Chapter 10

He took the bandage off her hand and had a look. She was scared to see it, but she made herself. She wanted to know how bad it was. When she saw all the red and the blisters, it hit her again how much she wanted to hurt him, kill him. Her hatred for him frightened her, but he frightened her even more.

“It’s looking pretty good,” he said. “I was worried there for a bit. We’ll put some more cream on it and keep the bandage on it.”

He sat with her on the bed. He fondled her breasts a little through her dress, seeming bored. “Don’t you have to work?” she asked, hoping he would leave.

“I’m on a disability pension,” he said.

She wanted to ask him what his disability was, but she left it alone. It was probably a mental disability. Something was broken in his brain.

“Do you ever get out and have fun?” she asked. She tried to keep him talking in case he decided to fuck her out of sheer boredom. She didn’t risk asking him about his family, his daughter. She didn’t know what reaction it would bring about.

“Me and the boys play poker some nights,” he said. “Sometimes go fishing. I should take you. Have you been fishing before?”

“Once, with my dad.”

“Are you a daddy’s girl?”

“Not really, no.”

“What’s your daddy doing letting you fly all the way over to another country by yourself? Doesn’t he give a shit about you?”

“They’ve always trusted me, my parents. They’ve always respected my independence.”

“And look where it got you. You’re just a baby. Your daddy should never have let you out of his sight. But then I wouldn’t have got you, eh? It’s the natural way of things I suppose. I should ring your daddy and thank him for giving me such a sweet, prissy little bitch.” He gave her an insulting tap on the cheek.

“You’re starting to like it here,” he said. “You’re starting to realise how good fucking is. I don’t think you’d go back to your parents if I told you to. I think you’d cling to me crying, begging me to take you back with me and screw you softly.”

“If I promised to come back, would you let me go see my parents, just for a visit?” she asked.

He struck her across the mouth, and her hair was scattered over her face.

“Do you think I’m fucking brain dead!” he said. “Don’t play games with me.”

She held her hand over the spot where he had hit her, shocked by his violence. He pushed her hair away from her face, and leaned in close. “You’re not going anywhere. Why are you bitches always trying to run off?”

“You just said—”

“I know what I said!”

“I would come back,” she said, she knew she was pushing her luck, but she couldn’t let him think he was right. The blood came up into his neck and face, he sat motionless, dangerous. “I don’t have to, I was just asking,” she said.

“Brush your hair, or put some make up on or some shit. You look ugly,” he said. He puffed his pillow and lay on it. “I have to sleep. I’m getting one of those headaches.”

She sat for a while, watching him sleep, hating him, then she grew weary and lay down.

He slept for a couple of hours. She was afraid to move and wake him. When he had one of his headaches coming on, she had to be dead silent. He opened his eyes, and stared right at her with a blank look. It was as if there was nothing there behind those eyes. He reached out and pressed her nose, then her lips.

“What time is it?” he asked. He sniffed, like he had a cold, and sat up. He stayed hunched on the edge of the bed.

She glanced over her shoulder to the bedside table. “Just past three,” she said.

“What are we going to do for dinner?” he said. “Do you know how to cook?”

“Yes,” she said. “I used to cook all the time.”

“You can’t cook in that shitty kitchen. I don’t think I’ve got anything anyway. I might have to drive into town.”

He put his boots on, then looked at her. “I like that you cook. You’ll have to make me something one time.”

Later that afternoon he came in with some water for her and some crackers with butter.

“I forgot to go into town,” he said, and she knew this was dinner. He unchained her, which she thought was odd, but didn’t say anything.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and leaned in close. The crackers were salty. She bit off another small piece and tried to ignore him. He put his hand gently in her hair and kissed her cheek as he would her mouth, then worked his way to her lips, then down to her neck, he sucked on her earlobe. She kept chewing, and stared off to the side, passively allowing him the pleasure of her face and throat.

