Chapter 19

Belial smiles at Monte as he spits the smoking bullet from his mouth, “Fools.”

From behind Belial step Harris, Margrave, and ten other German and American soldiers.

Oddball lowers his weapon and smiles, “Hey L-T,” and waves.

Monte looks over to Oddball, irked.

Oddball looks to Monte, “What?”

Monte shakes his head in irritation. Belial walks toward the passage, heading for Yusif and Pilch. Monte steps in front of him, blocking his path, “You and me got business.”

Belial raises his hand palm out and sends a blast of energy that knocks Monte to the floor.

“Neat trick,” Monte compliments him as he starts after Pilch again. Monte kicks him in the knee as he passes, with no effect.

“Insolent knave,” Belial says stopping to run him through with his sword.

The sword slips into Monte’s chest and breaks through his back with a wet crunch; he shudders as Belial twists the blade inside of his body. Monte reaches out, and with both hands grabs hold of the blade, keeping Belial in place.

“No!” Oddball screams.

Belial smiles evilly down at Monte and kicks him off the blade with a spray of blood. Monte falls back dead.

Belial looks back to Harris and the undead, “Kill them all,” he orders and then moves down the hallway unopposed.