, she came off just as he shot a load of thick sperm into her gulping mouth!

Later they had some drinks, food, and sleep-all naked together. Woke up after hours of sleep. Morning? Afternoon? Who cares? Hot again! All five wanting it bad!

They woke up kissing each other and feeling each other up. The men’s pricks were huge and iron hard! Amanda couldn’t resist pressing Phyllis to the bed and sinking her kissing, licking mouth into the older woman’s soft belly while feeling her asshole and cunt with bold, stroking fingers until Phyllis grew almost unbearably hot.

Then, Amanda mid Phyllis laid Jocelyn out on the bed and kissed her all over and felt her up. They spread her ass cheeks and exhibited her asshole to the two men who fondled and kissed the tiny aperture by turns until Jocelyn almost came!

Laughing wantonly, Amanda took Kit’s hand and placed it around Brad’s throbbing, jerking prick! Kit, liking the idea, soon was feeling Brad’s prick and balls up as much as the girls had! At Phyllis lewd urging, Brad began to feel Kit up, too. The sight of the two husbands sexually exciting each other got Jocelyn to the boiling point. She grabbed Brad to her naked body and kissed him hotly, again and again. Soon, she was more than ready for a fuck by him and threw herself back on the bed to get it!

Brad leapt upon her, wild to dig his aroused prick deep into her quivering, inviting cunt! In a few thrusts, he had worked the whole length of his oversized prick into her and Jocelyn began to fuck him back every bit as hard as he fucked her! To Jocelyn, it was absolutely wonderful! The only feeling she had had like it was a big, artificial prick Robin had given her once. Brad rutted her like a bull, grunting and groaning with every stroke.

The others got terribly excited looking on. Amanda cooed and squealed in mounting desire and finally sat down on the bed and put her arms around Jocelyn, caressing her tits, as Brad fucked her.

Amanda spread her legs wide and moaned with desire.

“Oh, Kit! Frig me!” she begged, “I’m so hot!”

Kit was more than willing. “Yes, darling!” he murmured thickly. “I’ll frig you! You love kissing Jocelyn while she gets a hot fucking from the same big prick that was up your cunt, don’t you?’“ “Yes, frig my pussy! Frig it! Frig it!”

“I want to frig you and Phyllis together!”

The young husband lay down close to his wife’s outspread legs and Phyllis leaned over him, her face close to Amanda’s splayed-open pussy!

“I’m going to jerk Kit off, Amanda!” Phyllis panted. The older woman grabbed Kit’s hard prick in her hand and frigged him while her in turn, was frigging Amanda.

“Oh, jerk me off! Jerk me off hard!” Kit groaned.

“Play with it!” Amanda moaned, her voice muffled by Jocelyn’s tongue thrusting upwards into her dripping mouth and licking her lips hungrily. “Oh, play with it! Play with my hot pussy! I’m going to come!”

“Fuck! Fuck me, Brad! Fuck me! Fuck!” Jocelyn moaned.

“Fuck her, Brad! Fuck her good, darling,” Phyllis joined the lewd outcries.

“Oh, Phyllis!” Amanda cried. “Jerk Kit off nicely! He loves it so!”

“I am, dear,” Phyllis said happily. “I like jerking him off. His prick fits my hand so well! I love jerking men off, Amanda, don’t you?”

“Mmmm! Yes! If I had a prick, I’d jerk it off all the time!”

More orgasms! Dead tired. Falling asleep in each others arms, all in the same bed. Jocelyn sinking into Phyllis arms, pressing her front against hers from top to bottom, allowing their come-soaked cunts to clamp hotly together like kissing mouths I Just before sleeping, feeling Amanda worm her way between them so that they were a trio of hot, naked cunts all wrapped around each other… mmmmmmm!

Later, day or night, they woke up. The girls woke first and what they saw got them hot! Kit and Brad lay in each others arms, their enlarged but soft pricks and balls nestling together in a heap of male sexiness Jocelyn longed to slide her hands into! When the naked husbands awoke, they snuggled closer and caressed each other!

“I love the feel of our warm, hairy bodies together!” Kit finally murmured.

“Look how our pricks and balls are pressed together!” muttered Brad.

“Mmm!” Kit replied. “It’s sexy looking. Oh, my prick’s getting hard! So is yours!”

“Are you boys going to start something with each other or not!” Jocelyn laughed.

“Please, Kit, please!” Amanda begged, “I wish you and Brad wanted each other the way I want Phyllis and Jocelyn!”

“Go on, honey!” Phyllis urged Brad. “You know what us girls do together! And, Kit really excites you!”