As he got hotter and hotter he kissed her mouth so she couldn’t take another bite, and took the cracker out of her hand. He slipped the thin straps over her shoulders and kissed her bare shoulders. He grabbed her legs and dragged her down on the bed to lie flat on her back, and tugged the dress down the rest of the way over her legs and slipped it off her feet. Something was hot and tight in her chest. She watched submissively, waiting, as he unbuttoned his shirt. “You do it,” he said, taking her wrist and sitting her up.

When she hesitated, he took her hand and lifted it to his body. She unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way, and got on her knees to push it off his shoulders.

“Do you know how much it turns me on when a girl undresses me?” he said, toying with her breasts.

She found the top button of his jeans and tug it open. She pushed his jeans down his hairy thighs, and he pulled them off the rest of the way. His hands slid up the sides of her gently curving hips, and went all over her sides, shoulders, tits, waist, buttocks. He slipped his arm around her slender waist to keep her kneeling, and kissed her neck, holding a fistful of her hair.

He pulled her closer, her arms hanging at her sides, and arched her body, pushing her white breasts upwards, and her head back, as he kissed the front of her throat and under her chin. His mouth went wild over her breasts, sucking on them deeply. Her fingers clenched convulsively at his shoulders, as she tried to resist the urge to break away from him. His hands stroked and rubbed her shoulders, and worked their way in and out of her soft blonde hair and moved all about her back.

“The attention’s all been on you,” he said. “Rub my shoulders, put your hands over my chest and face, run your fingers over my back and kiss me.”

She pressed her lips lightly on his, and moved her mouth softly. Her whole body was tense. She ran her hands over him and felt that his back was tense but in a different way. He held her face, and they kissed some more, his hot wet tongue slipped into her mouth.

“Somebody home?” hollered a voice from inside the house. She froze solid as a rock. It sounded like the same guy that had visited before.

“Up here!” James yelled back. She was horrified and tried to pull away. She heard the heavy tread approaching up the stairs, but James kept her restrained in his arms.

The door opened and the guy came in. She pressed her body into James, hiding herself against him since she couldn’t pull away from him. She kept her face down and didn’t dare look.

James kissed her, then moved away and gave the other man full view of her. She collapsed and put her arms over her breasts.

“Go over to him,” said James.

She wouldn’t budge.


She shook her head, tears streaming down her face, and hugged her knees to her chest. There was nowhere to escape. James stood at the side of the bed, and the other man was standing near the door.

“Come over to me,” said James. “Nicole,” he said as if she was embarrassing him.

She wouldn’t move.

“Get up! Get here!” he said as though commanding a dog.

“No!” she screamed when he reached over the bed and grabbed her ankle. He dragged her struggling to him. He held her wrists together, pulling her close.

She tried to pull away. “No! You can’t treat people this way—”

The back of his hand struck her across the mouth, and she was flung over the bed. He pulled her up again and crushed her throat. “Stop crying! Shut up, or you know what will happen.”

She blinked trying to calm herself, her dimmed blue eyes, tears streaming out, were looking directly at him. He licked her lips, then bent his face down to her breast and nipple. He sucked it noisily, to embarrass her, to suggest that she was enjoying it, and was his girlfriend instead of a hostage. The other guy, who she thought she’d heard James address as Tony, came over to the bed to join them. He took her from James. He kissed her, pulled her into a really tight hug, dizzy with the feel of her. She made a spasmodic effort to get away, and he gripped her behind the neck, pinching so painfully she thought she’d pass out.

“Bend over for me, bend over,” he whispered, pushing her onto all fours. “Oh, my God. This beautiful, beautiful pussy and that ass.” He stuck his finger up there and moved it around. “Does this feel naughty? I love sticking my finger up your asshole. That looks so fucking hot. Have you ever been double penetrated before?”

Something in the way he spoke made her think they had shared girls before.

“Come here,” he said. He got her to lie crossways, and her bottom rested against the edge of the bed. James grabbed her legs, and brushed his thumb upwards over her clit. Her legs moved about uneasily and he had to hold them still.

Tony was holding her wrists in one hand. He kneeled over her face, and unzipped his jeans and let his dick flop out. She turned her face aside.

“Suck my cock,” he said. She refused, and as he tried to force it past her lips, she felt James push his dick into her pussy. She shrieked and she struggled wildly under them but they held her arms and legs and she exhausted herself.

