I awoke on my back on a comfortable bed in a room. The walls were papered, and there was a little table beside the bed, and an easy chair and another, a straight-backed one, and two doors, one of which must have been a closet.

Immediately I was aware of a dull throbbing, a smarting itch in my vastly widened and preposterously plumbed rear channel. But even worse was the horrible itching need that ravaged my burning quivering guts. It had not left me. I had slept, but it had not subsided, not at all. Until my captivity I had been fondling myself at least once daily, at least every night. I had “used” this diary. And now I had experienced more sensualism than ever before in my life. I had been put through all these intensely, incredibly sexy paces… and allowed no release! And now, I was alone, and in bed, and…

“Oh-h-h n-o-o-o-ooohhhhh!!!”

I could not get at myself!

My left leg was tightly fastened down; a leather bracelet, or rather anklet, and a rope down and around the leg of the bed. The other leg was free. But my arms were tied, and loosely so. But… monsters! Agonies of Tantalus… I strained, stretching. And I could get my striving fingers to within an inch of my screaming vulva… and no nearer!

Sobbing, whimpering, I lay there and thought about the soft little lips and the lovely sweet lonely needful little bulb at their top, my beloved sweet ditty that so loved and needed my attentions.

But I could not touch it.

I tried. I twisted my body painfully and nearly broke my back, trying. I abraded my arms on their bonds. I groaned and cried and screamed and shrieked. I pounded my own naked breasts and wept. I was a wild woman, mad with lechery I could not assuage. The awful need in me continued to flame on. And on.

They left me there. All the rest of that day and all night and the next day. I could not even sleep. Physical desire and need were an agony in my flesh. I shrieked at deaf walls, shrieked out their names, begged them to come and beat me, screw me, anything: just give me RELEASE! Eventually I began to shout that I’d suck them. Both at once! But they did not come. And neither could I.

They could have beaten me with nettles, with barbed wire, with red-hot wire, and not tormented me more.

When at last Erik entered the room, bringing a bottle of brandy, he smiled at me. “I hope you haven’t wanted anything and called out, Tory. This room’s soundproof.”

I sagged, feeling the blackness of unconsciousness rising about me. I fought it off. Blinking my eyes open, I stared at him.

“I’ve come to repeat my neighborly offer, neighbor.”

“Your… offer?”

He opened his long brown robe to display his organ, which was not erect. I stared at it. Slowly I raised my eyes to his.

“You are a monster, Erik.”

He smiled. “Yes, yes of course. But that isn’t the point.”

“It isn’t even big!”

“Don’t underestimate the power of your pretty mouth, Tory.”

He had an answer for everything! “The first time I refused, you whipped me like a child. Then you impaled me with your finger. The next time I refused…” my voice was hoarse, strained “… you beat me with a whip and impaled me with that.” I dropped my eyes to his flaccid penis.

He nodded. “That’s right. The last was because you tried to hurt Lois. It had nothing to do with the… offer.”

With a sigh, I turned my head to the papered wail. Despite my terrible need, despite my fear and anguish, my intense humiliation at lying there naked before him, stubbornness rose up within me. “And if I refuse again?” I asked the wall. Ah, pride! “What happens to me this time, monster?”

“This time, IF you refuse to suck my cock, you will be rewarded, rather than punished.”

I snapped my head around to stare at him. “Rewarded?”

“Yes. You will be fucked.”

“You wouldn… you know I’m a virgin!”

“Yes I do. But it’s seldom a lifelong state. I don’t hold it too much against you. It can be cured. It’s time you kicked the virginity habit.”

“You wouldn’t D A R E!”

He smiled.

“I will NOT touch your filthy nasty smelly thing with my mouth, Erik!!”

He bent over and slapped me.

Then he released one of my arms and held my wrist while I drank some of the brandy. It stung and burned… and it was gone. Then I wriggled free and jumped for the door. “Owwwww!”

Six times I tried to flee, to flight. Six time she slapped me. My hair flew in clouds that stung my face. My head rang. I tasted blood on my lip. A seventh time I raised my clawed bands. And up went his hand, ready to strike. I bit my sore lip.

“Tie me up!”

“No. Here.” He handed me the brandy. Although I considered using the bottle as a weapon, I needed more to pour some of its contents into my empty, writhing, rumbling stomach. And I was tired of being slapped half-silly.

“I will not tie you up, Tory. I’m not going to rape you. I’m going to fuck you. It’s an unfortunate mark of your immaturity that you don’t know the difference. But you will not be tied.”