“Hold me tighter, Brad!” Kit said, “I love it!”

“Mmmm!” Brad replied. “I’m hugging you like you were your pretty, young, little wife!”

“Oh, our pricks are so big and hard!” Kit panted.

“Let’s rub them between our bellies until we come!”

“Look!” Amanda cried excitedly, “The hand some bastards are belly-fucking!”

The girls got very excited at this and Јrigged their nude cunts as they watched the two men roll about the bed.

“I’m coming!” Brad shouted. “Kiss me, I’m coming!”

Kit kissed him, and the two husbands reached a mutual orgasm just as the three girls finished masturbating their dripping cunts! The men’s bellies and sex organs glistened and dripped with each others hot sperm!

Amanda had gotten so hot at the sight that she made Kit kneel on the bed as soon as the last drop of come oozed from his prick. She grabbed her husband’s balls and guided his still hard prick to her mouth hungrily! Phyllis pressed up against Kit’s back, caressed his breasts, played with his nipples. Kit was feeling. Phyllis ass up so sexily Jocelyn itched to eat Kit and Amanda off together…

Brad lay down on the bed. Sitting over him, Jocelyn guided his hard, big prick to her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it, her naked bottom settling down on his hairy thighs as the big prick ground into her as far as it would go! The huge shaft, with all its thrilling bigness, had forced its way up Jocelyn’s burning cunt until the full length of the fleshy cock was thrust up her!

Phyllis murmured the most delightful obscenities as she climbed on the bed and knelt over her husband’s face and brushed her cunt hair back and forth against his upturned, hot lips!

“Let Brad suck you off as he fucks Jocelyn!” Amanda said.

As the pretty woman sat over Brad’s head with her big, firm breasts pointing directly at Jocelyn, Brad lapped her cunt greedily while Jocelyn played with her breasts. She trembled in lustful pleasure! Kit, his prick nice and hard, also knelt on the bed and straddled Brad with his knees in order to slide his wet, oozing prick up and down the cleft of Jocelyn’s naked ass.

Amanda (who had been masturbating), Brad, and Jocelyn all came off simultaneously in glorious orgasms.

“I’m coming!” Jocelyn cried and kissed Phyllis wildly.

“Ummmmm!” Brad groaned, his mouth buried in the wonderfully hot, dripping cunt above him!

“Eeeeoooowwww!” cried Phyllis in utter ecstasy!

The next time, Kit and Phyllis lay together on the bed next to Brad and Jocelyn. Brad had slid his big prick home again in Jocelyn’s hot, come-drenched cunt. She loved the feel of Phyllis soft ass against hers!

“Want me to jerk you off, darling?” Phyllis asked Kit.

“Yes! Oh, Phyllis! Please jerk me off!”

Amanda, who had been frigging herself, moaned with sudden pleasure as she neared her climax.

“Come here and kiss me, Amanda, darling!” Jocelyn pleaded.

Panting with lust, the nineteen-year-old climbed on the bed with the rest of them. Kit played with her cunt while Phyllis played with his prick with one hand and her own cunt with the other! Jocelyn’s cunt, full of Brad’s big prick, tingled as she met Amanda’s eager, young mouth in a long, passionate tongue-kissing.

As soon as Jocelyn felt Brad’s hot sperm Hood her oozing cunt, she came off with a beautiful spasm of delight! The pair were quickly followed by the others who all soon Јrigged or were Јrigged all the way off!

Sleep. Eat and drink. Feeling hot, again. Jocelyn made Brad lie back on the bed and began to suck his big, hard prick off!

“Oh, that’s sexy!” Amanda cried. “Spread your legs, Jocelyn darling, and show us your big, hairy coot! I want to lap you, darling!”

Amanda lay across her husband’s chest and nestling her bare tits on Jocelyn’s thigh, grasped her ass in her hands and began to lick end kiss Jocelyn’s hot cunt!

“Lick it, baby!” Brad urged. “Lick pretty Jocelyn’s pussy off!”

Jocelyn felt incredibly horny, but, before coming, she felt her mouth, working feverishly over Brad’s giant shaft, overflow with jets of hot, tangy sperm! As she swallowed it all hungrily, her own pussy came off in Amanda’s thirsty, young mouth!

Cocktails and dinner by Candlelight. Phyllis cleared the table while Jocelyn and Amanda went to a sofa and pressed nakedly together. Brad and Kit lay belly to belly in similar fashion upon another sofa.

After dinner brandy. Phyllis gave Amanda her tongue deep in her hot mouth, kissing her as much as she wanted, and giving her little brown asshole a good reaming with the full length of her finger! And, meanwhile, the two naked men stroked each others hardening pricks and fondled their big balls until they were as hot as the rest!