It took a bit of slapping and pinching and choking, but they got her to participate in her own abuse. Tony brushed her hair with his fingers as she was sucking him off. She applied herself to the assignment, delicately and reluctantly, and the tears were streaming down her cheeks. The hem of his shirt kept brushing her face. James was kneeling between her legs and slowly pumped in and out of her.

“Take your shirt off might be better,” he said to Tony. Then he ran his hands over her body. “You like sucking on a cock while having a cock in your pussy?”

“You ever been with two guys before?” asked Tony, taking off his shirt. She didn’t answer either of them, but squeezed her eyes shut, while they fucked her. Then James drew out. He took hold of her upper arm, and pulled her forward onto her knees, kissing her mouth while the other man rubbed himself against her from behind, kissing her neck. They manipulated her like a toy, or two dogs with one bone.

Tony made her lean forward against James, and standing as close to the bed as he could, he put his dick up into her cunt. James got her to hold him around the neck, while he teased her hanging breasts. He kept the top half of her bent forward, so Tony could pump in and out of the lower half. They ran their hands all over her, enjoying her private areas, and were both moaning and sighing.

She was clenched tight, trying to last in silence. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of any reaction from her. James’s pursuing kisses, and the pressure of Tony’s thrusting prick made her delirious, even a bit spacey. If she let herself she would spiral out of control. She didn’t know if she would live or die.

James kissed and sucked her averted face, and reach down to feel where Tony was slipping in and out. Tony pulled out, and drew her back against his chest. He ran his hands up over her breasts, licking her ear from behind. She put her hands over his to try and stop him from squeezing so hard. He kept kneading with the same pressure, despite her interference.

“I just love the way you look,” he said. “So damn hot. Cute tits, too.” He was groping her breasts something fierce, and she was gasping and sighing with pain. She kept trying to tear his hands away. She looked up and saw James watching her. She hated him. He was enjoying it. He abandoned her to the other man for a few moments. Then taking her arm, he pulled her toward him. He made her kneel between his legs, half lying on his belly.

“Suck me,” he said, pushing her head down. Tony stood behind her and took off the rest of his clothes. He put his foot up on the bed next to her, and put a hand on her back. She had no idea what he was doing until getting into the proper position behind her, he leaned forward, pressing the head of his prick against her ass, and shoved all the way into her—his prick was buried to its hairs in her. He dipped it in and out a few times, making her hurt, then slowly pumped steadily. She choked on the pain, put her head down, and stopped sucking for a moment.

“Keep sucking on his cock,” he said.

James touched her hair. “Is he fucking your pussy or your ass?”

She took her mouth off his dick, almost crying. “My arse.”

This went on for several minutes, then Tony pulled out, and James pulled her further up onto his body to lie on top of him.

“Come here, baby,” he said. He kissed her in a way he evidently thought was soothing, and made her sit on him, his cock going all the way inside of her. He hugged her tightly, keeping her arms pinned to her body. She was moaning and quivering, half pleading with him. He kept kissing her distractedly, while the other man mounted her back.

“Stop! Don’t!” she cried. “Please—stop—please—stop—please—please!” She was pressed down on James’s chest, his cock inside her cunt, while Tony shifted around uncomfortably, lining his cock up with her ass. He got it half way in, and she cried and struggled to get out from between them. James held her pinned to his body, and was trying to pacify her by kissing her harder than ever, while Tony worked the rest of his impatient dick into her. She issued another scream as he drove into her. He rammed his whole cock furiously into her, pressing his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams of pain. The pressure was much more intense with the two of them inside her. Tony got his arm between her and the other man, and took hold of her throat to make her shut up.

They were both pumping into her, but James only moved a little bit, grinding his pubic area into her clitoris as he moved her hips up and down and in a position that kept the other guys dick firmly planted in her. She was completely rigid, moaning and sobbing, she couldn’t move at all, overwhelmed by their bodies crushing her. She couldn’t tell whose hands were whose, or whose cock was whose, she was completely inundated by pain and sensation.