I started another run for the door. Ssslaaap-yeeowwww! I thought and that didn’t happen. His arm shot out, whipped around my waist, and whirled me to face him. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth for the slap. It didn’t come. He kissed me, I felt like wax in a hot room. My legs went weak. My lips trembled beneath his. His lips were fire. I melted.

“Lie down,” he said, pushing me gently. I staggered back, staring at him. The backs of my legs met the bed and I sat, suddenly and involuntarily. He stood over me.

“Lie back, Tory, I’m not going to hurt you. Yet.”

I believed him. I couldn’t help it. I put up my hand for the brandy, which he handed me, and I let more of that burning stuff run down my throat… and, since I had gone so long without eating, straight to my head. I sagged to one elbow, staring balefully at him. Then, slowly, I stretched on my side. Then I turned over onto my back, aware of the naked jobbling of my bare breasts. He sat down on the edge of the bed.

Shall I try to blame it on the brandy and my empty belly? Shall I try to blame it on my desperate need for tenderness after my captivity and severe mistreatment? Or… shall I merely say that by then I knew I am a very sexy girl, and be honest?

It was wonderful.

His hands stroked and caressed my naked sides, the softness of my belly, rose to cup and tighten about my trembly breasts. The nipples prickled, becoming stiff and hard and longer, when he took those thickening spires between fingers and thumb. I sighed and glowed in the sensation: little snaky trails of heat that radiated from the tender hemispheres and down into my belly.

He bent his head over my bosom. I quivered at the feel of his breath, his tongue on the tip of one hard standing pink crest. It was all I could do to keep from surging it into his mouth. I moaned, quivering and feeling flicker after flicker of warm rising sensualism while he squeezed and rolled and pulled my… my big hot tits!

The soft flesh gave, trying to squirt away from his fingers. He squeezed them harder, holding them firmly in place for the moist warm attentions of his tongue to the buttons of pink that surmounted them. His lips closed about one tender little mushroom of flesh, and fire flickered in my chest. He tongued my grateful nipple, sucked and licked it, adoring me with his mouth. Electrifying thrills tickled my inner tissues and made a rapturous feeling glow and grow in the depths of my unprobed nook of love while he rolled the fleshy morsel in his mouth and titivated it with his tongue.

The panting globes felt swollen to twice their size. The nipples seemed as long as thumbs. And fat, terribly tight and swollen. I was afraid to open my eyes to see. Mmmmmmm-mmm-mm, I cooed, unable to hold back my smile. His hair tickled as his lips moved down from my breasts over the flat plane of my stomach. His tongue teased my navel, briefly, and went on.



I shuddered ecstatically. Every nerve and sinew was coming hotly alive, throbbing and quivering with sensual response. My abdominal muscles twitched in exquisite delight when I felt his chin touch my lightly-furred love-mound.


He had run his tongue long and wet down those pursed lips, then dipped it into the tight hot cleft, to swish it from side to side just within my soft outer gates! I had started to pick up the brandy bottle to bash him over the head… now my fingers quivered away from it. I couldn’t stop him! I didn’t want to interrupt him!

I had never before felt anything like it. Nothing I had ever dreamed of could be so good! His expertise made my hot flesh quiver and shiver and twitch under the clever strokes of his tongue. Fiery jolts steamed through me. My thighs twitched in little involuntary spasms.

Suddenly he withdrew his tongue, licked upward, and…

He applied a violent suction to my clitorys that jolted me with helpless thrills and shivers and made me convulse!

“E-e-e-e-eya-a-a-a-aaahhhhh!” I cried out. “Ahh! Oh… uh… uh-uh-uh…” I could only grunt and groan and feel my body, as if it were far beyond my control, as though it were an animal independent of my brain. It responded by hunching to his face.

His tongue darted like a flame. It scorched where it touched, on my cit, on the soft lips, on the inner softness of my twitching thighs. My breathing rose and increased in tempo. My legs moved restlessly, uncontrollably, falling and drifting apart despite my fear of parting them for him. Their smooth-fleshed inner surfaces and the ripeness of my sexual bulge formed a helpless invitation to his burning lips.

“Oh! O-o-ooo-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-hhh ooohhhh… Go-God-d-d-ddd… ummm… umhm!-uhh…”

Lapping, probing expertly with his snake-like tongue, he sent me soaring and quivering and soaring, and I squealed and groaned incoherently as I felt a continuous coursing of hot thrills all through me. Spasms seized the muscles of my trembling loins and shook me. In a sudden undeniable urge to wantonness, I thrust myself up against his face, joining my moist sexual lips to those of his face.

Then, at last, I screamed and moaned and yowled out my driving orgasm, squirming and humping and tossing wildly. I rolled, awash in endless, continuing waves of jolting climactic lust-fulfillment.