Jocelyn claimed a fuck from Brad, and, he gladly complied. This time she mounted him higher up and tongue-kissed his mouth hotly. Amanda lay along side of them and joined in their hot tongue-kissing as she masturbated her cute cunt. Kit, also, lay to them, on their other side, and spread his slender, young legs for Phyllis every ready hand-fucking! Phyllis, Jocelyn noticed, kissed Kit even more passionately when she jerked him off.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Jocelyn cried. “Oh, Brad! Your prick is killing me! It’s so big! Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmmm!” Amanda murmured next to them. “Fuck Jocelyn hard, Brad! Fuck her harder!”

“I’m coming!” Kit cried hoarsely. “Grip my prick tighter, Phyllis, honey! Oh, darling! I’m coming! Jerk it all the way off! That’s right! That’s right! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Kit then shot his come all over his belly in large drops as Phyllis frigged him faster, both of them panting!

Brad and Jocelyn came off in a long, delicious spend soon afterwards. Brad was enraptured with Jocelyn’s cunt, however, and, instead of drawing out his still hard prick, he began to fuck Jocelyn with renewed vigor! He fucked her for a long time before Amanda interrupted.

“Oh, Jocelyn, please! I can’t stand looking at this big, fucking prick any longer! You hold his prick and I’ll suck you off!”

Jocelyn grabbed his prick as soon as he drew it out of her wet, sucking cunt. She rubbed it hard with her hand before letting the younger girl place her thirsty, young lips to its throbbing oozing head!

“Mmmm!” Brad murmured. “That’s wonderful! Oh, frig me more, Jocelyn! Frig my big prick!”

Jocelyn jerked him off as fast as she could, working the sperm-soaked prick into a froth to get It ready for the young, pretty wife’s lovely figure.

“Want to suck him badly, Amanda, dear?” Jocelyn teased.


“You’ll taste my hot cunt all over it!”

“My mouth tasted your pussy already tonight!” Amanda smiled, stroking her own temporarily neglected organ.

“That’s it! That’s it!” Brad cried. “Frig me! Frig me faster!”

Jocelyn worked her hand up and down his large, hard prick with increasing speed, knowing the thrill he was feeling. It made Jocelyn excited, too, to masturbate a prick that size!

“Oh, keep going, Jocelyn! Keep going! I like it so much! I’m going to come!”

Jocelyn jerked him off more slowly, now, and as she felt his body tremble, she stopped and squeezed it rhythmically.

“Oh, rub it hard, Jocelyn!” Brad moaned. “I want to come!”

“You mean, you want me to jerk you off all the way?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Jocelyn felt his eager trembling stop as she slowly began to slide her hand up and down his prick. Soon, Brad started to pant loudly and tremble again. Jocelyn stopped teasingly, and tickled his balls tongue-tipped his nipples!

“Ahhh! Please! Jerk me off some more!”

“Don’t be so anxious!” Jocelyn giggled. “Don’t you men know how to frig? I should bring you just short of coming twenty or thirty times before I let you come!”

“Of course, dear,” Phyllis breathed. “It feels better and better that way!”

“Kit says that’s why frigging is getting so popular! He claims that maximum enjoyment over a sustained period can only be attained by masturbation!”

“I believe it!” Brad groaned just jerk me!”

By this point, Brad was going wild with lust. He thrashed around so much, Jocelyn told Amanda to start fucking him if she wanted a mouthful of come!

The girl promptly leaned over his hairy thigh and belly and swallowed half his hard, big prick in her gagging mouth! Her pretty head bobbed up and down as she worked the big head of the prick back and forth between her hotly pressed lips.

Jocelyn kept jerking Brad off the whole time Amanda was sucking the head of his prick. Finally, she felt him let go a load of come spurting into Amanda’s lovely, stretched-open mouth! No sooner had Jocelyn felt Brad’s discharge to be finished than she felt hot again for pretty Amanda!

“Let me lap you!” she whispered. “Let me lap it, dearest!”

“Oh, yes, Amanda, do lick my pussy!”

The girl was kneeling by the bed with her legs open! Quickly, Jocelyn crawled under the naked, pretty young wife and licked the opened, dripping, hot, young pussy above her face.

As Jocelyn lapped the girls excited pussy, Amanda frigged her nicely. The gentle tickling of her skilled fingers produced an almost unendurable pleasure within Jocelyn! She bucked and twisted her body agilely around the bed as if she were actually being fucked! At the same time, she lapped the adorable girl harder and harder!

“Oh, Jocelyn!” Amanda gasped. “I love frigging you like this! Do you want me to lap you?”

