That was no place to end it, really, but I got tired of writing.

After that Erik held her there for a time, wiggling his finger way up in the warm, flaccid tunnel of her ass.

Then he popped it forth, making her gag and lurch, tautening in, pain as it jerked from her tiniest of holes. And Erik took his hands off her. A moment later she slid off his legs, squeaked, and hit the floor with several slaps. She lay there sobbing quietly.

After a time Erik said, “Well, neighbor. Are you ready to give me head now?”

“I… I… o-o-o-h-h-h… I… what?”

She didn’t even know the phrase!

“Are you ready to suck his pretty cock,” I said, and Erik gave me a nasty look.

She jerked as if struck, lying there on the floor half-naked, and she moaned out, “No-o-o-o-o-oooOH!”

Erik sighed. “Put her back in the chair,” he said.

Miles dragged her sagging body up until she was on her feet. Her panties cinched her thighs just at her knees. The pouting little pit of her belly, so sparsely and palely furred, seemed to smile at us. She shut her eyes, as though if she could not see us, we could not see her.

“A choice,” Erik said. “Shall we pull your panties up and sake off your blouse and bra, or would you rather keep them and lose, the panties?”

“Oh God! How could you give me such a choice!”

“Because I am basically a nice man,” Erik said without any semblance of a smile. “Anyone else would already have stripped you… and probably ruptured your cherry, too. Decide.”

“Please what, Tory? Decide for you? Do you want me to make the decision? If I do, it is irrevocable, I’ll tell you that. You’ll disagree with whatever I decide, surely, but that will be too bad.”

“Oh-h-hhh… no… no please… I can’t…”

Miles reached around her to rub his hand over her bulging brassiere. She lurched violently, but she was still bound and he hung onto her. He looked surprised. The girl was in good shape, and no weakling.

She hung her head. “I… I… please… cover my… my… please pull up my… my pantie-e-eess…”

“Miles, pull up her pants and no messing with her fat little pudendum! And off comes the blouse and bra.”

“No… I… please don’t…”

“The little silly,” I said, “we’ve already seen her ass and cunt.” I used those words because I knew they really shook her. “Her fat tits are the only mystery she has left!”

She saw the truth of that immediately. Her head came up, big blue eyes pleading, all liquid with a film of tears. More tears and smeared ones sparkled on her cheeks.

“Yes! I mean no… I… I… the p-pants can g-go.”

“You,” Erik said implacably, “already chose.”

And we both helped, because again she became a squirmy eel! Miles dragged her pants back up over her full, swollen, thrusting mound, pulling them tightly up over her well-whipped rump-globes in back and her mound in front, so snugly that there was a very sexy and sweet little indentation between the soft pink lobes of her cunt.

Then be tore away her blouse, and we had a struggle!

Eventually the brassiere tore, too, and when it fell away there were deep-etched marks in her flesh where the straps had bitten in as Miles yanked and dragged on them… and as she twisted and tried to yank and drag herself away. Out spilled the glory of her chest. The lovely white pendants of her bosom jiggling and bouncing like two water-filled balloons on the end of a rubber string. From them speared forth her nipples, thrusting forth like pale juicy grapes quivering on the vine, begging to be plucked before they burst.

She moaned out her agonized humiliation, and at last stopped struggling. Although she still… or rather again… wore her skimpy black panties, they were more of an adornment than a covering. She must have known that besides, all three of us had seen all she had to show as I had deliberately reminded her.

Miles and I held her tightly, straining, while Erik raised both hands to cup the hot satiny dumplings of her breasts. He caressed and lightly grasped both those fleshy, audaciously-thrusting demi-globes of white flesh… and then she went utterly limp.

She bad fainted!