After that I lay there as though dead, gasping and staring at the ceiling. It seemed to glow and swim before my misty eyes.

His hand pressured apart my thighs while he stared at my wide eyes. I kept them on the ceiling, but even then, after all he’d given me, my lips formed a silent word:


But he ignored that soundless plea.

The only sound I made was a tremulous groan of exhausted, sated, servile acceptance and submission to him: the marvelous bringer of the most thrilling experience of my life. Never had my own fingers sent me soaring so high.

He opened my thighs as he’d have pulled apart those of a suddeniy coy whore.

He gazed down at the fine lacework of my sparse blonde pubic fleece where it framed the pulpy pink flesh of my labia. They were only barely divided, pressing each other firmly in soft protective folds.

He peeled them apart.

I lay still, sighing, while he opened and examined me.

There was no semblance of protest or resistance left in me as he slid one finger along the pliant lips, barely spreading the narrow pink line between them. I lay soft and sated and conquered, submissively cowed, while he took his time in his examination of my most intimate parts. It was as though he owned them… and as if, after the incredible pleasure he’d brought to my body, it was very willing to cede ownership to him!

He teased me, stroking the pulsing slash while I choked back my unwonted sobs of outraged shame… and tried to conceal my moans of pleasure! I was, after all, a naked, captive, conquered… virgin!

But I was broken, utterly cowed and unresisting. Resigned and… ready.

My eyes flickered to the hugeness of the cruel erection that he intended to drive into me, to burn, me into a pile of wispy gray ash. I shivered. My thighs tightened in fearful anticipation.

Removing his ardent finger from the softness of those scalloped pink lips, he laid his hand flat on my up-thrusting mound. The warm pressure wrenched a moan from deep in my guts.

“Open wider,” he ordered, and watched the flare of my nostrils as helpless tears of frustration flooded my eyes. Sudden, swift rape were better than this slow building, giving me time to think and to be nervous and ashamed… and he well knew it. I obeyed. My thighs parted still more, making an obscene display of the deeply pink blossom of my unexplored nook. He gazed down at it as my movement exposed more openly my vulva’s padded seam. The sight of it, the thought of its hot interior, brought a responsive jerk from the long thick menace that throbbed up from the curly bush of his thighs.

His fingers slid over the delicate lips, parting them lightly, moistly, to display the wet pink silk and satin, just inside. I chewed my lip, shivering out a fearful little aaaammmmmu-u-u-ummmmmmmmmm, while he examined the raw inner lips of my tight virginal channel.

He eased a finger into the fluttery vestibule, and flame rekindled in me. I groaned, hating the teasingly narrow little cleft of my body for wetly and lovingly enfolding his finger. He pushed and I grunted and shuddered as though struck with a blast of cold air. I felt the pressure. His probing finger had found and nudged the delicate tissue-barrier that had so long protected my warm, damp, secret inner depths.

“This,” he said, prodding it with his stiffened finger so that I jerked and groaned pitifully, “was placed here for one reason, Tory: for me to destroy. For me to ram, and pierce, and tear through, into your tight little cunt. It’s been waiting for me, me, all these years.”

“Ummmm… uh… unnnnnghhh… p-p-pl-e-e-ease…” I twisted my head to one side, conquered and trembling. I knew the sudden terrible, unassuagable fear of being ripped asunder by the unwonted invasion of my naked and open and defenseless body.

Unwonted? Unwanted?

Kneeling between my well-parted thighs, he eased forward. His anticipation hardened shaft of hard, hot flesh bobbed before him.

“Look,” he said, and I fearfully obeyed. My eyes widened and my fingers clutched convulsively. It looked so HUGE! The last moment had come, and I stared at an organ of male sexuality that surely most women, maidenly or not, would find difficult to swallow and encompass within their soft bodies. And mine was an unentered body!

“This,” he said, “goes into you. Way up into you.”

I tried to calm myself, knowing that he was working very hard to frighten me, that he was enjoying my tense fear. Setting the dark, swollen knob of it against the puffy lips, he smiled at me… and fell forward! I groaned, jerking convulsively. His organ jerked, too, forward. Hurling aside the tender folds, it buried itself between the juicy lobes of my vagina. Both of us felt it thump against the taut-stretched inner barrier, and my face contorted as I tensed and stared wide-eyed at him.

My mouth emitted a final trembling, protesting plea.