“No. Oh, darling, just keep jerking me off!”

“Oh, Jocelyn! Please, frig me, too!”

“Instead of lapping your cunt, honey?”

“Yes! I want frigging more!”

Jocelyn began to rub the girl’s hot pussy and then slid further under her pretty crotch until her mouth was kissing Amanda’s asshole.

“I want to rub my own clit!” Amanda panted. “Please, Jocelyn! Dig your finger into my asshole! I want to masturbate myself! I know how to give my cunt a good time!”

Amanda rubbed Jocelyn’s asshole as Jocelyn rubbed and poked at the younger girl’s asshole, and, both of them masturbated their hot pussies. They couldn’t stop themselves from frigging their cunts all the way off!

The two men were electrified with lust by the performance of the two women.

“Whew!” Kit whistled. “I knew Amanda was potentially a dirty cunt or I wouldn’t have married her, but I didn’t know she would progress this fast!”

Amanda smiled sweetly and a little proudly.

Phyllis, her eyes blazing with desire, grabbed up a cloth belt and whipped Amanda’s ass with it savagely!

“You dirty cunt!” she shouted. “You lovely cunt! Mmmmm! You like this, don’t you?”

Brad moved to stop his wife’s sadistic ass beating of pretty Amanda, but, Kit held him back, laughingly.

“Let’s enjoy it!” he said thickly while reaching out for Brad’s big prick. Both men began to jerk each other off!

“Harder, Phyllis!” Jocelyn urged, her eyes flashing with the lewdness that gripped them all. “Hit us harder!”

The older woman cried out with desire, stood over Amanda and Jocelyn, and beat them alternately. The feel of the hot cloth against their naked skin got them so hot, they frigged madly and, in a minute or so, came off with a frenzied cry of delight!

From then on, they all knew their lustful appetites would know no bounds! The men began treating the women more callously, calling their wives by.the simple title, “cunt,” instead of by name. Neither female, by this time, was much more than a lustful animal. This is when it got the most exciting!

Brad decided to fuck Amanda in the ass. How he could get his huge prick up the tiny aperture was beyond the rest of them, but, it seemed, nothing could stop him!

Brad persuaded Jocelyn to hold Amanda down on the bed with her white ass in the air, her knees drawn up under her, and her face pressed into the pillow.

“I’m going to give this cunt a good spanking before I fuck her little asshole with my big prick!” Brad said to Kit.

Kit, as naked as Brad now, and his long prick Just as hard and straight, caressed the older man’s ass and belly softly.

“Yes! Spank her ass hard! Then, grab it in your hands!”

Brad slapped Amanda’s ass harder and harder with his hands until the girls pretty bum grew pink! She cried with pain! Thus excited, he lodged the head of his prick against her asshole. Amanda wiggled and writhed sexily, begging for her assfuck!

As the large prick bored its way in, Amanda giggled bashfully. Then, she winced. Although it must have been painful, she appeared to like it.

“I feel like shitting all over!” she laughed.

“Not now,” Phyllis replied. “That’s not ladylike!”

Amanda played with her pussy so hard as Brad ruthlessly fucked her asshole, his hands grasping her lovely hips, that she started to come off before he did! When he came, he actually shouted with joy.

Brad couldn’t leave Amanda’s asshole alone! When she started to suck her husband off a little afterwards, he crouched behind her and spread her asscheeks for another fucking!

Kit was hot to come off! He shoved his prick roughly and deeply into his wife’s sucking mouth and. at the same time gave Jocelyn, who was bending over near them, a hot tit-sucking!

“Phyllis, also highly excited, kissed Kit’s naked ass all over. Then, the hot, older wife began to lick it as well! Finally, frigging her own randy pussy, she tongued his asshole before inserting a finger into it to the full length and twisting it to right and left in a delightful ass-reaming that.set Jocelyn’s blood racing!

Jocelyn pleaded with Kit to frig her as he sucked her tit! He did so gladly! Meanwhile, Brad drove his giant prick up and down Amanda’s exciting back hole and fucked it to a finish all over again!

Another sleeping period. Waking and breakfast (though the sun is setting). Jocelyn saw Brad nearby. Such a lovely, naked, big-pricked man! She kissed him until their faces dripped wetly.

“Suck me, prick!” she murmured.

“Suck me, cont!” he grinned.

Reversing himself on the bed, he thrust his face into her cunt and Jocelyn slid her mouth back and forth over the head of his hard prick!