Clutching her in a frenzy, Tony came first, sounding like a goaded bull. He leaned all his weight on her, sobbing for breath, giving short sharp pumps, and finally pealed himself off her. She was left with James. He put his arms around her, pinning her flat to him, and moved more violently inside her. He gripped the back of her neck so tightly he hurt her, thrusting his hips up, like a fuck machine. He was breathing more and more heavily, making straining sounds, as though trying to lift something, then she felt him shudder and convulse, flooding her interior with his discharge as he panted brokenly.

He held her silently for a few moments. Then sitting up with her, he lay her on her back. Tony rubbed his wet dick over her face, still massaging what he could out of the tip. James pushed her thighs apart. With the knuckles and thumb of his left hand, he spread open her pussy lips. “Oh, yeah, squeeze it out,” he said.

“Come out of your pussy and come in your ass,” said Tony, putting his hand in her hair. “Oh, my God, you’re such a hot, fun—fun girl.”

James leaned over and kissed her trembling lips. “You’re hot, even hotter with a little bit of come on your face.”

“I think you need to clean me up,” said Tony.

She couldn’t move, and James grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to Tony. They made her lick everything off them, and made her swallow. They took turns toying with her, kissing her a little bit here and there, while they lounged on the bed all three of them. She was bunched up. She had tried to hold it together, but they had broken her. She couldn’t stop crying and shaking. James was snuggling with her, nearly suffocating her with kisses.

Tony hardly got to touch her, but she was aware of him interjecting a few times with a grope here and there. James slipped his arms around her and made as if to place her on her back, whispering, “Open your legs, baby!”

“No! no! Stop!” she cried, struggling to defend herself. “Get off! get off!”

He held her down firmly and, in spite of her struggling resistance, he got her on her back and himself on her. But she kept her legs tightly closed so he couldn’t get between them. He began to get angry. Gripping her to him till her breasts flattened against his chest, he raised his head and looked her savagely in the eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you! You fight me, and I’ll beat the shit out of you, and violate you in a way you won’t like. Are you going to let me fuck you?”

She closed her eyes in an agony of distress.

“James!… James!… “ she murmured brokenly then stopped, unable to speak in her emotion.

“I can only guess you prefer to be forced! If that’s what you want!”

She moaned pitifully, “Oh, my God!” then was silent for a few seconds, her face distorted in her distress. These two sick fucks were insane. She strained and struggled, trying to free herself. James kissed her energetically, then with an abrupt movement, spread her legs, and forced himself inside, not listening to her screams and cries.

They raped her for over two hours. When they were done James chained her to the bed, and going out, closed the door. At first she was numb and could only curl into herself, so she wouldn’t hurt so much. Then she broke into sobs, deep, bursting sobs. They had used her, beaten her, and cast her away as if she was nothing. She wanted to hurt them, badly, like they had hurt her. But because she knew she couldn’t, she could only cry.

After she had cried everything out, and was just an empty shell, she became very still, very silent. Every time she thought she heard a sound, she flinched, thinking they were coming back. She finally fell asleep, more like unconsciousness.

* * *

She flinched when she felt the bed move. The room was completely dark, and she felt James creep under the blankets with her like a guilty dog. He put his arm around her, and in spite of her stony resistance, lay with his chest pressed against her back. She was in his arms, but her entire body ignored him. He kissed the back of her shoulder, smoothing his hand over her skin. She didn’t move. She was shut off, burning with hate.

“We only fucked you,” he murmured. “We could have fucked you up, you know what I mean?” He made her turn over. Her heart was hot and tight in her chest. She could hardly stop herself from tearing into him. He stroked her tear-stained cheeks, and pressing her to him, he passionately kissed her trembling lips again and again.

She could feel his skin under her fingers, her fingernails. If he held her any longer she would go mad.

He took her face and made her look at him. “Are you still my girl, Nicole?” She stared at him with all hate. He dug his fingers in further. “Are you still my girl?” He stared at her intently, and she maintained a passivity that would piss off anyone. He suddenly let her go. “Sulky bitch.”


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