Then I was silent. I was defeated. I was no fighter. I was a woman. I already knew that I was a sensuous one. They had proven that to me. My conquest and my shame and humiliation were accomplished. I had been proven to be other than what I had always thought and pretended. I was already defenseless; already my soft protective outer lips were breached and thrust aside, framing a throbbing great knob of hot flesh. Already it was pressed against the tissue-thin emblem of my girlhood. I was now waiting only to be perforated and pained, used, ravished, and then discarded as the whim took him, my conqueror.

I thought: a woman? No! Still a girl! That little piece of skin kept me a girl. And he was enjoying this teasing of me, pushing at my maidenhead making it stretch, deliberately giving me flashing smarting pains and heightening my fear. Soft, fluted lips enfolded him like a glove lined with silk, but he was still, intent on raising my fear and pain still more by keeping the crown of his cock tight-pressed against that inner curtain.

“It’s time I was a woman,” I thought, and I was suddenly very proud of my strength in that resolve. I sucked up a deep breath and clenched my teeth. I planted my elbows and forearms and palms flat against the bed. Then…

I rammed myself forward onto his cock!

My maidenhead resisted for only a moment, in lancing pain.

“Yah! O-o-o-o-ow-w-w-w-ww… ah!”

It ripped asunder! My scream wavered in the room. My wide, pain-filled eyes returned his astonished gaze. I had taken my own maidenhead! I had impaled myself! Now I lay gasping, with most of the feverishly-inflamed length of his fatal foe of virginity buried within my bleeding, unused pussy. Extreme heat and constriction assailed his imbedded organ and made it jerk within me.

I was a little surprised to feel it there, knowing that I had opened and spread and been spread until my mossy little nest completely surrounded the head and most of the shaft of his throbbing cock!

I had done it myself, and I was proud.

But that did not stop me from knowing simultaneous pain and nausea. I felt the hot slipperiness. I knew I was bleeding! Suddenly he jerked it out, slapping his hands onto the yielding mounds of my breasts and shoving, thrusting himself back. Again: PAIN!

“Ah… aaarrrggghhhhh! Ah… uh… ah… ah… ahhhrrr…”

Now he came lancing back, and out again, thrusting and ramming, shoving and agitating his prick in my uncharted channel, working to probe and plumb and widen it, forever.

Frenziedly, as it gripped him tightly, he fucked my virgin cleft. He shaved and withdrew his cock, streaking it in and out.

His hard prick smeared with scarlet, he shoved again to bury it to its hairy hilt within me. He hunched and groaned with the absolute overwhelming delight of not only deflowering a virgin, but of having teased her into doing it herself. His male ego rose and stormed and thundered over me. He drove hard, perversely enjoying the shallow tightness and yet thrusting hard and jerking his hips, to widen the straitened passage as he sought the very bottom of my belly. He watched the contortions of my face with an obvious delight, gouging and boring into my never-probed vaginal sheath.

Tears trembled in my eyes. The mounded white halves of my chest heaved and shook like jelly. My loins and my buttocks under me quivered beneath his burrowing strokes. His head came forward and down to my nipples, licking and sucking at those firm fountains of milky desire. He nibbled and licked, burrowing and burrowing inside me.

Pleasure rose to begin to blend with my pain. Pleasure equaled the pain. His cock was way inside me and I could feel it pushing deeper and deeper into the softness, into my belly. Pleasure flared higher than the pain! I was panting. I shuddered and moaned helplessly, feeling all my inner emotions and thoughts and feelings change.

Pain vanished. Pleasure reigned!

He fucked me. I fucked him back. We fucked each other.

I squealed and drummed my heels on the bed when his tight furry balls gushed their sperm deep into the receptacle for the masculine offering. I urged and thrust it onto his hard spurting length.

He had given me tenderness, sweetness of lips and tongue, and he had given me a glorious climax. And now he had given me the delightful knowledge that the way of a man and a woman is good, good, that there is no feeling so totally and completely wonderful and secure and soothing as that great thick tool of a man lunging and thrusting into a woman’s belly. And… and he gave me this:

Another orgasm!

For I came when he did. Perhaps it was not so fiery and nerve-shattering an eruption as my previous one. Perhaps it was mostly in my mind; the thought of having been poked and plowed and rummaged, and now shot full of hot liquid sperm in the chamber designed for it. But it was good; a lovely sweet shuddering climax.

I stretched out my arms to him when he rose, gasping, from my sweaty body. I felt the moist kiss of his drooping emblem of maleness as it dragged away over my belly. Then it had vanished within the robe he bad never removed.

“Don’t… go…”

He left. There was a sob in my throat as I turned on my side to stare at the door. Then I saw that he had left the brandy bottle. I snatched it up and gulped and gulped, burning my throat. It had not been done in love, I thought wretchedly, despite his tenderness. He merely used me, without even removing his clothes. Then he left me, as if I were… a whore. Leaving behind, instead of a few bills, this bottle. In payment for the virginal charms he ravaged from me!