“Come here, cunt!” Kit ordered his wife. Amanda fell flat on top of her husband. Eagerly, his tongue shot into her wide-open, wet pussy. Amanda half-swallowed his prick, still glistening wet from Phyllis come! She moaned like a little beast as she sucked him and pressed the palm of her hand hard against her husband’s balls, slapping them lightly and then not so lightly until he cried out in pain!

“Yeeeoooowww!” gasped Kit. “You’re hurting me, you dirty bitch! Oh, do it harder! Fuck me with your mouth!”

“Oh, yes, prick! I love hurting you! I wish I had a switch! I’d whip your prick and balls with it until you yowled with pain and yet filled my mouth with your hot, Hawing sperm at the same fucking time!”

“I’ll spank the shit out of you, you dirty bitch! You fucking whore of a cunt!”

“Oh, yes! Spank my ass! I’m digging my middle finger up your asshole. Oh, spank the shit out of me, you fucking prick! I’m coming!”

Phyllis sucked Brad’s prick next, and Jocelyn sucked Kit’s, which was half soft. She stuck it into her mouth anyway and slobbered over it so hotly it grew long and hard again as she sucked.

“Frig me, cunt!” Jocelyn ordered Amanda.

The pretty girl obediently reached over and played with Jocelyn’s pussy charmingly while her husband lapped her own hot cunt and Brad fondled her breasts and squeezed her taut nipples.


Amanda moaned she was mad to lap Jocelyn’s cunt!

“Lap me!” Jocelyn cried, and spread her legs wide. Amanda begged Jocelyn to lick her pussy, but, instead, Jocelyn Јrigged her clit and spread her ass cheeks apart to lick her asshole!

The taste of her little, brown hole, into which the men’s sperm had flowed, was delicious! No sooner had Amanda and Jocelyn come off in another hot, thrashing orgasm than Phyllis wanted Jocelyn to lap her neglected, hot, wet pussy!

“Look!” Phyllis cried. “The pricks are sucking each other off! What a pair of big-pricked lovers! Look how their big, hairy balls sway and bounce! They like each others pricks as much as we like each others cunts!” “Oh, Phyllis, darling! You’re right! I don’t want prick, now!” Jocelyn moaned, in the last throes of coming, “I want to eat hot pussy!”

“Eat mine!” Phyllis panted. “It’s hot and sexy and full of Kit’s come!”

“Oh, you fucking cunt!” Jocelyn cried as she plunged her mouth into Phyllis lovely pussy.

“Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!” Jocelyn moaned as she licked and lapped and kissed Phyllis big, sopping, exciting cunt.

“Eat me! Eat me! Oh, you hot, naked pussy, eat me!” Phyllis groaned in delight. “Let’s do nothing but lick each other’s cunts from now on!”

“Oh, yes!” Amanda exclaimed. “Oh, you two big, lovely cunts! I love my cunt and I love both of you! Oh, suck her, Jocelyn! Suck her hard! I’m jerking off!”

The young wife lay beside the two older women and chanted a steady stream of four-letter obscenities as she Јrigged-which goaded the others terribly but excitedly!

“Shut up, cunt!” Kit finally grinned at his wife, after Jocelyn and Phyllis had come hot and hard. He pushed Amanda roughly back on the bed and slapped her face.

“My tits! Oh, honey! Slap my tits hard!” the girl pleaded, her masochistic streak exciting the sadistic streak in the others. Kit slapped her tits sharply while Brad spanked her ass until it was good and red!

“Oh, you fucking pricks!” Amanda breathed, her eyes shining. “You treat me so rough! I love it!”


“Fuck me, cunt!” Brad growled at Jocelyn.

He lay back on the bed and Jocelyn climbed on top of him eagerly, spearing her open, wet pussy with his prick! Amanda lay alongside her and kissed her warmly. Kit, lying on her right, panted sexily as Phyllis jerked him off.

Brad and Jocelyn, fucking madly, came together!


Slowly, Brad worked his large prick into Kit’s tight, quivering, little asshole. Kit cried out with pain, but, wildly jerking himself off, with pleasure, too!


Brad fucked Amanda hard, driving the full, length of his huge organ into the squirming, randy, little cunt! She couldn’t get enough and fairly screamed in. a state of nearly hysterical sexual excitement as she experienced a shuddering, blissful orgasm. Brad tore his prick out of her, and begged to be sucked off! Kit and Jocelyn both went down on him. While one mouth-lucked his prick, the other licked his big, hairy balls!


Amanda crawled on top of Kit and Jocelyn. Kit plunged his face between her dripping thighs and tongued her coot until the girl trembled with delight. While her husband sucked at her juicy quim, Amanda lowered her pretty face into Jocelyn’s wet cunt and lapped her off.


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