Chapter 11

Monte and the others stand at the entrance to the tunnel. Everyone is on edge, scared, with fingers on triggers.

Monte looks into the darkness, “Shit,” he looks to Pilch, “You saw nothin’?”

“I told you; I dozed off for one second, and he was gone!”


“Besides, that damn A-rab was out there. Hell, he might a’ done it himself.”

Yusif puts a hand on his scimitar.

Monte turns on Pilch, “Shut up!”

Vanessa studies the coin, “This is a Denarius. Roman coin, from 200 B.C.”

“Why would that be down here?” Johnson asks.

“Why is anything down here?” Oddball whines.

Monte shakes his head, “Oddball.”

Oddball continues, “Nazis and demon priests and undead and…”


“Hell, why are we down here?”

“That’s enough!”

Johnson spits on the ground, “Yeah, sure it is.”

“I’m trying to get us out of here alive.”

“That why Matty’s gone?” Johnson accuses.

From down the tunnel, they hear a whistle. Pilch raises his weapon. Monte motions for the men to take up firing positions.

“No!” Yusif barks.

Monte looks to him as he whistles toward the darkness. Camir emerges from the tunnel.

“Geez, that guy gets around,” Oddball whines.

Yusif hands Camir a canteen, and he takes a long pull. The two begin to talk in Arabic. Yusif turns to the men, “To the right is a barracks room, I think for the undead we killed before…”

Oddball interrupts, “Undead we killed?”

“Yes, to the…”

Oddball interrupts again, “That don’t make no sense.”

“Oddball!” Monte snaps.

“I’m just saying, ought to be a different word for it is all.”

“How about undead you re-killed,” Vanessa suggests.

Oddball thinks about it and nods, “See. That’s better.”

“I swear, I’m gonna kill you myself,” Monte says between clenched teeth.

Oddball winks at her. Monte shakes his head in frustration and turns to Yusif.

“Ahead, the tunnel leads down. The Germans are there,” Yusif reports.

Monte nods, “Down it is.”

“Thought we was stayin’ here,” Johnson says.

“We still got a mission. We can always fall back here.”

“And we gotta find Matty!” Pilch says.

Monte looks doubtful, “Sure, Pilch. We’ll look for Matty too.”

Monte looks to Yusif, who shakes his head.

Monte turns to Oddball, “You’re on point.”

“Me? But Sarge, I’m no good on point,” he whines.


“I’m serious, Johnson is way better.”

Monte points toward the corridor, and Oddball reluctantly starts off.