I was lying there feeling sorry for myself when the door opened and Miles entered.

I was too enfumed with the brandy, too downcast at having been used and abandoned by Erik, to resist more than a little. But I did resist, preferring the illusion of love, one man, to what this second man meant: whoredom. Prostitution. Use.

He slapped me so hard I bounced on the bed and saw bright lights and felt my jaw twitching convulsively at the pain. Fighting was too much trouble, and I didn’t like the punishments it brought me. I lay still, whimpering. He bent. His hands clamped to my naked body. He lifted, pinching and drew me up from the bed. I thought I was to be kissed.

Instead he flipped me carelessly over and dropped me on my stomach. Instantly my buttocks flinched and the channel between them started again to smart and burn, for I was sure he was going to drive himself into it again. I was wrong.

He came onto the bed, forcing my legs apart and kneeling between them. I raised myself on my elbows, trying to roll over. He slapped one jiggly cheek of my rump lad placed a hand flat in the center of my back. I grunted as he thrust me down. I whimpered, digging my fingers into the sheet.

He fell onto my back, cushioning his hard body on the softness of my rump’s plump pillows and I raised my head to emit a cry. “Aaahhh-aahhhh-a-a-a-aahhhhh!” Then he anchored his big angry poker of flesh in my so-recently opened vagina in a series of hard, massive thrusts that jarred my entire body. “Unh! Ah! Oh uuunnhhh!!” I grunted and cried out, writhing beneath him, angered at being thus taken, entered, used… like a dog!

My buttocks quivered jelly-like beneath the repeated slaps of his hairy pelvis. His groin battered their satiny textures mercilessly. I could feel the tightness of his furry scrotum thumping against the top of my ravaged vaginal lips… the bottom, now, since I lay on my stomach. They slapped me rhythmically, as he slapped my soft inner walls with the lust-engorged knob of his driving organ. He circled it within me, twisting his hips and making me flinch and groan and sob as he sought to widen me more and more and still more, battering cringing inner walls that had only just, for the first time, felt their first hot invasion: Erik’s.

Now I knew, by contrast, how tender Erik had been. For Miles was brutal. He was raping me in truth, and from behind to add to my feeling of a thing to be used. Suddenly he popped it forth. I screamed as it thumped hard against the puckered little entry to my back.

“Nommmm… no no no no no-o-o-o-ooooh!!!”


It slipped in. I had, after all, been made quite adequately ready for entry there! It had been less than two days since I had been kept full there for an hour and longer, by Erik’s command. Now Miles rose to his knees behind me, between my flinching, tightening thighs, and rammed it brutally in and out of my ass.

“Aaarrrrhhhhhhahrhhggg-hhh!” I shrieked again, when he jerked it out. Without missing a beat in his hunching, he rammed it again between the soft lips of my now far-from virginal pussy. I was limp on the bed, clutching it in restlessly writhing fingers.

Yet… I was unable not to… to move… wiggling… wincing, yes, but… totally unable… not to… respond…! As though divorcing itself from my mind’s control, my body thrust itself back to meet and enclose the big hard shaft that skewered me so avidly and brutally from behind. My shame and humiliation were complete at last! I knew that I was what my mother had always told me was so terribly evil and dangerous, both to herself and the men she tempted and dragged down: a whorishly sex-loving woman!

My movements, naturally, encouraged him to increase the power and depth of his shattering hammering lunges onto me. Each long hard thrust crammed my bruised labia back into the quivering cleft they framed, as though his terrible sword of lust were bent on burying them within rue forever. His hips and pelvis slammed and slapped bard and loud into the twin bubbles of my bottom. His feverishly inflamed tool pumped me, deeply, sliding far within me, accompanied by the sound of another slap of his hips against the squirming hills of my backside. Each time he forced his rigid length to impale, as deeply as possible, the tight hot hole of my belly. Gliding, gliding, gliding in me.

He was wallowing in me, reveling in the wide-open hole of my loins, lunging and plunging, spurred by my availability and helplessness and the snug warmth of the slot that Erik opened for his ease. At the very last moment he again jerked it out, making me cry out and lunge backward, for I did not want him to leave…

“Ee e e e e-e-e-e-y-y-yy-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-ah!”

I impaled my own rectum on the great shaft just as it started to spew forth its liquid lust! My scream was loud in the room, from the sudden hot plunge up into my unwary asshole.

Having finished with me, he rose and left. I did not even look up from the bed.